Dr. John Scott Davenport, Editor A Cold, Raw Memorial Day Weekend

University Station Box 7149 along the Wasatch Front,

Provo, Utah 84602 Monday, May 26, 1980


Dear Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz Folk;


This beginning letter has been a long time in coming, and is not being published under the auspices originally planned. It is, in essence, a continuation of the Fouts Folk Newsletters, which began in 1970 on an irregular basis, but we are now including all folk who are descendants of Hans Michael Pfautz, immigrant of 1727; Jacob Pfautz, in Pennsylvania by 1730; Theobald Pfautz (Dewald Fouts, Sr.) , immigrant of 1737; David Pfautz, immigrant of 1749; Conrad Foutz, immigrant of 1752; John Jacob Pfautz, immigrant of 1772; Dorothea Fautz, immigrant of 1787; Michael Pfoutz, immigrant of 1787; and John Pfautz, immigrant of 1816. Others of later immigration will be added as their presence’s become known.


The main thrust of research during the past year was the search of German records in the Genealogical Society of Utah archives for the antecedents of Conrad Foutz, Sr., which was fully funded by the Jacob Foutz Family Association of Farmington, New Mexico. However, the arrangement whereby the Association would publish the Newsletter did not work out. Because of a misunderstanding as to what some church leaders said regarding the responsibility of the Jacob Foutz Family Association to continue research beyond the 4th Generation, financial support for the project nearly ceased. While all the questions have not been resolved completely, we hope to get underway at least with this Newsletter. Hopefully before the next issue comes out we will get some written answers, similar to expressions recently made by other church leaders by phone, that will help everyone feel good about continuing their support.


In the meantime, the Newsletter will be written by Dr. John Scott Davenport, of Orem, Utah, and will be published by Dean R. Foutz of Honolulu , Hawaii. Until further notice, copies of the Newsletter will be distributed without further cost to all donors of the Jacob Foutz Family Association per mailing list provided, as well as to others on Dr. Davenport's Fouts Folk list. For the present, we'll try to bring you up to date on what's been accomplished in PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ Research with funds, subscriptions, and donations that you have Previously forwarded---to the Jacob Foutz Family Association.


By way of updating you on PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ research, let's run down the various immigrant ancestors and briefly view the current status of each:


Hans Michael Pfoutz, Sr., (1727), of Lancaster Co., Pa,


This family is largely defined insofar as its line of this side of the Atlantic is concerned. The determination, from research in German parish records, that Jacob Pfautz, 1717-1800, buried in the Lutheran cemetery at Strasburg, Lancaster Co., Pa., was the second son---and not the oldest son as land records in Pennsylvania claimed--- has eliminated the remaining identification problem.


The family of "Baron" John Pfoutz, of Pfoutz Valley, Pa., the youngest son of this immigrant ancestor, is not largely defined. Lines out of Pfoutz Valley run to north and northwest Pennsylvania, extreme northeast Ohio, Michigan, and Oregon. One offbeat line was Missouri to pioneering Montana. Another was to Augusta and Rockbridge Cos., Virginia, and from there to Louisiana.


One major finding of the past year was the family of Joseph Fouts, youngest son of Peter Pfoutz. This Joseph Fouts was born in Chester Co., Pa., and lived in Frederick Co., Md.; Montgomery Co. , Ohio; and Henry Co., Indiana before settling in Hamilton Co., Indiana and dying there in 1837. Among Joseph's sons were Peter, Samuel, Michael, and Daniel---Peter and Daniel stuck together, and were in Huntington Co., Indiana; Lancaster Co., Nebraska; and Iron Co., Utah. Samuel and Michael are still elusive.


Several lines of the Hans Michael descent have also been polished up, including Peter D. Fouts, son of Daniel Fouts and Margaret Schaeffer. It took some cross-referencing, but we’ve put the lines straight through until today, and now include several descendants of that line among our Newsletter fo1k.




We are no further in identifying Jacob Pfautz, father of Michael Fouts, Sr., of Randolph Co., North Carolina, and his sister, Anna Margaret Fouts Hoover---immigrant ancestress of President Herbert C. Hoover, than we were this time last year, Speculation continues that Jacob was a younger brother of Hans Michael (both named their Oldest sons "Michael," presumably for the paternal grandfather); that Jacob, who sold out in Germany Twp., York (now Adams) Co., Pa., at the same time that his son Michael and son-in-law Andrew Hoover sold out in adjacent Frederick Co., Md., went to North Carolina with his eldest son and eldest daughter. However, at least one of Jacob's daughters, Catherine, who married John Eckert, remained in the area. One known son of Jacob and two daughters are yet to be accounted for.


Insofar as the family of Andrew Fouts (1736-1771) is concerned, there is still much definition to be done among the families of the seven sons---in Brooke Co., Va., (now West Va.), and Morgan Co., Ohio, A grandson, also Andrew, was one of the earliest settlers in Iowa, died of drowning, with portions of his family going to California and back to Morgan Co., Ohio. This family was composed of hard-nosed frontiersmen, and had none of religious reservations of their Mennonite, Dunker, and Quaker cousins of North Carolina. Andrew shifted from Lutheranism to Anglicanism in Virginia (a not uncommon practice---a number of German ministers did it; after all King George III, as the Elector of Hanover as well as the King of England, was the ruling prince of the German Lutherans as well as the English Episcopalians, a fact that most historians have largely overlooked). Anyway, we've still got work to do on defining the lines of the family of Andrew Fouts, son of Jacob Pfautz.


It now appears that Joseph Fouts*(1779-1856) was, after all, a son of John Leonard Fouts, Sr., and not of Theobald Fouts, Jr., and Elizabeth Hoover Fouts---which means that the line is of Theobald Fouts, Sr., and not also of Jacob Pfautz. A rigorous check of census records puts Joseph in another family than Theobald, Jr.'s---and John Leonard was the only other son of Theobald, Sr., on New River waters (Wilkes-Ashe-Wautaga Cos., N.C.) old enough to have been Joseph's father, Peter Fouts, later of Montgomery Co. , Ohio, and Carroll Co., Indiana, was there cl793-1801, but he was the youngest of Theobald, Sr.'s sons, and was 12-years-old when Joseph Fouts of Ashe Co. was born---so that leaves John Leonard Fouts, Sr., by default, Excluding George Fouts, of Joseph, who went to Pike Co., Ky., before 1860, this line was largely wiped out in male lines by the Civil War.

(* = of New River Waters, Ashe Co., North Carolina)


Real progress has been made relative to Andrew Fouts, Sr., second son of Michael Fouts, Sr., both of Randolph Co., N.C.; Andrew, Sr., (1751-1834), was the only Fouts in North Carolina who, by documented behavior, actively aided The American Revolution. He remained in Randolph Co. and died there, with most of his family having moved to Indiana. An Illinois Fouts descendant and a Colorado Fouts-Morgan descendant of Andrew, Sr., are working on the definition of the basic Randolph Co. family---including Osborn and Allen lines, and what happened to Andrew, Sr.'s son William? (Was he the William who was married twice and divorced once in Washington Co., Indiana , in the 1840s and early 1850s?). For those of you who are Keeping family sheets, strike out Rachel LOW as Andrew's wife and enter "Rachel Merrell, daughter of William Merrell." William Merrell had the land adjacent to Andrew, then his son Dan Merrell had it. Andrew, Sr. named Zaza C. Merrell (apparently a nephew) as executor of his estate. There are several documents in the N.C. Archives, Randolph Co. files, which indicate that Andrew and the Merrells cross-bonded each other on occasions. The Merrell connection also explains why Andrew stayed in North Carolina---he had one of the best farms in the "Rich Lands of Uwhary." What Andrew didn't have of those lands, the Merrells had. For those of you who are history buffs, William Merrell was the brother of Captain Benjamin Merrill, the Regulator, who was hung, drawn and quartered by Gov. Tryon in 1771. For those interested, there's a double DAR-SAR certification in this line.






Theobald Pfoutz, Sr., (1738), of Randolph Co., N.C.


We're still working on the Southern extensions of this family. We know that most of the family of Lewis, sixth son of Theobald, Sr., who settled in Cabarrus Co., N.C., before 1800 and returned to Lutheranism, was wiped out by the Civil War. We've still got work to do on the family of Leonard Fouts, Jr., wife Sarah Younce, which moved, in pieces, 1835-43, to extreme southeast Tennessee--- then, by 1850, to Gilmer and Murray Cos., Georgia. The family, as noted above, was located in Wilkes-Ashe Co., N.C., cl785 until it began moving--- not counting a swing of Leonard Fouts, Sr., with some of his family at least, into Kentucky in the mid-1790s and again in 1801-02. Leonard had land in Muehlenberg Co., Ky., and speculated in land in Warren Co., Ky. He also married a daughter Mary, to Joseph Ray, there in 1795.


John Martin Fouts, b. 9 Sep 1781, North Carolina. appears to belong to the Theobald, Sr., line, likely through John Leonard Fouts, Sr. In mid-1820, apparently after the Census was taken, a John Martin Fouts and a man named Anderson appeared in the upper River country of Louisiana. There, on 18 Feb 1821, he married Martha Ware Nelson, a widow, said to have been born in North Carolina, 14 Jan 1790. There were five children in the family: Maria Theresa Fouts, b. 20 Nov 1821; David Cook Fouts b. 20 Jul 1823; John Martin Fouts, Jr. , b. 21 Aug 1830; Thomas Jefferson Fouts, b. 14 Feb 1834; and Martha Jane Fouts, b. 13 Sep 1836. John Martin Fouts died on 19 Feb 18445 in Bienville Parish, Louisiana. There is a possible clue in the oldest son being named David for all of the sons of David Pfautz (1749) by his second wife named their eldest sons David (as did those eldest sons to their eldest sons), but David Pfautz was dead in 1779 when his wife and family appeared in North Carolina records, living adjacent to Andrew Garron on the Rowan (now Davidson) side of the county line with Randolph---less than a mile from the Fouts' of Randolph Co. None of the Widow Fouts' five sons (all born after 1760) were on the tax lists in 1781, meaning they weren't old enough to be taxables, either as householders or unmarried polls, with the possible exception of Nicholas, the eldest---and he only had one son, (his last child born in 1815) naturally named "David". So, it doesn't parse for the David Pfautz line....


... and that takes us back to John Leonard Fouts, the peripatetic Fouts of Wilkes-Ashe Co., North Carolina. John Leonard, Sr., who went by "Leonard" or by "Leonard, Sr.", was a maverick in naming children, having sons George, Leonard, Jr., Joseph, Jacob, and Solomon---all but Jacob being unique among the North Carolina Fouts. He could just as easily have had a John Martin in the group. He would have been born between Joseph and Jacob. Anyway, for the time being, we circumstantially attribute John Martin Fouts to the Theobald, Sr. , line. It became quite a prestigious family in Northwest Louisiana, in medicine, education, and the Baptist ministry.


We've also done some work on further definition of the family of Phillip Fouts, youngest son of John Daniel Fouts (John Fouts, Sr.), eldest son of Theobald, Sr., who died in Randolph Co., North Carolina, in 1803. Phillip was in Randolph Co., North Carolina, in 1810; in Buncombe Co. , North Carolina in 1820 (with a passle of Garrons, Rhodes, and Merrills---all from the Uwharrie); in Shelby Co., Indiana in 1830 (with Arnolds, Absalom and Dougan Fouts---nephews, son of Jacob); in Polk Co., Missouri, in 1840 (with Fouts of Andrew, Sr., of Randolph Co., North Carolina); and his widow and large family, still together, was in Polk Co., Iowa, in 1850. By 1860, the family had scattered to the winds; most had gone on the Oregon Trail in 1852, but one had gone back to Polk Co., Missouri, and then into Kansas; one had gone to Texas, and one had gone gold prospecting in California, We've run all of them down except the one in Texas---he served in Confederate Cavalry, and there's some doubt if he survived.


Anyway, we'll likely be working on Theobald's Fouts for sometime.



Conrad Foutz, (1752), of Washington Twp., Franklin Co., Pa.


By far, most of the funded research during the past year has been in trying to establish the origin of Conrad Foutz, Sr. When he enlisted for military service during the French and Indian war in 1759, Conrad gave Zweibruecken as his birth place on enlistment papers. Robert Jowett, an accredited genealogist (A.G.) specializing in Old German records, spent almost a year in reading through all of the Lutheran parish records of Zweibruecken ---- which was almost a dry hole. It was not until the last batch of parishes---in Northfelden, belonging to the Principality of Birkenfeld, but ruled by Zweibruecken that a Fautz was found. In 1738, Elizabetha Fautz, of Nofelden, was given permission to immigrate to America.


Only the rare ship's passenger- list identified the female passengers, and Elizabeth wasn't on one of those rare lists. But we do know that Theobald Pfautz, Sr., (as Theevia Fautzen), arrived in America in 1738 on the Ship "Davy", being slightly past 16-years-old. Now, was Elizabetha Fautz related to Theobald Pfautz and was Theobald also from that isolated part of Zweibruecken which lay east of the Rhine? Anyway, we have found our first Fautz in the domain of Zweibruecken, and we still have no Pfautz, Fautz, etc., who were living west of the Rhine in any of the records yet searched. The misunderstanding in Farmington (mentioned earlier) occurred just as Mr. Jowett was approaching the Nohfelden parish reading, and the project was shut down. However, the work is being continued---under temporary joint financing by Dean Foutz and Dr. Davenport.


Our current plans are to finish the Conrad Foutz ancestral identification search in the Zweibruecken records---and then to proceed to the identification of the German roots of all of the Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz in America. We know they center around the Neckar River, east of the Rhine, in Baden and Wurtemburg. And much evidence suggests that all Pfautz, etc., have a common ancestry. Anyway, we plan to search it out---and Mr. Jowett is willing to go to Germany, if needs be, to do the search in records which are not available on microfilm in the U.S. (Some Lutheran jurisdictions have refused to allow Mormon microfilming of their records---others have freely shared. So some research may have to be done in Germany.)


John David Pfautz, (1749), of Lancaster, Pa.


In terms of advancement, John David Pfautz, who arrived in America in 1749, has come from the back of the pack and gone out in front in terms of identification. In the early days of the Conrad Foutz search, Mr. Jowett checked out a few "easy" parishes (previously identified as containing Pfautz members), and found a large number of baptisms, for John David Pfautz, who lived in Merchingen, Rhenish Palatinate, for approximately 12 years before emigrating to America. There was a large amount of infant mortality among John David's children, but he, wife Maria Agnes (surname yet unknown), son John Frederick, and daughter Charlotte emigrated to America in 1749. Here, he located in Lancaster Borough, Pa. , where he earned his livelihood as joiner (carpenter). In 1754, daughter Charlotte married John Michael Lenth (Lentz, Links) in Trinity Lutheran Church. On 24 Jul 1759, John David Pfautz, widower, married Anna Barbara Hohn (Hahn, Hawn, Hon), widow, at Trinity Lutheran. In 1762, Frederick Fouts married Susanna Christy (Christig) in the Lancaster Episcopal Church. From here on, Frederick and his father apparently parted company.


We have not yet determined where either Frederick or his father David Pfautz were after 1766. David Pfautz dropped off of the Lancaster Borough tax lists in 1765, and Frederick disappears from the area's records until the late 1770s---when he again appeared on Lancaster Co. tax lists, in Hempfield Twp. So far, we know nothing specifically about David Pfautz until January, 1779, when a "patriot," taking advantage of nonjuring (refused to swear an oath of allegiance) pacifists in Rowan Co., N.C., entered upon the improvements (cabins, outbuildings, cleared land) of Andrew Garron and the “Widow Fouts.” This predatory activity was successful (it was not until the mid-1790s that Peter Fouts, the Widow's second son, was able to buy the land from the "patriot"). Positive identification of the widow did not come until the Census of 1790 where a Frederick Hun (Hawn) was enumerated in the same census group with Nicholas, Peter, and John Fouts, all sons of the Widow. Subsequent tax lists showed that Frederick Hawn was living on Fouts land. Hawn’s will, Rowan Co., N.C. Wills, D:173, notes that he was born May 2, 1744, and died June 9, 1801---and he left three sons: Frederick, Jr., Phillip, and John,


In subsequent years, where the Widow or her sons were, there also were Hawns or Hons. In Rowan (now Davidson) Co., N.C., in Lincoln Co., N.C., and in Indian Creek Twp., Harrison Co., Indiana Territory (and State). There is a cemetery in Bradford, Harrison Co., Indiana, (across from the Catholic Church), wherein are buried numerous Hons and Fouts---including six David Fouts,


The Widow's sons, by order of birth, appear to have been Peter, Nicholas, John, David, and Jacob. Peter (1761-1811) apparently lost a land entry also, in 1784, and the family moved to Washington Co., Md., where Nicholas bought a house and lot in Jerusalem (near the Frederick Co., line) in July, 1786. There were a number of Hawns in the area. In March, 1789, Nicholas Fouts sold the property in Jerusalem and moved back to Rowan (now Davidson) Co., N.C. In the Census of 1790, Peter Fouts was enumerated in Washington Co., Md. But he was also enumerated in Rowan Co., N.C., because the N.C. Census of 1790 was not taken until the first six months of 1791. In June, 1790, Peter pledged a horse and a cow to John Rowland as security for a joint note to John Rickard. Then, he apparently moved back to North Carolina,


In the Census of 1790 (1791) in Rowan Co., N.C., Nicholas, Peter, and John Fouts are enumerated as separate households. David and Jacob are apparently enumerated in Nicholas' household. Allowing for the widow and three wives, the enumeration, indicates only four others in the three households, all female, who could have been either daughters of Nicholas, Peter, or John---or sisters. No evidence has been found that suggests that there were any daughter’s in David Pfautz' second family. Jacob dropped out of sight after 1794, has not been found elsewhere. Peter died in 1811, Nicholas in 1820, both in Rowan (now Davidson). David moved to Lincoln Co., N.C., in 1802, then to Harrison Co., Indiana Territory in 1815---and died there in 1816. John Fouts divested himself of his lands to his sons in the early 1830s---and moved away. All of Peter's family, except eldest son David, moved to Pike Twp., Marion Co., Indiana, in the mid-1830s. Nicholas died in 1820 in the process of moving from Rowan (now Davidson) to Lincoln Co., N.C., leaving eight daughters and a five-year-old son David. In the N.C. Census of 1850 are David of Peter, David of Nicholas, and David of John. David of David is enumerated in Harrison Co., Indiana. Despite naming his eldest son David, John Martin Fouts, of Louisiana, cannot be fitted into this family.


In 1793, Frederick Fouts, of Hempfield Twp., Lancaster Pa., moved to Washington Co., Md., and bought a farm on Conococheage Creek, two miles from the Pennsylvania line and six miles from the Potomac and Virginia. In 1797, David, son of Frederick, moved to Randolph Co., N.C., where he located on vacant land between Andrew Fouts, Sr. (son of Michael, Sr., eldest son of Jacob Pfautz) and John Fouts, Sr. (John Daniel Fouts, eldest son of Theobald Fouts, Sr.)---which, considering that the Widow Fouts was living due west of Andrew, across the county line, about half mile, placed three out of the first five Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz to emigrate to America in the same tight neighborhood. Coincidence it may have been, but it sure looks like kinfolk from the Old Country in a family settlement.


The David Pfautz family was essentially Lutheran until the mid-1810s. In Indiana, the family of David Fouts came under Dunker influence. David Fouts*, was a Dunker minister. Later, both he and George W. Hon became noted exhorters of the Campbellite Disciples of Christ. Nicholas apparented turned Dunker in North Carolina, for in 1808, he left the Lutheran area of Rowan (now Davidson) and moved west into the Reedy Creek Dunker congregation area. The widow Fouts apparently moved with him. A cryptic note in The Moravian Records suggests that she died at an advanced age on Nicholas' plantation in 1817. The Moravians referred to her as the "Widow Fausz." (* = of David)


Most of the Fouts In Central North Carolina today are descendants of David Pfautz' second family. There was a plethora of sons in all families, and while the family sustained, casualties, in both the Union and Confederate ranks during the Civil War, there were many sons left. To the contrary, Frederick Fouts, who died in 1804 in Washington Co., Md., left seven sons, but has few descendants of the surname today. Son Jacob had one son, who had no sons. Henry had one son, has a number of descendants in the area of Cleveland, Ohio, today. Son John appears to have died in 1808---he was included in the first distribution of his father's estate in 1807, appears in a cryptic note as deceased, with Jacob as administrator in 1808---whatever, he was not married. William did not marry until late--- had a family of at least four sons and two daughters---two of the sons died in the Civil War (Indiana regiments). William, Jr., left only one son. Jacob of William left four sons, before his early death, but these lines have all run to girls. What happened to Frederick, Jr., the hatter, is not known---unless he was the John Fouts, hatter, who appeared in, Eastern Ohio in the mid-1820s and established a hat business in Mt. Eaton, Wayne Co., Ohio (which just happened to be the bailiwick of the family of George Pfoutz, son of "Baron" John Pfoutz, of Pfoutz Valley, Pa.). Whatever, John Fouts married in Mt. Eaton and sired four sons and one daughter before dying in 1837. This John was in some manner related to Henry Fouts, of Clear Spring, Md., which is located approximately a mile from where Frederick Fouts, eldest son of David, lived and died in Washington Co., Md. Henry Fouts, of Clear Spring, Md., was a hatter also---and had two sons: Marion and George W.. John Fouts, of Mt. Eaton, hatter, had four sons, Nicholas Martin Fouts, George Washington Fouts, George Jacob Fouts, and John Fouts--the daughter's name was Theresa. The "Nicholas Martin" is significant, for three Nicholas Martins---father, son, and grandson--- in succession served the Conochocheage Dunker congregation (now Broadfording Church of the Brethren) just north of Clear Spring, Md., on the Pennsylvania line.


But the plot has other elements which have other claims---in 1840, Jacob Foutz, grandson of Conrad Foutz, Sr., by son John, did LDS ordinances in proxy for his dead brother John. While there is no direct connection between John Fouts, of Mt. Eaton, and Jacob Foutz, both Jacob Foutz and his brother-in-law Jacob Hess, from the Dunker congregation area of Old Antietam on the Pennsylvania side of boundary with Washington Co. , Md., took up land in Richland Co., Ohio, at the same time and in the same area as did John Fouts, of Mt. Eaton, in 1830. Both Jacob Foutz and Jacob Hess subsequently became Mormon converts, went to Missouri with the Saints, were in the Hawn's Mill Massacre (where Jacob Foutz was, seriously wounded), retreated back to Illinois, settled in Nauvoo, and ultimately went West with the first wagon trains to Utah. Jacob Foutz had a brother John who was dead in 1840. John Fouts, of Mt. Eaton, died in 1837 His family stayed together near Mt. Eaton, Ohio, until the early 1850s, when George Jacob went to Peoria, Illinois, and became a miner. The rest of the family also moved to Illinois---then shortly after the Civil War, settled in Hardin Co., Iowa. John Fouts, Jr. remained on the same land near Mt. Eaton, did not marry until late in life, had one daughter. George W. married in Illinois, had a big family, mostly boys. Nicholas M. was past 50 when he married, but managed to sire two boys and a girl before he died. The family is gone from Hardin Co., Iowa, now---drifted away after W.W.I; most went to Oregon, according to the locals around Eldora, the county seat.


Just who John Fouts, of Mt. Eaton, Ohio, belongs to is still a toss-up. There was a lot of cross association between the Conococheage and Antietam Dunker congregations. The hatter connection and Clear Spring location is heavy circumstance favoring the Frederick Foutz, Jr., connection---but Frederick Foutz sold his interest in the valuable estate of his father Frederick, Sr., to a sister in 1811---and disappears from all further Washington Co., Md., records. Henry Fouts, hatter, of Clear Spring, does not appear in Washington Co. records until 1830, but was indebted to John Fouts before then---per notes in John's estate. Was John Fouts and Jacob Foutz taking up lands in Richland Co., Ohio, a coincidence? John had land in several northern Ohio counties. This one is going to require more documentation---from somewhere.


The Mystery Family of the Month - Can You Identify This Family?


In the search of Civil War records, Marion Jerome Fouts, as Jerome Fouts, was found in Co. A, 1st Battalion, Nevada Cavalry. Marion J. Fouts claimed to have been born on 28 March 1848 in Warsaw, Hancock Co., Illinois. When he enlisted in the Civil War, he was a miner in Nevada. During the War, his duty was entirely in Indian warfare in Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. After the war, he settled near Pauline, Adams Co., Nebraska, where he died on 27 Jul 1933. Thanks to Helen Squire, of Elyria, Ohio, we have the following data on Marion J. Fouts:


PARENTS: Daniel Fouts, b. 1818, married 27 Aug 1843 at Montrose, Iowa, by LDS Elder,

to Emmeline Perry, b. 1825.


CHILDREN: Marion Jerome Fouts b. 1845

David James Fouts b. 1847

John Lewis Fouts b. 1849, Warsaw, Illinois

Laura Ann Fouts b. 1851

Daniel Webster Fouts b. 1853, Hancock Co., Illinois

William Ashley Fouts b. 1855

Lyman Perry Fouts b. 1857


Lyman Perry is presumably the father of the mother. Samuel Fouts, son of Lemen Fouts, grandson of Andrew Fouts (of Brooke Co., now West Va.), married a Perry, but her father was William Perry. The "Ashley" has some family significance, because Marion J. named his eldest son "Henry Ashley." Does anyone recognize any of the elements of this family. Has anyone encountered it anywhere in Census searches? This data came to Mrs. Squire second hand from a cousin in California, who obtained it from a Perry Fouts several years back via a telephone conversation.






Social Notes and Previews of Coming Attractions


MOUNTAIN FOUTS OF NORTH CAROLINA - The descendants of Jacob Fouts (1786-1854), son of Leonard Fouts, Sr., of Theobald, Sr., will hold their five-year reunion on Friday, July 4, 1980, at the Iotla Elementary School near Franklin, North Carolina, starting at 10 a.m. sharp. This is fine affair, held way back in the Carolina mountains on the Little Tennessee River in the Cherokee Country. These folk are mighty hospitable, will welcome fraternal Fouts-Foutz as well as descendants of Jacob Fouts of Leonard. Dr. Davenport spoke at the 1975 Reunion, still hasn't got over the waxing that he took in horseshoes. Write Bob Fouts, Rte 9, Box 974, Franklin, N.C. 28734, or call Fred Fouts, (704) 524-2430 or Vance Fouts, (704) 524-6084. They'll help you with arrangements and tell you what to bring for the potluck.


FOUTS AND FOUTZ IN SALT LAKE CITY---Caroline Fouts Sarver, Helen Silvey, both of Sacramento, California; Shirley Fouts Spencer, of Mesa, Arizona, and Helen Fouts Tremlett, of Cape Canaveral, Florida, met In Salt Lake City, Utah, for a week's work each in the microfilm and records of The Genealogical Society of Utah. While there, they encountered Mildred Foutz, of Holbrook, Arizona, a LDS Genealogical librarian, also on a research tour. On Wednesday, May 14, the ladies hosted Dr. and Mrs. Davenport at dinner at the Hotel Utah. Guess what they talked about?



Dr. John Scott Davenport, Editor A Coolish, Wet Spring Day

1375 Stratford Drive on Waters of Cuyahoga, in

Kent, Ohio 44240 Connecticut's Western Reserve,

25 April 1981 Portage Co., Ohio


A Slight Change- in Location from Provo, Utah


When Newsletter No. 1 was issued last year, more frequent than annual issues were contemplated. However, the Editor listened to the siren's song of advancement and allowed himself to be persuaded to accept the directorship of the School of Journalism, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, on a hurry-up basis. It was a mistake --- too many paranoics from KSU's trauma of 1970, too many concealed administrative ploys (political deals), and a grand strategy of cannibalizing Journalism for the sake of Art. The KSU administration wanted a trained dog act. The Editor was not it. He resigned in late January, returned immediately to freelance writing (pushed out another novel), and resumed genealogy research --- and started job hunting.


Nothing's firmed up at the moment, but holding back on Newsletter issuance pending a new address is too iffy. The backlog of development in Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz data will require three to four Newsletters, at least, to work off. So, other than saying that, at the moment, it is quite likely that the Davenports will be returning to Virginia. Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz Newsletter will proceed. Write the Editor at the Kent, Ohio, address until notified otherwise. That, for sure, will motivate the issuance of another Newsletter in considerably less than the eleven months that elapsed between 1 and 2.


Order of Family Patriarchs within Genealogical Research Purview


For review, ordered herewith are the primary immigrant patriarchs of Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz families that have come within consideration. Those of the Nineteenth Century are additions since the last Newsletter. The alphabet code accompanying each patriarch is the prefix for all genealogical family numberings of descendants. The order is based on date of immigration to America;


A - HANS MICHAEL PFAUTZ. SR., of Lancaster Co., Pa., immigrant of 1727.

B - JACOB PFAUTZ, of Germany Twp.,, York (now Adams) Co., Pa., immigrant before 1730.

C - THEOBALD PFAUTZ (DAVID FOUTS, Sr.)), of Randolph Co., N.C., immigrant of 1738.

D - JOHN DAVID PFAUTZ, of Washingtton Co., Md. (issue of first wire); Rowan (now Davidson) Co., N.C. (issue of second wife); immigrant of 1749.

E - CONRAD FOUTZ, of Washington Twwp., Franklin Co., Pa., immigrant of 1752.

F - JOHN JACOB PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa., immigrant of 1773.

G - MICHAEL PFOUTS, Sr., of Harrisson Co., Ohio, immigrant of 1787.

H - JOHN FOUTS, of York Twp., Morggan Co., Ohio, immigrant of 1820.

I - ADAM FOUTZ, of Miller Twp., Deearborn Co., Indiana, immigrant of 1854.

J - WILLIAM FAUTZ, of San Francisco, Calif., immigrant of 1855.

K - GOTTLIEB PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa., immigrant of 1857.

L - WILLIAM FAUTZ, of Norfolk, Va., immigrant of 1865,


There were two known female immigrants:

ELIZABETHA FAUTZ, of Zweibruecken, who was granted permission to emigrate to America in 1738---no record of arrival, but women were only sporadically included on immigration lists (they were not required to take the oaths of allegiance and abjuration);

DOROTHEA FAUTZ, immigrant of 1785, who appears to have been the same Dorothy Foutz who married Jacob Crow in Washington Co., Md., 13 Sep 1802, and who was a close relative (not a child) of MICHAEL PFOUTS (G).


Two additional male immigrants have been identified, neither of whom had children:


ALBERT PFAUTZ, 2nd Lt., 52nd N.Y. Infantry, died 1862 of wounds received in action at Fair Oaks, Va. (Civil War). Pfautz, married in Germany in 1841, immigrated to America in the early 1850s, was age 40 when enlisted in New York City in 1861. Wife died In 1891.


BERNHARDT FAUTZ, Pvt., 17th Missouri Volunteers, badly wounded in right leg during Battle of Atlanta, Through 1880, no evidence has been found that Fautz had a family. He was age 34 when he enlisted for service. No widow applied for a pension following his death, per National Archives records.


Albert PFAUTZ was born in Prussia, Bernhardt FAUTZ was born in Baden.


The Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz immigrants described above are all of those identified thus far to 1880. With the exception of Albert PFAUTZ, all immigrants have come from the Baden-Wurtemburg areas, east of the Rhine, in Germany.


For the purposes of constructing genealogical tables of the families of these immigrants and their descendants, the alphabetic prefix noted will precede all numbers, e.g. A15 = 15th family of the surname descendants of HANS MICHAEL PFAUTZ, Sr., Ef32 = 32nd family of female descendants (surname of husband) of CONRAD FOUTZ, etc. With these prefixes, it is possible to systematically array and order the descendant families minimizing code numbers. When German antecedents are researched, other codes, which can plug into American alphanumerics will be used. Because of the massive size of the project, only paternal lines are pursued. All female lines will be identified in family orders and detail where the mother's maiden name was/is Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz. Etc., but will not be pursued beyond.




While little has appeared in the surname literature concerning the militarists in the family (nonjuring pacifists were in the majority during the Revolution, and the Pfouts, etc., who served in the War of 1812, the early Indian Wars, and the Mexican War can be counted on the fingers of both hands, leaving several digits undesignated), a large number of Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz served during the Civil War, including a number from Dunker (Church of the Brethren) families who had been steadfastly pacifistic until 1861, Leaving the large number of Yankees to be looked at later (Ohio will take up one complete Newsletter by itself), let's look at the family in Confederate service. The records and listing following come from the National Archives, from Confederate military records captured by the victorious Union Army. No Confederates were pensioned by the Federal Government (until only a few were left). Genealogical data usually found in the pension files must be obtained from the individual Southern States, each of whom provided pensions to its own veterans.




GEORGE D. FOUTTS, Pvt., Co. B, 58th Virginia Volunteers, born 1841, died 1862 at Monterey, Va. (Father: Daniel Fouts, of Bedford Co., Va.)


GEORGE D. FOUTS, Blacksmith, Co. G, 4th Virginia Cavalry, served through 1864. Enlisted from Stewartsville, Bedford Co. , Va.


GEORGE W. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. K, 58th Virginia Volunteers, born 1841, died 1861 at Staunton, Va. (Father: George Fouts, of Bedford Co., Va.)


GEORGE FOUTS, Co. K, 3rd Regt., Virginia Reserves, enlisted in 1664 in Botetourt Co., Va. Ordered to return to farming (aged, father of GEORGE W. FOUTS, Decd.)


GREEN B. FOUTS, Co. E, 28th Virginia Volunteer Infantry, From Botetourt Co., Va.. No other data. (Moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1870s --- descendants among the Fouts there.)


J. A. FOUTS, Pvt., Capt. Otey's Light Artillery Co., which was composed of employees in Ordnance Depot, Danville, Virginia for local defense and special service. No further data.


J. M. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. B, 157th Virginia Militia Regt., one month's service in Greenbrier Co., 1862. No further data.


JAMES R. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. B, 10th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery, enlisted at Richmond in 1863, among those paroled at Appomattox Court House, 9 Apr 1865. No further data.


JOHN 0. FOUTS, Corp., Co. B, 58th Virginia Volunteers, born 1635, served through 1864. Enlisted from Bedford Co. No further data.


JOHN W. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. K, 58th Virginia Volunteers, born 1838, died 1863 at Hugenot Springs, Va. (Father; Daniel Fouts, of Bedford Co., Va.)


THOMAS J. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. B, 10th Battalion Virginia Heavy Artillery, born 1848, served during last months of the War, No further data.


OSBORNE FOUTS, Pvt., Co. F, 23rd Virginia Volunteers, enlisted at Dublin, Pulaski Co., Va.; captured at Winchester, Va., 19 Sep 1864 enlisted in U.S. Army for Indian Service, 14 Oct 1864. (Apparently changed name---is not locatable in U.S. Army records or Censuses, searched thus far, under "Osborne Fouts.")


STEPHEN C. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. D, 28th Virginia Infantry, enlisted from Bedford Co., 1862; registered as "Rebel Deserter," 22 Apr 1865, and transported at government expense to Blairsville, Pa. No further data. (Died in Botetourt Co., Va.,)


WILLIAM H. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. K, 58th Virginia Volunteers, born 1840, died 29 Jan 1862 at Monterey, Va. (Father: Daniel Fouts, of Bedford Co.)


WILLIAM J. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. K, 58th Virginia Volunteers, born 1834, enlisted from Stewartsville, Bedford Co., wounded in action at Battle of McDowell, Highland Co., Va., 8 May 1862 (gunshot wound in face); medical discharge, 31 Dec 1863. ( Died shortly thereafter)


W. M. FOOUTS, Pvt., Co. H, 22nd Virginia Infantry, enlisted at White Sulphur Springs, plagued by illness --- constantly sick either in hospital or at home in Craig Co., Va. No further data.


With the exception of Osborne and W.M., who possibly belonged to FAUTH-FOUT family, all others were grandsons of Jacob FOUTZ, of Bedford Co., Va., believed to have been a son of CONRAD FOUTZ (E).




A[lexander] FOUTS, Pvt., Co. B, 49th North Carolina Infantry, born 1631, Davidson Co., N.C.; wounded at Wire Bottom Church, 20 May 1864. apparently died there; listed on N.C. Roll of Honor. (D)


CHARLES A. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. H, 48th North Carolina Infantry, enlisted 8 Aug 1861; wounded and taken prisoner, Battle of Sharpsburg (Antietam); entered Federal Service under another name. No further data. (D)


DAVID FOUTS, Pvt., Co. F, 6th Regt., N.C. Senior Reserves, born in 18l5, enlisted at Asheboro, June, 1864; AWOL 13 Nov 1864 until end of War. No further data. (B)


ERASTUS FOUTS, Pvt., Co. C, lst Regt., N.C. Junior Reserves, born in 1847, enlisted from Davidson Co., among those who surrendered at Greensboro, N.C., May, 1865. Hospitalized. (Died shortly thereafter) (D)


IGNATIUS G. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. I, 5th N.C. Infantry, born in 1838, enlisted at Asheboro, among those who surrendered at Appomattox Court House, Va., 9 Apr 1865. No further data, (B)


JAMES M. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. K, 56 N.C. Infantry, born in 1841, enlisted at Asheboro, killed in trenches near Petersburg, Va., 10 Sep 1864. [Son of Henry Fouts] (B)


JACOB FOUTS, Pvt., Co. E, 6th N.C. Cavalry, born in 1830, resident of Franklin, Macon Co., N.C.; captured 27 Aug 1863 at Jacksonborough, Tenn.; in POW camps in Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois until 17 June 1865 when took the Oath of Allegiance to U.S. and was released. (C)


JAMES M. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. G, 42nd N.C. Infantry, born in 1846, enlisted at Salisbury, died of wounds received at Petersburg, Va., 24 Jul 1864; father, Daniel Fouts. (C)


JOHN FOUTS, Pvt., Co. A, 6th N.C. Cavalry, born in 1832, enlisted at Franklin, Macon Co.; captured at Jacksonborough, Tenn., 27 Aug 1863; in POW camps in Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois; died at Rock Island, Ill., 17 Dec 1864, from disease. (C)


JOHN D. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. G, 42nd N.C. Infantry, born in 1842, enlisted at Salisbury, Rowan Co.; surrendered at Salisbury, N.C., 19 May 1865. No further data. [The 42nd N.C. was a Prison Guard Battalion, guarded Union prisoners at the Salisbury POW camp.) (D)


JOHN E. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. D, 5th Battalion N.C. Cavalry, born in 1838, enlisted at Jefferson, Ashe Co.; died 9 Oct 1862 at Big Springs, Tenn. No further data, (C)


JOSEPH S. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. B, 6th N.C. Cavalry, born in 1841, enlisted at Jefferson, Ashe Co.; no record after 14 Nov 1864. Signed name as "Joseph S. Phouts." No further data. (C)


PETER E. FOUTS, Lt., Co. F, 59th N.C. Infantry, enlisted at Concord, Cabarrus Co., 17 Jul 1862; died of unknown causes at Richmond, Va., 29 Mar 1863; widow, R. Fouts. No further data. (C)


S. J. FAUTS, Pvt., Capt. John Whitman's Co., 65th Battalion, N.C. Militia, did 17 days duty, 1863-64, signed payroll receipt roll as "S. J. Fouts" with an "X." No further data. [Possibly Sidney J. Fouts, son of Joseph, of Ashe Co., N.C.] (C?)


WILLIAM H. FOUTS, Corp., Co. G, 42nd N.C. Infantry, born in 1841, enlisted at Salisbury, Rowan Co.; captured near Kinston, N.C., 10 Mar 1865; released 26 Jun 1865. No further data. (D)


WILLIAM R. FOUTS, Corp., Co. E., 6th N.C. Cavalry, born in 1838, enlisted at Franklin, Macon Co., N.C.; served through 1864. No further data. (C)


The casualties reflected in the above listing virtually decimated the young male FOUTS population of Randolph, Ashe, and Cabarrus Cos., N.C., left a small group in Rowan and Davidson. Despite their losses, the Mountain Fouts of Macon Co. thrived. But with this casualty report in mind, it is understandable why there were no N.C. FOUTS on the Western Frontier after the Civil War.










JACOB FOUTS, Pvt., Co. F, 1st Regt., Ga. Local Troops, enlisted at Augusta, 15 Mar 1864. No report after June, 1864. No further data. (C)


J. D. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. E, 23rd Ga. Infantry, enlisted at Camp MacDonald, Ga., 31 Aug 1861; served in Virginia, 1862-63; on sick leave, then deserted at Gilmer Co., Ga., Jan-Feb, 1864. No further data. (C)


J. D. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. K, 11th Ga. Cavalry, born in 1841, enlisted at Athens, Ga., 20 Aug 1864. Occupation: Farmer. Nativity: North Carolina. No further data. (C)


J. P. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. F, 16th Battalion of Cavalry, Georgia State Guards, enlisted Ellijay, Gilmer Co., Ga., 7 Jul 1863, for six months service. No further data. (C)


WILLIAM FOUTS, Pvt., Co. F, 16th Battalion of Cavalry, Georgia State Guards, enlisted Ellijay, Gilmer Co. , Ga., 7 Jul 1863 for six months service. No further data. (C)


WILLIAM FOUTS, Pvt., Co. K, 11th Ga. Cavalry, born in 1820, enlisted at Athens, Ga., 20 Aug 1864. Occupation: Blacksmith. Nativity: North Carolina. No further data. (This appears to be the same William Fouts who served in the Cherokee War of 1838-39.1 (C)


W. P. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. E, 27th Battalion, Georgia Infantry, enlisted at Augusta, 2 May 1864; in hospital at Charlotte, N.C., when captured by Sherman's advancing Union Army. No further data. (C)


These are descendants of John Leonard Fouts, son of Theobald Pfautz (David Fouts, Sr.), by sons Leonard and Jacob. They moved into Cherokee Georgia after the Indians were moved West in 1838-39. One of these descendants broke the line. Gabriel Fouts, of Gilmer Co., Ga., went up to Tennessee and joined the Union Army, but he went back to Gilmer Co. after the war --- and collected his Yankee pension there.




M.[artin] V. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. A, Miles Legion, enlisted 1 Sep 1862, Baton Rouge, La.; deserted July,,1863; prisoner of war, 6 Oct 1863; appears to have died 28 Dec 1863 at St. Louis Hospital, New Orleans. (C) [This was a Hoosier from Clark Co., Indiana, who had gone down the Mississippi. His widow sold Martin V's interest in the real estate of Hiram Fouts, Decd., in Clark Co., after the War.]


T[homas] J. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. E, 27th Louisiana Infantry, enlisted 24 Apr 1662, Sparta, a resident of Bienville Parish; captured at Vicksburg, 4 Jul 1863; exchanged 1 Apr 1864; captured at Natchitoches, Texas, 26 May 1865. Listed as "Company Physician." (This was a son of John Martin Fouts, origins yet undetermined who appeared in Lousiana, allegedly from North Carolina, in 1821.)



LEANDER FOUTS, Pvt., Co. B, 31st Texas Cavalry, born in 1832, enlisted in Bosque Co., Texas, 2 Apr 1862, living 100 miles from the Regiment rendezvous. Shown present from enlistment through 30 June 1862. No further data. (C) [This is one of the sons of wandering Philip Fouts--- in Randolph Co., N.C., 1810; in Buncombe Co., N.C., 1820; in Shelby Co., Indiana, 1830; in Polk Co., Missouri, 1840; in Polk Co., Iowa, 1850 --- where Philip died. In 1860 his sons were in Oregon, California, Texas, Kansas, and Missouri.]


R. P. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. G, 29th Texas Cavalry, enlisted 21 Apr 1862 in Lamar Co.. Shown present from enlistment through 30 June 1862. No further data. (This was another son of the unidentified John Martin Fouts, of Bienville Parish, Louisiana.)




WILLIAM FOUTS, Jr., Pvt., Co. D, 5th Kentucky Infantry, C.S.A., enlisted at Jackson, Ky., 20 Sep 1862; killed in battle at Dallas, Georgia, 28 May 1864. (This was the son of William Fouts, of Breathitt Co., Ky. If a Fouts, he was either from the Brooke Co., (West) Va., Fouts (B) or the Bedford-Botetourt Co., Va., Foutz (E). But these Kentucky mountains were full of FOUCH, some of whom shifted to the FOUTS surname around this time. A FOUCH, as a FOUTS, from this area served in the Union Kentucky Volunteers.)




GEORGE W. FOUTS, Pvt. Co. C, lst Florida Cavalry, born in 1836, enlisted at Middleburgh, 17 Oct 1871; on police duty in Knoxville, Tenn., Dec-Mar, 1862-63; captured at Missionary Ridge, 25 Nov 1863; in POW camp at Rock Island, Ill., until June, 1865, when he was paroled at Selma, Alabama. Residence at time of parole given as Clay Co., Fla. No further data. (Identity yet to be established.)


No action has yet been taken to check out any of these Confederate soldiers' ancestry or descendants by researching state records. Anyone who is interested in doing so can write the Editor for assistance.


Persistency Pays Off In Defining Michael Fouts,, Sr., Family


The first family given the Editor when he became interested in identifying Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz more than ten years ago were those unidentified children, listed in a Bible (only the page survived), of a parent who wrote in the German language. It was variously identified --- was obviously incomplete, because listings began at the extreme top of the page. The family sheet in the Mormon Archives at Salt Lake City identified the family as being of "Baron von Pfoutz" and Mary Younce. Later, someone had added another child, an eldest son, to the sheet.


It required considerable research--- the Editor was able to gain access to the original bible page and make his own translations --- but, finally, the names were identified as all the children of Michael Fouts, Sr., son of Jacob Pfautz (B), and Catherine Varner, excepting John, the eldest son, who was apparently listed at the bottom of the preceding (missing) page.

The final items for a definitive family description, excluding death dates, were obtained or deduced within the past year. So, here for the first time, is the researched and documented family, including spouses of children, of Michael Fouts, Sr., and his wife Catherine Varner. It was the North Carolina residuals of the family which long eluded definition:



of Randolph Co., North Carolina


1. JOHN FOUTS, b. 11 Jun 1747, Pipe Creek Waters, Frederick (now Carroll) Co., Md.; m. 13 Aug 1769, Rowan Co., N,C., MARY YOUNCE (JANSS); died ? Nov 1822, German Twp., Montgomery Co., Ohio.


2. CATHERINE FOUTS, b. 2 May 1749, Pipe Creek Waters, Frederick (now Carroll) Co., Md.; m. cl771, Guilford (now Randolph) Co., N.C, LAWRENCE YOUNCE (LORENTZ JANSS); died ? . [Catherine became involved in a scandal during the Revolution, was apparently living in Frederick Co., Md., in 1790. Lawrence and children lived in Lincoln and Wilkes (now Ashe) Cos., N.C., and Muhlenberg Co., Ky. Lawrence died in German Twp., Montgomery Co., Ohio, is buried next to sister Mary Fouts.]


3. ANDREW FOUTS, b. 5 Apr 1751, Pipe Creek Waters, Frederick (now Carroll) Co., Md.; m. cl770, Rowan (now Randolph) Co., N.C., RACHEL MERRILL; died ? Sep 1834, Randolph Co., N.C. (This is the only bonafide Patriot, DAR-type, in this family, Andrew took the oath of allegiance to the State of North Carolina, was among the first in Randolph Co. to receive a land grant. his father-in-law, William Merrill, was a Militia Captain, Justice of the Peace, and fatality of the Revolution. Rachel was the niece of Capt. Benjamin Merrill, who was hung, drawn and quartered by Governor Tryon in The Regulator Affair.)


4. ELIZABETH FOUTS, b. ? Mar 1753, Pipe Creek Waters, Frederick (now Carroll) Co., N.C.; m. cl772, Guilford (now Randolph) Co., N.C., JOHN YOUNT (JUNDT); died ? , Lincoln Co. Tennessee. (This family moved to Waters of Wautaga in Wilkes (now Wautaga) Co., N.C., in 1798, subsequently was in Shelby Co., Ky., and Lincoln Co., Tennessee.)


5. SUSANNAH FOUTS, b. ? Apr 1755, Germany Twp., York (now Adams) Co., Pa.; m. cl772, Guilford (now Randolph) Co., N.C., CUTLIFF HARMON (GOTTLIEB HERMANN); died cl8l5, Ashe (now Wautage) Co., N.C.


6. MARY MAGDALENA FOUTS, b. ? Jun 1759, Germany Twp., York (now Adams) Co., Pa.; m. 25 Dec 1775, MATTHIAS HARMON (HERMANN); died ? , Clark Co., Indiana Territory?


7. JACOB FOUTS, b. ? Aug 1761, Germany Twp., York (now Adams) Co., Pa.; m. cl778, Guilford (now Randolph) Co., N.C., ELEANOR MALINDA WAYMIRE (WEHHEIER); died 1835, Wayne Co., Indiana.


8. JONAS FOUTS, b. ? Nov 1763, Forks of Uwharrie, Rowan (now Randolph) Co., N.C., no further record. (Dead before 1779)


9. ESTHER FOUTS, b. ? Jul 1766, Forks of Uwharrie, Rowan (now Randolph) Co., N.C.; m. c1786, Randolph Co., N.C. JACOB YOUNT (JUNDT); died 1825, Montgomery Co., Ohio.


10. DAVID FOUTS, b. ? Mar 1769, Forks of Uwharrie, Rowan (now Randolph) Co., N.C.; no further record. (Dead before 1800).


Death dates are missing for both Michael, Sr., and his wife Catherine. In 1800, Michael, Sr., was apparently living in household of son Andrew. In the fall of 1803, Michael, Sr., joined with son John and grandson Michael, Jr., to sell off all of the lands they owned, individually and jointly, in North Carolina. It was Michael, Sr.'s last appearance in public records. He my have remained in Randolph Co. with son Andrew or have gone north with John (Jacob moved north in 1801). Whichever, he was not probated.


Mary and Lawrence Younce are believed to have been the children of Frederick Younce, of Hanover, York Co., Pa. John and Jacob Yount were brothers and sons of George Yount. Cutliff and Matthias Harmon were brothers and sons of George Harmon. Rachel Merrill was the daughter of William Merrill. Eleanor Malinda Waymire was the daughter of John Rudolph Waymire. Michael Fouts, Sr., and his wife Catherine were "Dutch Friends," otherwise known as Mennonites. Of the children: John's progeny were largely identified with the Dunkers (Church of the Brethren); Catherine's religious persuasion unknown, but Lawrence Younce identified with the Dunkers; Andrew was Baptist; Elizabeth Yount was Dunker; Susannah Harmon was Baptist; Mary Harmon was Baptist; Jacob was Quaker; and Esther Yount was Dunker.


Considering that this family has been promoted as a "Quaker" family since Lindsey Brien (Dayton, Ohio) found some association with the Presidential Hoover line in the early 1930s, it is easy to understand why they could not be found in Quaker records. Michael, Sr.'s sister Anna Margaretha Pfautz (Margaret Fouts) was married to Andreas Huber (Andrew Hoover, Sr.), and the couple were the immigrant ancestors of the Presidential Hoover line via their son John. Considering all of the erroneous Quaker claims associated with the Hoovers (Andrew, Sr., was a baptized Separate Baptist; Margaret hosted several Quaker evangelists after Andrew's death in 1781, but is not in any Quaker records extant; and a minority of their children were Quakers), it is not surprising that a large amount of fallacious "Quaker genealogy" had to be refuted in order to show both the Hoovers and the Fouts in Randolph Co., N.C., in their true religious milieus.


Time To Start Putting A Genealogy Together


Inasmuch as the definition of the lines of Jacob Pfautz (B) have been more than ten years in research, the Editor feels that it is high time to start putting together a definitive genealogy on that group of FOUTS. Accordingly, he will devote the summer specifically to that project, In essence, Jacob Pfautz had two surviving sons: Michael Fouts, Sr., of Randolph Co., N.C., and Andrew Fouts, Sr., of Brooke Co., (West) Va. Michael, Sr., branched patrinymically through John, of Montgomery Co., Ohio; Andrew, of Randolph Co., N.C,; and Jacob, of Wayne Co., Indiana. Andrew, Sr., branched through David, of Brooke Co., (West) Va.; Lemen, Andrew, Allen, Jacob II, William, Absalom, and Sebastian, all of Morgan Co., Ohio.


With the exception of the female families of Andrew, Sr., and sons, the lines of Michael, Sr., are mostly in hand, require only sustained hours of organization and standardization of data. Substantial gains have made in the identification and definition of the lines of the eight sons of Andrew, Sr., of Brooke Co., (West) Va., but the Editor will spend a week or so in Muskingum, Morgan, Perry, and Athens Cos., Ohio, shortly to clear up loose ends. In the next Newsletter, he will ask help on specific families of Fouts' daughters --- of both lines. Current plans are to complete the "Descendants of Jacob Pfautz" by October 1 upcoming. Following that, either Hans Michael Pfautz (A) or Theobald Pfautz (C) will be completed. Hans Michael (A) would be the simplest, largely a matter of correcting and updating John Eby Pfautz' book of 1882. Work on the other lines will go on, of course, while these patriarchal groups are being put into publishable form.


For the moment, the question of whether to publish individually or collectively is tabled. Through the first five generations of Jacob Pfautz' descendants, there are almost four hundred (400) families. Bringing it up to 1980 will more than double that number, and we're already into a fat book---excluding the other lines. The Editor sees the PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ genealogies as a series of publications --- not as a single book. Whatever, a strong start has already been made --- with a target date for completion of October 1, 1981.


Clarification of Pfoutz Valley Folk


We still have some genealogists and family searchers around who are promoting the Baron von Pfoutz, of Pfoutz Valley, Pa., ancestry. For the record, there was never a Baron von Pfoutz (Pfautz, or whatever). The idea was either hearsay or a creation of John Eby Pfautz, of Ephrata, in his writings in the 1880s. John Pfoutz, son of Han Michael Pfautz, Sr., was a tavernkeeper in Strasburg, Lancaster Co., Pa., a loaner of money, and a land speculator---but he was never a Baron. Nor was he ever referred to as such in the literature extant of the period. If anything, it is an insulting, ironical designation, for John Pfoutz lost every piece of land he owned ultimately--by numerous law suits. By 1785, all John Pfoutz had left was his name on Pfoutz Valley --- but the Sheriffs were still levying against him in the early 1790s, apparently on the possibility that he had hidden assets among the land holdings of his son. If you like fiction and find ancestral elation in a phony baronial claim, Baron von Pfoutz is in the literature --- but he never existed.


John Pfouts, son of Michael Pfoutz, of Pfoutz Valley did exist. In late 1808, John forsook Pfoutz Valley in the forks of the Juniata and Susquehanna (Snyder Co., Pa.) and bought land in Connecticut's Western Reserve, in Hartford Twp., Trumbull Co., Ohio. He died there in 1856.


John Pfouts, son of Michael Pfoutz, grandson of John Pfoutz , great-grandson of Hans Michael Pfautz, Sr. (A), was born in Pfoutz Valley, 30 May 1786. His first wife was Elizabeth Wehring, m. cl8O2, by whom he had son Valentine, b. 1803. Elizabeth died 17 Aug 1804, is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Pfoutz Valley. Valentine apparently did not go to Ohio with his father, for Michael Pfoutz cut his son John off with one dollar in his will made 16 Sep 1825, probated 8 Aug 1827, but devised his grandson Valetine, son of John, a quarter interest in his Pfoutz Valley estate. What happened to Valentine is an enigma --- he has not been found in the Censuses, is not among the Pfoutz burials in the Valley, and was not in evidence in Trumbull Co. But Pfoutz-Valley without some mystery for genealogists would not be Pfoutz Valley.


John Pfouts in Ohio married Mary Ann Quiggle, had five surviving children, based on marriage records:




19 Jan 1826 - Susan Pfouts to George Verne (lQS:296)

05 Jun 1830 - Sarah Pfouts to John Shull (2:66)

21 Sep 1831 - Michael Pfouts to Eliza Waldo (2:99)

19 Nov 1832 - Margaret Pfouts to Henry Fry (2:143)

25 Sep 1835 - Michael Pfouts to Margaret Lafferty (2:264)

24 Nov 1840 - John Fouts to Mary Quiggle (License)*

c1837 - Isaac Pfouts to Ruth E --------


*This appears to be the father and mother getting a marriage license, There was no other John Fouts or Pfouts in the records. When John died, he left his widow Mary A. in the care of Isaac.


The Editor visited Hartford Center and found all of the male Pfouts and a few of the females buried in the cemetery on the SW corner of the village square. In 1888, both Michael and Isaac died. In the last eighty years, there have been only two Pfouts marriages in Trumbull Co., both female. While the Pfouts stones were once well mounted and engraved, they were of soft stone and were faced towards the prevailing winds --- and are now largely eroded, broken, or tumbled down. Isaac's stone has fallen over, could be remounted easily. Likely, there has not been a Pfouts around to do so for forty or more years. This family was well represented in the Civil War --- and took casualties.


A Tentative Identification of Daniel Fouts


In the last Newsletter, help with the identification of the family of Daniel Fouts and Emmeline Perry was requested. No specific help was received, but data collected in the interim has identified Daniel as the son of David Pfoutz, youngest son of John Pfautz, son of Hans Michael Pfautz, Sr. (A). David did not get married until late in life, left six minor children--- including sons John, Lewis, and Daniel --- when he died in Perry Co., Pa., in 1823. Lewis died before reaching his majority. Daniel and John have been lost. John and family appear to be those in Susquehanna Twp., Cambria Co., Pa., Census of 1850. Daniel appears to have been of the Mormon persuasion in 1843 --- he was married by a Latter Day Saint elder. Marion Jerome Fouts, the eldest son --- through whom Daniel was backtracked, served in the lst Nevada Cavalry during the Civil War. Anyone encountered Daniel Fouts and family out West?


July, 1981


Editor: Dr. John Scott Davenport A Sweltering Summer's Day

1375 Stratford Drive on Headwaters of Cuyahoga,

Kent, Ohio 44240 Portage Co., Ohio


Who Does What, Who Pays For What---And Your Options


In response to several queries, be advised that there are three elements to the current PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ genealogical research project, Newsletter publication, and proposed book publication: (1) Dr. Davenport, who conducts the field research, collects and systematizes data, edits the Newsletter, and who will edit and write the genealogy books; (2) Dean R. Foutz, President, Foutz Family Research Foundation, 677 Ala Moana Blvd., PH (Penthouse). Honolulu, Hawaii 96813; and (3) The Jacob Foutz Family Association, Inc., P. O. Box 1500, Farmington, New Mexico 87401.


Dean R. Foutz functions as the business manager and publisher for the cooperative effort. After receiving copy from Dr. Davenport, Dean has the Newsletter printed, has computer-printed labels prepared, and has the labeling , stamping, and mailing accomplished. He plans to publish the forthcoming genealogy books under "The Foutz Family Research Foundation" imprint.


The Jacob Foutz Family Association, Inc., is the depository of project funds. A nonprofit corporation with an Internal Revenue Service certificate enabling tax deductibility for donations, the JFA controls all funds, incoming and outgoing. Both Dr. Davenport and Dean R. Foutz send bills to the JFA for a portion of their expenses.


Everyone of known interest in PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ genealogy is welcome to the Newsletter. Contributions are strictly a matter of individual choice. Both Dr. Davenport and Dean Foutz are self-supporting, are not paid and do not profit --- beyond the satisfaction and merits of the work itself. The JFA has no paid employees,


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Jacob Pfoutz Descendants Hard at Work; Theobald Next, Then Conrad


Seven generations of the descendants of Jacob Pfautz (B) [see item following] have been blocked out by the Editor---some lines are complete up into the present. Fourteen of Jacob's descendants, from New York to California, are now collaborating to fill in the missing families, particularly those of Fouts daughters.


The Jacob Pfautz work is proceeding so well that the Editor anticipates starting the Theobald Pfautz-David Fouts, Sr. (C) by October 1. Programmed work on Conrad Foutz' descendants should commence by February 1, 1982. In the meanwhile, research is being done on all known Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz lines.


Preparation of copy for publication, however, will lag behind --- as we collect maps, letters, anecdotes, etc., to enliven and flesh out the genealogies. Names and begats will predominate, of course, but the folk will be placed in correct geographical and historical context. Check and double-check with Census enumeration’s, County records, church records, etc., are rigorously followed.


Where there have been holes in the data on file --- or where the Editor has questioned the quality of the abstracts --- the Editor, as time and money permit, will do on-site research. Since the last Newsletter, he has done all Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz, etc., at the following county courthouses: Geuaga, Mahoning, Guernsey, Belmont, Monroe, Noble, Morgan (twice), Perry, Muskingum (twice), Athens, and Meigs Cos., Ohio; St. Joseph and LaPorte Cos., Indiana; Gilmer, Lumpkin, and Murray Cos., Ga.; and Fulton, Stark, Marshall, Henry, Putnam, and Bureau Cos., Illinois. He also made a trip to research historical archives to Eastern Pennsylvania. In contrast to past courthouse visits, all Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz data are now abstracted --- up to and including 1950. After 1900, all branches of the family who had not already forsaken farming began to abandon rural areas and scattered contrary to the earlier western drift.


If you have a particular interest in any one of the counties mentioned, the Editor is glad to share --- but be patient for a reply. And a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) always, please.


Order of Family Patriarchs - Revised


The German PFAUTZ surname and its variations in the United States were initiated by a number of immigrant ancestors---from Wurtemburg, Baden, and Rhenish Prussia. The list continues to grow as research discovers more Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz without previously identified roots. Since the last Newsletter, three more immigrant ancestors have been identified and two more are in a Fouts/Fout (Pfautz/Fauth) sort-out. Within the Newsletter, the alphabetic code is used to indicate the family line, viz., (A) = a descendant of Hans Michael Pfautz, Sr.. of Lancaster Co., Pa., immigrant of 1727, etc.




A - HANS MCHAEL PFAURZ, of Lancaster Co., Pa., immigrant of 1727.

B - JACOB PFAUTZ, of York Co., Pa., immigrant before 1730.

C - THEOBALD PFAUTZ (DAVID FOUTS, Sr.), of Randolph Co., N.C., immigrant of 1738.

D - JOHN DAVID PFAUTZ, of Washington Co., Md. (issue of first wife); of Rowan (now Davidson) Co., N.C. (issue of second wife); immigrant of 1749.

E - CONRAD FOUTZ, of Franklin Co., Pa., immigrant of 1752.

F - JOHN JACOB PFAURZ, of Philadelphia, Pa., immigrant of 1773.

G - MICHAEL PFOUTS, Sr., of Harrison Co., Ohio, immigrant of 1787.

H - JOHN FOUTS, of Morgan Co., Ohio, immigrant of 1820.

I - ADAM FOUTZ, of Adams Co., Pa., immigrant of 1839.

J - JACOB FOUTZ, of Baltimore, Md. , immigrant of 1849.

K - LEWIS FOUTZ, of Montgomery Co., Ohio, immigrant of-1850.

L - ADAM FOURZ, of Dearborn Co., Indiana, immigrant of 1854.

M - WILLIAM FAMZ, of San Francisco, Calif., immigrant of 1855.

N - GOTTLIEB PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa., immigrant of 1857.

O·- WILLIAM FAURZ, of Norfolk, Va., immigrant of 1866.


In addition to these Patriarchs, there have been two childless PFAUTZ immigrants and two female FAUTZ/PFOUTS recorded. Also, certain FOUTS lines in the United States are known to have originated with Tobias FOUT (Fauth), of Allegheny Co., Md.; Isaac FOUCH, of Morgan Co., Ohio; and Peter FOUGHT (Focht/Vogt), of Richland Co., Ohio. Additional immigrant lines and name-shift identifications are anticipated as research comes forward into 20th Century records,


Four Daughters, One Enigma Found In LaPorte Co., Indiana, Records


Fouts were among the pioneer settlers in Southern and Central Indiana, but few of them were interested in Northern Indiana --- and those that went did not stay. Noah Fouts, son of Frederick, of Montgomery Co., Ohio, tried St. Joseph County, on the Michigan border, in the 1830s, soon moved south to Clinton County. Otherwise, only Nathan Fouts, son of Levi , of Montgomery Co. , Indiana , was a previously documented Northern Indiana settler, being enumerated in LaPorte County, adjacent to St. Joseph, Michigan, and Lake Michigan, in the Census of 1850.

Nathan was a loose-end, so the Editor on a recent field trip to various Illinois counties dropped off at St. Joseph (South Bend) and LaPorte (LaPorte) counties and delved into courthouse records. He found much that he had not expected in both counties, but St. Joseph will be saved for the next Newsletter.

As all genealogical searchers know, because of their low profile in public record and assumption of husbands' surnames, daughters were easily lost into a non-identifiable limbo prior to the Census of 1850 --- when each individual had to be enumerated and separately described. If father did not leave a will or failed to mention his daughters therein if he did make a will (a common occurrence in North Carolina where daughters did not inherit equally with sons prior to the 1820s), then the daughter only appeared in records by her husband's surname, she was easily lost to her own family --- unless genealogical data was left behind.

Nathan Fouts left tracks in LaPorte County, but he was preceded by four ' Fouts females --- all previously unreported and all prior to 1850. Look at these and decide who the Fouts females were. Then, I'll tell you about Nathan and some of the later Foutz.




Date of Marriage Principals Book/Page

2 Jun 1836 Cynthia FOUTS and Newton WRIGHT A:87

19 Apr 1838 Gincy C. FOUTS and David CAMPBELL A:163

14 Mar 1841 Charlotte E. FOUTS and Vickers PRESTON A:302

3 Oct 1843 Nancy FOUTS and George HALL A:477

12 Mar 1853 Nathan FOUTS and Mary ASHER C:210

2 Feb 1860 Jemima FOUT and Augustus BLOCK D:576

6 Jan 1916 Joseph FOUTZ and Elizabeth SMITH U:502

20 Sep 1916 Charlotte FOUTZ and Walter G. STONE V:139

23 Dec 1916 Earl FOUTS and Marie MULL V:199

7 Jun 1921 Ora FOUTZ and Earl C. WILSON X:288

8 Jul 1923 Charles C. FOUTZ and Mary ESTABROOK Y:340


Okay, who were the first four female Fouts? The Wright marriage is indicative---and the non-German surnames involved in all four marriages point also. However, there were two Fouts who intermarried into the Wrights in North Carolina and who were associated with that family in Indiana and western migrations --- namely Noah Fouts, son of Andrew (B), of Putnam Co., Indiana, and Daniel Fouts, son of Andrew (C), represented by his son Noah. The fact that Noah Fouts, son of Frederick (B), of Montgomery Co., Ohio, muddled in and out of the area also is just another variation of the PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ genealogical syndrome-. "If there was any possible way to confound or confuse the family genealogy, our various ancestors did not let the opportunity pass.--


Time ran out before land records could be searched, but the deeds were searched on the return trip from Illinois. The females are most likely the daughters of Noah Fouts, son of Daniel, because of the following items:


Deeds 1:640 - 29 Mar 1839 - Judah Leaming, wife Rosanna, to Eri W. Fouts, all of LaPorte Co., for $250, west part, N½, NE¼, Sec 30, T38N, R2W, of Public Lands sold at LaPorte Land Office... /s/ Judah Leaming, Rosanna Leaming. Wit; J. W. Foster, John Johnson. [This deed is indexed as "Eunice W. Fouts" in both Grantee-Grantor listings.]


Deeds M:81 - 25 Dec 1840 - Erie W. Fouts to Hannah Wright, both of LaPorte Co., for $300, west part, N½, NE¼, Sec 30, T38N, R2W, of Public Lands sold at LaPorte Land Office... /s/ Erie W. Fouts. Wit: Fannie A. Fouts.


Eri W. Fouts was the eldest son of Noah Fouts, son of Daniel (C), and apparently went West shortly after selling out. On 9 Apr 1843, he married Philetha Leaming in Jefferson Co., Iowa Territory. In the Census of 1850, Noah Fouts, of Daniel, was enumerated in Fort Des Moines Twp., Polk Co., Iowa, with son William and daughter Mary still at home, with sons Eri W. and Zimri and their families living adjacent. Noah was blind. After he sold out in Union Co., Indiana, in the early 1830s, he apparently never again took title to land in his own name. Presuming those four Fouts females were Noah's daughters, we have doubled the size of his known family. But who was Fannie A. Fouts?


The other part of the LaPorte County findings is a case in point: How good is/was the family data given in marriage records after statutes were passed requiring personal and family data under oath by marriage license applicants?


Joseph Foutz, above, reported that he was the son of Charles C. Foutz, who was born in Indiana and was the superintendent of the LaPorte Electric Company, and of Mary Munson, who was also born in Indiana.


Charlotte E. Foutz, above, reported that she was the daughter of Charles C. Foutz, who was born in Gilboa [Putnam Co.], Ohio, and was a superintendent, and Etta Munson, who was born in Ohio.


Ora Foutz, above, reported that she was the daughter of C. C. Foutz, who was born in Cedarville [Greene Co.], Ohio, and was an electrical engineer, and of Mary L. Munson, who was born in Bucyrus, Ohio.


Charles C. Foutz, above, was the father of the previous three. Now widowed, he was remarrying. He reported that he was born 15 Jun 1851 in Ohio, that he was a merchant, that he was the son of Lewis Foutz, a native of Prussia, whose occupation and whereabouts were totally unknown to him. His mother's maiden name was Frances Van Horn, also born Ohio, and she was deceased.


In the Ohio Census of 1860, a Lewis Foutz, born Germany, was enumerated in a boarding house in Germantown, Montgomery Co., Ohio. His occupation was that of a waiter. In the Census of 1850, Greene Co., Ohio, is a childless Fouts couple. In the Census of 1860, Putnam Co.,' Ohio, is a Fouts female and Fouts male child. The facts fit the dates and geography --- but there are discrepancies in names and ages to resolve. But at least the data is clustering.


As to Nathan Fouts? The records establish that his wife's name was Asher --- and not Meadows as given in Waymire and LDS records. Nathan did remarkably well in acquiring valuable land in his short life, left his wife wealthy when he died in 1856. He had no sons, for no Fouts ever conveyed the lands, or portion thereof, that were in his estate. But he may have had a daughter or daughters --- but no guardians were appointed in LaPorte County. The only Fouts guardianship in LaPorte County involved John W. Fouts and his brother Thomas F. Fouts, sons of William Davenport Fouts, Jr., Methodist minister-merchant-cavalry captain who was killed by the Sioux Indians in 1865. But that's a part of the St. Joseph story.



Pension and Bounty Land Records Provide Early Family Data


As a matter of national policy, the United States did not encourage a standing Army of an appreciable size, relative to the population, until after World War II, In times of war and national emergency, the various states were expected to supply the required manpower from their militias. Afterwards, the Federal Government by bounty land bonuses and disability or old age pensions recognized the federalized state militia service. Hence, of the records that follow, no claim is made for completeness. If a Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz served, but neither he, his wife, nor his children ever made claims, the record of service may still be totally within a dusty state military archive or locked away on a payroll or a payroll receipt roll of U.S. Army Paymaster Department in the National Archives.


But the following served and they, or their widows, applied for benefits:



WAR OF 1812

JACOB FOUTZ (E), Pvt., Capt. Jeremiah H. Neills Co. of Infantry, 7th Regt. Virginia Militia 4 Aug 1814-4 Feb 1815. On 5 Jun 1878, Hettie (Harriet Spickard) Fouts, widow of Jacob, applied for a pension. She alleged that Jacob was born 11 Jan 1790, was drafted into the Militia in Bedford Co., Va., that she was married to him in Botetourt Co., Va., 18 Dec 1824 by Joel Crumpacker [a Dunker minister], and that he died in Botetourt Co. on 22 Apr 1836. She had received 80 acres of bounty land under the Act of Congress of 28 Sep 1850 and additional bounty land under the Act for Benefit of Widows of 3 Mar 1855. [This is the only War of 1812 Pension-Bounty Land File in the Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz, etc., name. There are several in the Fout (Fauth) name --- both of which are in the Pfautz, etc., files.]




WILLIAM FOUTS (C), Pvt., Capt. Truit's Independent Co., North Carolina Mounted Militia, Cherokee War. 12 Aug 1892, William Fouts appeared before the Clerk of the Superior Court of Gilmer Co., Ga., and testified under oath that he was 72-years-old, was a resident of Gilmer Co.; that he was married on 10 Mar 1839 to Adaline J. Wild at Burning Town Church Macon Co., N.C.; that he was in the military service of the United States for eleven months in 1837-38, that he "aided and assisted in taking up the Cherokee Indians and carrying them to Fort Lindsey" and that all of his service was "in the Cherokee Nation of Western North Carolina." In 1852, William Fouts received a bounty warrant for 160 acres as a service bonus. He was granted a pension on 28 Feb 1893. He was still collecting a pension seventy-five years ago --- when the statutory bar against disclosure of personal data in the National Archives prevailed.


JOHN P. FOUTS (C), Pvt., Capt. Ankeney's Co., lst Regt., Oregon Mounted Volunteers, Yakima Indian War of 1855-56. On 30 Jun 1902, John P. Fouts appeared before a Notary Public of Multnomah Co., Oregon, and stated under oath that he was 63-years-old, a resident of Carlton, Yamhill Co., Oregon; that he enlisted at Portland, Oregon, on 26 Jan 1856 for three months; that he was 16-years-old on entering the Service, that he was a farmer by occupation, was born in Boliver, Polk Co., Mo.; that he was married on 1 Dec 1859 to Eliza Francis Sappington; and that she was his present wife. On 2 Aug 1902, John P. Fouts provided the Pension Bureau was a list of his seven living children and their birth dates. He died on 3 Jun 1912, No claim for a widow's pension was filed.


JOSEPH LEHT FOUTZ, (E), 2nd Lt., Capt. Jonathan S. Page's Co., Utah Militia ,Cavalry, Utah Blackhawk War (otherwise "suppression of Indian hostilities in Sanpete and Sevier Counties"). On 23 Sep 1919 and again on 6 Jan 1928, Emma E.. Foutz, widow of Joseph Lehi Foutz, filed for a widow's pension based on her husband's Indian War service. She alleged that her husband had enlisted on 3 Jul 1866 at Pleasant Grove, Utah, and was discharged on 25 Aug 1866; that he had died on 19 Mar 1907 at Kirtland, New Mexico. In her 1919 application, she stated that her maiden name was Emma E. Crossland and that she had been married to Joseph Lehi Foutz on 26 Dec 1868 at Salt Lake City by Heber C. Kimball. She also stated chat her husband's first wife was Amanda Childs, married to the soldier on 24 Feb 1857, and who died 8 Feb 1917 at Richfield, Utah. Although Joseph L. Foutz' service was found personable in 1928 and no other widows filed for a pension, the Bureau of Pensions denied Emma E. Foutz' petition, essentially because she was a polygamous wife.







DANIEL L. FOUTS (C), 2nd Lt., Co. I, 3rd Indiana Infantry. On 3 Dec 1887, Daniel Lambert Fouts was granted a pension for Mexican War service from 22 Jun 1846 to 27 Jun 1847, including participation in the Battle of Buena Vista. On 9 Jun 1893, Maria Fouts, widow of Daniel L, Fouts, filed for a pension, alleging that she had married the soldier on 14 Dec 1856 in San Francisco, Calif., that he had died on 4 June 1893, that her maiden name was Maria Gross, that she was born 19 Sep 1829 at Wiesbaden, Germany. (Daniel L. Fouts was born 28 Jul 1823, Clark Co., Indiana,) No death date for widow is indicated in file available. On 21 Oct 1850, in Washington, D.C., where he was a clerk in the U.S. Senate, Daniel L, Fouts applied for and obtained a bounty land warrant for 160 acres based on his Mexican War service.


CORNELIUS FOUTS. alias NEAL FOUTS, alias CORNELIUS FOX (E), Pvt., Capt., Shepard's Co. A, Col. Easton's Bn., Missouri Infantry. On 12 Dec 1885, Neal Fouts, of Frankford, Pike Co., Mo., applied for a Mexican War pension. He alleged that he had enlisted in April, 1848, at St. Louis, Mo., and was discharged as "Neal Fox" in October, 1848, that his service had consisted of garrison duty at Ft. Leavenworth and Santa Fe, New Mexico, after which he was marched back to Missouri and discharged at Independence. An illiterate, Fouts had enlisted under the name of "Cornelius Fox" and made his mark to that and "Neal Fox". It was apparently a matter of his own pronunciation of his surname, for the Fouts spelling does not appear in Census enumeration’s until 1870. After his death on 30 Mar 1892 in Pike Co., Mo., his widow applied for a pension, alleging that she and the soldier were married 10 Jan 1850 at Hannibal, Mo., that her maiden name was Sarah F. Triplett, that she was born on 10 Jan 1829 at Columbia, Illinois. The petition for a widow's pension was disallowed due to some irregularity in the documentation of marriage. (Who knows what name the marriage license, was in?). On 24 Apr 1849, a bounty land warrant for 160 acres was issued to Cornelius Fox for the service that Neal Fouts performed. [Cornelius Fouts was born 10 Apr 1827 in Dayton, Ohio, and was a son of Conrad Foutz, Jr.]


These are the only Nineteenth Century pension and bounty land files found in the National Archives that were not related to the Civil War, Bounty land warrants ended with Mexican War service. You never know what you will find in the files---because there were no copying means available other than hand copying (an expensive process requiring a legal certification as to accuracy), some people tore pages out of family bibles, sent in letters, that were sent to them by soldiers during their wars and campaigns, or sent in original documents. For example, the Editor found his gg-grandfather's certificate for service in the Black Hawk Indian War (1833-34) in the ancestor's War of 1812 Bounty Land file. In 1852, when a second land bounty was given 1812 veterans, the guardian of the gg-grandfather’s, two youngest sons tried to increase the acreage bounty with the Indian War service. The plot did not succeed---but an important Davenport family document was preserved. Besides, anyone who knows the history of Indiana in the Black Hawk War should be embarrassed --- not rewarded


We'll have a break in the military --- while I tell you about the most colorful Pfouts yet found. And that goes for the Pfautz, Fouts, Foutz, etc.


Father was a Hard Act to Follow, but He Did It


Paris Swayzee Pfouts Sidestepped the Civil War Into Western Fame


In the Editor's collection of Pfautz, etc., data over the years, he has encountered few members of the family of more than regional reputation. Some of the kinfolk have likely sat in state legislatures, but they have not yet been identified. In fact, until Dan started throwing the football, and Ken started to direct major league baseball telecasts on the network, there were no popular, national Fouts reputations.


One man, back in the 1840s was on his way, but was cut down in the prime of life. George Pfouts, Jr., of Mt. Eaton, Wayne Co., Ohio --- he also made waves in adjoining Stark, Holmes, and Tuscarawas counties, is the only member of the family for whom a county historian felt a gratuitous eulogy was demanded. You just know, from reading the following comments, that the Pfouts Family did not pay for it:






From: Ben Douglas, History of Wayne County, Ohio (Indianapolis: Robert Douglas, Publisher, 1878), p. 51




One of the most singular men that ever graced Mt. Eaton was Mr. George Pfouts, who got up a political music band in 1840. He was upbraided for his unwarrantable pretensions to piety, when he asserted it was nothing for him, as he had once been a Brigade inspector, a Representative, a Master Mason, an anti-Mason, a temperance and an anti-temperance man, an advocate of universal as well as partial salvation, a persecuted Christian and an abused infidel, a thrice-broken merchant, sometimes an honest man and sometimes a rascal, and that when he was a lawyer he played aristocrat and democrat a different times. He preferred, like Caesar, to be the first man in the village than the second in the empire; hence wanted Mt. Eaton incorporated, so he could be its Mayor. He was an ambitious fellow, a phrenological puzzle, and withal a clever fellow of high talents and varied learning. He quit Mt. Eaton in disgust in 1853, went to Missouri, and died there.


Considering that George Pfouts [Jr.] (A) quit Ohio in late 1843 and died in late July, 1845, in Holt Co., Mo., and the comments above were written in 1878, he had cut a wide swath. George was the son of George Pfouts, son of "Baron" John Pfoutz, of Pfoutz Valley in the fork of the Susquehanna and Juniata, Pa. George, Sr., left Pfoutz Valley to take up lands in the new State of Ohio in 1804. His four sons divided on whether to be frontiers men with their father --- so George, Sr., gave Simeon and David their inheritances in 1810 while he and younger sons George, Jr., and Reuben proceeded to pioneer East Central Ohio. Simeon returned to Pennsylvania, where he ultimately had his own Pfoutz Valley In Clinton County. David drifted south to Augusta Co., Virginia, where he was a miller.


George Pfouts, Sr.. died in Mt. Eaton in 1832. Both George, Jr., and Reuben were millers --- George in Stark, Tuscarawas, and Wayne, Reuben in Holmes --- both in what is known as the "Sugar Creek area" where the four counties come together. According to the land records, there were few towns platted in the area in which George Pfouts, Jr., did not own key Main Street lots. And as for that political band in 1840, it must have been successful, for George was postmaster of Mt. Eaton in 1841-42.


What George Pfouts' motivations were in pulling up stakes in Ohio and moving to the raw frontier of Northwest Missouri in 1843 are difficult to ascertain, but his daughter Helen married James Craig, a young attorney from Washington Co., Pa., on 22 Aug 1843--and Craig was definitely destined for frontier leadership.


By 1846 and the beginning of the Mexican War, George was dead. James Craig was a Captain of Missouri Mounted Infantry, commanding Ft. Kearney. By the Census of 1850, George Pfouts' family was completely within the household of James Craig, soon to become a railroad president and, later, a Brigadier General of U.S. Volunteers, commanding the Department of the Platte of the Union Army. He served two terms in Congress along the way.


Where George obtained the name of Paris Swayzee for his eldest son defies speculation, but P. S. lived up to it. He's one of the three Fouts-Pfouts enumerated in the gold camps of California in the Census of 1850. [The other two are Pleasant Fouts (C), b. N.C., and William Fouts (B), b. Ohio.] By 1860, P. S. was back in Missouri, as editor of the St. Joseph Gazette which he co-published with his father-in-law, J. H. R. Cundiff, late of Virginia. [There are several Cundiff-Foutz marriages in Bedford Co., Va., prior to 1830.]


The editorial posture and news bias of the St. Joseph Gazette, Buchanan County, Mo., history records, were so flagrantly pro-Southern that at the outset of Civil War hosti1ities , it behooved its owners to flee. J. H. R. Cundiff promptly put himself at the head of a Missouri Confederate regiment.


Considering that his brother-in-law, Brig. General James Craig, was commanding the Union forces of the Dept. of the Platte, and his father-in-law, Colonel J. H. R. Cundiff, C.S.A.. was actively engaged in subverting the Union in Missouri, what do you suppose Paris S. Pfouts did during the Civil War?


He was no fool! He stayed out of it --- went West, first to Denver, then to Montana, and became famous as a Vigilante and a Mason. Here's one report:


From: "Rugged Men Forged Early History of Freemasonry in Montana,” Royal Arch Mason, (Winter 1972-73), X:l2, 359.




Paris S. Pfouts was the first president of the Vigilantes, first mayor of Virginia City and past master of three lodges. He came to Virginia City from Denver in September 1863 with a distinguished Masonic record. He was raised in St. Joseph (Mo.) Lodges No. 78 and served twice as its master in 1859 and 1860. In St. Joseph he was the co-owner and publisher of the St. Joseph Gazette.. [Details of considerable organizational activity in all branches of Masonry in Northwest Missouri.]


Entering the merchandising business in Denver in 1861, he attended the first meeting of a Masonic lodge held in that city after his arrival. As a result he was elected first master of the Denver City Lodge, U.D., and was installed before his term as master of the St. Joseph lodge had expired. [He had left St. Joseph in a big hurry.] ....


Before leaving Denver suddenly in 1863, for Montana, Pfouts had been elected to a second term as master of the Denver lodge and had organized a Royal Arch chapter and been named its high priest. In Virginia City, Montana, a wide-open, wild, truly lawless mining town, Pfouts quickly organized the Vigilantes and became their president [a few were lynched, read Montana history], was elected Mayor of Virginia City, was active in all Montana Masonic bodies, and organized a Knights Templar commandery at Virginia City. With the end of the Civil War, Pfouts left Montana in 1866 for St. Louis, Missouri, where he entered into a partnership in the merchandising field, and later, according to legend, settled with a son in Dallas, Texas, where he died.


In 1868, Pfouts wrote an autobiography, Four Firsts for a Modest Hero, which the Grand Lodge of Montana published 100 years later. If anyone has a copy, the Editor would appreciate the opportunity to read it. If anyone has come across P. S. Pfouts in Census or history after 1868, the Editor would appreciate the data found.


After the Civil War , J. H. R. Cundiff returned to St. Joseph and resumed publishing The Gazette. There is no further mention of his son-in-law in Buchanan Co., Mo., history --- although there are pages concerning James Craig, whose biographical data seemingly mentions all of the Pfouts except for P. S. and his brother William. William had a similiar Civil War career to P. S., but did not return to Missouri.


Considering the danger inherent in leading a group of Vigilantes in the Montana gold fields in 1863-65, Paris S. Pfouts' sitting out the Civil War had to be a classic case of "prudence being the better part of valor" and not a question of cowardice.














Some Marriage Records of Possible Interest

Here are some surname marriages of possible interest:


County Marriage Date Principals Book/Page

Athens Co., O. 29 Jun 1845 George W. FOUTS-Eliza J. BEYER B3: 94

Athens C6., O. 01 Jul 1847 Simeon FOUTS-Catherine NEFF B3:150

Athens Co., O. 17 May 1880 Arabella FOUTS-James C. KARTIN 6:542

Athens Co., O. 01 Jan 1881 Mary FOUTS-Millard F. RUSSELL 7:110

Belmont Co., O. 12 Sep 1896 William H. FOUTS-Amanda I. VANMETER 16:254

Carroll Co., O. 22 Feb 1838 George FOUTS-Eleanor HEMMING A:108

Carroll Co., O. 10 Jun 1858 Richard H. FOUTS-Ann ARBUCKLE B:261

Carroll Co., O. 07 Jan 1869 John S. FOUTS-Mary DAVIS C:76

Carroll Co., O. 20 May 1869 Lemuel FOUTS-Sarah J. McGEE C:92

Carroll Co., O. 25 Jun 1874 Van B. FOUTS-Lizzie STEMPLE D:147

Carroll Co., O. 02 Mar 1880 Charles D. FOUTS-Hannah ROBY D:180

Geauga Co., O. 15 Feb 1833 Michael PFOUTZ-Anne QUIGGLE B:245

Guernsey Co., O. 06 Oct 1882 Elizabeth FOUTS-Levi SICKS 3:267

Guernsey Co., O. 05 Apr 1883 Charles E. FOUTS-Louiza J. LINN 3:315

Holmes Co., O. 19 Feb 1843 David PFOUTZ-Mary FREED 2:367

Holmes Co., O. 05 Feb 1846 Mary PFAUTZ-Thonias DOWELL 2:273

Holmes Co., O. 31 Aug 1848 Catherine PFOUTZ-Samuel BIEDLER 2:367

Jefferson Co., O. 03 Apr 1804 Rebecca PFAUTZ-Abraham SHANE 1:21

Jefferson Co., O. 12 Oct 1809 Sarah PFAUTZ-Levi EDGINGTON 1:157

Meigs Co., O. 26 Oct 1849 Arsenath FOUTS-William B. VOORHEES 1:380

Meigs Co., O. 15 Nov 1849 Andrew A. FOUTS-Maria E. GARDNER 1:384

Meigs Co., O. 22 Sep 1850 Maria E. FOUTS-G. W. COOK 1:380

Meigs Co., O. 24 Oct 1860 Mary J. FOUTS-Lafayette BARTON 2:380

Richland Co., O. 10 Nov 1842 Jacob FOUTS-Isabella McKIBBAN 4:116

Richland Co., O. 02 Dec 1844 Catherine FOUTS-Daniel FILLOON 5:1

Richland Co., O. 28 Sep 1846 Dr. Jesse FOUTS-Ruth Ann HAZELET 5:31

Richland Co., O. 05 Sep 1850 Reuben FOUTS-Leavina LOSH 5:212

Stark Co., O. 15 Jan 1835 George PFOUTS-Catherine AGER A:296

Stark Co., O. 03 Nov 1853 Daniel B. PFOUTZ-Elizabeth REAMSNYBER C:65

Stark Co., O. 06 Apr 1854 Reuben PFOUTS-Christena GRANT C:93

Stark Co., O. 31 Oct 1856 William PFOUTZ-Sarah GREEN C:173

Summit Co., O. (lst) 07 Oct 1872 Jacob A. PFAUTZ-Kate M. BROWNING 5:212

Summit Co., O. 11 Oct 1872 Elizabeth PFAUTZ-John Z. MOHLER 2:217

Summit Co., O. 11 Mar 1897 Amos PFAUTZ-Etta MILLER 13:554

Tuscarawas Co., O. 13 May 1823 Michael PFOUTZ-Mary,-HEASTAND A:70

Tuscarawas Co., O. 25 Dec 1869 Martha PFOUTS-Oliver DAVIS B6:397

Washington Co., O. 18 Sep 1818 Andrew FOUTS-Polly GREEN 1:104

Washington Co., O. 26 Feb 1824 Lemen FOUTS-Elizabeth JENNINGS 1:132

Washington Co., O. 25 Apr 1824 Caleb W. FOUTS-Mariah H. JETT 1:133

Washington Co., O. 11 Jun 1841 William FOUTS-Electra STULL 2:14

Washington Co., O. 26 Feb 1846 John Wesley FOUTS-Elizabeth A. GRUBB -------

Wayne Co., O. 02 Jun 1826 John FOUTS-Eleanor DAVIS 2:91




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Edited by:

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Meeting at Farmington, New Mexico, on Wednesday, October 7, the Board of Directors of The Jacob Foutz Family Association, Inc., elected Dean R. Foutz, of Honolulu, president. Larry Allen, president since May, 1978, was elected chairman of the board.

Dean R. Foutz, general agent for Connecticut Mutual insurance Company in Hawaii, was the prime mover in the Conrad Foutz genealogical research project, initiated in July 1977, subsequently broadened the research effort to include all PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ, etc.. In 1980, he undertook the establishment of this Newsletter, which he and Dr. Davenport jointly underwrote until The Jacob Foutz Family Association, Inc., agreed to fund the publication. Since then, Foutz has served as publisher of the Newsletter, has computerized and integrated the JFFA membership list and Dr. Davenport's Fouts Folk list.

Aiding Dean will be Joy Noel, lst vice-president; Bruce Beckstead, 2nd vice-president; William A. Pope, treasurer; Helen Stradling, secretary. Assisting Larry as directors will be Monroe Foutz, Dewey Foutz, R. B. Foutz, Ed Foutz, Val Jolley, DeVere Walker, and Betty N. Payne. With the exception of Dean, all of the officers and directors are residents of northwest New Mexico.

The first action of the new directors was to suggest to subscribers to the JFFA that an annual donation of $25.00 be considered beginning in 1982. JFFA subscribers, in most part, are descendants of Jacob Foutz, 1800 - 1848, who was a pioneer bishop of the Mormon church in Nauvoo, Illinois, and Salt Lake Valley, Utah. Anyone interested in helping support the broad PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ genealogical research and Newsletter is welcome to participate. Checks should be made payable to "Jacob Foutz Family Assn., Inc." and mailed to Dean Foutz at Honolulu. Newsletter distribution is not conditioned upon donation to JFFA. Further, the Newsletter will not be a primary vehicle for the solicitation of funds. News and notices of PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ family associations will be published. The next issue of the Newsletter will be in January, 1982 --- items should be received by the Editor by December 31, 1981.







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Dr. Davenport Forsakes Academe, Starts Business

Finding himself too old for industry and too cantankerous for the academic life, Dr. Davenport, in association with Dean R. Foutz and Willard Heiss, the renown Quaker genealogist, has founded Family Records, Inc., an Ohio corporation, at Rootstown, Ohio. Family Search, Inc., of Indianapolis, and Family Publications, Inc., of Honolulu, will be subsidiaries of the Rootstown company.


Family Records, Inc., will advertise its product and services in national magazines (the ad to left will appear in the November issue of The Elks Magazine) and will be engaged in promoting current family record keeping, history writing, and memorabilia collection. It will not be engaged in genealogical research. Willard Heiss, C.G., A.G., F.A.A.C., F.N.G.S., one of America's most respected genealogists, will attend to genealogical matters and consolation at Indianapolis. Dean Foutz will expand his role as Newsletter publisher and intended publisher of the PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ genealogies to include others.




Descendants of Jacob Pfoutz (B) Held Up by Need for 20th Century Data


On schedule, the compilation of the descendants of Jacob Pfautz (B), Immigrant before 1730, reached its goal of being blocked out by October 1, 1981, Following the patrynimic declination design, that is to say --- only male FOUTS (PFAUTZ) lines were extended; families of daughters were fully described but not extended, succeeding generations were either of the line of Michael Fouts, cl722 - cl8O3, of Randolph Co., N.C., or of Andrew Fouts, 1736 - 1808, of Brooke Co., (West) Va. Ludwig Pfautz, Jacob's son baptized by Lutheran minister John Caspar Stover in 1730 at Skippach, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., Pa., apparently died young,


Michael Fouts apparently married early (in early 20s --- young by German standards) while Andrew Fouts married late (at 36, unless there was an earlier, undocumented marriage --- a tad on the long side, even by German standards). Both had large families, but only three of Michael’s five sons --- John, Andrew, and Jacob --- lived to marry and continue the family line. Andrew had nine sons, eight of whom --- David, Lemen, Andrew, Allen, Jacob II, William, Absalom, and Sebastian---continued the line. Jacob I died in childhood. Michael's first son John was born in 1747, Andrew's eldest David was born in 1773---the generation spread became even more elongated with the passing of two centuries,


In the sixth generation of Andrew's line, including the patriarch Jacob Pfautz, there are veterans of the Spanish-American War, World Wars I and II --- the youngest member of the generation was born in 1929, Spanish-American War veterans are not encountered in Michael's line until the Seventh Generation; World War I servicemen are sprinkled through the Seventh and Eighth generations, World War II veterans likewise in the Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Generations.


In respect for the privacy of the living, declination of descendants will be brought no further than 1930, except where the detail is provided and released for publication. This policy will be followed in all subsequent PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ genealogies. Accordingly, the extension of Jacob Pfautz's descendants will be limited to a full Seven Generation and partial Eight Generation extension for the descendants of Michael Fouts, cl722 - cl8o3, and to Six Generations, complete, of the descendants of Andrew Fouts, 1736 - 1808.


The major project of the Jacob Pfautz group during the coming months will be in filling in the missing families in the Sixth and Seventh Generations, most of whom appear to be in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and or Nebraska. Any Fouts in any of those states of descent from Jacob Pfautz are invited to participate. Write the Editor (Dr. Davenport) at Box 981, Rootstown, Ohio 44272. If you do not know your Fouts ancestry, also write -- considering the size of the PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ files, we can probably tell you.


Descendants of Theobald PFAUTZ (David Fouts, Sr.), Immigrant of 1738, of Randolph Co., N.C., are advised that work has already begun on blocking out their patrynimic evolvement to present generations. The Editor will be writing a collective letter to the (C) FOUTS group shortly. Address all questions to the Editor at Rootstown.



GUTHRIE COUNTY: "DIED --- At the residence of his sister Mrs. W. C. Biggs, in Guthrie Center, Oct. 26, 1906, Isaac H. Foutz, aged eighty-five years, eleven months and fourteen days. The deceased was born near McConnelsville, Ohio, where he spent all of his life except the past eight or ten years which was [sic] spent here. He was the eldest of a family of ten children and the second one to die. In his younger years he was a school teacher and later a contractor and builder. He never married but devoted himself to the care of his mother who died at the age of 98 years. His funeral occurred Sunday afternoon from his late home conducted by Rev. Shipman. Two of his brothers aged 79 and 73, from Central City, Neb., were here for the funeral. He leaves two sisters residents of this place, Mrs. Biggs and Mrs. Borders."

The Guthrian, Guthrie Center, Iowa, 1 Nov 1906, p. 5. (Contributed by Mrs. Helen Squire)


POLK COUNTY: The "Jane" appearing in the Census of 1850, Polk Co., Iowa, in the family of Larkin Fouts, age 36, was Larkin's second wife, married shortly before the Census was taken. Her maiden name was Jane CAVE. She was the daughter of John Smith Cave and Eva Michel. Larkin Fouts, born Randolph Co., N.C., went on the Oregon Trail in 1852 with his first family and the beginning of his family by Jane. In 1860, they were settled in Umpaqua and Yamhill Cos., Oregon. (Cave data contributed by Mrs. Squire)


JEFFERSON COUNTY: Early Marriages---9 Apr 1843, Eri W. Fouts and Philetha Lemings


APPANOOSE COUNTY: Early Marriages ---8 Oct 1854, Moses Wright and Sarah Fouts;

20 May 1855, Charles Barker and Lucinthia Fouts.






Two developments within the past month have brought us to an unavoidable confrontation: (1) W. E, (Gene) Fouts, of Dallas, passed along the documented identification of Isabelle, widow of Thomas Dougan and wife of Jacob Fouts, a long standing enigma; and (2) Alfred W. Johnson, of Evansville, Indiana, has asked that we identify the relationships between the four male Fouts (three named Jacob) who married four female Dougans (mother and three daughters). We worked out the relationships several years back, but, frankly, were avoiding making the explanation. But with the Importance of Isabelle's identification (another Revolutionary certification for those DAR and SAR inclined), we propose to celebrate the occasion by trying to explain the DOUGAN-FOUTS connections.


As to Isabelle, she was the daughter of Edward Sharp, who was one of the Revolutionary War leaders of Randolph Co., North Carolina. The proof is in the following deed, recorded in Dyer Co., Tennessee: (Abstract)


March 5 1827 - Jacob Fouts, wife Eleanor; Lewis Fouts, wife Sarah, Jacob Fouts, wife Mary; William Montgomery, wife Jane; Thomas Dougan, and Edward Fouts, all of Clark County, Indiana, and Angus Fouts, of Scott Co., Indiana, to John Fearney, of Maury Co., Tennessee, and Andrew Smyth, of Laurance Co., Alabama, for- $1300, Quit Claim Deed, for all interests in 5000 acres on waters of North Fork of Forked Deer River in Dyer Co., Tennessee, being a Grant by the State of North Carolina to Edward Sharp, on 10 July 1788 (No. 59). Dyer Co., Tenn., Deeds, B:38.


The females identified as wives were all daughters of Isabelle Sharp Dougan; Thomas Dougan, Edward Fouts, and Angus Fouts were her sons, the latter two by second husband Jacob Fouts. Together, the group composes all of the known children of Isabelle, hence all of her heirs. The 5,000 acres concerned were a North Carolina Land Grant to Colonel Edward Sharp for his services to the State during the Revolution. Fearney and Smyth were first cousins, The children of Edward Sharp were Mary Sharp Fearney, Susanna Sharp Smyth, Isabelle Sharp Dougan, and Michael Sharp.


That will give all of you Dougan-Fouts another line to run down, but our concern at the moment is sorting out all of those Fouts---particularly the Jacobs. And there were not three Jacob Fouts involved, there were five!


First let's identify the Dougans:



THOMAS DOUGAN, 1745 - 1795, Lt. Col. of North Carolina Militia Cavalry during the Revolution, a dashing figure of legendary proportions, and his wife, ISABELLE SHARP, 1767 - 1804. Their children:


SARAH, 1784 - 1852, born Randolph Co., N.C., died Clark Co., Indiana.

MARY, 1788 - 1869, born Randolph Co., N.C., died Clark Co., Indiana.

JANE, cl789 - ? , born Randolph Co., N.C., died Clark Co., Indiana.

ELEANOR, 1790 - 1858, born Randolph Co., N.C., died Fulton Co., Illinois.

THOMAS, 1795 - 1853, born Randolph Co., N.C., posthumously to Father, died Clark Co., Indiana.


In 1800 - 01, the Widow Dougan married Jacob Fouts, 1775 - 1836, and by him had the following children:


ANGUS FOUTS, 1802 - 1851, born Randolph Co., N.C., died Scott Co., Indiana.

EDWARD FOUTS, 1804 - cl856, born Randolph Co., N.C., died Clark Co., Indiana


Isabelle apparently died from complications of Edward's birth. It will be noted that all of the above issue of Isabelle were on the Dyer Co., Tennessee, deed. Now, we shall sort out the Foutses. Prepare yourself, the water starts to get muddy.


First, we are dealing with two Fouts lines: (1) Michael, eldest son of Jacob Pfautz, Immigrant to America before 1730, and (2) David Fouts, Sr., who was Theobald Pfautz, Sr., Immigrant of 1738. (The German diminutive of Theobald was "Dewald" which pronounced with German inflection sounded like "David" to the English-tuned ear. Considering that there were also real Davids among the Germans, there was inherent identification chaos in that dimension.)


Michael Fouts and David Fouts, Sr., were cousins of some degree, settled Pipe Creek waters in Frederick (now Carroll) Co., Md., in the mid-1740s in concert, sold out and moved to Uwharrie waters, Rowan (now Randolph) Co., N.C., in 1762 - 63, and lived out the balance of their lives in close proximity to each other. Michael Fouts, who married Catherine Varner, was a convert to his wife's Mennonite persuasion. David, Sr., who married Catherine Spengel, was a convert to his wife's Dunker religion (or vice versa)


Michael’s role in the Dougan-Fouts connection is the most easily explained. His third son, Jacob Fouts, 1761 - 1835, married Eleanor Malinda Waymire, daughter of John Rudolph Waymire. Jacob of Michael was a Quaker, moved from Randolph Co., N.C., to Montgomery Co., Ohio, in 1801 - 02; then to Dearborn (now Wayne) Co., Indiana Territory, in 1806. [Jacob of Michael's eldest son William married Sarah Davenport, his second daughter Rebecca married Jesse Davenport, both in Randolph Co., N.C., in 1800---which partially explains your editor's involvement (his own Fouts connection comes through two generations of Hoovers)]. In 1810, Jacob Fouts, Jr., 1788 - 1874, second son, left the Fouts Settlement on the Ohio - Indiana border, journeyed to Clark County, Indiana Territory, and married Eleanor Dougan. He took her back to Wayne County --- where they farmed in the Fouts Settlement until 1819, when they moved to Clark County. In 1832, they moved to Fulton Co., Illinois (Buckheart Twp.).


David Fouts, Sr.'s third son was also named Jacob. This Jacob. cl747 - 1829, married Mary Waymire, daughter of John Rudolph Waymire. (Some of the worst Fouts genealogy has been done by well-meaning Waymire descendants). Jacob of David, like Jacob of Michael, named his second son Jacob. This last Jacob, 1782 - 1860, was also known as Jacob, Jr.. In October, 1806, Jacob Fouts, Jr., son of Jacob of David, Sr., married Mary Dougan. Shortly thereafter, in concert with Jacob of David, Sr., and all of his family, they moved to Clark County, Indiana Territory. While Jacob, Jr., lived out his days in Clark County, some of his daughters and their families settled in Fulton Co., Illinois. Jacob, Jr.'s elder brother David moved to Fulton County, Illinois, in 1832 with Jacob Fouts, Jr., of the Michael line. There were a number of intermarriages between the Michael and David, Sr., lines in Fulton County, which were further complicated, after 1851, by the presence of a large number of descendants of Conrad Foutz from Pennsylvania who shifted over to the Fouts spelling. But let's go back to North Carolina.


David Fouts, Sr.'s fourth son (of seven) was Andrew, who married Elizabeth Garren. There are some disagreements with this identification, but the weight of evidence found in Randolph Co., N.C., documents during the past ten years is conclusive. Andrew of David, Sr., died cl782, leaving four sons and two daughters --- in addition to his widow, who was the "Widow Fouts" and "Elizabeth Fouts" in Randolph records, 1782 - 1801. The second son of Andrew and Elizabeth Garren Fouts was Jacob Fouts. 1775 - 1836. In 1800 - 01, this Jacob Fouts married the Widow Isabelle Dougan and became the father of Angus and Edward. After being widowed for several years, and having sold out in Randolph County preparatory to moving to Clark County, Indiana Territory, Jacob of Andrew married Susannah Fouts, youngest daughter of Jacob Fouts, Sr., and Mary Waymire. She was his first cousin---if the identification is correct. [There's two schools of thought about this also.]


The non-Jacob among the Fouts who participated in the confusion was Lewis who married Sarah Dougan, Isabelle's daughter, in 1801, in Randolph County. Lewis was the third son of Andrew and Elizabeth, was the brother of his step-father-in-law at the time. Lewis, 1778 - 1864, moved to Clark County, Indiana Territory, in 1807 also. His son, Thomas Dougan Fouts, 1825 - 1907, commanded an Indiana Regiment during the Civil War---was the Fouts holding the highest rank (Lt. Col.) in the Rebellion, Union or Confederacy.


Okay, you have all the pieces. The five Jacob Fouts enumerated in Indiana in the Census of 1820 were:


Jacob Fouts, Sr. (of Michael), wife Eleanor Malinda Waymire, in Wayne County.

Jacob Fouts, Sr. (of David, Sr.), wife Mary Waymire, in Clark County.

Jacob Fouts, Jr. (of Jacob of Michael), wife Eleanor Dougan, in Clark County.

Jacob Fouts, Jr. (of Jacob of David, Sr.), wife Mary Dougan, in Clark County.

Jacob Fouts, (of Andrew of David, Sr.), wife Susannah Fouts (of Jacob of David, Sr.), widower of Isabelle Sharp Dougan, mother of Eleanor, Mary, and Sarah Dougan, in Clark County.


Others of note in close proximity (1820):


Lewis Fouts (of Andrew of David, Sr.), wife Sarah Dougan, daughter of Isabelle.

Thomas Dougan, Jr. (of Thomas, Sr.), wife Sarah Ann Roe, married 1819.

William Montgomery, wife Jane Dougan, daughter of Isabelle, married 1810.

All enumerated in Clark County.


What the family relationships were among this group is a matter for others to ponder. The editor pleads more pressing matters elsewhere. Henry Hoover, whose mother was a Waymire, whose Grandmother Hoover was a Fouts, called all the elders "Uncle" or "Aunt," called all the younger ones "Cousin." One of his successes as a politician. Of course, one way or another he was related to half the people in Indiana. On the one visit to the Dougan-Fouts of Clark County he recorded, he wisely refused to sort them out.


Remember, Alfred W. Johnson, of Evansville, Indiana, you asked for it!





FAMILY MEMBERS IN Union Army from Pennsylvania

Mostly Used the "Pf" Spelling of Surname


Continuing our display of Civil War records and pension files in the National Archives, Washington, D,C., this month we list the Pennsylvanians:


ADAM FOUTZ, Pvt., lst Pa. Volunteer Reserves, also Pvt., Co. A, 190th Pa. Infantry, b. 1841, Gettysburg, Pa., enlisted Camp Wayne, Pa., 28 Jun 1861; mustered into Federal Service at Baltimore, Md., 28 Jul 1861; deserted while on the march from Lebanon to Frederick, 13 Sept 1862; arrested as Deserter, 30 Oct 1863; Court Martial, 1 Mar 1864, sentenced him to serve balance of enlistment plus all time missed, various fines, then to be dishonorably discharged transferred to 190th Pa. Infantry for said service; deserted for second time, 25 Sep 1864 near Petersburg, Va., but returned by Provost Marshall on 6 Oct 1864 as having been under arrest when listed as a deserter; discharged 1 June 1865. Never filed for a pension. (I)


CHRISTOPHER C. PFOUTZ, Pvt., Co. B, 1st Pa. Reserve Cavalry; b. 1843, Clinton Co., Pa., enlisted at Lock Haven, Pa., 1 Aug 1861; mustered into Federal Service at Washington, D.C., 27 Aug 1861; wounded at Battle of Cedar Mountain, 9 Aug 1862; re-enlisted as Veteran Volunteer at Warrenton, Va., 5 Feb 1864; taken prisoner near Nottaway River, Va., 22 Dec 1864; paroled at Richmond, Va., 15 Feb 1865; hospitalized until discharged at Harrisburg, Pa., 7 Aug 1865. Filed for pension in 1902, stating he had been born 6 Dec 1843 at First Forks of Sinnemahoning, Clinton Co., Pa., that he had never married and was currently a resident of Farrandsville; Pa. died 26 Nov 1921 at Lock Haven, Pa., leaving Miss Susan Pfoutz, sister as next of kin. (A)


FREDERICK S. PFOUTZ, Pvt., Co. L., 21st Pa. Cavalry; b. 1838, Franklin Co., Pa., enlisted at Chambersburg, Pa., 10 Feb 1865; mustered into Federal Service at Chambersburg, 13 Feb 1865; on recruit status until 8 Jul 1865 when unit was mustered-out at Lynchburg, Va.. Widow filed for pension on 27 Jan 1892, stating that she was Harriet E. Pike prior to her marriage to Frederick S. Pfoutz on 11 Feb 1864 at Chambersburg, Pa., that the decedent left two children under the age of sixteen: Lizzie J., b. 19 Jun 1876, and Freddie T., b. 22 Oct 1882, and that she was a resident of New Franklin, Franklin Co., Pa. Whether the widow was pensioned is not indicated by the file --- she had not been able to prove her marriage as of the end of the file. [Prior to 1881, there were no marriage licenses in Pennsylvania---and an affidavit by the officiator or by a witness was required by the Pension Bureau before a marriage would be recognized. It was surely an embarrassing situation, for Frederick S. Pfoutz was the village schoolmaster at the time of his death.] (A)


GEORGE M. PFOUTS, Pvt., Co. D, 7th Pa. Reserve Infantry, b. 1841, Clinton Co., Pa., enlisted at Lock Haven, Pa., 20 May 1861; mustered into Federal Service at Washington, D.C., 27 Jul 1861; missing in action, 5 May 1864, at the Battle of the Wilderness; later found to have been captured while wounded, confined at Florence, S.C., and Wilmington, N.C.; escaped from Wilmington prisoner camp on 22 Feb 1865; individually mustered-out on 26 Jun 1865 [enlistment of regiment was up on 16 Jun 1864] at Camp Parole, Annapolis, Md. Filed for pension in 1883. In 1915, he advised the Pension Bureau that his wife's name was Irma L. Wykoff, that they were married 26 Jan 1872 and that he had eight children, all surviving: Francis B., b. 9 Jul 1872; Julia H., b. 2 Jun 1878; Simeon S., b. 23 Jan 1881; Elizabeth, b. 23 Jan 1881 [marked "dead"]; Charles C., b. 2 May 1884; Donna E., b. 19 Aug 1887; Orva J., b. 1 Mar 1890; and Jesse M., b. 5 Jan 1892. His death certificate, 4 Nov 1932, attested that he had died in East Keating Twp., Clinton Co., Pa., that he was the son of Simeon Pfoutz and Irena L. ?, and that he was widowed. [George M. was the brother of Christopher C. Pfoutz, above.] (A)


GEORGE W. FOUTZ, Pvt., 20th Pa. Cavalry, b. 1843, Cecil Co., Md.; enlisted at Lancaster, Pa., 24 Mar 1864; turned down by Army physicians for muster into Federal Service because of varicose veins; returned to civilian life. No pensionable military service. (E)


HENRY PFAUTZ, Pvt., Co. H, 203rd Pa. Infantry, b. 1834, Lancaster Co., Pa., enlisted and mustered into Federal Service, 3 Sep 1864; mustered out on 22 June 1865 at Raleigh, N.C.. Filed for a pension in 1891 as a resident of Brunnerville, Lancaster Co., Pa.. In 1915, he advised the Pension Bureau that his first wife had been Sarah Kreiter, that they had been married in Lebanon Co., Pa., in 1856; that his second wife's maiden name was Mary Snavely and they had been married on 29 Kay 1894. His children, all by his first wife and all with the middle name of Kreiter, were: Elmira K., b. 15 Aug 1857; Fianna K., b. 8 Sep 1858 (dead); Isaac K., b. 26 Jan 1861 (dead); Henry K., b. 27 Feb 1864; Mary K., b. 27 Apr 1865 (dead); Sarah K., b. 7 May 1870; Abraham K., b. 3 Jan 1873 (dead); John K., b. 31 May 1874; Alice K., b. 23 Oct 1876; Annie K., b. 18 Dec 1877; and Samuel K., b. 27 Aug 1880. Henry Pfautz died in Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., 27 Apr 1920. His widow Mary died 4 Oct 1935. [With the exception of Henry's volunteering for military service, this was a strong Church of the Brethren family, descendants of Bishop Hans Michael Pfautz, Jr., of Warwick Twp.] (A)


JACOB PFOUTS, Pvt., Co. H, 203rd Pa. Infantry, b. 1844, Lancaster Co., Pa., enlisted and mustered into Federal Service on 1 Sep 1864; mustered out at Raleigh, N.C., 22 Jun 1865. Never filed for a pension. [May have been brother of Henry Pfautz, above.] (A)


JACOB PFOUTZ, Pvt., Co. M, 102nd Pa. Infantry, b, 1837, Frederick Co., Md., drafted and mustered into Federal Service on 18 Mar 1865 at Chambersburg, Pa.; assigned to the Defenses of Washington, 7 Apr 1865; mustered-out Washington, D.C., 28 Jun 1865. Applied for pension, 10 Apr 1891, while a resident of Richmond Furnace, Franklin Co., Pa. Applications were consistently rejected, because of length of service, until 4 Jul 1905. Jacob died on 12 Jul 1905 before receiving his first pension check. In 1898, he advised the Pension Bureau that his first wife was Rebecca Malone, that he had married her on 3 Feb 1859, that she had died at Richmond Furnace, Pa., 19 Apr 1887. His second wife, married 19 Jan 1888, was Mary E. Butts. Children, all by the first wife, were: William, b. Nov 1859; Elizabeth, b. 9 Aug 1862; Susan, b. 3 Mar 1864; Laura, b. 9 Aug 1866; Mary D., b. 23 Mar 1869; John, b. 7 Oct 1872; and Catherine,b.23 Apr 1876. No widow filed for a pension after Jacob's death.


JOHN FOUTZ, Pvt., Co. C, 2nd Pa. Heavy Artillery, b. 1836, Franklin Co., Pa., enlisted at Chambersburg, Pa., 18 Oct 1862, mustered into Federal Service 30 Oct 1862, assigned to the Defenses of Washington; deserted at Fort Bunker Hill, District of Columbia, 18 May 1863. Special Order No. 106, Headquarters, Dept., of Washington, 22nd Army Corps, Washington, D.C., removed charge of Desertion on condition that John make good time lost by desertion and pay for the expenses of his apprehension. No evidence in file as to made-good service or reimbursement of expenses. No pension application. (E)


JOHN A. FOUTZ, Pvt., Co. B, 2nd Pa. Heavy Artillery, b. 1843, Lancaster, Pa., enlisted and mustered into Federal Service, 28 Jan 1864, at Philadelphia, Pa.; joined Co. B in Defenses of Washington, 28 Jan 1864; died 27 Mar 1864 at Chapel Spring Hospital, D.C., of pneumonia. Military death certificate states that he was a resident of Rising Sun, Cecil Co., Md., at the time of his enlistment, that his marital status was unknown. No widow or parent filed for a pension. (E)


JOHN T. PFOUTZ, lst Lt., Co. L, 21st Pa. Cavalry, b. 1843, Franklin Co., Pa., enlisted at Chambersburg, 28 July 1862; mustered into Federal Service, 11 Aug 1862, at Harrisburg, Pa.; enlisted as Pvt., promoted to lst Sgt., 5 Jan 1864, then 2nd Lt., 30 Mar 1864, then to lst Lt., 12 Dec 1864; captured near Farmville, Va., 7 Apr 1865; paroled 9 Apr 1865; mustered out of service by Special Orders of the War Department effective 15 May 1865. After the War, John T. Pfoutz could not settle down; he left Franklin Co., Pa., for Canada, then British North America (?), then wandered through the American West. In 1878, back in Franklin Co., Pa., he applied for a pension, alleging that he was several times wounded, had several horses shot out from under him, and had injured a leg in making a dismounted attack. In 1880, he got into railroading and served on various roads in various laboring capacities until his death at Pocahontas, Tazewell Co., Va., in September, 1890. No widow or minor child filed for a pension. (A)


JOSEPH PFOUTZ, Pvt., Co. L, 21st Pa. Cavalry, b. 1846, Franklin Co., Pa., enlisted at Chambersburg, Pa., 1 Aug 1863, for six months service; re-enlisted for three years, 5 Jan 1864, Charlestown, (West) Va., and mustered into Federal Service at Chambersburg, Pa.; mustered out at Lynchburg, Va., 8 July 1865. No pension applications filed relative to Joseph's service.


ST. CLAIR PFOUTS, Pvt., Co. F, 5th Pa. Heavy Artillery, b. 1845, Indiana Co., Pa., enlisted and mustered into Federal Service at Pittsburgh, Pa., 3 Sep 1864; assigned to Defenses of Washington; mustered out at Washington, D.C., 30 Jun 1865. In 1899, as a resident of Wood Co., Ohio, St. Clair Pfouts applied for a pension. In the process of proving his age claim, he filed a verified copy of the family Bible of his father, John Pfouts. [A transcript of same is available to those interested.] In 1915, St. Clair, then a resident of Toledo, Ohio, advised the Pension Bureau that his wife was Sarah Adams who he had married on 6 Dec 1871 in Cambria Co., Pa.. His and Sarah's children were: Theodore A., b. 30 Dec 1874; Gertrude S., b. 23 Aug 1877; and Roy F., b. 7 Mar 1882, d. 12 Nov 1911. St. Clair Pfouts died 22 Sep 1916. Sarah, his widow, died 13 Apr 1925, also in Toledo. (A)


WILLIAM H. PFOUTZ, Sgt. Major, 21st Pa. Cavalry, b. 1842, Franklin Co., Pa., enlisted 11 Jul 1863 at Chambersburg; mustered into Federal Service, 15 Jul 1863, at Harrisburg, Pa.; promoted to Regt. Commissary Sgt., 22 Feb 1964, to Sgt. Major 10 Nov 1864; mustered out at Lynchburg, Va., 8 Jul 1865. No pension applications were filed relative to (A)


- End of Pennsylvanians in Union Army -


Frederick, John T., Joseph, and William H. Pfoutz were all sons of Joseph Pfoutz, son of Henry Pfoutz, who was a grandson of Bishop Hans Michael Pfautz, Jr., noted minister of the Dunker (Church of the Brethren) congregation at Conestoga (Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa.) before The Revolution. Henry Pfoutz, of Washington Twp., Franklin Co., Pa., was a nonjuring pacifist, but three of his sons jumped the fence. Joseph married Lutheran, died before the Civil War, had four sons in the Union Army. Henry, Jr., moved to Ohio in the early 1830s, where both he and his wife died suddenly in the early 1840s, leaving five sons---all five of those sons served in the Union Army, and all five of those grandsons of Henry dropped the “P,” and went by Fouts. John Pfouts, Henry's youngest son, went to Cass Co., Indiana, where he married and fathered three sons before his death in 1851. All three of those sons served in the Union Army, one was killed at Shiloh.


Of the other Pennsylvanians, Adam Foutz was the son of Adam Foutz, Immigrant of 1839. Christopher C. and George M. Pfouts were the sons of Simeon Fouts, who was a grandson of John Pfoutz, founder of Pfoutz Valley, Pa., and a brother of Bishop Hans Michael, Jr.. George W. Foutz, John Foutz, and John A. Foutz are tentatively identified as descendants of Conrad Foutz, Immigrant of 1752. Henry Pfautz and Jacob Pfouts were also descended from Hans Michael, Jr.. St. Clair Pfouts' ancestry is yet a matter of conjecture, but he was most likely a near cousin of Christopher C. and George M. with common Pfoutz Valley roots.


FOUTS-FOUTTS-FOUTZ In California Death Index, 1905-1929


Thanks to Helen Fouts Haney, of Walnut Creek, California, we have the following new data for those looking for missing links and wandering relatives. From 1905 thru 1929 the following deaths were registered at Sacramento:


Date of Death Name Age County of Death File No.


16 Jan 1907 Edward FOUTS 50 Sonoma 2801

22 Feb 1907 Samuel H. FOUTS 49 Sonoma 5283

28 Jan 1908 Mary A. FOUTS 57 Los Angeles 1315

01 Apr 1908 Nellie M. FOUTS 35 San Benito 9807

9 Nov 1908 George S. FOUTS 46 San Francisco 28888


10 Nov 1908 Evelyn FOUTS 19 Sonoma 32622

31 Oct 1909 Luzena FIOUTZ 25 Sacramento 25290

17 Oct 1910 Arthur E. FOUTS 43 Alameda 24976

6 Mar 1911 Louis FOUTS 54 San Francisco 8448

1 Dec 1911 Harvey J. FOUTS 65 Napa 33683






Date of Death Name Age County of Death File No.


20 Feb 1912 Ray R. FOUTS 33 Napa 5082

6 Mar 1912 Louis FOUTS 38 Sonoma 10080

9 May 1912 Ray FOUTS 31 San Benito 14165

1 Nov 1912 Eliza FOUTS (Wife of J.) 73 Los Angeles 32173

15 Nov 1912 Clara A. FOUTS 63 Sonoma 34353


30 Aug 1913 John F. FOUTS 84 Alameda 24712

10 Oct 1913 C. E. FOUTS 26 San Bernardino 35393

1 Dec 1914 Abraham FOUTS 93 Mendocino 37160

20 Nov 1915 Martha J. FOUTS (Wife of S.E.) 49 Stanislaus 36567

1 Jul 1916 I. FOUTZ (Wife of J.N.) 67 Los Angeles 21762


28 Oct 1916 Manuel S. FOUTS 23 Merced 31965

21 Jun 1917 Sarah FOUTS 84 San Francisco 22085

11 Jul 1919 Martha A. FOUTS (Wife of J.A.) 72 Los Angeles 28207

24 Aug 1919 Dortha M. PIOUTZ 4 Fresno 31216

11 Oct 1919 J. W. FOUTS 89 San Bernardino 39122


16 May 1920 Mary G. FOUTZ (Wife of C.R.) 29 Fresno 19860

23 Aug 1922 Mearl FOUTS (Husband of S.) 88 Santa Barbara 40807

10 Sep 1922 Isabelle FOUTS (Wife of N.) 82 Los Angeles 38316

17 Jan 1923 Florence M. FOUTS (Wife of .P.) 46 Sacramento 3156

9 Mar 1924 William B. FOUTS (Husband of M.) 62 Sacramento 14361


15 Mar 1924 Susan FOUTS (Wife of M.) 86 Santa Barbara 35547

3 Apr 1924 Matilda FOUTS 75 Alameda 16379

2 Aug 1924 Frank FOUTS 52 Sonoma 40177

27 May 1925 Alfred FOUTS (Husband of B.) 49 Sonoma 25764

9 Aug 1925 Erastus J. FOUTS (Husband of N.L.) 63 San Francisco 39124


11 Feb 1927 Nora FOUTS 34 Sacramento 9366

30 Jan 1928 Frank FOUTS 57 San Francisco 4985

6 Apr 1928 Frank M. FOUTTS (Husband of E.E.) 75 Orange 20787

6 Jun 1928 David P. FOUTS (Husband of M.F.) 93 Santa Clara 33202

18 Jun 1928 Jacob G. FOUTS (Husband of L.) 67 San Francisco 32653


30 Aug 1928 Violet M. FOUTS (Wife of J.H.) 20 Siskiyou 48522

6 Nov 1928 John E. FOUTZ 77 Los Angeles 64533

28 Nov 1928 Frederick FOUTS (Husband of C.) 52 Sonoma 60355

6 Mar 1929 Rebecca FOUTZ 77 San Joaquin 17728


Anyone interested in obtaining any of the above death certificates can obtain same for $3.00 each from: Vital Statistics Section, State Department of Health, State of California, 410 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. Inasmuch as the numbers are annual serials, be sure and state the year of death as well as the number when ordering.


The two oldest on the list are Abraham Fouts, 93, who was the son of Isaac Foutts and Harriet Garetson, of Columbiana Co., Ohio, and David P. Fouts, 93, who was the son of Henry Pfoutz and Fanny Gable, of Richland Co., Ohio.







In the Southern Colonies prior to the Revolution, men intending to marry who did not have their banns read in church, supposedly the Anglican State Church, were required to obtain marriage bonds and to provide a surety (bondsman) that they would go through with the ceremony. After the Revolution, banns were no longer required, but both a marriage license and a marriage bond were required. Because there was no return on licenses --- that is to say, solemnizers were not required to certify marriages to a county official, marriage bonds are best evidence that a wedding took place. The date of the wedding was not necessarily the date on the bond. After the Civil War, North Carolina adopted the standard marriage license procedure of the northern states. The following are the only FOUTS marriage bonds yet found, probably represent less than five percent of the known marriages. Then too, both Michael Fouts and David Fouts, Sr., of Randolph Co., N.C., were German sectarians --- and prior to 1800 neither the Mennonites nor the Dunkers favored paying the State a fee for the holy ordinance of matrimony. David Fouts [Sr.'s] appearance as bondsman to his son Jacob in 1772 below was a political matter --- The Regulator troubles had just ended and Provincial authorities were cracking down on those who avoided or refused paying state fees. William Draper, the witness on the bond, was the local Militia captain and justice of the peace. As a nonjuring pacifist, David Fouts, Sr., would have had no association with Draper other than that which Draper forced upon him. The extant bonds:


Bond Date County Principals Bondsman Witness


31 Aug 1769 Rowan John FOUTS and Mary YOUNCE Daniel Little Th. Frohock

1 May 1772 Guilford Jacob FOUTS and Mary WAYMIRE David Fouts Wm. Draper

14 Jan 1786 Randolph Catherine FOUTS and Jacob SHEETS David Fouts J. Harper

1788 Randolph Lewis FOUTS and Mary GALLIMORE [Co. License Receipts]

1789 Randolph Mary FOUTS and John ANDERSON [Co. License Receipts]


1790 Randolph Hannah FOUTS and John GARREN [Co. License Receipts]

5 Jan 1797 Cabarrus Lewis FOUTS and Christena LINGLE David Wesner Jos. Shinn

13 Jun 1800 Randolph Rebecca FOUTS and Jesse DAVENPORT Joel Davenport J. Harper

19 Aug 1800 Randolph William FOUTS and Sarah DAVENPORT Jesse Davenport A. Gray

21 Jan 1801 Randolph Lewis FOUTS and Sarah DOUGAN Jacob Fouts J. Harper


26 Jun 1803 Randolph Andrews FOUTS and Hannah FOUTS John Fox John Allen

30 Sep 1806 Randolph Jacob FOUTS and Mary DOUGAN Thomas Beard ?

7 Jan 1808 Randolph Jacob FOUTS and Elizabeth PLUMMER Philbert Wright J. Hale

12 Jun 1811 Cabarrus Sally FOUTS and Peter WAGGONER Paul Carker J. Phifer

30 Mar 1814 Rowan Elizabeth FOUTS and Dan SEACHREST Danl Seachrest Chr. Seachrest


7 Nov 1815 Rowan Nelly FOUTZ and Martin MILLER Dawalt Lentz Jno. Giles

15 Dec 1815 Rowan Elizabeth FOUTS and Philip HEPLER Michael Myers Silas Peace

19 Sep 1817 Rowan Polly FOUTZ and Nedam TEMPLES Isaac Leatherman ?

7 Sep 1819 Rowan John FOUTS and Cathy LENTZ Andrew Richart Milo A. Giles

13 Dec 1819 Rowan Jacob FOUTS and Molly LONG Philip Hepler Silas Peace


16 Nov 1821 Rowan David FOUTS and Eleanor SULLIVAN P. J. Campbell Silas Peace



No. 5 January, 1982 No. 5



This NEWSLETTER is published quarterly by THE JACOB FOUTZ FAMILY ASSN. Inc. , Farmington, N.M., Dean R. Foutz, pres., and is issued gratis to all interested in PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ Family. Business matters should be sent to Mr., Foutz at the address on the mailing face. Dr., John Scott Davenport, PO Box 981, Rootstown, Ohio, 44272, is editor.



Order of Immigrant Ancestors

For reference as well as for the information of our new readers, we repeat the PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ Ancestor List in order of emigration from Germany to America to identify the subject matter within the purview of this Newsletter. There have been no additions since the list issued on July 1, 1981:


(A) Hans Michael PFAUTZ, Sr., of Lancaster Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1727.

(B) Jacob PFAUTZ, of York Co., Pa.; Immigrant before 1730.

(C) Theobald PFAUTZ, (David Fouts, Sr.), of Randolph Co., N.C.; Immigrant of 1738.

(D) John David PFAUTZ, of Washington Co., Md., (issue of first wife); Rowan - Davidson Cos.,

N.C. (issue of second wife), Immigrant of 1749.

(E) Conrad FOUTZ, of Franklin Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1752.

(F) Johann Jacob PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1773.

(G) Michael PFOUTS, Sr.. of Harrison Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1787.

(H) John FOUTS, of Morgan Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1820.

(I) Adam FOUTZ, of Adams Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1839.

(J) Jacob FOUTZ, of Baltimore Co., Md.; Immigrant of 1849.

(K) Lewis FOUTZ, of Montgomery Co., Ohio: Immigrant of 1850.

(L) Adam FOUTZ, of Dearborn Co., Ind.; Immigrant of 1854.

(M) William FAUTZ. of San Francisco, Calif., Immigrant of 1855.

(N) Gottlieb PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1857.

(0) William FOUTZ, of Norfolk, Va.; Immigrant of 1866.


In the Seventeenth Century (1600s) the PFAUTZ were located on both sides of the Neckar River, east of the Rhine, in what is now Baden and Wurtemberg States, Germany.









On Friday, October 9, 1981, your editor had the opportunity to do Pfoutz research in Tioga (Wellsboro) and Lycoming (Williamsport) counties, Pa. He was primarily concerned with identification of the family of John Leonard Pfoutz, eldest son of "Baron" John Pfoutz, who died on Pine Creek waters of the West Branch of the Susquehanna near Jersey Shore, Lycoming Co., on 13 Jun 1813. But in wading through the Lycoming records, he found the long missing probate of the "Baron" himself, to wit,.


Lycoming Co., Pa,, Orphans Court Docket PQ:

4 May 1796 - Estate of John Pfoutz, Decd., Sebastian Shade, administrator; bonded by John Chatham, William Baird, sureties. (p. 55)


Finding of the docket entry, however, could not be extended. While Lycoming County was erected out of Northumberland County on 13 Apr 1795, Lycoming Orphans Court Minutes do not begin until July, 1796, and there are no papers of any kind relative to John Pfoutz, Decd., extant in the Williamsport courthouse. Tax papers remain uninventoried, However, recourse to the Federal Census of 1790 for Pennsylvania lists one Sebastian Shade among the enumeration group for Pfoutz Valley in Cumberland County, while both a John Chatham and William Baird are listed near, apparently in the same group, as the John Fouts enumerated in Northumberland County. Further, there are two deeds in Curnberland County, both relative to Pfoutz Valley land, that tie Sebastian Shade and John Pfoutz, Sr. (the "Baron"), together.


Cumberland Co., Pa., Deeds:

21 Jul 1786 - John Pfoutz, Sr., by Sheriff's deed, to Sebastian Shade, 131, 100 acres, being a tract of land adjoining George Pfoutz and others in Greenwood Twp. [Pfoutz Valley] sold in execution of a judgment obtained by George Firebach, lately of Cumberland Co., at April Court Term 1785 in amount of 218 against John Pfoutz the Elder, said Pfoutz having no goods or chattel in the bailiwick ... /s/ Samuel Postle, Sheriff, Cumberland Cc, Recorded at Carlisle, 2 Dec 1790, (Book X-1:383)


3 Nov 1797 - John Pfoutz, Sr., by Sheriff' deed, to Sebastian Shade 12, two tracts in Greenwood Twp.: (1) 113 acres bounding George Pfoutz and Peter Kauffman, and (2) 12 acres bounding George Pfoutz and John Long, sold in execution of a judgment obtained by Jacob Kerr against John Pfoutz, Sr., in Common Pleas Court, April Term 1784.../s/ Jacob Craver, Sheriff, Cumberland Co. Recorded 27 Dec 1797. (M-1:447)


At the time of its creation in 1795, Lycoming County included Most of North Central and Northwest Pennsylvania. The major settlements, however, were along the West and East branches of the Susquehanna River. John Pfoutz, Sr., was located on the north side of the West Branch near the confluence of Pine Creek in Mifflin Twp., Northumberland Co., in the Census of 1790 --- based on comparison of Lycoming land records with the Census of 1790. This was the same area where John Pfoutz, Jr., and family settled---from Pfoutz Valley --- in 1804. In the same area were Quiggles, who settled Trumbull Co., Ohio, with John Pfouts, son of Michael Pfoutz and grandson of John Pfoutz, Sr., in 1808, and Cranes, who were intermarried with John, Sr.'s family by 1771. In terms of a present-day locale, they were in and around Jersey Shore, Pa.


At the time of his death, John Pfoutz, Sr., was obviously a bankrupt, based on the lawsuits lost and judgments outstanding in Cumberland County. Sebastian Shade was most likely a creditor, for otherwise one of John's four identified sons, assuming no widow survived, would have qualified as administrator. in those days, it was customary to award administration of an estate to the principal creditor of the decedent on the basis of primary interest, particularly where few assets existed.


John Pfoutz, Sr., has been dubbed "Baron" because of a bit of fantasy engaged in by John Eby Pfautz in the first Pfautz Family genealogy published in 1881. John Eby Pfautz undertook to define the descendants of John Michael Pfautz --- and missed completely on dates and locations and got one out of six children right. He did not connect John Pfoutz, Sr., to his father John (Hans) Michael Pfautz. Instead he offered this bit of whimsy:


"In the year 1757, about 50 years after the landing of out ancestor John Michael Pfautz, a man named BARON von PFAUTZ, from the vicinity of the Hartz Mountains in Germany, emigrated to this country, and settled with his four sons Michael, Simon, John and George, somewhere in Pennsylvania.


Many of the descendants of this Baron von Pfautz living in Pfautz's valley, who were the first settlers in that valley, are living in Jersey Shore, Pa.; some are in Luzerne County, Pa.; .some in St. Louis, Mo.; some in Dallas, Texas; some in Philadelphia, Pa.; and some at other places. They were staunch patriots during the revolution. During that time they changed their name from "PFAUTZ" to "PFOUTZ," after that they changed again from “PFOUTZ" to "PFOUTS," and now they all write their name "PFOUTS." I conversed with some of them, and corresponded with many of them.---So much of the descendants of Boron von Pfautz.”


One hundred years ago, John Pfoutz, Sr.'s descendants apparently preferred the baronial ancestry to the truth---John Eby was dealing with members of the fourth and fifth generations --- but it has made for a royal mess during the past four decades of Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz research. We use the "Baron" title with John Pfoutz, Sr., to indicate that he and his descendants were those to whom John Eby Pfautz referred when he said "So much of the descendants of Baron von Pfautz." John Pfoutz, Sr., was the third son of John (Hans) Michael Pfautz, Sr.


And while we are at it, let's get the family Hans Michael Pfautz, Sr., immigrant of 1727, straightened out. According to research sponsored by The Jacob Foutz Family Assn., Inc., among German records, the Pennsylvania records structuring Hans Michael Pfautz, Sr.'s family are wrong. The following is the correct composition of the first known PFAUTZ family in America;




PARENTS: Johann Michael PFAUTZ, b. 1682, Rohrbach kris Sensheim, Rhenish Palatinate [Germany], son of Johann Michael PFAUTZ, the mayor of Rohrbach; m. 10 Feb 1702, Ursula MUEHLENHAUSER, daughter of Hans Jacob MUEHLENHAUSER; emigrated to America in 1727; died Feb 1741/2, Strasburg Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. Widow Ursula died 14 may 1772, Strasburg Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. Johann (Hans = Jack) Michael Pfautz was an innkeeper in both Germany and America. Hans Michael, Sr., was Lutheran. Ursula was German Reformed.



(1) Johann (Hans) Michael PFAUTZ, Jr., b. 1709, Rohrbach kris Sensheim m. cl733, Catherine SCHLAUCH (Slough); d. 14 May 1769, Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa.; converted from Lutheranism to German Baptist (Dunker), became a bishop;

(2) Anna Margareta PFAUTZ, b. 1712, Rohrbach kris Sensheim; m. cl732, Augustine WITHER; d. Jan 1781, Strasburg Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa.; Lutheran;

(3) Anna Barbara PFAUTZ, b. cl7l4, Rohrbach kris Sensheim; m. 23 Jun 1734, Jacob HELLER; d. Dec 1790, Leacock Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., Dunker and Reformed;

(4) Hans Jacob PFAUTZ, b. 24 Feb 1717, Rohrbach kris Sensheim; m. 22 Nov 1748, Eve Elizabeth ECKMAN (widow of Lorenz Schliermacher); d. 7 Nov 1800, Strasburg Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa.;

(5) Johannes PFOUTZ, b. 9 Mar 1719, Rohrbach kris Sensheim; m. (1) cl740, Anna Klein, (2) cl769, Margaret ------ ; died cApr 1796, Mifflin Twp., Lycoming Co. Pa.;

(6) Johann Andreas (Andrew) PFAUTZ, b. 10 Feb 1726, Rohrbach kris Sensheim; was still alive in 1737 when father wrote authorities in Germany, but was dead when father's estate was settled in late March 1742.


Any questions about this now proven family structure should be addressed to the editor at P.O. Box 981, Rootstown, Ohio 44272. This differs from the family structure given by the editor in the December, 1975, issue of National Genealogical Society Quarterly.







At the beginning of the Civil War (1861), the center of Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz presence in the United States was clearly in Ohio. Although many of the Pfoutz-Fouts of Montgomery, Preble , and Darke counties were pacifists of the German Baptist (Dunker) persuasion, there were still more members of the Gross Pfautz (Greater Fouts, etc.) Family in Ohio Volunteer regiments than there were from a other states in the Union Army combined.


This analysis will exclude the Fouts of Morgan County, Ohio, all descendants of Andrew Fouts, of Brooke Co., (W) Va., who, having a fighting tradition in Ohio River Indian warfare beginning before The Revolution as well as a lusty history of river boating and pioneering (they were in Oregon by 1850), plunged in to the Civil War with a fervor. They joined Union Virginia (later West Virginia) regiments as well as Ohio units, They also provided the only Fouts in Oregon's regiment. In recognition that they all were descendants of one Fouts ancestor (except for one ringer who was a FOUTCH who passed for a Morgan County FOUTS), they shall receive separate treatment in a later issue.


With the Morgan County Fouts removed, analysis of the following records suggests that Northeast Ohio provided most of the other Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz who served in the Union Army, Those who served, in alphabetical order according to baptismal names, were:


DANIEL FOUTS - Pvt., Co. E, 48th OVI (Ohio Volunteer Infantry), mustered into Federal Service 19 Sep 1861; wounded at Shiloh; on Provost Guard duty at Cincinnati on orders of Secretary of War; rejoined regiment in field Sept 1862; died at Memphis, Tenn., 2 Mar 1863 of fever. At time of enlistment was 18, gave birthplace as Miami Co., Ohio, occupation as farmer. [Daniel was the son of John Fouts and Rosanna Waymire, of Union Twp., Miami Co., Ohio. Ancestry D]


DANIEL PFAUTZ - (Served as "Daniel Poutz") Pvt., Co., K, 76th OVI, enlisted 12 Nov 1862 for nine months service; mustered into Service 12 Nov 1862 at Camp Mansfield; mustered out on expiration of enlistment 4 Aug 1863 near black River, Mississippi. At time of enlistment was 33, give birthplace as Lancaster Co., Pa., occupation as laborer. On 22 Jul 1899, Elizabeth Pfoutz nee Reamsnyder applied for a widow's pension based on Daniel’s service, documenting that she had married Daniel B, Pfoutz on 3 Nov 1853 at Canton, Stark Co., Ohio, that said Daniel B. Pfoutz had died 13 Jul 1899 at New Berlin, Ohio. Pension records state that Elizabeth, widow of Daniel Pfautz, died 4 Jun 1922 at New Berlin Stark Co., Ohio. [Daniel was the son of Joel Pfautz and Lydia Ann Royer, of Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. Ancestry A. Variations in surname spelling due to illiteracy of both Daniel and Elizabeth. Some descendants retain the original German spelling of Pfautz.]


DAVID FOUTS - Pvt., Co. H, 93rd OVI, enlisted 28 Jul 1862 at West Alexandria, Preble Co., mustered into Federal Service 20 Aug 1862 at Dayton; spent most of service as Provost Guard for supply trains; mustered out 8 Jun 1865 at Nashville, Tenn.. At time of enlistment was age 20, gave no further information. Documents in pension file state that David was born 12 Aug 1840 in Preble Co., Ohio, that he was the son of Jonas Fouts and was a farmer. He died 16 Dec 1913 in Lyon Twp., Cherokee Co., Kans.. In 1898, David Fouts stated that he had married Charlotte Roland in Nov 1883 at Galena, Kans., that they were the parents of then (1898) living children: Jesse, b. 4 Sep 1884; Margaret E., b. 16 Dec 1886; Edward and Ada (twins), b. 16 Jul 1889. In a pension application made 27 Dec 1926, Charlotte Rowland Fouts, stated she was born 16 Dec 1851 in Gosport, Indiana, that she had been married twice prior to marrying David Fouts: (1) Joseph A. Easter, 1866. Bourbon Co., Kans., who died 15 Sep 1873 in Polk Co., Mo.; (2) Scott Butler, Jul 1875, Bourbon Co., Kans., who divorced her in Jasper Co., Mo. She married David Fouts, 1 Oct 1883 in Cherokee Co., Kans.. If Charlotte was granted a pension, it was for the service of her first husband in the 70th Indiana Volunteers. David and Charlotte's marriage license and return, 7 Nov 1883, gives her name as Lotte Wilson. [David was the son of Jonas Fouts and Margaret Swisher, of Lanier Twp., Preble Co., Ohio, Ancestry D, issue of first wife.]


DAVID PFOUTS - Pvt.. Co. L. 2nd OV Cavalry, noted on "Descriptive List of Deserters" as having been returned from desertion on 15 Aug 1863, being gone again at Lighthouse Point, Virginia, 8 Jul 1864; no description; no other data,


DAVID N. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. D, 48th OVI, enlisted 12 Dec 1861 at Sabina Clinton Co., mustered into Federal Service same day; discharged 26 Sep 1862 for medical reasons. At time of enlistment was age 21, gave birthplace as Clinton Co., Ohio, was a merchant. David's pension file documents his birth date as 9 Dec 1839 in Clinton Co., Ohio; his marriage 27 Jul 1865 in Case Co., Indiana, to Abigail Miller; two children who survived in 1899: (1) Frank Q. Fouts, b. 16 Dec 1866; (2) Emma Eldora Fouts, b. 13 Nov 1868; his occupation as a physician; and his death on 3 May 1914 at Royal Center, Case Co., Indiana. The widow Abigail Fouts died 11 Dec 1923 at Royal Center. Dr. Fouts' disability appears to have been incurred at the Battle of Shiloh. [David N. Fouts was the son of David K. Fouts and Sarah Mast, of Randolph Twp., Montgomery Co., Ohio, and Rochester Fulton Co., Indiana. Ancestry C.]


DAVID P. FOUTS - Corp., Co. C, lst OV Cavalry, enlisted and mustered into Federal Service 29 Sep 1862; consistent and dedicated service until mustered out, 19 Jun 1865, Nashville, Tenn.. At time of enlistment was age 27, gave birthplace as Wayne Co., Ohio, was a teacher. Pension file documents birth date as 19 Jan 1835 in Wayne Co., Ohio; his marriage 28 Nov 1886 in Sacramento, Calif., to Mary F. Siler; one child: Florence Fouts, b. 28 Dec 1887; his occupation as a teacher and his death on 6 Jan 1926 in San Jose Calif. The death of David's widow is not documented in his file, possibly because of her inability to prove the death of her first husband, William Wilson, who disappeared into the Oregon mountains in 1872. [David's death certificate gives his name as David Pierce Fouts, declares both of his parents "Unknown." He was the son of Henry Pfouts and Fanny Gable, of Quincy Twp., Franklin Co., Pa., and Perry Twp.. Richland Co., Ohio, Both parents died cl842, leaving David and his four brothers orphans. David apparently adopted the "Pierce" middle name to provide for the "P" he had left when he dropped it from his Pfouts surname and started using it as a middle initial. Ancestry A.]


DAVIS FOUTS - Corp., Co. L. 8th OV Cavalry, enlisted 26 Feb 1864 at Urbana, Champaign Co., Ohio; mustered 27 Feb 1864; spent most of duty with remount camp in Shenandoah Valley. Va.; mustered-out 30 Jul 1865 at Clarksburg, West Va. At time of enlistment was 18, gave birthplace as Miami Co., Ohio, and his occupation as a farmer. Davis' pension file is on file with the V.A., not the National Archives, is not available for public inspection. From other sources, Davis married Priscilla Hill, 7 Sep 1867, Miami Co., Ohio. No further data. [Davis was a son of John Fouts and Rosanna Waymire of Union Twp., Miami Co.., Ohio. Ancestry B]


EDWARD PFOUTS - Pvt., Co. A, 41st OVI, enlisted 10 Aug 1861 at Hartford (Trumbull Co.), Ohio; mustered 26 Aug 1861, Camp Wood, Ohio; seriously wounded and taken prisoner at Battle of Stone River, 31 Dec 1862; paroled at Richmond, Va., 27 Jan 1863, hospitalized at Camp Dennison [Cincinnati, 0.]; disability discharged 17 June 1864, Columbus, Ohio. At time of enlistment, was age 20; no other personal data. Pension file documents that Edward Pfouts married Emmaline Glendenning on 27 Jun 1867, that he was fifty percent disabled from the time of his discharge and so pensioned, that he died on 6 June 1888, leaving daughters Cora, Jennie E., and Ellnora, all age 16 or older, and sons Edward E. Pfouts, b. 24 Nov 1876; John L. Pfouts, b. 27 Sep 1878; and Garfield Blaine Pfouts, b, 11 July 1881. There is nothing in the pension file after 1891. [Edward was the son of Michael Pfouts and Margaret Lafferty of Hartford Twp., Trumbull Co., Ohio, Ancestry A]


ENOS FOUTS - Corp., Co. B, 156th ONG (Ohio National Guard) infantry (100-day service), mustered 15 May 1864 at Eaton, Preble Co., Ohio; discharged 1 Sep 1864 at Camp Dennison (Cincinnati); served as company clerk. At time of enlistment was age 26, gave birthplace as Darke Co., Ohio, his occupation as a farmer. Pension file reveals that he was born 8 Nov 1837 in Darke Co.; that he married (1) Rachel E. Pearce, 18 Aug 1859, in Darke Co.; (2) Sarah K. Hetzler (widow of Wm. R. Hetzler), 24 Dec 1891; that his children, all by first wife, were: William, b. and d. 1 Jan 1863; Benjamin F., b. 1862; Charles W., b. 21 Feb 1864, d. 3 May 1869; Curtis, b. 19 Jul 1866, d. 4 Apr 1867; Oliver A., b. 25 Dec 1867, d. 28 Aug 1884; Clarence, b. 17 Dec 1869; Edward L., b. 24 Apr 1873; John S., b. 24 Oct 1879; that Enos Fouts died 21 Sep 1924 in Union City (Randolph Co.), Indiana. No widow survived him. [Enos was the sun of Benjamin F. Fouts and Susanna Coblentz of Butler Twp., Darke Co., Ohio. Ancestry B]


GEORGE W. FOUTS - Drummer, Co. A, 80th OVI, enlisted and mustered-in 24 Oct 1861 at Camp Meigs; re-enlisted as Veteran Volunteer at Huntsville, Ala., 4 Jan 1864; mustered out 13 Aug 1865 at Little Rock, Ark.. At time of enlistment was age 18, gave birthplace as Carroll, Co., Ohio, his occupation as a merchant. Pension file documents birth as 22 Feb 1847; parents as George Fouts and Eleanor Henning; marriage on 14 Sep 1869 in Coe Twp. Isabella Co., Mich., to Mary E. Estee; occupation as mill owner and lumber dealer; one child, Free L. Fouts, b. 28 Feb 1875; death 2 Apr 1914 at home of brother Van Buren Fouts in Cleveland, Ohio. His widow Mary E. Fouts died 29 Sep 1921 in Shepherd, Isabella Co., Mich. [Ancestry D. issue of first wife.]


HAMMET PFOUTS - Pvt., Co. F, 19th OVI, enlisted 7 Sep 1861 at Trease's Store [Stark Co.], mustered 25 Sep 1861 at Alliance, Ohio; died 18 Sep 1862 at Huntsville, Ala., of typhoid pneumonia. At time of enlistment, he was age 19, gave birthplace as Mt. Eaton, Wayne Co., Ohio, occupation as farmer. In 1888, Hammet's mother Catherine [Ager] Fouts Hess applied for a Dependent Mother's pension alleging that Hammet's father, George Pfouts had gone to California with his sister's family in 1852, but left the party in Panama to return home and never arrived; that she had married Jacob Hess, a crippled watchmaker, on 12 Jan 1860 in Stark Co., 0. Catherine Pfouts Hess was granted the pension, died 3 May 1901 at Wilmont Ohio. [Ancestry A]


HENRY FOUTS - Pvt. , Co. D, 147th ONG Infantry, enlisted and mustered 16 May 1864 at Milton, Miami Co., Ohio; mustered out 30 Aug 1864, Camp Dennison. At time of enlistment was age 26, gave birthplace as Miami Co., occupation as farmer. Pension file documents that he was born 13 May 1838 in Union Twp., Miami Co., that he married Alice Whiteman on 20 Oct 1885 in Auglaize Co., Ohio; that he had two living children (1898): Anna Laura, b. 28 May 1887, and Robert John, b. 20 Mar 1889; that he was a farmer; and that he died l Aug 1910 at West Milton [Miami Co.]. His widow Alice died prior to 17 Jun 1941, when her pension check was returned marked "Deceased," [Henry was another son of John Fouts and Rosanna Waymire of Union Twp., Miami Co., Ohio. Ancestry B]


HENRY C. FOUTS - Pvt. , Co. G, 150th ONG Infantry, enlisted and mustered 5 May 1864 at Cleveland [Cuyahoga Co.]; mustered out 23 Aug 1864 at Cleveland. At time of enlistment, was age 18, gave birthplace as Cleveland, occupation as clerk. Pension file documents that Henry was born 22 Oct 1845 at Cleveland; that he was married to Gussie Galloway (date not given); that he was divorced in Indianapolis ("about" 1887-88); that he was a railroad baggage agent in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and New York; that he died 10 Sep 1809 at the Southern Branch, National Home for Disabled Veterans, Hampton, Va., and that his next of kin was his sister: Mrs. Hattie E. Kechum, Whitestone, Long Island, N.Y.. [Henry was the son of Jacob Fouts and Harriet E. Cleckner of Cleveland. Family records say that Henry's wife was Augusta Solloway and that they were married 19 Dec 1866, that there were no children, Ancestry D, issue of first wife.]


JACOB B. FOUTZ - Sgt. , Co. C, 18th OVI (New), enlisted and mustered 26 Aug 1861 at Hamilton [Butler Co.] in Co. C, 35th OVI; re-enlisted as Veteran Volunteer, 16 Jan 1864 at Chattanooga, Tenn.; transferred to 18th OVI (New), 10 Nov 1864, and promoted to Sergeant-Regimental Color Bearer; mustered out 9 Oct 1865 at Augusta, Ga. At time of enlistment, was age 24, gave birthplace as Preble Co., Ohio, occupation as wool factor. Pension file documents that he was twice married; (1) Lydia Jane Oswalt "about 1865," divorced "about 1880" in Wabash, Ind.; (2) Regina Hess , 10 Nov 1883, who survived him, that he had three surviving children (1898): by (1), Anna M., married name Carruthers, and by (2) Bertha Flo, b. "about 1886," and (3) James Osa, b. "about 1888."; that Jacob B. Foutz was a laborer by occupation; that he died 28 Jan 1904 near Eaton [Preble Co.]. Regina Fouts' widow pension file documents that she was born 31 Jul 1843 in Franklin Co., Pa. [Attention FOUTZ-HESS, Ancestry E], that she was previously married to Jacob J. Thomas, who died 26 Apr 1875; that she married Jacob B. Foutz under the name of Virginia Thomas, 10 Nov 1883; that she died 6 Aug 1925 in Eaton. [Jacob B. was the son of Martin Foutz and Hannah Banta, of Lanier Twp., Preble Co., Ohio. Ancestry A]


JACOB N. FOUTS - Pvt. , Co. E, lst OVI (Three-Month Regiment) , enlisted Cleveland, O., 9 Apr 1861, mustered in at Lancaster, Pa., 29 Apr 1861; discharged 1 Aug 1861. At time of enlistment was age 20; no other personal data. Never filed for pension. [Jacob N. was the son of Jacob Fouts and Harriet E. Cleckner, of Cleveland. Family records say that he was born 26 Jun 1841; married Julia Solloway, 20 Mar 1867; and died 6 Jul 1870 at Cleveland. No issue indicated. No widow or minor child pension application filed, Ancestry D, issue of first wife.]


JEREMIAH N. FOUTZ - Pvt.. Co. C. 75th OVI. enlisted and mustered in at Eaton, Ohio, 17 Oct 1861; served in Maryland and Virginia, 1861-62; taken prisoner at Battle of Fredericksburg, 4 Jan 1863, and paroled; taken prisoner again at Battle of Chancellorville, 3 May 1863, and paroled at City Point, Va., 15 May 1863; deserted from Camp Parole, Md., 23 Jun 1863 but returned voluntarily 28 Aug 1863; again captured at Gainesville, Fla., 17 Aug 1864 [One must wonder about Jeremiah's heart not having been in the fighting]; paroled 31 Mar 1865 at Northeast Ferry, N.C., sent to College Green Barracks, Md.; mustered out individually, 21 Apr 1865 at Columbus, Ohio. At time of enlistment, was age 17; no other personal data. Pension file documents birth date as 7 Oct 1844 at West Alexandria, Preble Co., Ohio; marriage on 6 Dec 1866 to Mary Isyphene Sponceler at Hagerstown, Wayne Co., Indiana; his children as Clarence A., b. 18 Dec 1867; Frank C., b. 24 Nov 1869; Sarah Lulu, b. 1 Jun 1872; Cora, b. 22 Sep 1875; Martin A., b. 20 Jan 1878; Chester L., b. 20 Sep 1880; and Jere Lowell, b. 6 Feb 1894; and Jeremiah's death on 19 Mar 1933 at the Veterans Administration Hospital, Sawtelle, Los Angeles Co., Calif. No wife survived. Between his Civil War service and his death, Jeremiah had farmed near Hagerstown, Ind. ; Virgil City. Mo.; and Vacaville, Visalia, and Anaheim, Calif.. [He was the son of Martin Foutz and Sarah Vorhees Stover, of Lanier Twp., Preble Co.. Ohio. Ancestry A]


JOHN B. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. D, 5th OVI, enlisted and mustered 12 Feb 1864 at Cincinnati; wounded at New Hope, Ga., 25 May 1864; assigned to Co. A, 8th Veterans Reserve (prison guards), Chicago, Ill., while invalid; returned to active duty, 4 May 1865; mustered out near Louisville, Ky., 26 Jul 1865. At time of enlistment, John B. was age 18, gave birthplace as Miami Co., Ohio, occupation as farmer. Pension file documents that he was born 1 May 1846 in Miami Co.; that he was married twice: (1) Martha Jenkins, 16 Feb 1870, who died 19 Mar 1874; (2) Anna Bianca Winget. 21 Jan 1877 ; that he had three children: by (1) Willis Albert Fouts, b. 22 Sep 1871-d. 23 Mar 1872, and by (2) Edgar Winget Fouts, b. 18 Nov 1877, and Estella Winget Fouts, married name Zingenfelder, b. 18 May 1880; that he was for many years the Clerk of Courts of Miami County, Ohio; that he died 1 Nov 1915 in Piqua. His widow Anna survived, applied for a pension in 1915, but file is silent further. [John B. was another son of John Fouts and Rosanna Waymire of Union Twp., Miami Co., Ohio. The editor has a copy of John B. Fouts' own narrative of his Civil War service written to his son Edgar in Columbus, Ohio, in 1911 (18 pages, single spaced) available to anyone interested and who will pay copying costs and postage. Ancestry B]


JOHN N. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. C, 133rd ONG Infantry, enlisted and mustered 6 May 1864 at Westerville, Franklin Co., Ohio; mustered out 20 Aug 1864 at Columbus, Ohio. At time of enlistment, was age 18, gave birthplace as Franklin Co., Ohio, occupation as clerk. Pension file documents that John N. Fouts was married to Elizabeth Purdy on 22 Mar 1866 in Highland Co., Ohio; died 18 Dec 1873 at New Madison, Darke Co., Ohio, leaving a widow and two minor daughters; Edith P., b. 20 Nov 1868, and Edna B., b. 11 Nov 1870. John's pensioned widow died 5 Apr 1927 at Martinsville, Clinton Co., Ohio. [John Nelson Fouts was the son of Frederick Fouts and Catherine Coblentz and was born in German Twp., Montgomery Co., Ohio. Ancestry B]


JOHN W. PFOUTS - Pvt., Co. G, 50th OVI, enlisted Auglaize Co., Ohio, 12 Aug 1862; mustered in 27 Aug 1862-at Camp Dennison; entire service was on detached duty with regimental or brigade headquarters as hostler, wagoner, orderly, cook, musicians provost guard; mustered out 26 Jun 1865 at Salisbury, N.C. At time of enlistment, was age 27, gave birthplace as Auglaize Co., Ohio, occupation as farmer. Pension file documents that John Wesley Pfouts was born 1 Jun 1834 at Hampden, Geauga Co., Ohio; that he was married twice: (1) Anna Boyer, who died "about 1875," and (2) Eliza Cook, 24 Feb 1881, at Six Lakes, Montcalm Co., Mich.; that he had two surviving children (1898): John, b. 8 Jul 1881, and William Henry, b. 26 Aug 1883; that he died 20 Dec 1916 in Six Lakes, Mich. No application was made for a widow's pension. [John Wesley Pfouts was the son of Michael Pfouts and Ann Quiggle, of Hampden Twp., Geauga Co., Ohio, and Thornapple Twp., Barry Co., Mich. In 1904, the Family Bible of Michael and Ann Pfouts was in the possession of a grandson, Seneca F. Fouts, of Multnomah Co., Ore., who provided sworn testimony therefrom in behalf of his Uncle John's pension claim. Ancestry A]


JOSEPH W. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. F, 131st ONG Infantry, enlisted and mustered 2 May 1864 at Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio; spent entire tour of duty as cook at Post Hospital, Camp Chase, Columbus, 0. At time of enlistment, age not recorded, gave birthplace as Stark Co., Ohio, occupation as baker. Pension file documents that he was born 12 Sep 1832 at Massillon, Ohio; that he married Anna Dolen on 16 Feb 1859 in Linn Co., Iowa; that he had no children; that he deserted his wife on 1 Nov 1899 and moved to South St. Joseph, Mo., then to South Dakota, and finally to San Bernardino, Calif., where he died 11 Oct 1919. His deserted wife tried unsuccessfully to obtain half of his pension in 1900, apparently did not survive him. No application was made for a Widow's pension. [Joseph W. was another of orphaned son of Henry Pfouts and Fanny Gable, of Perry Twp., Richland Co., Ohio. Ancestry A]


LEMUEL FOUTS - Pvt., Co. G, 187th OVI, enlisted and mustered 7 Feb 1865 at Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio; discharged 30 May 1865 at Camp Dennison Cincinnati, Ohio. At time of enlistment, was age 18, gave birthplace as Mississippi, occupation as laborer. A hospital certificate in his military file, dated 2 Apr 1865. Camp Chase, gives his residence as Minerva, Carroll Co., Ohio, and his next of kin as his mother Ann Fouts. Pension file documents that he was born in Rankin Co., Miss., on 1 Jan 1840; that he was a lifelong illiterate; that he married Sarah J. McGee an 20 May 1869 in Carroll Co.; that his living children (1903) were Anne Bolden, age 32; Frank, age 29; Lola, age 27; Flora Lucas, age 22; Leroy, age 20; Russell, age 17; Lafa, age 12; and Willard, age 10; that he was laborer by occupation; that he died 7 Jul 1912 at the National Military Home, Dayton, Ohio. His widow Sarah died 27 May1932 at Steubenville, Jefferson Co., Ohio. [Lemuel's father has not been identified. His mother Ann Fouts has not been found to date in any other records. Minerva, Ohio, sets astride the Carroll-Stark county line--the Fouts in Carroll Co. were Ancestry D, issue of first wife. The Pfautz-Fouts of Stark Co. were Ancestries A and E]


LEONARD PFOUTS, - Sgt., Co. C, 2nd OV Cavalry, enlisted 4 Oct 1862 at Brookfield, Trumbull Co., Ohio; mustered into Federal Service 31 Dec 1862 at Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio; combat service, cook, remount sergeant at Pleasant Valley, Va.; mustered out 11 Sep 1865 at Benton Barracks, Mo.. At time of enlistment, was age 18, gave birthplace as Hartford Twp., Trumbull Co., gave occupation as farmer. Pension file documents that Leonard Pfouts was born 16 Dec 1843 in Hartford, Trumbull Co.; that he was married to Evaline Rosella Doud on 20 Sep 1870 at Vienna, Trumbull Co.; that his children, all of whom survived childhood, were Carrie Pfouts Slifer, b. 24 Jul 1871; Willard, b. 16 Feb 1873; Alta Pfouts Darnold. b. 21 Nov 1874; and Roy, b. 29 Oct 1876; that he died 29 Aug 1929 In Clarksburg Harrison Co., West Va. His widow, the daughter of Lucas Doud and Sarah Hartness, died 28 May 1936 at Nutter Fort, Harrison Co., West Va. [Leonard PFOUTS was the son of Michael Pfouts and Margaret Lafferty of Hartford Twp., Trumbull Co., Ohio. Ancestry A]








Thanks again to Helen Fouts Haney of Walnut Creek, California, for providing new data for the surname file. This list is continuation of the Death Index 1905-1929 published in NEWSLETTER No. 4, October, 1981:


Date of Death Name of Decedent Age County of Death File No,


24 Jan l930 Alice E. FOUTS 72 Los Angeles 2191

4 May 1930 Emma FOUTS (Wife of D.) 66 Fresno 24348

11 Aug 1930 Mary F. FOUTS (Wife of D.P.) 77 Santa Clara 45249

24 Nov 1930 Lula FOUTS (Wife of J.L.) 58 San Francisco 60938

27 Mar 1931 H. FOUTS (Spouse of S.) 72 Stanislaus 24282


20 Apr 1931 Joel A. FOUTS 84 Napa 22050

3 Aug, 1931 Clarence FOUTZ (Husband of 0.) 55 Solano 46466

27 Sep 1931 Larry F. FOUTS 69 Alameda 46968

19 Mar 1933 Jeremiah N. FOUTZ 88 Los Angeles 16493

15 Apr 1933 Gerald G. FOUTZ 4 Los Angeles 22080


7 Sep 1933 Edward R. FOUTS (Husband of A.E.) 72 Los Angeles 48399

27 Sep 1934 Jefferson FOUTS 91 Los Angeles 49269

3 Jan 1935 Lucy A. FOUTS (Wife of H.L.) 87 San Francisco 5197

15 Jan 1935 Kellar FOUTS (Spouse of B.) 37 Los Angeles 3789

28 Feb 1935 Wiley B. FOUTS (Husband of E.B.) 78 Los Angeles 9264


5 Mar 1935 William R. FOUTS (Husband of A.S.) 66 Los Angeles 16688

11 Jul 1935 Anna E. FOUTS (Wife of J.) 68 Siskiyou 43418

10 Nov 1935 Albert R. FOUTS (Husband of R.) 32 Sonoma 67109

14 Nov 1935 Charles F. FOUTS 70 Santa Barbara 66740

29 Nov 1935 John L. FOUTS (Husband of L.) 86 San Francisco 72550


14 Jul 1936 Stella M. FOUTS (Wife of M.E.) 54 San Diego 44047

28 Jun 1937 Lorrin FOUTS (Husband of J.) 37 Santa Barbara 43850

29 Jul 1937 Benjamin FOUTS 71 Los Angeles 46832

4 Feb 1938 George FOUTS (Husband of L.) 71 San Francisco 12155

1 Nov 1938 Jess C. FOUTS (Husband of H.) 49 Los Angeles 67303

24 Sep 1939 Clarence FOUTS 69 Los Angeles 60694


Anyone interested in obtaining any of the above death certificates should write: Vital Statistics Section, State Dept. of Health, State of California, 410 N Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. Numbers are annual serials, so be sure and state the year of death as well as the file number where ordering. Enclose $3.00, payable to the State of California. for each certificate desired.



Excerpt from The Butte (Mont.) Miner, Saturday, June 18, 1910




"A remarkable career ended in this city last evening when William George Pfouts, pioneer merchant and mining man, who had made and lost a dozen fortunes, died at the age of 70 years, after a lingering illness. Surrounded by his wife and son and daughter, death came peacefully at the family home, 506 West Aluminum Street.”


"Mr. Pfouts has been a resident of this state since 1863, when he came to Virginia City from Colorado. Later he was in business in Pony and had been a resident of Butte since 1880. He was married to Miss Hettie Morris in St. Louis in 1876 and they were the parents of one son, Elmer, a surveyor, and two daughters, Mae and Helen, the latter residing in Butte.”


"Mr. Pfouts was born in Mount Eaton, Wayne Co., Ohio, Dec. 8, 1842. His parents were George and Sarah (Clark) Pfouts. He received an education in the public schools of his native county and when 16 years of age, in 1858, he left home on a small pacing mule, and in eastern Kansas joined a large party of emigrants bound for Colorado. After many thrilling encounters with hostile Indians the party arrived at a point near Denver in the winter of 1858.......”


Those interested in Pfouts family history are cautioned to take the story of William G. Pfouts' career, more than a column in length in the obituary, with some doubt. According to Census and other records, William G. Pfouts moved, as an infant, with his parents to Holt Co., Missouri, in 1843 where his father shortly died. In 1860, William G. Pfouts was working for his brother Paris Swayze Pfouts (see NEWSLETTER No. 3) on the rabidly proslavery St. Joseph (Mo.) Gazette. In 1861, when a pro-Union mob sacked the pro-Confederate newspaper, William G. fled with his brother to Denver. They were in Denver for only a short while when they again were forced to flee, due to their Southern sympathies, to Virginia City, Montana. After the Civil War, both brothers returned to St. Louis, where William G. again clerked for Paris S.---in the mercantile business. Prior to 1880, the business was liquidated and Paris S. moved to Dallas, Texas, where, by 1881, he was a co-owner of The Dallas Morning News, while William G. returned to Montana. Paris S. died in Dallas, also in 1910.



Also from Eaton, Ohio:




George Pfouts, father of Parts S. and William G. above, was the son of George Pfoutz, third son of "Baron" John Pfoutz, of Pfoutz Valley, Cumberland (now Perry) Co., Pa. George Sr., moved to Ohio in 1804 with his sons Simeon, David, George, and Reuben. By 1810, the two elder sons had minds of their own, were given their inheritances by their father. Simeon went back to Pennsylvania (Clinton Co.). David settled in Augusta Co., Virginia. George, Sr., and son George, Jr., were active land speculators in Tuscarawas, Stark, Wayne and Holmes Co., Ohio (a four-corners area known as "Sugar Creek" now famous for its Amish settlement). Mt. Eaton, in the extreme southeast corner of Wayne County, was their trading center. George, Jr., was active in Mt. Eaton politics, was postmaster there in 1841-43, before moving to Holt Co., Missouri.


In 1825, a John Fouts, a hatter by trade, appeared in Mt. Eaton. This John Fouts had some connection to Henry Foutz, also a hatter, of Clear Spring, Washington Co., Maryland. He, seemingly, also had some connection to Jacob Foutz, of Franklin Co., Pa. (which bounds Washington Co., Md.) and Richland Co., Ohio, who became a Mormon convert in 1834 and moved to Missouri where he was among the wounded in Hahn's Mill Massacre, subsequently moving to Nauvoo, Illinois, then was in the first party into the Salt Lake Basin in 1846. Jacob Foutz was a grandson of Conrad Foutz (Ancestry E). Henry Foutz, of Clear Spring, Md., was a descendant of John David Pfautz (Ancestry D, issue of lst wife). But who was John Fouts, hatter, of Mt. Eaton? John died in April, 1838, in Mt. Eaton, leaving his widow Eleanor, nee Davis, and children Nicholas M., Theresa F., John, George Jacob, and George Washington (whether Pfouts or Fouts, they liked the name "George"), all born after 1826.


After the Census of 1850, John's family, excepting John, Jr., moved to DuPage Co., Illinois. John never left Wayne Co., Ohio. In 1864, the family, excepting George Jacob, who disappeared somewhere, moved to Hardin Co., Iowa. The following marriages, all from courthouse records at Eldora, county seat of Hardin, involved descendants of John Fouts, hatter, of Mt. Eaton, Ohio:


1 May 1889 Kate E. FOUTS and Sherman W. IBUCH, at Eldora E:87

14 Mar 1891 Fred E. FOUTS and Hattie E. SHUMWAY, at Knott E:133

1 Dec 1892 George FOUTS and Ona E. HAINES, at Mt. Pleasant E:156

11 Oct 1897 Mrs. Ona FOUTS and Frank FISK, at Steamboat Rock F:144

8 Oct 1899 George W. FOUTS and Mary A. PETRIE, at Cleves F:234

26 Mar 1901 Miss Minnie FOUTS and Chris CHISTENSEN, at Bride's home G:5


5 Nov 1902 Hayes R. FOUTS to Ida M. GUNER, at Abbott G:79

22 Dec 1902 Miss Emmaline FOUTS to Arthur M. GUNER, at Bride's home G:89

17 Feb 1903 Elmer FOUTS to Josie RIPPBERGER, at Abbott G:96

1 Oct 1903 Homer B. FOUTS and Myrtle GOULD, at Eldora G:122

12 Nov 1904 Homer B. FOUTS and Myrtle GOULD, at Eldora [?] F2:89

27 Mar 1907 Miss Frances Isabelle FOUTS and Stephen L. GILE,at Abbott G:287


Earlier records were being bound when JSD visited Eldora.



No. 6 April, 1982 No. 6


Published by The Jacob Foutz Family Assn., Inc., 214 West Main St., Farmington, New Mexico 87401










In a move negotiated by Dean R. Foutz, president of The Jacob Foutz Family Assn., Inc., of Honolulu, and authorized by JFFA's Board of Directors in early February, while Dean was on the Mainland for business and genealogical matters, Dr. John Scott Davenport, C.G., was named Director of Research with the understanding that he would relocate to Farmington, New Mexico, and establish the Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz Research Center there.


Effective April 1 (but more like April 15 in terms of getting files sorted and books shelved), the Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz Family Research Center is located at 214 West Main Street, Farmington, New Mexico 87401. All of Dr. Davenport's massive files concerning the family --- in all its spelling variations and throughout the United States --- are now located in the Center and will be available to family researchers. In 1978, the Genealogical Society of Utah microfilmed Dr. Davenport's Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz data collection, taking up three rolls of film, but the present collection is approximately five times that size. Dr. Davenport also brought his microfilm reader and large collection of public and census records on film to the Center.


Prior to relocation, Dr. Davenport's office was in his home between Kent and Rootstown, Ohio, and his research was largely self-supported.


For those who wish to visit the Center in Farmington, it is located first door west of the Allen Theater. For the present, it will be open only when Dr. Davenport is in Farmington, where he and Mrs. Davenport now reside at 2309 Western Avenue, with public hours of 9-to-5. As soon as an extension can be installed, Dr. Davenport may be reached during the working day at (505) 325-9211 or 325-9313, both of which will be answered "Allen Theaters." The Allen receptionist will connect you with Dr. Davenport or take messages. During the evenings and on weekends, Dr. Davenport may be reached at (505) 326-1044, his home phone.


Larry Allen, president of Allen Theaters, Inc., is Chairman of the Board of JFFA, Inc., and immediate past president of the family group,


The NEWSLETTER will be edited and composed by Dr. Davenport in Farmington but will continue to be published by Dean R. Foutz in Honolulu. Please send all address changes, etc., relative to NEWSLETTER distribution to Dean in Honolulu, but all questions, data exchanges, and contributions should be sent to the Farmington address. All donations and contributions should be directed to the attention of: Betty N. Payne, Treasurer, at the West Main address,











Monday, May 31, the Memorial Day holiday, has been set as the date for this year's Annual Reunion and Business Meeting of the Jacob Foutz Family Association, Inc. The all-day affair will be held at the Elmer F. Taylor Park, immediately north of the LDS Stake Center in Farmington, New Mexico, beginning at 10 a.m. with a Business and Genealogy session for the adults and organized activities (horseshoes, softball, etc., for the youngsters and those not interested in either the business or the genealogy). Deep-pit barbecue plus fixings and other stuff will be served at 12:30. At 2:00 p.m., there will be a Family Program and organized activities (for the youngsters and those adults who are just coming to eat and play).


Dr. Davenport will be the featured speaker at the morning session---and will be available all day for consultation. Dewey Foutz and Bruce Beckstead are co-chairman this year.


DOWN IN TEXAS, the Joseph and Mary (PHOUTS) Ray Association will hold a three-day reunion at the Globe Trotter Motel, 1300 Marshall Avenue, Longview, on Friday-to-Sunday, June 11-13, according to Marvin B. McCarley. There will be banquets both Friday and Saturday evenings. Reservations should be made directly to the Motel (Zip 75601). Registrations of $18.00 a head should be made to Connie Foster, 8132 Riggs Lane, Overland Park, Kansas 66204.


No detail on the program, but Ray-Phouts group always have a good program,


Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz folks who would like to attend either affair are welcome. No advance notice needed for Farmington, but make reservations for Longview. Anyone who has a Fouts, etc., reunion planned can have it publicized in this NEWSLETTER. Anything after July 20, 1980, is welcome now --- our next issue should be out before then.


An Apology to John Eby Pfautz:




One of the continuing enigmas in Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz research is how John Eby Pfautz, the pioneer genealogist of the family who published his description of the family of John Michael Pfautz in 1881, could have been so fastidious and correct relative John (Hans) Michael Pfautz, Jr., and his descendants and yet so outrageously wrong relative to family patriarch. John Michael, Sr., and the rest of the family.


After more than a decade of studying the family, Dr. Davenport has developed a theory which largely excuses John Eby Pfautz and which is three-fold in attributing the cause of error: (1) Only Hans Michael, Jr., converted from Lutheranism to Dunker and his descendants, including John Eby Pfautz, through 1900 largely remained faithful to that fellowship, which was essentially closed and limited in number---particularly prior to 1850; (2) Senator Simon Cameron, of Pennsylvania, had a political liability in his Mormon cousins from 1840-on, and purposely claimed his Foutz connections (his Mother was a daughter of Conrad Foutz) to have been among the Brethren Pfautz of Lancaster Co., Pa., and the Lutheran-Methodist Pfoutz of Perry and Lycoming counties, Pa.; and (3) the descendants of George Pfouts, of Wayne-Holmes counties, Ohio, namely one Paris Swayze Pfouts, who were given to gilding the lily--- if not indulging in creative genealogy.


As a Dunker during the period prior to 1881 while he was collecting material for his Pfautz genealogy, John Eby Pfautz had both communication and confidence in the reliability of the data obtained in communication with his Dunker kinfolk, but he erred when he extended that same confidence to Senator Cameron's representations or to Paris Swayze Pfouts. Doubtless only Cameron's motives were ulterior. Fanciful genealogy and history seems to have run among the sons and grandsons of George Pfouts, Sr., of Ohio (who was a son of John Pfoutz, the "Baron” of John Eby's book). Grandsons Paris S. and William left behind interesting historical accounts which were highly creative in parts --- Paris tended to overblow and gild while William largely indulged in creative history. Their various roles in frontier Missouri, Colorado, Montana, and Texas need to be corroborated by impartial evidence. But back in Holmes Co., Ohio, cousin David Pfouts, a miller and farmer, suffered from the same malady. in 1889, David gave out the following story;


“ ... George Pfouts, the great-grandfather of [David Pfouts], a native of Italy, emigrated to America at an early day, and located in Pennsylvania, near the present city of Philadelphia. He was very friendly with the Indians at that period, and spent several weeks each fall in fishing and hunting with them. As a token of their friendship, they presented him with a tract of several thousand acres of land, on which he settled, and which today is known by the name of Pfouts Valley. His son, George Pfouts, the grandfather of [David] was a surveyor by profession and a soldier in the War of the Revolution..."


David Pfouts' great-grandfather was John Pfoutz, who was born in Germany. The Indian story has no corroboration in fact. John Pfoutz was a tavernkeeper in Strasburg Lancaster Co., Pa., who got into the land business largely by lending money and taking land as security.


Senator Cameron's prestige obviously dominated in John Eby Pfautz's inclusion of Conrad--erroneously --- as a son of John Michael Pfautz, Sr., but if one of the most prestigious politicians of these days claimed to be a cousin of yours, would you look a gift horse in the mouth? John Eby had both deckstackers and exaggerators to contend with.



Order of Immigrant Ancestors

For reference as well as for the information of our new readers, we repeat the PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ Ancestor List in order of emigration from Germany to America to identify the subject matter within the purview of this Newsletter. There have been no additions since the list issued on July 1, 1981:


(A) Hans Michael PFAUTZ, Sr., of Lancaster Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1727.

(B) Jacob PFAUTZ, of York Co., Pa.; Immigrant before 1730.

(C) Theobald PFAUTZ, (David Fouts, Sr.), of Randolph Co., N.C.; Immigrant of 1738.

(D) John David PFAUTZ, of Washington Co., Md., (issue of first wife); Rowan - Davidson Cos.,

N.C. (issue of second wife), Immigrant of 1749.

(E) Conrad FOUTZ, of Franklin Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1752.

(F) Johann Jacob PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1773.

(G) Michael PFOUTS, Sr.. of Harrison Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1787.

(H) John FOUTS, of Morgan Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1820.

(I) Adam FOUTZ, of Adams Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1839.

(J) Jacob FOUTZ, of Baltimore Co., Md.; Immigrant of 1849.

(K) Lewis FOUTZ, of Montgomery Co., Ohio: Immigrant of 1850.

(L) Adam FOUTZ, of Dearborn Co., Ind.; Immigrant of 1854.

(M) William FAUTZ. of San Francisco, Calif., Immigrant of 1855.

(N) Gottlieb PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1857.

(0) William FOUTZ, of Norfolk, Va.; Immigrant of 1866.


In the Seventeenth Century (1600s) the PFAUTZ were located on both sides of the Neckar River, east of the Rhine, in what is now Baden and Wurtemberg States, Germany.









Thanks to Janet K. Pease of Arvada, Colorado, who has ready access to the Regional Records Center at Denver and who has located all Fouts, etc., enumerated in the United states as living in states west of the Mississippi in the Census of 1900, we give you following Soundex listings for Utah and the Arizona Territory, The complete data for each enumeration may be found by referring to the original Census books, per citation given.



Surname, First Name Birth Month, Year Age Birthplace Relationship

Navajo County, Winslow, 3-41-10-42


FOUTS, Dellilah Unknown ?? Utah Lodger

(in household of John D, Woodyman)


Yavapai County, Prescott Precinct: 5-60-4-71


FOUTES, John R. Nov 1866 33 Arizona Head of Hshld

, Reitta C. Jun 1884 15 Wife

(plus eight boarders)


Coconina County, Navajo Indian Reservation: 5-753-41-64


FOUTZ, Joseph L. Mar 1837 62 Missouri Head of Hshld

, Emma E. May 1853 47 Iowa Wife

, Maud Dec 1879 20 Arizona Daughter

, Alma L. Mar 1882 18

, Altha July 1885 14

, Lois May 1887 12

, Jocy Nov 1889 10

, Elmer Aug 1893 6 Son

, Hervey Apr 1896 4


Coconina County, Navajo Indian Reservation: 5-755-40-69


FOUTZ, Lehi J. Sept 1877 22 Utah [Blank]

(in household of Charles H. Algert)


Navajo County, Winslow: 3-41-16-50


FOUTZ, Mary J. Nov 1869 30 Utah Lodger

(in household of Otis S. Reeder)




Sevier County, Richfield Precinct and City: 8-35-8-72


FOUTZ, Amanda Mar 1839 62 Ohio Head of Hshld

, Cassie Nov 1873 26 Utah Daughter

Sevier County, Richfield Precinct and City:. 8-35-8-11

FOUTZ, Esbind E. May 1863 37 Utah Living Alone


Garfield County, Panguitch Precinct and City: 2-95-7-33

FOUTZ, Esbon A. May 1862 38 Utah Head of Hshld

, Eliza A. Jul 1870 29 Wife

, Alonzo J. May 1890 10 Arizona Son

, Harold B. Sep 1892 7

, Earl Apr 1895 5 Utah

, Nadine Aug 1897 2 Daughter


Surname, First Name Birth Month, Year Age Birthplace Relationship

Utah County, Provo City: 9-63-21-37


FOUTZ, Frank Feb 1869 31 Missouri Head of Hshld

, Aura Oct 1866 33 Illinois Wife

, Eva G. Sep 1892 7 Utah Daughter

, Gladys J. Apr 1898 2

, Nancy Dec 1832 67 Indiana Mother


Utah County, Pleasant Grove Precinct and City: 9-162-7-51


FOUTZ, Jacob Aug 1845 55 Illinois Head of Hshld

, Sarah A. Oct 1844 55 England Wife

, Maggie Jul 1880 19 Utah Daughter

, George T. Sep 1882 17 Son

, James H. Aug 1887 12

, Merle Feb 1889 11


If any known Foutz-Fouts, etc., were missed, they may have been Soundex coded as Fonts. The u and n in script were easily confused by the coders. Fouts is Soundex Code F32, while Fonts is F532. This is being checked. Ultimately, we hope to give you all the Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz, etc., enumerated in the Census of 1900 as located by Soundex.






These are largely drawn from Indiana counties where there was not a large Fouts, etc., presence:


Date of Marriage Parties County Record


31 Mar 1846 Margaret J. FOUTS and James B. ALLYN Adams B: 15

29 Jul 1847 Rachel FOUTS and John CRIPE Clinton 2:131

16 Oct 1842 Lewis C. FOUTS and Laura A. HEDRICK Franklin 4:187

15 Nov 1831 Hawkins C. FOUTS and Lydia SHARP Fountain 1: 98

25 May 1834 William FOUTS and Lydia WORTHINGTON Fountain 1:166


3 Mar 1838 Susan FOUTS and John COOK Fountain 1:337

1 Apr 1841 Eli FOUTS and Mary Ann BLACKFORD Fountain 2: 31

21 Mar 1846 Susan FOUTS and John ARD Lawrence C: 59

13 Jan 1849 Mary Ann FOUTS and William FORBY Lawrence C:177

14 Oct 1836 John FOUTZ and Priscilla SOUT[?] Monroe B:139


19 May 1844 William D. FOUTS and Charity WHARTON St. Joseph 2:371

25 Dec 1851 Hiram J. FOUTS and A. A. ETHELL Floyd 3:387

21 Feb 1851 Joseph FOUTS and Mary COAN Fulton A:239

6 Mar 1851 Young FOUTS and Martha GRIMES Greene E:244

12 Mar 1853 Nathan FOUTS and Mary ASHER LaPorte C:210


8 May 1853 William R. FOUTS and Elizabeth SKELTON Putnam [?]

2 Oct 1855 Frederick FOUTS and Jane Ann ROSS White 2: 97

29 Jan 1823 Angus FOUTS and Mary BOLES Scott 1: 45

19 Jan 1843 Lemon 0. FOUTS and Evaline REED Scott 2:133

20 Apr 1847 William D. FOUTS and Eleanor LOUGHRAN Scott 2:263



Date of Marriage Parties County Record

7 Apr 1844 Harriet FOUTS and Angus McNEAL Jennings C:300

1 Oct 1853 Lewis FOUTS and Sarah HUCKLEBERRY Jennings F:208

3 Dec 1846 Susan FOUTS and John IMBLER Marion 4:213

1 Oct 1857 Albert FOUTS and Louisa OSBORN Marion 6:628

26 Sep 1850 Samuel FOUTS and Nancy IMBLER Boone 2:296


29 Nov 1858 Louisa Jane FOUTS and John W. ESTEP Boone 3:374

5 Aug 1837 Betsey FOUTS and Joseph WINTERS Hamilton A:[?]

29 Jul 1839 Martha FOUTS and Thomas STAFFORD Hamilton A:[?]

16 Sep 1848 Charlotte FOUTS and Amos P. CASLER (Kessler) Hamilton 1:251

6 Jun 1855 Catherine FOUTS and William R. CHAPMAN Vigo 1:235


9 Apr 1856 Emily FOUTS and Reuben PEARCE Vigo 1:350

24 Jul 1856 Susan FOUTS and Robert CHAPMAN Vigo 1:383

9 Oct 1856 Jame FOUTS and Lovicy JOHNSON Vigo 1:412

16 Aug 1821 John FOUTS and Peggy LINDSEY Pike A: 9

27 Dec 1827 Daniel FOUTS and Nancy SIMPSON Pike A: 26


19 Feb 1831 John FOUTS and Nancy McCREARY Pike A: 41

20 Apr 1840 David FOUTS and Christine TRAYLER Pike A: 88

30 Nov 1844 Leonard FOUTS and Elizabeth REPLOGLE Carroll 1.282

3 Jun 1847 George FOUTS and Barbara OAKS (Okerson) Carroll 1:(?)

23 Oct 1847 Daniel FOUTS and Mary PIPPENGER Carroll 2: 12


12 Jun 1848 Henry FOUTS and Mary GROW Carroll 2: 60

12 Sep 1850 John FOUTS and Esther ULERY Carroll 2:193

4 Nov 1840 John PFOUTZ and Eliza MARTIN Cass # 470

9 Sep 1848 Susan PFOUTS and David KNOYER Cass #1024

23 Nov 1843 Eliza FOUTS and Joseph MULL Miami 1: 7







Picking up where we left off in January (No. 5), here are the rest of the Fouts, etc., who wore the Union blue in Ohio regiments during the War between the States:


LOUIS C. FOUTS -Asst. Surgeon, 94th Ohio Volunteer Infantry; Surgeon, 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry. Entered service with 94th Ohio, 21 Aug 1862, became ill in the field, resigned at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 18 Apr 1863. Recovered from illness (acute dysentery), re-entered service 14 Jun 1864 at Nashville, Tennessee, as Surgeon, 2nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry, with which he served until mustered out 17 May 1865. Most of Tennessee service was detached from unit, serving as Post Surgeon at Tennessee Barracks, Nashville, and as Staff Surgeon at Army Hospitals at Clifton and Johnsonville, Tennessee. Dr. Fouts was 45-years-old at the beginning of his second tour. Prior to service, Dr. Fouts practiced medicine in Troy, Miami County, Ohio. The dysentery which ended his first tour was never cured and caused him to ultimately give up his practice and retire as an invalid to Laurel, Franklin Co., Indiana, where he died 19 Jun 1876. His widow, nee Laura A. Hedrick, who he married 15 Dec 1842 in Franklin Co., Ind., was granted a widow's pension. She died 26 Feb 1899. [Dr. Fouts was the son Andrew Fouts and Sarah Hawkins. Ancestry C.]


LYCURGUS PFOUTS - Pvt., Co. F, 19th OVI (Ohio Volunteer Infantry), mustered-in 25 Sep 1861, Alliance, Ohio, as age 18, a blacksmith by trade, and born Milton, Stark Co., Ohio; re-enlisted as a Veteran Volunteer Jan 1864 at Flat Creek, Tennessee; mustered-out at San Antonio, Texas, 24 Oct 1865. On 31 Jan 1887, Pfouts applied for a disability pension and so qualified. Subsequently, at various times, he advised the Pension Bureau that he was born 10 Aug 1844, that he had married Rachel C. Hurraw in Stark Co., Ohio, on 24 Jan 1867, that he spent his entire life after service in or near Wilmot, Stark Co., Ohio, and that he had five children, three of whom: Varene, b. 18 Oct 1867; Ion M., b. 1 May 1875; and Mary Catherine, b. 31 Aug 1884, survived infancy. He died 17 April 1915 at Wilmot. His widow apparently died as her pension application was being processed. [Ancestry A.]


MATTHIAS H. FOUTTS - lst Sgt., Co. A, 115th OVI; mustered-in 18 Sep 1862 at Massillon, Stark Co., Ohio; served on detached service with the Army of the Cumberland; mustered-out 22 Jun 1865 at Murfreesboro, Tenn. At the time of enlistment, he was age 22, a native of Columbiana Co., Ohio, and a school teacher by occupation. During his service, he was recommended for a commission with the U.S. Colored Troops which he refused to accept. Following the Civil War, Foutts was active in manufacturing and politics in East Liverpool, Columbiana Co., but was stricken in mid-career by mental illness. He died 29 Sep 1886 at Cleveland. In her application for a pension, Matthias' widow proved that they had been married 12 Jan 1875 at East Liverpool, that her maiden name was Sabina Bloor, and that she had previously been married to and divorced from Lewis C. Wylie, and that their only child was Robert Tilden Foutts, b. 11 Aug 1876. Matthias' widow died 19 Oct 1926 at East Liverpool, [Ancestry E?]


ROBERT B. FOUTTS - Corp., Co. B, 12th Ohio Cavalry; 1st Lt., Co. B, 72nd U.S. Colored Infantry; mustered-in 24 Nov 1863 at Cleveland; discharged 29 Sep 1864 to accept commission in U.S. Colored Troops. Was age 24 at time of enlistment, a native of Columbiana Co., Ohio, and was a school teacher by occupation. [Brother of Matthias.] Mustered-out of service 16 Aug 1865 at Louisville, Ky. Never applied for a pension. [Both Matthias and Robert B. Foutts were son of Thomas Foutts and Rebecca Flowers. Ancestry E?]


RICHARD H. FOUTS - lst Lt., Regimental Quartermaster, 32nd OVI; later (1884) was placed on Army lists as Capt., Co. I, 32nd OVI, effective 17 Jul 1864; enlisted 12 Jul 186L at Carrollton, Carroll Co., Ohio, as Pvt.; subsequently rose through the ranks; mustered-out 2 Nov 1864 at Chattanooga, Tenn. Captured at Harpers Ferry, Va., 15 Sep 1862, and immediately paroled. Never filed for a pension, nor did a widow file for a pension. [Son of George Fouts and Eleanor Hemming. Was a merchant in Carrollton at outbreak of Civil War. Ancestry D, issue of first wife.]


SAMUEL FOUTS - Pvt. , Co. D, 4th OVI, Corp., 15th OVI; Sgt., 136th ONG (National Guard) infantry [a 100-day regiment]; Corp., 187th OVI, Mustered-in for three months service, Camp Dennision (Cincinnati), 4 May 1861; mustered-out 18 Aug 1861 at Patterson, Hardin Co., Ohio. Mustered-in 15th OVI, Mansfield, Ohio, 11 Sep 1861; in hospital 13 Feb 1862 until 22 Oct 1862 when given medical discharge. Mustered-in 23 May 1864, 136 ONG Infantry; mustered-out 31 Aug 1864 at Camp Chase (Columbus), Mustered-in 14 Feb 1865, 187th OVI, at Camp Chase, promoted to Corporal and assigned as Clerk, Freedman's Bureau, Macon, Ga., where served until mustered-out there on 20 Jun 1866. Enlistment papers give Samuel's birthplace as Morrow Co., Ohio, his age at last enlistment as 24, by occupation a farmer. On 14 Feb 1890, Samuel E. Fouts, of Westerville, Franklin Co., Ohio, filed for an invalid's pension. Subsequently, he advised the Pension Bureau that he was born in Richland Co., Ohio, 13 Apr 1839; that he had married Julia A. Shanck 17 Feb 1863 in Morrow Co., Ohio, and that he had four children: Rosabelle, b. 12 Jan 1864; Edith L., b. 15 Dec 1866; DeWitt S., b. 31 Jul 1868; and Albert C., b. 2 Jan 1874, of whom DeWitt S. did not survive until 1897. Samuel E. Fouts died in Westerville, Ohio, 9 Nov 1915. If a wife survived, she did not file for a pension. [Samuel E. held the record for serving in most regiments. He was another of orphaned sons of Henry Pfouts and Fanny Gable. Of all those sons, only Samuel E.'s son Albert C. carried the surname into the next generation. Ancestry A.]


SAMUEL FOUTS - Corp., Co., E, 131 ONG Infantry [ 100-days ]; mustered- in 14 May 1864 at Camp Chase, Ohio; mustered-out 25 Aug 1864, same place. Apparently spent entire tour of duty guarding lighthouses on Lake Erie. On 27 Jun 1892, Fouts filed for an invalid's pension, Subsequently, he advised the Pension Bureau that he was a resident of Germantown, Montgomery Co., Ohio, at the time of his enlistment; that he married Mary J, Williamson on 10 Oct 1861 in Montgomery Co.; and that his only issue was Calvin Courtney Fouts, b. 18 Jan 1863, He died 29 Aug 1900 in Middletown, Butler Co., Ohio, His pensioned widow died 18 Sep 1920 at the same place. [This Samuel Fouts was the son of John Fouts and Mary Judy, of German Twp., Montgomery Co., Ohio. Ancestry B.]


SOLOMON FOUTZ - Pvt., 3rd Independent Battery, Ohio Light Artillery; Mustered-in 17 Jan 1862 at Hanoverton, Columbiana Co., Ohio; on detached duty as Provost Guard at Cincinnati, July-August, 1862; died 15 Oct 1863 at Army General Hospital, Memphis, Tenn. Discharge (by death) Certificate states that Foutz was born in Jefferson Co., Ohio, was age 22, and was a laborer by occupation. [Solomon was the son of Israel Foutts and Harriet Garretson, of Jefferson Co., Ohio. Ancestry E?]


THOMAS FOUTS - Pvt., Co. I, 23rd OVI; mustered-in 11 Jun 1861 at Camp Jackson, near Columbus, on enlistment at Cleveland; sickened in November, 1861, and hospitalized thereafter at Cincinnati, Charleston, Wheeling, Raleigh (Va.); then served as hostler for General officers at Brigade and Divisional headquarters; mustered-out 30 Jun 1864 on expiration of enlistment Army records state he was age 19 at time of enlistment, was born in Hampden, Geauga Co., Ohio, and was a farmer by occupation. On 20 Mar 1888, Thomas Fouts, of Montcalm Co., Mich., filed for an invalid pension. Subsequently, he told the Pension Bureau that he was born 1 Oct 1840 in Geauga Co., Ohio, that he was married 16 Oct 1867 to Lydia Ann Babcock at Thornapple, Barry Co. , Mich. , and that his only children were Addie Kay Fouts (married name Leasia) , b. 17 Sep 1868, and Frank Ernest Fouts, b. 30 Aug 1876, who died between 1898 and 1915. Thomas F. Fouts died 23 Jun 1927 at Soldiers Home, Michigan. If a widow survived, she did not file for a pension, The following affidavit of interest is included in Thomas Fouts' pension file in the National Archives:

State of Oregon )

) : ss.

County of Clackamas )



I, Darius Fouts, being duly sworn on oath say:


That I reside in Clackamas County, Oregon, and that I am a brother of Thomas Calvin Fouts, who resides in Howard City, Michigan, whom I personally know was a member of Co. I, 23 Ohio Vol.


That I have in my possession a book known as Dr. Doodridge's Family Expositor, of which I cannot state the date of printing, the date of publication being torn out of same, but I personally know that it was the family bible and record, kept by my father, Michael Fouts, and that I have had it in my possession since said Michael Fouts died, and have known of it and see it from my childhood up to the present time as being the family record of birth and death in our family.


That it contains the birth of my mother and father and shows that my mother was born Oct. 15th, 1811, and my father was born May 1, 1809.


The record also shows that my brother Thomas Calvin Fouts was born on the 1st day of Oct. 1840, and I was born Nov. 30, 1844.


Affiant states that he knows of his own knowledge that the record above referred to is the true record of the date of birth of said Thomas Calvin Fouts and that the same is contained in the family bible now in my possession, and that the writing therein is in the hand writing of my father and the father of said Thomas Calvin Fouts, and was written by him.


/s/ Darius Fouts

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 11th day of November, A.D. 1910.

/s/ E. L. Moulton

Notary Public for Oregon


[Both Thomas C. and Darius Fouts were the sons of Michael Pfouts and Ann Quiggle, who moved from Geauga Co., Ohio, to Barry Co., Michigan, shortly before 1860. Michael was the grandson of "Baron" John Pfoutz, of Pfoutz Valley in the forks of the Susquehanna and Juniata rivers, Pa.]



THOMAS J. FOUTS - Corp., Co. I, 136th ONG infantry [ 100-Days]; mustered-in 13 May 1864, Camp Chase, O.; mustered-out 31 Aug 1864 at same place. Was age 18 at time of enlistment at Johnsonville, Morrow Co.. Ohio. No other data. Never filed for a pension. [This was another of the orphaned sons of Henry Pfouts and Fanny Cable of Richland Co., Ohio, previously of Washington Twp., Franklin Co., Pa. Ancestry A.]


WILSON B. FOUTS - Pvt. , Co. B. , 156th ONG Infantry [ 100-Days]; mustered-in 17 May 1864, Camp Dennision [Cincinnati]; mustered out I Sep 1864, same place. Military data includes age 18 at enlistment, born Darke Co., Ohio, enlisted Eaton (Preble Co.), Ohio, occupation as shoemaker. On 7 Jul 1890, Wilson B. Fouts, of Union City, Randolph Co., Indiana, filed for an invalid's pension. Subsequently, he told the Pension Bureau that he was born 20 Mar 1846 in Preble Co., Ohio; that he was married 19 Sep 1867 to Minera Rynearson at Ithaca, Darke Co., Ohio, who died on 4 Mar 1890; that he then married Esther Gettinger 18 Jun 1891 near Union City, Randolph Co., Indiana; and that he was the father of four children, all by his first wife: Orion, b. 14 Aug 1869; Dell, b. 20 Feb 1871; Earl, b. 19 Sep 1872, and Wade, b. 20 Apr 1876-d. 30 Sep 1876. Wilson B. Fouts died 4 Sep 1925 at Centerville, Wayne Co., Indiana, The date of his widow's death is not included in the Pension file available to the public. [Wilson B. Fouts was the son of Benjamin Fouts and Susanna Coblentz of Butler Twp., Darke Co., Ohio. Ancestry B.]


This concludes the Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz, etc., who served in the Union Army from Ohio, except for all of those from Morgan County, who--with one exception --- were all descendants of Andrew Fouts and Ann Lemen. We will rest on Ohio for an issue or so --- and consider family members who served from other states. Such as:




ANDREW J. FOUTS - Pvt. , Co. I, lst California Infantry; enlisted 17 Aug 1861 at Marysville; mustered-in 26 Aug 1861 at Presidio, San Francisco; deserted while on detached duty, Mesilla, Arizona Territory, 10 Nov 1862. Military data includes age of 29 at time of enlistment, birthplace as Union Co., Indiana, and occupation as ranchero. Rather unusual data in Company Descriptive Book states that Fouts was bow-legged, had traveled 195 miles to join regiment, and that his next of kin was Lydia Searl, of Portland, Jay Co., Indiana. No pension claim was filed relative to this service. [He was the son of Hawkins Fouts and Lydia Sharp, and a nephew of Dr. Lewis C. Fouts supra. Hawkins Fouts died on the way to California before 1850. His widow married Elijah Searle in Jay Co., Indiana, in 1860. Ancestry C.]




MARION J. FOUTS - Co. A, lst Bn, Nevada Cavalry; mustered-in 17 Aug 1663 at Fort Churchill, Nevada Territory; duty as Indian scout, railroad guard, overland express rider, in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah; mustered-out 17 Jul 1866 at Camp Douglas, Utah Territory. On 12 Jul 1890, Marion J. Fouts, of Pauline, Adams Co., Nebraska, filed for an invalid pension. Subsequently, he told the Pension Bureau that he was born 22 March 1845 and 22 Mar 1848 (each date was given twice at various times over a 20-year period) in Warsaw, Hancock Co., Ill.; that he was married 21 Feb 1876 to Maria Jane Wissvell in Pauline, Adams Co., Nebr.; that he had eight children, all living (1915): Ashley H., b. I Nov 1876; Grace F., b. 19 Jul 1879; Laura E., b. 25 Mar 1882; Daniel W. and Don C., b. 10 Nov 1884; Nora J., b. 10 May 1889; Logan, b. 3 Feb 1896; and Marion J., Jr., b. 24 Jun 1902. Marion J. Fouts died 27 Jul 1933 at Pauline, Adams Co., Nebr. His widow apparently did not Survive him. [He is believed to have been the son of Daniel Fouts and Emmeline Perry, but documentation is still lacking. Ancestry A?]




ZIMRI M. FOUTS - PVL.., Co. E., 1lth Kansas Cavalry; mustered-in Fort Leavenworth, 13 Sep 1862.; sick in hospital at Fort Scott, Jan-Feb 1863; died at home in Coffey Co., Kansas, 1 May 1863. At time of, enlistment, Fouts gave his age as 41, his birthplace as Fayette Co., Indiana, and his occupation as a farmer. On 13 Aug 1865, his widow Catherine married William Morrow in Coffey Co., Kans. In 1869, Catherine Morrow filed for a pension for her Fouts children. She had divorced Morrow by this-time. She provided documentation that she had married Zimri M. Fouts on 10 May 1846 in Wapello Co., Iowa, that her maiden name was Catherine McMahan, and that she and Fouts had been the parents of four children: Lettissa Jane, b. 21 Mar 1849; William Henry, b. 16 Jan 1853; Martha Malinda, b, 10 Jul 1857; and Dora Alice, b. 13 Mar 1860. No further data. [Zimri N. Fouts was the son of Noah Fouts and Phebe Nelson of Taylor Co., Iowa, and Union Co., Indiana. Ancestry C]




ALBERT PFAUTZ - 2nd Lt., Co. F, 52nd New York Infantry; mustered-in New York City, 1 Nov 1861; seriously wounded at Battle of Fair Oaks, Va., 1 Jun 1862; died 18 Jun 1862 at Philadelphia. In filing for a pension, his widow provided documentation [in German] that Otto Albert Willibald Pfautz and Louisa Amalie Maurer (herself) were married on 25 Nov 1846 in a Catholic ceremony in Prussia, both parties being natives of that State, and that there had been no children. On 19 Mar 1895, Amelia Pfautz, of New York City, was dropped from the Pension rolls because of her failure to claim her pension since 4 Nov 1891. [Albert Pfautz was the son of Benjamin Frederich Pfautz of Prussia. No descendants.]


GEORGE W. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. D, 122nd New York infantry; recruited by bounty promoters in Fulton Co., Ill., mustered-in at Syracuse, N.Y., 17 Mar 1864; became sick, was hospitalized at Washington, New York, and Rochester until discharged 23 Jun 1865. Was age 21 at time of enlistment, gave birthplace as Blair Co., Pa., occupation as a farmer. In 1892, Fouts filed for an invalid pension. Subsequently, he advised the Pension Bureau that he was born 19 Nov 1842 in Blair Co., Pa.; that he had moved from Fulton Co., Ill., to Tremont Co., Iowa, in 1869 and resided therein at Riverton since; that he had married Mariah Pigley, 4 Jul 1869 at St. Augstine, Knox Co., Ill., and that she had died 1 Nov 1881 at Riverton; that there were no children; and that he had not remarried. Fouts died 8 Apr 1922 at Riverton, still a widower. [George W. Fouts for many years was the Postmaster at Riverton, Tremont Co., Iowa. He was the son of Samuel Fouts and Catherine -------, of Blair Co., Pa., and Fulton Co., Illinois. Ancestry E.]


- STILL TO COME: Civil War Pension Abstracts for Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Maryland -




Beginning with the next issue, No. 7, July, 1982 (deadline June 20), we will include queries relative to the PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ Family. There is no charge for same, but all queries are subject to editing. If the query can be answered from Research Center files, it will be answered by return letter. Send all Queries to Editor, NEWSLETTER, at the JFFA address.


We are sorry to report the death of Ralph D. Foutz, 81, of Tiffin, Ohio, on March 16, 1982 at Toledo. Mr. Foutz was a retired newspaperman who was an early correspondent of the old Fouts Folk Newsletter. He was born in West Alexandria, Preble Co., Ohio, and was a descendant of Hans Michael Pfautz, Jr. For the last 37 years of his life, he was a volunteer weather observer for the U.S. Government and was active in nature and ecological programs.


A special thanks to Helen Fouts Haney, of Walnut Creek, California, for her work in compiling Fouts-Foutz, etc., deaths in California and in obtaining all the Fouts marriages in Davis County, Iowa.


Special accolades to David P. Fouts, of Stanfordville, N.Y., who has volunteered to attack the problem of identifying Jacob Pfautz, Immigrant before 1730. Dave plans on spending the better part of the summer, as work permits, in ransacking the historical and genealogical archives in the Philadelphia area in trying to get a better handle on Old Jacob. This Jacob Pfautz, via his daughter Ann Margaretha, was an immigrant ancestor of President Hoover,


We welcome the addition of Harriet Smith, of Pekin, Indiana, to our group. Mrs. Smith, whose husband is a descendant of John David Pfautz, Immigrant of 1749 --- issue of second wife, has supplied considerable Clark, Harrison, and Floyd counties, Indiana, Fouts data for the files. For those interested, thanks to Mrs. Smith, we now have a complete set of tombstone readings for the Fouts Cemetery, near New Washington, Indiana.


If you have written Dr. Davenport and have not yet received a reply, please be patient. With the move to New Mexico, correspondence has fallen three weeks behind --- you will get a reply.


Mrs. Irene J. Wilson, who was responsible for getting Dr. Davenport involved in Fouts genealogy --- on a dare --- in 1970, is still actively engaged in searching out family data. Her current project is to compile all Fouts marriages in Indiana before 1920. Mrs. Wilson resides in Plainfield, Indiana.


Neil E. Pfouts, of North Chili, N.Y., advises that he plans to sort out Pfoutz Valley in Perry Co., Pa., after he retires on May 19, 1982. Neil knows that his roots are traceable back to Pfoutz Valley, but he is still trying to identify which of the sons of "Baron" John Pfoutz was his ancestor --- Michael or David? John Leonard and George have already been eliminated.


No, 7 July, 1982 No, 7

Published by The Jacob Foutz Family Assn., Inc., 214 West Main St., Farmington, New Mexico 87401








Kinfolk and Friends, we have another of those cases of mistaken PFAUTZ roots --- and this one may have some of our Southern cousins high and dry, particularly if they are descendants of Joseph Ray and Mary Fouts and have obtained membership in the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution based on the military service of Leonard Fouts of Pennsylvania. Naturally, we cannot have more confusion without Pfoutz Valley being involved. But let's layout the two men in question;


(1) JOHN LEONARD PFOUTZ, oldest son of "Baron" John Pfoutz and his first wife Anna Klein, born 1742 in Strasburg Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa.; moved in late 1760s with father to Pfoutz Valley in the forks of the Susquehanna and Juniata rivers; married 1773 Mary Ann Crane; died 1813 in Jersey Shores, Lycoming Co., Pa. His children, order uncertain, were Leonard, John T. , Jacob W., Benjamin, Elizabeth, Leah, Margaret, Sarah, and Rachel.


(2) JOHN LEONARD FOUTS, fifth son of David Fouts, Sr. (otherwise Theobald Pfautz, Sr. immigrant of 1738) and Catherine Spengel, born cl755 on Pipe Creek waters, Frederick (now Carroll) Co., Md.; moved with family to Main Fork of Uwharrie, Rowan (now Randolph) Co., N.C., in 1762-63; married cl777 Catherine Shearer; died c18O5 in either Ashe Co., N,C., or on Green River waters, Kentucky. His children, order approximate, were Leonard, Mary, Joseph, George, John Martin (or John and Martin) Jacob, and three additional daughters yet unidentified.


Relative to the Revolutionary War, PFOUTZ was an active patriot, was Captain of the Pfoutz Valley Militia Company and did active duty with the Continental Establishment. He is certified as Pvt. John (P)Foutz by the DAR. As to FOUTS, he was a pacifist, most likely of the Dunker persuasion; was listed in Randolph Co., N.C., in 1778 as a nonjuror (refused to take the oath of allegiance to the new State of North Carolina) and subject to four-fold taxation (refused to bear arms, refused to cooperate in levying taxes for the conduct of the War), FOUTS was among those who were deprived of all Civil Rights, 1778-1787, because of their sectarian pacifism. He is not a candidate for DAR certification.


Considering the differences and distances, how you may well ask did the two get confused? How did FOUTS descendants get themselves SAR memberships on PFOUTZ' service record? The answer is that they did not--- for there was a Leonard Fouts in the Pfoutz Valley Militia Company. The tax lists for Greenwood Twp., Cumberland Co., Pa., including Pfoutz Valley, included a Leonard Pfoutz as well as a John Pfoutz, Jr., 1778-1780. Captain John Pfoutz was John Pfoutz, Jr.


None of John Pfoutz, Sr.'s sons was old enough to have had a son of Militia age by 1778 --- and John, Sr.' sons have been repetitiously proven to have been John Leonard (John, Jr.), Michael, George, and David. Period. In this instance, John and Leonard were not two different sons.


The matter is further confused by the fact. that a Leonard Fouts was listed on the rolls of the 2nd Company, 7th Battalion, Cumberland Co., Pa., Militia in 1780 and served a tour of active duty --- which would qualify his descendants for membership in either the NSDAR or NSSAR. This Leonard was also a resident of Greenwood Twp. (Pfoutz Valley), Were the John Fouts, who served in the 2nd Company, 4th Battalion, in 1777 and the Leonard Fouts who served in 1780 one and the same person. Other evidence suggests that they were.


Deed evidence is clear that John Leonard Pfoutz used the name Leonard through 1771---and thereafter used the name "John, Jr.," except for the 1778-80 period when he either used both names, and was assessed and paid taxes under both, and answered the Militia draft under the name that did not have prior service, or there was a misidentified Leonard Foust or Fought in Pfoutz Valley. However, all attempts to make two Pfoutz out of the John and Leonard tax listings of 1778-80 and the two service certificates, 1777 and 1780, have resulted in failure. Only one PFOUTZ, John, Jr., who was John Leonard, emerges.


Those who recall the history of "Baron" John Pfoutz will remember that he engaged in a large number of land speculations prior to the Revolution and was involved in a large number of litigations relative to land titles, illegal and fraudulent land warrants, etc., after 1775 --- and lost all of his lands, before and after his death, to Sheriff 's Sales in execution of judgments taken or rendered against him. John, Jr., was closely associated with his father in these activities after 1771 and owned no land himself when he died in 1813. The use of the two names, 1778-1780, may have been a ploy to distract creditors---the "Baron" had used the trick before --- and the tax rolls of 1785 seemingly included the taxables that Leonard was charged with in 1780 as assessment to John, Jr., while John, Sr., was charged with what John, Jr., had listed five years earlier. There was some sort of hanky-panky going on --- which the Courts apparently saw through.


As to FOUTS, he was "John Fouts, son of David" in Randolph Co. , N.C. , records in 1778, and John Fouts in Rowan Co., N.C., records, 1782-85, and also John Fouts in the mountain fastnesses of Wilkes (now Ashe) Co., N.C., in the late 1780s. There, he and his brother Peter both used the name "John" at various times. (Their eldest brother, John Daniel Fouts, of Randolph Co., went by John, Sr., his entire life.)


In late 1793 or early 1794, FOUTS moved to Kentucky. On 24 Mar 1794 at Harrodsburg, Mercer Co., Ky., he gave his approval to the marriage of his 15-year-old daughter Mary to Joseph Ray. The witnesses were Jurdan Gibson and John Anderson. North Carolina connections are circumstantial but plentiful. The Fouts and Rays were closely associated on the Forks of New River in Wilkes (later Ashe) Co., N.C., for the next Fifty years. A Jurdan Gibson was enumerated in the same militia company with John Fouts in Wilkes Co., N,C. A John Anderson was married to a niece of Leonard's and owned land on the Forks of New River in Carolina. In 1821, John Martin Fouts and John Anderson, from Carolina, settled on the Upper Red River in Louisiana.


Leonard Fouts had a land warrant in Muhlenberg Co., Ky., which he deeded to his son-in-law Joseph Ray and returned to North Carolina. In 1799, he made several land entries in newly erected Ashe County, but completed none of the surveys. No evidence of his existence has been found after 12 Feb 1800 when he made Entry No. 17 in Ashe Co., N.C. In 1809, Leonard, Jr., came into the picture:


July 7, 1809 - Heirs of Peter Eller, Decd., to Leonard Fouts, all of Ashe Co., N.C., in fulfillment of covenant made, 77 acres, being part of a tract of 200 acres belonging to Peter Eller, Decd., and where Andrew Baker gave to John Fouts the tract where Luke White now lives ... /s/ Peter Eller, Jacob Eller, George Koons, William Pennington, Wit; Thomas Calloway. (Ashe Co., N.C., Deeds, B:255)


Leonard Fouts, Jr., was an illiterate and married Sarah Younce, daughter of John Younce. He died in Murray Co., Georgia, in 1850. His brother Joseph, in Ashe County records in 1805, witnessing a deed of John Younce's to Frederick Black (the Dunker minister) died in Ashe County in the late 1850s. Jacob Fouts, another brother, married Mary M. Baker, daughter of the Andrew Baker, a Baptist minister, who had given John Leonard Fouts the land in the late 1780s. [The Editor has a complete, tedious, highly documented proof that John Fouts and Leonard Fouts, Sr., were one and the same man available to those interested. It covers seven pages --- send 35 cents and a SASE with 37 cents, postage thereon please.]


The bottom line is that there is no evidence that Leonard Fouts of Pennsylvania ever existed; that John Pfoutz, Jr., christened John Leonard, ever had a daughter named Mary; that John, Jr., was ever in Kentucky. To the contrary, Leonard Fouts of North Carolina was a documentable reality, had a daughter named Mary (who left a record of her brother George---and a George Fouts is in the Wilkes-Ashe Cos., N.C., records), and was in Kentucky --- holding land in the same Dunker settlement with a number of other North Carolinians.


But FOUTS was a nonjuring pacifist during the American Revolution.


Looks like the wrong man has been hung.




Order of Immigrant Ancestors

For reference as well as for the information of our new readers, we repeat the PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ Ancestor List in order of emigration from Germany to America to identify the subject matter within the purview of this Newsletter. There have been no additions since the list issued on July 1, 1981:


(A) Hans Michael PFAUTZ, Sr., of Lancaster Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1727.

(B) Jacob PFAUTZ, of York Co., Pa.; Immigrant before 1730.

(C) Theobald PFAUTZ, (David Fouts, Sr.), of Randolph Co., N.C.; Immigrant of 1738.

(D) John David PFAUTZ, of Washington Co., Md., (issue of first wife); Rowan - Davidson Cos.,

N.C. (issue of second wife), Immigrant of 1749.

(E) Conrad FOUTZ, of Franklin Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1752.

(F) Johann Jacob PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1773.

(G) Michael PFOUTS, Sr.. of Harrison Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1787.

(H) John FOUTS, of Morgan Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1820.

(I) Adam FOUTZ, of Adams Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1839.

(J) Jacob FOUTZ, of Baltimore Co., Md.; Immigrant of 1849.

(K) Lewis FOUTZ, of Montgomery Co., Ohio: Immigrant of 1850.

(L) Adam FOUTZ, of Dearborn Co., Ind.; Immigrant of 1854.

(M) William FAUTZ. of San Francisco, Calif., Immigrant of 1855.

(N) Gottlieb PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1857.

(0) William FOUTZ, of Norfolk, Va.; Immigrant of 1866.


In the Seventeenth Century (1600s) the PFAUTZ were located on both sides of the Neckar River, east of the Rhine, in what is now Baden and Wurtemberg States, Germany.








Thanks to Janet K. Pease, usually of Arvada, Colorado, but who is spending this summer in Moline, Illinois, we give you Fouts, etc., who were enumerated in the Indian Territory (within the present State of Oklahoma) in the Census of 1900. There was a separate enumeration for the, territory of Oklahoma --- which will be displayed in a later issue. These are Soundex (director listings and are abstracts. Complete data for each enumeration may be found by referring to the original Census books (on microfilm) per citations given.



Surname, First Name Birth Month, Year Age Birthplace Relationship


Creek Nation, Muscogee 15-60-21-77

FOUTS, Cora Jun 1871 28 Arkansas Head of Household

, Nora Aug 1892 7 Indian Terr. Daughter

HURST, James Apr 1872 28 Texas Boarder


Choctaw Nation, Twp. 2N, R25E, 12-87-16-25

FOUTS, Solon Jan 1877 23 Georgia Step-son

, Minnie Feb 1883 17 Arkansas Step-daughter

, Pearl Apr 1885 15

, Oscar May 1887 13 Step-son

, Lillie May 1891 9 Step-daughter

, Daisy Jan 1895 5

(In Household of John BEAMAN)


Cherokee Nation, Muldrow, 5-45-36-1

FAUTS, Elmer May 1868 32 Kansas Boarder

(In Household of William S. OLIVER)


Surname, First Name Birth Month, Year Age Birthplace Relationship


Cherokee Nation, T20N, R17E, 3-30-9-8

FOUTS ,Frank S. (No Personal Data Given) Laborer

(In Household of William L. McDANIEL)


Cherokee Nation, Twp. 13, 5-99-8-99

FOUTS ,H. E. Apr 1871 29 Indian Terr, Head of Household;

,E. L. Nov 1895 4 Son

,Maggie M. Jan 1899 1 Daughter

MORRIS ,Feby May 1881 19 Sister


Cherokee Nation, T20N. R15E, 3-31-5-1

FOUTS ,Jacob Oct 1849 50 North Carolina Head of Household

,Lucinda Sep 1847 52 Wife

,James Mar 1881 19 Georgia Son

,Clemmie May 1884 16 Daughter

STEARNS ,Joseph Feb 1880 20 Kansas Boarder


Cherokee Nation, Twp. 13, 5-44-8-94

FOUTS ,Jacob Jun 1830 70 North Carolina Head of Household

,Sam Aug 1868 31 Tennessee Son

BATEMAN ,M. M. Jun 1854 45 North Carolina Daughter

,Maujo Sep 1885 14 Indian Terr. Grandson

,James Nov 1887 12


Cherokee Nation, T20N, R15E, 3-31-5-6

FOUTS ,John May 1874 26 Georgia Head of Household

,Virginia Mar 1878 22 Missouri Wife


Cherokee Nation, T27N, R13E, 1.10-23-29

FOUTS ,Julius Mar 1861 39 Kansas Head of Household

,Minnie Nov 1871 29 Indian Terr. Wife

LONGBONE,Ray Aug 1890 9 Step-son

BEAVER ,Lizzie Nov 1854 46 Kansas Sister

LEE ,John Jul 1882 17 Indian Terr. Nephew

BEAVER ,Nellie Jul 1885 14 Niece

,Ollie Jul 1887 12 Niece

,Dalton Jun 1893 7 Nephew

(This is an Indian household)


Cherokee Nation, T25N, R22E, 1-7-18-86

FOUTS ,Noah Sep 1859 40 Missouri Head of Household

,Ella Dec 1863 36 Wife

,Frankie Nov 1889 10 Daughter

,William Jan 1895 5 Son

,Sula Jun 1900 1/12 Indian Terr. Daughter




End Indian Territory, Census of 1900 -





Bible Says Conrad Foutz Was Father of Indiana Mystery


Chloe Foutz of Lincoln, Nebraska, a descendant of Jacob Foutz of Sullivan Co., Indiana, telephoned Farmington from Terre Haute, Indiana, in mid-June to report that she was on the track of a Family Bible which presumably gave the parentage of her ancestor --- who appeared in Sullivan County in the late 1840s, soon married, and who was enumerated as a Broommaker, born in Maryland, in the Census of 1850. Chloe advised that she had not found the elusive Bible as yet, but she had found a transcription therefrom which stated that Jacob was the son of Conrad Foutz and Betsy Baker. Conrad Foutz, Jr., died in Dayton, Ohio, in October, 1843. in his Will, he listed John, Ann, Louisa, Cornelius, and Abraham as his children, but Montgomery Co., Ohio, deed records indicate that he also had an elder daughter Mary, who married Abraham Brandenberg on 30 4ar 1826 in Frederick Co., Maryland. Conrad and family, with the Brandenbergs, moved to Ohio before 1829. The wife or wives of Conrad, Jr., have thus far been unidentified. Of the five children mentioned in the Will, only Cornelius (the Neal Fox who served in the Mexican War and settled in Pike Co., Missouri) and Abraham (who was in Henderson Co., Illinois, in 1850) have been located. Was John a Jacob and Chloe Foutz' ancestor? When last heard from, she was on her way East to check out Cecil Co., Maryland.




June, 1984, is publication target-date for a Genealogy of the Descendants of Bishop Jacob Foutz and his wife Margaret Mann, whose descendants pioneered the Inter-Mountain West. During the upcoming year, the list of descendants will be brought up to date and the three missing grandchildren of the Bishop will be traced by Dr. Davenport. Simultaneously, Sheri Arnold (Dewey Foutz' eldest), Box 1048, Kirtland, N.M. 87417, will be collecting photographs, biographical sketches, historical excerpts, etc., to put color and description among all the "begats." Inasmuch as Dr. Davenport's inventory of the family records, reported on at the Foutz Reunion on May 31, indicated that family sheets had not been updated since the mid 1950s, all descendants of Bishop Jacob Foutz are asked to send updated family sheets, or complete sets of their FOUTZ Four-Generation family sheets to Dr. Davenport at 214 West Main St., Farmington, N.M. 87401. Send pictures, articles, biographical sketches, etc., to Sheri Arnold at the Kirtland, New Mexico, address.






Fouts-Foutz Nuptials In Washington County, Maryland


While passing through Hagerstown, Md., in February, 1978, Dr. Davenport stopped off at the Washington County Courthouse to cull Fouts, etc., out of the records. The early marriage records of Washington County were lost in a fire. However, an index of all marriage returns, 1799-1886, provides the basic data on those records which were lost. Some of these Foutz, etc., were residents of Franklin Co., Pa., and lived within ten miles of Hagerstown. Solemnizers (ministers or Justices of the Peace who performed the ceremony) provide a key to identifications. Leatherman, for example, was a Dunker (Brethren) minister.






Date of Marriage Parties to Marriage Solemnizer


2 Jan 1802 Jacob FOUTZ-Elizabeth STORM Rahauser

13 Sep 1802 Dorothy FOUTZ-Jacob CROW (Croll) Schmucker

23 Mar 1811 Charlotte FOUTZ-William BRENTLINGER Schafer

10 Jan 1816 William FOUTZ-Eliza EVERSOLE Rahauser

5 Nov 1818 Eve FOUTZ-Enoch BLOOM Kurtz


Date of Marriage Parties to Marriage Solemnizer


27 Mar 1821 Catherine PFOUTZ-Peter KOUTZ Reily

22 Feb 1830 David FOUTZ, Jr.-Magdalon EMMERT Funk

28 Mar 1833 Susan FOUTZ-Jacob BUCK Drane

29 Sep 1835 Elizabeth FOUTS-John BARNHISER Leatherman

5 Apr 1836 Elizabeth FOUTZ-Daniel FAULDER Leatherman


4 Mar 1839 Jackson Foutz - Mary ACKESON Douglas

5 Oct 1846 Magdalena FOUTZ-Samuel LAHMAN Funk

26 Dec 1846 Elizabeth PFOUTZ-John E. MELLINGER Calendar

26 Jun 1855 Susan Katherine FOUTZ-George Andrew WARNER Greenaway

4 Dec 1856 Rosanna FOUTZ-William KURFMAN Anspach


19 Mar 1857 Sarah M. FOUTZ-Elias M. FLINN Anspach

6 Aug 1858 Marion FOUTZ-Mary A. McCOLLISTER Burton

6 Apr 1859 George W. FOUTZ-Caroline WOLF Cranser

17 Nov 1879 Sally A. FOUTZ-Thomas J. NUNIMAKER Alford


There are Fouts, etc., Marriage Returns in Washington Co., Md., after 1886. Time limitations prevented any search beyond those Indexes noted.






Continuing our display of Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz, etc., who served in both the Union and Confederate ranks during the Civil War, this issue we present those who served in Indiana Volunteer Regiments:



ALBERT B. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. E, 115th Indiana infantry; enlisted 30 Jul 1863 at Perrysville, Indiana; mustered-in at Indianapolis 13 Aug 1863; ill with fever at Knoxville, Tennessee, from 28 Oct 1863 until regiment mustered-out 25 Feb 1864. In 1888, as a resident of Edgar Co., Illinois, Albert B. Fouts applied for an Invalid Pension stating that he was born in 1850, that he was a farmer by occupation, and that he had contracted lung fever at Blue Springs, Kentucky, while in the Service. Fouts died of a gunshot wound in Audrain Co., Missouri, before his Pension was approved. On 19 Dec 1894, Mary M. Fouts, his widow, applied for a pension, stating that Albert B. Fouts had died on 5 Dec 1894, that she had married him on 11 Apr 1865 in Edgar Co., Illinois, that she was at that time a resident of Audrain Co., Missouri, and that there were no surviving children under the age of 16 years. Her maiden name, per marriage certificate, was Mary E. Miller. The widow died 3 Aug 1921 while visiting in Christman, Edgar Co., Illinois, was buried in Audrain Co., Missouri. [Albert Benjamin Fouts was the son of Henry H. Fouts and Elizabeth Boswell of Edgar Co., Illinois. Ancestry B.]


ALFRED FOUTS - Pvt., Co. L, 3rd Indiana Cavalry; enlisted 9 Sep 1862 at Indianapolis, giving age as 27 years, occupation as farmer, and provided his own horse and equipment. No muster roll in or out, exist for his unit, Was given a disability discharge of 28 Mar 1863 for lung disease (tuberculosis) which medical officers diagnosed as having existed prior to his enlistment.. On 25 May 1880, Louisa E. Fouts, widow of Alfred Fouts, applied for a pension, stating that her husband had died 5 Mar 1880 at Nora, Marion Co. , Indiana, of lung disease, that she had married him on 1 Oct 1857 in Marion County, and that her maiden name was Louisa E. Osborne. Children under age 16 surviving Alfred were Albert Fouts, b. 3 Jul 1865, and Julia C. Fouts, b. 12 Dec 1866. The pensioned widow died 9 Mar 1912 in Marion Co., Indiana, [Alfred Fouts was the son of Jacob Fouts and Susannah ------- both born in Davidson (then Rowan) Co., N.C. Ancestry D, issue of Second Wife.]


ANDREW J. FOUTZ - Pvt., Co. B, 142nd Indiana infantry; enlisted and mustered-in 11 Oct 1864 at Indianapolis, giving age as 28, birthplace as Morgan Co., (West) Virginia, and occupation as farmer. Enlistment credited to Clay Twp., Carroll County. Listed as sick beginning 27 Feb 1865, then dead of small pox at Nashville, Tennessee, on 18 Mar 1865. On 17 Nov 1865, Elizabeth Foutz filed for a widow's pension, giving her age as 20 and providing evidence that she had married Andrew J. Foutz on 10 Sep 1864 in Jackson Twp., White Co., Indiana, and that there had been no issue of the marriage. Her maiden name was Vinage. Pension granted. Nothing further in file. [Andrew J. Foutz is believed to have been the son of William Foutz and Eliza Eversole of Morgan Co., (West) Virginia --- across the Potomac from Washington, Co., Md. Ancestry D, issue First Wife.]


DAVID R. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. F, 10th Indiana Infantry; enlisted at Lafayette 22 Aug 1861, mustered-in at Indianapolis 18 Sep 1861; mustered-out on completion of enlistment on 19 Sep 1864 at Indianapolis, having engaged in numerous campaigns and battles. Only personal data given in records is age 18 at time of enlistment. No pension file has been located. [From other sources, David R. Fouts was the son of John Fouts and Charity Myers, both born Davidson (then Rowan) Co., N.C., and was a first cousin of Alfred Fouts above. Following the Civil War, he resided in Boone Co., Indiana, where he married (1) Sarah Ann Peppeno, 28 Dec 1865, and (2) Jennie Peppeno, 17 Aug 1885. Death date and family composition unknown. Ancestry D, issue of Second Wife.]


GEORGE D. FOUTS - Pvt. , Co. C, 66th Indiana Infantry; enlisted at Corydon, Harrison Co. , Indiana, 7 Aug 1862; mustered-in at New Albany, 19 Aug 1862; discharged at Washington, D.C., 3 Jun 1865. On 10 Jul 1890, George D. Fouts applied for an Invalid's Pension, stating in various documents at various times that he was born 4 Mar 1844 at Bradford, Harrison Co., Ind.; that he had married Nancy Ann Byerly on 22 Nov 1866 at Corydon, Harrison Co.; and that his children were: Florence E., married name Sheets, b. 2 Nov 1868; Sophia A., b. 26 Dec 1871, and d. before 6 Apr 1915; Elba C., b. 10 Jul 1874; Claude J,, b. 15 Feb 1880; Golda R., b. 31 Oct 18 Della M., b. 20 Jan 1888; Nannie, b. 4 Jan 189L; and Earl J., b. 23 Dec 1893. George D. Fouts: died 27 Mar 1923 at Byrneville, Harrison Co., Indiana. his widow died 11 Mar 1932 in Georgetown, Floyd Co., Indiana. [George D. was the son of John Fouts and Rachel Ellis. John was born in Davidson (now Rowan) Co., N.C., and was a first cousin of the Jacob and John Fouts of Marion County whose sons also served. Ancestry D, issue of Second Wife.]


HENRY H. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. D, 21st Ohio Volunteer infantry (Three Months, 1861); lst Lt., cmdg. Co. E, 57th Indiana Infantry; enlisted 21st OVI 26 Apr 1861 at Ottawa, Putnam Co., Ohio; served with McClellan in West Virginia; mustered-out 12 Aug 1861 at Cleveland, Ohio; enlisted Co. E, 57th Indiana at Richmond, Wayne Co., 14 Nov 1861; mustered-in at Indianapolis 22 Nov 1861; rose from Pvt. to 1st Sgt. during first enlistment; fought in the Battles of Chaplin Hill Ky., and Stone River, Tennessee; re-enlisted as Veteran Volunteer, 1 Jan 1864, at Banes Crossroads, Tennessee; promoted to lst Lt., 6 Nov 1864, at Pulaski, Tennessee; mustered-out 14 Dec 1865 at Victoria, Texas. In 1894, Henry H. Fouts, of Schuyler, Colfax Co., Nebraska, filed an application for an Invalid's pension, stating in various documents that he was born in 1837 in Wayne Co., Ohio; that he married Mary Jane Annen on 25 May 1876 in Fremont, Dodge Co., Nebraska; and that he had no children. Henry H. Fouts died in Schuyler on 20 Apr 1904. While in Nebraska to attend his funeral, his brothers Joseph W. Fouts, of Burlington Junction, Missouri, and Samuel E. Fouts, of Westerville, Ohio, gave a deposition in support of their sister-in-law's application for a Widow's pension. The widow died 30 Oct 1923, also at Schuyler. [This is another of the sons of Henry Pfouts and Fanny Gable of Franklin Co., Pennsylvania, and Wayne-Richland Cos., Ohio. The boys were left orphans in the mid-1840s. All five served in the Union Army. This family held three Civil War military service records: (1) most sons from one family in service; (2) most different units and enlistments: five (5) by Samuel W.; longest period of service: four and one-half years by Henry H. These are "Fouts, etc." records --- all were exceeded by others. Ancestry A.]


JAMES E. FOUTS - Capt. , Co. C, 38th Indiana Infantry; raised Company and was mustered-in as Captain at New Albany, 18 Sep 1861 ; on recruiting duty 8 Feb 1862 to 22 Dec 1862 when rejoined unit; was killed at the Battle of Scone River, Tennessee, 31 Dec 1862. On 14 Mar 1863, Sarah E. Fouts, widow of James, filed for a pension, stating that she was married to the decedent on 28 Feb 1856, that her maiden name had been Sarah J , Porter , and that no child or children survived him. Her pension certificate was issued on 4 Dec 1863, made retroactive to 31 Dec 1862. Thereafter the file is silent, [James E. Fouts was the son of Angus Fouts and Mary Boles of Scott Co., Indiana, Ancestry C.]


JACOB D. FOUTS - 2nd Sgt., Co. A, 82nd Indiana Infantry; enlisted North Madison, Indiana, 15 Aug 1862; mustered-in at Indianapolis, 30 Aug 1862; for Valor in Action was listed on Army's Roll of Honor and assigned to the Light Battalion on 25 Feb 1863 ; mustered -out near Washington, D.C., 9 Jun 1865. On 25 Oct 1911 Jacob D. Fouts, of Ma1aga, Eddy Co., New Mexico, filed for a pension, stating in various documents at various times that he was born in Clark Co., Indiana in 1841, that he had married Martha A. Passwater in Clark Co., Indiana, on [5] Apr 1870; that he had children: Maude, b. 1 Mar 1872, and Everett E., b. 3 Apr 1874; that he had led a nomadic life since the Civil War, living in Indiana, 1865-67; Nebraska, 1867-77; Texas, 1877-80; New Mexico, 1880-83; Kansas, 1883-1909; New Mexico, 1909-1911; back to Kansas; then to Doxey, Beckham Co., Oklahoma, where he died 18 Dec 1927. His wife preceded him in death. [Jacob D. Fouts was the son of Edward Fouts and Martha Stark of Washington Twp. , Clark Co., Indiana, and was a first cousin of Capt. James Fouts above, Ancestry C.]


JOEL A. FOUTS - Pvt. , Co. C, 6th Indiana Cavalry,, enlisted Delphi, Carrol Co., Indiana, 7 Mar 18 . as a replacement for the 5th Indiana Cavalry; assigned to Co. K; left sick at McMinnville Tennessee, and picked up by Co. C, 6th Indiana Cavalry; returned to 5th Cavalry by Army order, was lost in paper work of both regiments; individually mustered-out at Indianapolis, 15 Sep 1865. (There are four different files for Joel in the Indiana Archives --- one with the 5th, one with the 6th, one as a replacement that was never picked up by a regiment, and one that wanders around in quandary, All four files concern the same man.) On 23 Jul 1870, Joel A, Fouts, of Macon Co., Illinois, filed for an Invalid's pension---the file continued for at least sixty years, was still open when the Veteran's Administration took over the files and closed off public access to pension data. [By our own Fouts Data, Joel A. Fouts died 20 Apr 1931 in Napa Co., California, at the age of 84.] By various statements, Joel A. Fouts was born 16 March 1847 in Carroll Co., Indiana; was married to Martha A. Hetler on 2 Mar 1867 in Koskiusko Co., Indiana; had children---,Mary, b. 18 Apr 1868; Lillia, b. 31 May 1870; Jacob M., b. 15 Jan 1874; William, b. 7 Aug 1877; Ola May, b. 26 Dec 1879; Maud, b. 3 Jan 1882; Benjamin, b. 18 Mar 1884; and Gurie V. , b. 22 Jun 1886 (on 23 Nov 1917, Joel A. stated that the three youngest were all dead). No further data. (If Indiana had four files on Joel, guess how many files the Federals had on him? Much of his file space is taken up by a bureaucratic maze of trying to determine where Fouts was for two-thirds of his Civil War service. [Joel A. was the son of Leonard Fouts and Elizabeth Replogle of Carroll Co. , Indiana, who moved to Macon Co., , Illinois, during their son's service. Joel was a blacksheep of sorts --- he was the only one of his large family who broke away from Brethren (Dunker) pacifism, Ancestry C.]


JOHN FOUTZ - Pvt. , Co. F, 154th Indiana Infantry;; enlisted 11 Apr 1865 at Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co.; mustered-in 17 Apr 1865 at Indianapolis; listed as deserter 21 Apr 1865 at Camp Carrington, Maryland; entry subsequently changed to "Malingerer, Left at Home"; discharged 13 May 1865. On 21 Jul 1904, John Foutz of Kingman Co., Kansas, filed for an Invalid's pension. In support of his application, Foutz stated that he was born 20 May 1839 in St. Joseph Co., Indiana; that his first wife was Nettie Leach who he had married in 1860 in Clinton Co., Indiana; that his second wife was Missouri Cauthorn, no date or jurisdiction given; and that he had three children Lewis, b. 1859; Emma, married name Rayl, b. 1860; and Ernest, b. 1878; that he had moved to Kansas from Indiana in 1882; that he was a farmer by occupation. Foutz' pension claim was rejected as being without entitlement; he had not rendered the 90 days of service required. [John Foutz was the son of Daniel Foutz and Catherine Albaugh of Preble Co., Ohio; St. Joseph and Fayette Cos., Indiana. Ancestry A.]


JOHN A. FOUTS - Sgt., Co. E , 29th Indiana infantry ;; enlisted 6 Sep 1861 at Logansport, Cass Co., Indiana; mustered-in to Federal Service 12 Sep 1861 at LaPorte, Indiana; fought in the Battles of Shiloh, Corinth, Stone River, and was wounded at Chickamauga; re-enlisted as a Veteran Volunteer and re-mustered at Chattanooga, 23 Feb 1864, credited to Fulton Co., Indiana; mustered-out 2 Dec 1865 at Marietta, Georgia. On 12 Mar 1868, John A, Foutz, of Rochester, Fulton Co., Indiana, applied for an invalid's pension on the basis of his left leg having been broken and wounded by Confederate rifle fire at the Battle of Chickamauga. in the years that followed, he stated that he had been born 7 May 1844 in Montgomery Co., Ohio; that he had lived in Fulton Co., Indiana, until 1876 when he had moved to Osborne Co., Kansas; that he married M. E. Ferguson on 29 Apr 1881 in Osborne County; that he had children --- Maud, b. 1880, died in infancy; Frank E., b. 11 Mar 1881; Twins (No names given), b. 1883, died in infancy; Roy A,, b. 1889; and Helen, b. 1893. On 26 Dec 1918, Mary E. Fouts filed for a Widow's pension, stating that John A. Fouts had died 28 Nov 1918 in Osborne, Kansas, leaving no children under the age 16 years. The claim was complicated by a previous wife, Nancy Ella Willis, married 13 Feb 187? and divorced prior to moving to Kansas---of whom the Widow had had no prior knowledge. But the pension was granted, and the Widow Mary E. Fouts died 25 Apr 1924 in Osborne, Kansas. [John A. Fouts was the son of David R. Fouts and Sarah Mast, both of whom were born in Ashe Co., N,C Ancestry C paternally, possibly C also maternally.]


JOHN W. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. I, 51st Indiana infantry; ddrafted 19 Oct 1864 from residence in Carrollton Twp., Carroll Co.; sent to Recruit Depot, Bridgeport, Alabama, variously listed as sick in hospital, absent without leave, and as a deserter in another records mess; discharged 26 Aug 1865 under War Dept. Special Orders, never having served one day with his company. On 9 Jan 1890, John W. Fouts, of Clinton Co., Indiana, filed for an Invalid pension, stating that he had been born in 1831 in Preble Co., Ohio. Because of the mix-up in his records, Fouts was unable to obtain a pension prior to his death on 27 Feb 1900. His widow immediately filed for a pension, stating that she had married Fouts on 26 Sep 1872 in Carroll Co., Indiana, under her maiden name of Barbara E. Kirk. There was some delay in granting the pension while Mrs. Fouts explained why she had used the name Kirk when her surname was Kirkpatrick, but there was no mention of John W.'s first wife Amanda J. Cook, which he had married 26 Oct 1854 in Carroll Co., nor was there any mention of children. The pensioned widow died in Carroll Co., Indiana, on 5 May 1916. [John W. Fouts' parentage is yet unidentified. He had left home before the Census of 1850, appears to have been enumerated in Independence, Warren Co., Indiana, in that year, living alone and working as a laborer. The Preble Co., Ohio, birthplace could be either Ancestry A, B, or C. Help with this identification would be appreciated.]


JOSEPH FOUTS - Pvt., Co. C, 31st Indiana Infantry; eenlisted 5 Sep 1861 at Terre Haute; mustered into Federal Service 20 Sep 1861 at Terre Haute; fought in Battles of Fort Donelson, and Shiloh; deserted; returned from desertion and taken prisoner at the Battle of Stone River, confined at Libby Prison, Richmond, Va.; exchanged 21 Jan 1863; died of gunshot wound to the head in Indianapolis on 5 Jun 1863 while on exchanged prisoner parole. The investigating officer's report stated that Fouts was fishing in the White River at Indianapolis, while awaiting transportation to rejoin his regiment, when he was shot and robbed by assailants unknown. On 15 Jun 1863, Abbey Fouts, a resident of Belair, Clay Co., Indiana, filed for a widow's pension, alleging that she was married to Joseph B. Fouts on 9 Apr 1863, at Belair, Clay Co., that her maiden name was Abbey Harmon. Abbey's illiteracy and an alleged son, William Fouts, born 20 Aug 1862 prior to the marriage complicated the claim. After a full disclosure in 1866, the Widow apparently abandoned the claim. (She remarried in 1871.) [Joseph B. Fouts was the youngest child of George Washington Fouts and Sarah Wilson, of Riley Twp., Vigo Co., Indiana. Ancestry B.]


PHILLIP FOUTS - Pvt., Co. C, 65th Indiana Infantry; eenlisted Pike Co., Indiana, 15 Jul 1862. mustered-in 20 Aug 1862 at Camp Lewis, Evansville; in continuous combat with Army of Cumberland until 15 Jan or 1 Feb 1864 when he was admitted to the Army Hospital at Knoxville, Tenn., with a gunshot wound in the right thigh, subsequently contracted small pox, but died of wound complications 12 Mar 1864. Fouts' records became mired in a confusion with Phillip Fout, of the same regiment who had small pox in the same hospital at the same time; with Phillip Foust, 2nd Indiana Cavalry, who also suffered a gunshot wound in the right thigh and died the same day in the same hospital. This was the way that the Army had it until 19 Apr 1884 when Nancy Ann Dunning, age 70, mother of Phillip Fouts, applied for a Dependent Mother's pension, stating her son had died 19 Sep 1877 in Pike County, Indiana, of chronic diarrhea --- which he had contracted while in service near Ramsey in the State of Kentucky. The Mother stated that she had married Phillip's father.[unidentified] in Pike County on 20 Feb 1831, that said father had died 1 Nov 1840, and that her second husband, Henderson Dunning had died 5 Dec 1867, and that thereafter she was totally supported by her unmarried, childless son Phillip until his death. The Adjutant Generals Office had to take the time to straighten out the name confusion--subsequently reported that Phillip was the one admitted to the hospital on 1 Feb 1863 and had apparently returned to his regiment without having been officially released by the hospital (No "exit" record) --- hence the misidentification and "death" (Phillip Foust, the Cavalryman, was the wounded man who died); and that he had served until the expiration of his enlistment and been mustered-out with his unit on 22 Jun 1865. The mother was still pressing the claim in 1886, either died or abandoned the effort thereafter. [Phillip Fouts was the son of John Fouts and Nancy McCreary of Clay Twp., Pike Co., Indiana. Ancestry C.]





We apologize for the long-winded nature of these sketches, but none of these Hoosiers did simple service. There are seven files remaining --- and each is as distinctive, or as colorful as those given above. Of the seven remaining, five died in the service or shortly thereafter.'


Queries --- Fouts, Etc., and Related


FOUTZ-PFAUTZ and ALLEMAN: My ggg-grandfather Conrad Alleman, b. 16 Jun 1783, d. 28 Sep 1844, both Dauphin Co., Pa., m. Mary Sellers, b. 20 Feb 1783, d. 8 Mar 1858. Both buried Shenks Union Meeting House Cemetery, Deodate, Conewago Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa.. Conrad's parents were Henry and Anna Maria Alleman. Is my ggg-grandfather Conrad Alleman the same Conrad Alleman born to Henry and Anna Maria (Pfautz) Alleman on 15 Jan 1783, baptized 15 Jun 1783? Anna Maria was a daughter (the eldest) of Conrad Pfautz or Foutz, Sr., of Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa., later of Franklin Co., Pa.. First Conrad Alleman dates taken from tombstone. Second set of dates taken from Register of Marriages and Baptisms Kept by The Rev. Taugott Frederick Illing, E.W.A. Parthemore (ed.), Harrisburg, Pa.: Harrisburg Publishing Co., 1894. Does anyone know of the whereabouts of the Rev. Illing's original records? Daniel F. Theurer, 151 East Penning Ave., Wood River, Illinois 62095.


FOUTS-HOOVER: Jacob Pfautz, Sr., Ancestor B, was father of Anna Margaret Pfautz, b. 1722, who married Andreas Huber/Andrew Hoover, Sr.. The Hoovers had 13 children, born in Maryland and North Carolina. Would like to correspond with any and all Fouts (Pfautz)-Hoover descendants, especially those in Southwestern Ohio who married into FRIEND, PEARSON, and other Quaker families. Susannah Hoover, b. 1790, North Carolina, was my ancestor. Corinne Hanna Diller, 8072 Ravenswood Circle, Apt. 551, Houston, Texas 77055.


Queries are run on a space available basis and are without charge. Queries must be related to the Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz Family --- and are subject to editing. If a query can be answered from the Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz Research center files, it will be answered by return letter. Send all queries to Editor, NEWSLETTER, at the JFFA address on the front page.


Queries received by September 1 will be published in the October NEWSLETTER (No. 8)




Dr. Davenport may now be reached by telephone without going through the Allen Theaters switchboard. Phone (505) 327-9263. The telephone is answered only by Dr. Davenport. If no answer, he is not in the office. The Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz Research Center-Dr. Davenport's office in Farmington is easily found on Main Street. The door is aspen yellow and the black lettering can be read from across the street on a cloudy day. The street light in front is on all night.


Mrs. Henry Pochmann (Virginia Ruth Fouts) of Nacogdoches, Texas, advises that she has established a Fouts-Pochmann Scholarship at Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, honoring her husband Henry Pochmann and brother Wilbur Courtland Fouts, both, of whom were distinguished in academia and business and who died in 1972-73. Mrs. Pochmann was one of the pioneer Fouts family searchers. Her book, Some Early Texas Families, including the Fouts, was published almost thirty years ago. Her Fouts notes have been especially helpful to later researchers.


VOLUNTEERS WANTED! If you are a descendant of Theobald Pfautz (David Fouts, Sr.), Immigrant of 1738, and are willing to help put together a genealogy of Theobald's descendants, please advise Dr. Davenport at 214 West Main Street, Farmington, N.M. 87401. There Is still much South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas work to be done. Much to be done in North Central Indiana also. (The Theobald family started from the largest base and scattered the farthest and soonest of any of Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz. It's a heck of a collection job.)


Elwood Walker of Caldwell, New Jersey, in a letter to JFFA President Dean Foutz, has wondered why the NEWSLETTER could not be published on 8 ½ x 11 paper --- so it could be punched and collected in notebooks. The 8 ½ x 14 size, Elwood correctly states, does not lend itself to easy notebook management. The answer --- blame it on the U.S. Postal Service. In order to avail ourselves of the timeliness of First Class Mail delivery and still to keep the weight to one ounce (20 cents in postage), we found that our optimum size was four sheets of 8 ½ x 14 paper per issue, lithographed on both sides, which, with staple, came to precisely one ounce. Five sheets of 8 ½ x 11 would actually give us too much weight, less copy space, and 25% more printing cost. But, as Woody Walker admitted, 8 ½ x 14 does reduce down nicely to 8 ½ x 11 if you have access to a Copier.

Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz Newsletter


No. 8 October, 1982 No, 8

Published by The Jacob Foutz Family Assn., Inc., 214 West Main St., Farmington , New Mexico 87401








Like Hans Michael Pfautz, Sr., immigrant of 1727, John David Pfautz, immigrant of 1749, has been found in Lutheran parish records in Germany and in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. But the records are fragmentary in both places and leave as much unanswered as revealed. John David is unique, however, in having had two wives and two families, each of a decidedly different nature and settlement locale.


According to the Lutheran parish records in Merchingen, Baden (Germany), Johann David Pfautz, and his wife Maria Agnes settled in that community before the birth of their son Johann Frederick Pfautz, who was baptized on 8 Jun 1737. Five more infants were born to the couple by late 1746, but all died in infancy: Christian Dietrich Paulus Pfautz, 11 Dec 1739-1 Oct 1740; (b) Friederica Juliana Dorothea Pfautz, 22 Jul 1741-Late 1741; (c) Benedicta Christiana Dorothea Margaret Pfautz, 12 Jul 1743-25 Jul 1743; (d) Reinhard Dieterich Pfautz, 23 Sep 1744-16 Nov 1744; and (e) Johann David Pfautz, 29 Nov 1746-2 Aug 1747. An elder daughter, Charlotte, born before Frederick elsewhere also survived.


David Pfautz arrived in Philadelphia in early October, 1749 on the ship “Christian” from Rotterdam via Cowes, England. The passengers were described as being from Wurtemberg, Alsace, and Zweibreck. (The Pfautz family was located on both sides of the Lower Nekar River, the dividing line between Baden and Wurtemberg.) By 1752, Pfautz was located in Lancaster Borough, Pa., and was engaged in carpentry and cabinet making.


On 6 Jan 1754, Charlotte Pfautz, presumably David's eldest surviving child, married John Michael Lentz at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster Borough. On 24 Jul 1759, Johann David Pfautz, widower and cabinetmaker, married Anna Barbara, Widow Hahn, at Trinity Lutheran. For at least three more years, Pfautz remained in Lancaster Borough and appeared on the tax lists as a renter through 1763. He is yet to be found in records thereafter, but he was quite active. for a number of years to come. We will leave him for the moment.


On 15 Dec 1762 , Frederic Foutz, son of John David, married Susanna Christie St. James Episcopal Church in Lancaster Borough. By the birth of their first child, Nancy Ann, 15 Jun 1763 the Foutz were back in good graces with the Lutherans, for the child was baptized at Holy Trinity 10 Jul 1763. On 18 Nov 1764, the couple baptized their first son Jacob Pfautz, born 4 Sep 1764, at Holy Trinity. Thereafter, they apparently converted Dunker and engaged in no further infant baptisms. Thereafter and until the Revolution, Frederick Foutz drops from readily accessible records.


During the Revolution, Frederick Foutz was a farmer in Earl Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., and was listed as a Non-Associator, or one who refused to engage in war, participate in the Militia, or to pay war levy taxes. In the Census of 1790, Frederick was enumerated in Hempfield Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., with a large household. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Washington Co., Maryland, where he bought the first land held in his own name on the waters of Conococheage Creek, a short distance northeast of Clear Spring, just below the Pennsylvania line. Here Frederick Foutz died during the Christmas season, 1806.


Frederick Foutz's estate was substantial. In addition to his wife Susanna, who died in Washington Co., Md., in 1827, age 84, Frederick's heirs and children were: Nancy Ann, m. Balzer DAUM (Thom); Jacob, m. Elizabeth STORM (Sturm); William, m. Eliza EVERSOLE; Elizabeth, m. Jacob ALTER; Henry, m. Susanna GANTZ; John, never married; David, m, Rosanna SMITH (Schmidt); daughter name unknown, m. David STUTZMAN; George, m. Rosanna ?; Frederick, Jr., possibly married three times under name of John Fouts; Mary, m. William CREAGER; and Charlotta, m. William BRENTLINGLR. With the exception of David and John Frederick, the sons all married late and had only one or two children. With the exception of David, all of Frederick's children either remained in the Maryland-Pennsylvania area or settled in Northeast Ohio. David, of Frederick, by 1798 was settled in Randolph Co., N.C., where he had land adjacent to John Daniel and Jacob Fouts, sons of Theobald, immigrant of 1738, who, in turn, were located near or adjacent to Fouts belonging to Jacob, immigrant before 1730. Two miles north and slightly west of David in 1798 was located the Widow Fouts and her Fouts and Hon (Hahn) sons. But the Widow and her family had been in that area of North Carolina, according to the records, for twenty years when David of Frederick appeared from, Washington Co., Md.


In the Census of 1800, a circle of less than six miles in diameter, centering a mile east of the Rowan (now Davidson)-Randolph County Line near Hoover's Mill would have encompassed Fouts of Jacob (before 1730), Fouts of Theobald (1738), David of Frederick (John David's first wife's issue), and Fouts of John David (including the Widow Barbara, her Hahn children and her Fouts children). Despite this close proximity, we still do not know the relationship between Jacob, Theobald, or John David.


To conclude comments about John David's first family, no tracing has been attempted for Charlotte Pfautz Lentz---but there were Lentz among the Carolina German Lutherans settled just West of the Fouts; the Daums (as Toms) were prominent in Franklin Co., Pa.; Jacob's family seemingly petered out; William had either a small or a large family in Morgan Co., (W) Virginia, just across the Potomac from Washington Co., Md., and was a miller; the Alters were prominent in Cumberland Co., Pa.; Henry's Jacob was a prominent builder in Cleveland, Ohio, and sired the prestigious Fouts of NE Ohio; the daughter who married the Stutzman died before her father and left only one child, Jacob Stutzman; David is mentioned below; George apparently became a Dunker minister and died in Washington Co., Md.; Frederick, of John after 1810, was a hatmaker and had a small family in Washington County before relocating to Jefferson Co., Ohio, where he was married; and widowed without children, then relocated to Wayne Co., Ohio, where he married and had five children --- these were the Fouts of Hardin Co., Iowa; the Creagers remained in Washington County; and the Brentlingers settled in Northeast Ohio also. There are a lot of missing pieces to all of these families.


In 1779, the Entry Taker in Rowan County, N.C., accepted an entry on the waters of Hambys Creek which "included the Widow Fouts’ and Andrew Garren's improvements." Neither the Widow nor Garren had preemption land rights and even if they had been so vested, they could not have stopped the exploitation, for both were recorded nonjuring pacifists, likely of the Brethren (Dunker) persuasion, but there were both Mennonites and Dunkers in the neighborhood. Ultimately, the Widow's sons were able to acquire the land, but it took them more than fifteen years to clear their titles.


By 1792, it was apparent that the Widow had five sons: Nicholas, Peter, David, John, and Jacob. Jacob either moved elsewhere or died in 1792, for he has not been found in the records afterwards. But Nicholas, Peter, David, and John are highly visible in the records --- wherever they went. Full definitions of their families have not been made, but most of the evidence has been collected. There is no indication that there were any daughters in the second family,


Both Nicholas and Peter moved from North Carolina to Washington Co., Maryland, in the mid 1780s, but were located near the Hons on the Waters of Antietam northeast of Hagerstown---the opposite side of the County from where Frederick Foutz later bought land. By 1790-91, both were back on Hambys Creek. Nicholas had a large family of daughters, but his last child, born in 1815, was a son --- who was named David. Peter died in Rowan (now Davidson) Co., N.C., in 1812. By the late 1830s, all of his family, except eldest son David --- who remained in Davidson County, were located in Pike Twp., Marion Co., Indiana.


David Fouts, son of John David and the Widow Hahn, moved to Indian Creek waters in Lincoln Co., N.C., in 1802, then to Indian Creek waters of Harrison Co., Indiana Territory, in 1816, where, he died in 1817. His eldest son David was one of the ministers of the Dunker congregation near Bradford, Harrison County. George Hon, from North Carolina, was another minister. The Hon-Fouts cemetery in Bradford is a long way from Trinity Lutheran in Lancaster, Pa., but it is a direct derivative of the, 1759 marriage.


John Fouts seemingly remained in North Carolina. His eldest son was named David also --- so anyone wondering about the three David Fouts in Rowan-Davidson Cos., N.C. , in the Censuses of 1850, be advised that they were David of Nicholas (the youngest), David of Peter, and David of John. David of David was in Harrison Co., Indiana.


Now, about David Fouts of Frederick who was settled among all the other Fouts in North Carolina in 1800. In 1802, more or less by himself, he moved to German Twp., Montgomery Co., Ohio, but when the rest of the Fouts from Carolina moved there in 1803, David picked up and moved to adjoining Preble Co., Ohio, where he died in the early 1840s. This David's David settled in the Nettle Creek Congregation of the brethren in western Wayne Co. , Indiana, and his Michael settled among the Brethren in Miami Co., Indiana. The rest of his children stayed put in Preble County or move a tad north into Darke Co., Ohio.


There's more to this story, but we're Davided-out at the moment.




Thanks to Karen Finley, Route 1, Brandon, Iowa 52210, who responded to a Fouts Query in the Hawkeye Heritage, we now have a copious amount of data in the files concerning Jacob Fouts and wife Elizabeth Fincher, Daniel Fouts and wife Margaret Shaffer, John Oldfather and his wife Susanna Fouts, and Solomon Yount and his wife Eva Fouts, all of whom played a role in the pioneering days of Buchanan Co., Iowa, particularly in and around Brandon. These Fouts, all children of Michael Fouts and Elizabeth Sinks (born in North Carolina) of German Twp., Montgomery Co., Ohio, moved from Ohio to Warren Co., Indiana; then to Green Co., Wisconsin; then, after the Census of 1850, to Buchanan Co., Iowa. Although the group had been Quaker and Dunker in its North Carolina and Ohio origins, it was prominent in establishing the Disciples of Christ in Buchanan County.


Mrs. Finley is not a Fouts descendant but is the local historian for the Brandon area and has done all of the Fouts and their in-laws because the family was so prominent---as well as numerous---in local history. Mrs. Finley warns that data concerning these Fouts in the President Hoovers Genealogy seemingly stops at 1911 and includes several errors of misidentification. Those interested may obtain copies of Mrs. Finley's material by writing Dr. Davenport at Farmington, N.M..







Again thanks to Janet Pease of Arvada, Colorado, we give you those Fouts, etc., who were enumerated in Minnesota and the Dakotas in 1900. These are Soundex directory listings and are, abstracts. Complete data for each entry may be found by referring to the original Census books (on microfilm) per citations given,


Minnesota, 1900

Surname First Name Birth Date Age Birthplace Relationship


Pope County, Westport Twp., 43-251-2-74

FOUTS ,Richard M. Sep 1850 49 Ohio Head of Household

,Ella May 1856 44 Wife

,Hazel Jun 1890 9 Minnesota Daughter

,Jennie Apr 1892 8


Todd County, Bertha Twp., 62-183-4-31

FOUTS ,Charles A. Aug 1852 46 Iowa Head of Household

,Grace P. Jan 1872 28 Kansas Wife

,Vida L. Apr 1893 7 Nebraska Daughter


Kandiyohe County, City of Raymond, 27-68-6-53

FOUTS ,Charley Feb 1867 33 Illinois Head of household

,Viola Oct 1867 30 Wife

,Chester Nov 1892 7 Son




Surname First Name Birth Date Age Birthplace Relationship


Stevens County, City of Morris, 60-265-21-30

FOUTS ,Dallas Dec 1872 27 Illinois Head of Household

,Helene Sep 1877 22 Vermont Wife

,Gladis May 1897 3 Minnesota Daughter


Kandiyohe County, City of Raymond, 27-68-6-72

FOUTS ,William V. H. Oct 1842 57 Pennsylvania Boarder


South Dakota, 1900


Brown County, Detroit Twp., 2-53-4-46

FOUTS ,Albert B, Oct 1878 21 Michigan Head of Household

,Cora E. Oct 1876 23 Michigan Wife

,Hellen M, Jan 1900 4/12 South Dakota Daughter

KING ,Burt W. Oct 1876 23 Michigan Boarder


Brookings County, Oak Lake Twp., 2-23-8-11

FOUTS ,Mamie Aug 1874 25 Iowa Sister

(In household of Sherman Ibach)


Brookings County, White Village, 2-30-1-56

FOUTS ,Mammie Jul 1876 23 Iowa Lodger

(In household of Hattie S. White)


Brown County, Claremont Twp., 2-51-7-32

FOUTS ,Robert F. Apr 1855 45 Ohio Head of Household

,Caroline L. Aug 1856 43 Michigan Wife


Meade County, Fort Meade, 11-49-1-48

FOUTS ,Clity E. Jun 1877 23 Maryland Soldier

(In Co. G, 1st U.S. Cavalry)


North Dakota, 1900


Foster County, Pleasant Valley Twp., 4-53-5-16

FOUTS ,Chancery Jan 1875 25 Indiana Servant

(In household of Nels Heigg)












In the early-to-mid-I790s, a Jacob Foutz of unproven origins but believed to have been a son of Conrad Foutz, Sr., of Dauphin Co., Pa., settled in Bedford Co., Virginia, close to where the Blue Ridge lowers into an easy passage east and west. Accordingly, Foutz' children married in Bedford Co., east of the Blue Ridge, and Botetourt Co., west of the Blue Ridge, prior to 1850. The family is numerous today in nearby Roanoke. Here are some of the earliest marriages:


14 Mar 1818 John FOUTS to Elizabeth SPECKART, daughter of Henry Speckart. Bonded by Henry Speckart in Botetourt Co.

11 May 1821 Phebe FOUTZ to Henry SPECKARD, Bonded by Jacob Foutz in Bedford Co. Married by Elder Joel Crumpacker [Dunker Minister], 15 May 1821,

10 Nov 1823 Abraham FOUTZ to Polly CUNDIFF, with consent of Polly's guardian William Dickerson bonded by Charles Craigh in Bedford Co.

19 Dec 1824 Jacob FOUTZ to Hetty SPICKARD, daughter of Henry Spickard, Bonded by Henry Spickard in Botetourt Co., Married by Joel Crumpacker, 23 Dec 1824.

20 Nov 1826 Daniel FOUTZ to Polly BUFORD, daughter of John Buford. Bonded by John Buford in Bedford Co. Married by James Leftwich [Dunker Minister], 7 Dec 1826,

22 Dec 1826 Betsy FOUTZ to Jeremiah W. Quarles, Betsy the daughter of Jacob Foutz. Bond not in extant files, but indexed in Bedford Co.

2 Feb 1827 George FOUTZ to Milly BUFORD, daughter of John Buford, Bonded by Lawson Lawhorn in Bedford Co. Married by James Leftwich, 27 Feb 1827.

24 Jan 1842 William W. FOUTZ to Elizabeth BAKER Bonded by William Baker and Henry Baker in Botetourt Co.

4 Nov 1844 Greenville FOUTS to Sarah Ann Lehman, daughter of John Lehman. Bonded by John Lehman in Botetourt Co. [Greenville's parentage still undetermined --- he moved family to Indianapolis after Civil War and died there.]

15 Dec 1845 - John FOUTZ to Priscilla WEAVER, daughter of Gabriel Weaver. Bonded by Green Dean in Bedford Co. Married by William Harris, 18 Dec 1845.

20 Mar 1848 Green B. FOUTS to Mary L. P. EDWARDS, bonded by Peter M. Wright in Bedford Co.

29 Dec 1848 Martha Ann FOUTZ, to Benjamin ZIMMERMAN, daughter of Jacob, Decd., Bonded by Greenville FOUTZ in Botetourt Co.

29 Dec 1849 Green B, FOUTS to Martha A. OVERSTREET, Bonded by Isaac L. James in Bedford Co. Married by Thomas C. Coggins, 3 Jan 1850.

11 Mar 1850 Jacob FOUTZ to Emeline HARKRIDER, Bonded by John Thrasher in Roanoke Co.

24 Nov 1851 William W. FOUTZ, son of Abraham Foutz, to Frances ANDERSON, daughter of William Anderson. Bonded by LeRoy C. James in Bedford Co. Married by Clark R. Campbell, 2 Dec 1851.

10 Feb 1853 Frances E. FOUTZ, daughter of Daniel Foutz, to Edward W. DEARING. Bedford Co. Marriage Return.

11 Aug 1855 Judah FOUTZ, daughter of Daniel Foutz, to James W. GRAY. Bedford Co. Marriage Return.






Concerning The Newsletter


For those new readers who do not know how we conduct business, be advised that The PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ NEWLETTER is circulated gratis to all who are interested in genealogical research concerning the family. A letter or postcard to the Editor: Dr. John Scott Davenport, 214 West Main St., Farmington, NM 87401, is all that is required to get your name on the mailing list.


Those who wish to join in the funding of the research and Newsletter are welcome to do so. Contributions, tax deductible, should be made out to the Jacob Foutz Family Assn., Inc., and mailed to Betty N. Payne, Treasurer, 214 W. Main, Farmington, N.M. 87401.


Newsletter readers may have access to Dr. Davenport's family files by writing or by visiting the office in Farmington. There is no charge for file materials, but you may have to wait on mail requests.










Order of Immigrant Ancestors

For reference as well as for the information of our new readers, we repeat the PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ Ancestor List in order of emigration from Germany to America to identify the subject matter within the purview of this Newsletter. There have been no additions since the list issued on July 1, 1981:


(A) Hans Michael PFAUTZ, Sr., of Lancaster Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1727.

(B) Jacob PFAUTZ, of York Co., Pa.; Immigrant before 1730.

(C) Theobald PFAUTZ, (David Fouts, Sr.), of Randolph Co., N.C.; Immigrant of 1738.

(D) John David PFAUTZ, of Washington Co., Md., (issue of first wife); Rowan - Davidson Cos.,

N.C. (issue of second wife), Immigrant of 1749.

(E) Conrad FOUTZ, of Franklin Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1752.

(F) Johann Jacob PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1773.

(G) Michael PFOUTS, Sr.. of Harrison Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1787.

(H) John FOUTS, of Morgan Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1820.

(I) Adam FOUTZ, of Adams Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1839.

(J) Jacob FOUTZ, of Baltimore Co., Md.; Immigrant of 1849.

(K) Lewis FOUTZ, of Montgomery Co., Ohio: Immigrant of 1850.

(L) Adam FOUTZ, of Dearborn Co., Ind.; Immigrant of 1854.

(M) William FAUTZ. of San Francisco, Calif., Immigrant of 1855.

(N) Gottlieb PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1857.

(0) William FOUTZ, of Norfolk, Va.; Immigrant of 1866.


In the Seventeenth Century (1600s) the PFAUTZ were located on both sides of the Neckar River, east of the Rhine, in what is now Baden and Wurtemberg States, Germany.







Picking up where we left off in July (No. 7), here are the rest of the Fouts, etc., who wore Union blue in Indiana volunteer regiments during the Civil War


SAMUEL FOUTS - Pvt., Co. D, 81st Indiana Infantry; eenlisted 2 Aug 1862 at Austin, Scott Co., Indiana; mustered-in at New Albany, 29 Aug 1862; died of typhoid fever at Bowling Green, Ky., 21 Nov 1862. The Company D descriptive book listed Fouts as age 28, born in Morgan Co., (W) Virginia, and a farmer by occupation. On 2 May 1863, Rosetta Fouts, of Vernon Twp., Jackson Co., Indiana, filed for a widow's pension, stating that she had married Samuel Fouts on 30 Oct 1857, that her maiden name was Rosetta Elliott, that Fouts had left three infant daughters: Rose Isabell, b. 24 Sep 1859; Mary Louisa, b. 22 Sep 1860; and Sarah Jane, b. 3 Mar 1862. Subsequently, the widow filed a Marriage Certificate recorded in Jennings Co., Indiana, attesting that the couple had been married on 30 Oct 1851 [sic]. On 11 Dec 1866, the Widow Rosetta Fouts amended her pension claim, stating that Fouts' children were: Mary L., b. 22 Sep 1852; and Rose Isabella, b. 24 Sep 1859. On 7 Jun 1875, Catherine L. Lewis and John H. Cole, both of Jackson Co., Indiana, attested that Rosetta Fouts had died on 2 Feb 1874, That Rosa I. Fouts was the only surviving child of Samuel Fouts, Decd., of less than sixteen years, and that Sarah Jane Fouts, mentioned in the Widow's first pension application, had died on 14 Jun 1863. Thereafter file is silent. (Purely on the basis of location, Samuel Fouts appears to have been the son of William Foutz and Eliza Eversole of Morgan Co., (W) Va. Ancestry D, issue of first wife.)


THOMAS B. FOUTS - Sgt., Co. I, 31st Indiana a Infantry ; enlisted 5 Sep 1861 at Terre Haute; mustered into Federal Service on 20 Sep 1861 ; seriously wounded and taken prisoner at Battle of Stone River 31 Dec 1862; immediately exchanged and hospitalized; re-enlisted as Veteran volunteer on 1 Jan 1864 at Bridgeport, Alabama; mustered-out with Company on 8 Dec 1865 at Victoria, Tex. On 4 Sep 1886, Sarah A. Reid, of Washington Co., Indiana, applied for Child's pension for her daughter Emma I. Fouts, setting forth that she (Sarah) had married Thomas B. Fouts on 21 Feb 1864, that Emma had been born on 7 Nov 1866, that Thomas B. Fouts had died on 13 Aug 1867, and that she had married James H. Reid on 15 Dec 1869. On 26 Sep 1898, Emma I. Wallraven, daughter of Thomas B. Fouts applied for the portion of a Child’s pension that had been due her prior to her mother's filing in 1886. The claim was denied on the basis of no entitlement (a child was, entitled to a pension only if there was no surviving parent --- Emma's mother had waived the entitlement by remarrying). [Thomas B. FOULS Was the son of David Fouts and Lavina Tadlock, of Washington Co., Indiana. Ancestry B.]


THOMAS D. FOUTS - Lt., Col., cmdg., 137th Indiana infantry (100-days regiment); joined 27 May 1864; assumed command 6 Jun 1864; mustered-out 21 Sep 1864. Strangely, although listed as a regimental commander, Fouts never was made accountable for any equipment, arms, or quartermaster stores although the regiment did duty in Tullahoma, Tennessee. On 11 Dec 1888, Thomas D. Fouts of Wichita, Sedgwick Co., Kansas, filed for a disability pension. Subsequently, Thomas D. (Dougan) Fouts told the Pension Bureau that he was married on 1 Oct 1849 to Clarinda Jane Adams in Clark Co., Indiana, that he had three living (1898) children: Eugene P. Fouts, b. 3 Aug 1850; Louis M. Fouts, b. 22 Jul 1854; and Wiley B. Fouts, b. 1 May 1857. Col. Fouts died 26 Jail 190? in Wichita. No widow apparently survived. [Thomas Dougan Fouts was the son of Lewis Fouts and Sarah Dougan. Ancestry C.]


WESLEY FOUTS - Corp., Co. D, 116th Indiana infantry; mustered-in 7 Aug 1863 at Lafayette; mustered-out 1 Mar 1864. In 1884, Wesley Fouts of Waynetown, Montgomery Co., Indiana, applied for a disability pension. Subsequently, he advised the Pension bureau that he had married Emeline Mitchell on 9 Aug 1864 near Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., Indiana, and had one daughter living (1898): Dora, b. 12 Aug 1868. Wesley Fouts died 18 Apr 1898. His Widow died 29 Apr 1911. Both in Montgomery Co., Indiana, [Wesley Was the son of Eli Fouts and Mary Ann Blackford. Ancestry B.]


WILLIAM PFOUTZ - Corp., Co. B, 46th Indiana Infantry; enlisted Waverly, Cass Co., Indiana, 2 Oct 1861; mustered in 5 Nov 1861 at Logansport, wounded in action at Champion Hills, Mississippi 17 May 1863, died 23 May 1863. By Company Descriptive Book, Pfoutz was born in 1843 in Cass Co., Indiana, and was a farmer by occupation. No pension claim was made for this service. [William Pfoutz was the son of John Pfoutz and Eliza Martin, of Cass Co., Indiana , but originally of Franklin Co., Pa. Ancestry A.]


FRANKLIN PFOUTZ - Pvt. , Co. B, 46th Indiana Infantry; enlisted Logansport 2 Oct 1861 ; served in Provost Guard and Pioneer Corps of Division, mostly in Louisiana; muster-out 1 Dec 1864 on expiration of enlistment. No pension claim was ever made for this service. [Franklin Pfoutz was a brother of William Pfoutz, above, was another son of John Pfoutz and Eliza Martin of Cass Co., Indiana. Ancestry A.]


WILLIAM D. FOUTS - Surgeon, 81st Indiana Infantry; commissioned 30 Aug 1862 and joined regiment 18 Oct 1862 near Crab Orchard, Ky., as Asst. Surgeon; mustered-out 20 Dec 1863 at Bridgeport, Alabama; re-mustered as Regimental Surgeon 31 Jan 1864; mustered-out at Camp Harker, Tenn., 13 Jun 1865. Was taken prisoner by Confederates while in charge of Battlefield Hospital at Chickamauga, Sep-Nov 1863. Paroled at City Point, Ill., 24 Nov 1863. On 3 Apr 1890, Ellen Fouts of Jeffersonville, Clark Co., Indiana, widow of Dr. William D. Pouts applied for a Widow's pension, informing that Pension Bureau that Dr. Fouts had died on 18 Jan 1890, that she had married him in Scott County, Indiana, on 20 Apr 1847 under her maiden name of Eleanor Loughran, that he left no surviving children under the age of sixteen years. The file is silent as to whether a pension was granted. [Dr. William D. Fouts was the son of Angus Fouts and Mary Boles of Scott Co., Indiana. Ancestry C.]




DAVID FOUTS -Pvt., Co. E., 103rd Illinois Infantry; enlisted on 12 Oct 1862 at Peoria, being listed as Age 18, a resident of Banner Twp., Fulton Co., Illinois, and a farmer by occupation. Listed as absent without leave in May, 1863 and as lost to service by improper muster In June, 1863. On 8 Jn 1902 David Fouts of Lewis County, Washington, filed for an invalid pension, alleging that he had contracted rheumatism while serving at Waterport, Mississippi, in January, 1863. A review of Army records showed that Fouts had gone AWOL, on 16 May 1863 but had never been declared a deserter. He had made no application for amendment of the record or for all honorable discharge --- although he did have a service hospitalization record which would have qualified him for a disability pension. Fouts abandoned the pension claim. [David Fouts was the son of Emsley Fouts and wife Lavina of Fulton Co., Illinois. Ancestry C.]


DAVID W. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. H, 44th Illinois Infantry; mustered in 28 Sep 1864 at Danville, Ill, mustered-out 15 Jun 1865, having never served one day with his company. Was sick in hospital at Chattanooga for entire service. Company descriptive book lists him as a Draftee, age 21, born in Vermillion Co., Indiana, a farmer, and resident of Young America, Edgar Co., Ill. On 18 Jun 1912, David W. Fouts of Edgar Co., Ill., filed for a pension. Subsequently, he states that he was born in Clinton, Indiana, 4 Mar 1843, that he had married Rebecca Kelley on 29 Feb 1872, that he had two children: Florence K., b. 17 Nov 1875, and Bert B., b. 28 Jun 1877. David William Fouts died 21 Jul 1926 in Chrisman, Edgar Co., Ill.. His widow died 5 Jan 1929, also in Chrisman. [David W. Fouts was the son of Henry Harrison Fouts and Elizabeth Boswell. Ancestry B.]


GEORGE FOUTS - Pvt., Co. F, 48th Illinois Infantry ; mustered- in 28 Oct 1861 near Springfield; re-enlisted as Veteran Volunteer 1 Jan 1864 at Scottsboro, Alabama; mustered-out at Little Rock, Arkansas, 15 Aug 1865. On 2 Dec 1876, George Fouts, a resident of Jefferson Co., Illinois, but with post office of Walnut hills, Marion Co., filed for an invalid pension. Thin on family details, Fouts' pension file includes only certification of his marriage to Catherine Breeze on 4 Mar 1852, certification of his death on 24 Oct 1901 at Walnut Hills, Ill., and certification of her death on 3 Jul 1910 at Little Grove, Jefferson Co., Ill. There is no mention of children [George Fouts was the son of John Fouts and Mary Copple of Jefferson Co., Illinois. Ancestry C.]


JAMES T. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. C, 38tli Illinois Infantry; joined as a bounty substitute for Louis Wetzel on 26 Jan 1865 at Danville, being age 18, born in Indiana, and a farmer. Mustered-out at Victoria, Texas, 20 Mar 1866. No pension was ever claimed for this service. [,James T. Fouts was the son of Henry Harrison Fouts and Elizabeth Boswell of Edgar Co., Illinois. Ancestry B.]




JOHN C. FOUTS - Pvt., (New) Co. L, 12th Illinois Cavalry; enlisted 23 Dec 1863 at Prairie City, McDonough Co., Ill., being age 18, a native of Blair Co., Pa., and a farmer; died at U.S. Genera Hospital, Baton Rouge, La., 23 Nov 1864. On 10 Jan 1865, Catherine Fouts of Lee Twp., Fulton Co., Ill., (P.O., Prairie City), filed for a Dependent Mother's pension, stating that John had been her whole support since the death of her husband Samuel Fouts who had died in Lee Twp., in May 1863, leaving besides the widow John C.; Samuel, age 15; Elizabeth, age 13; William, age 11; and Alice, age 5. She further certified that she had married Samuel Fouts in Blair Co., Pa., on 15 Jul 1840. The pensioned Catherine Fouts died at Riverton, Tremont Co., Iowa, on 4 Jul 189? [Samuel Fouts was the son of Michael Fouts and Catherine Kuln of Lee Twp., Fulton Co., Illinois. Ancestry E.]


JOHN H. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. B, 136th Illinois infantry;; mustered-in 16 May 1864; mustered-out 22 Oct 1864. Company Description gives age as 18, birthplace as Clark Co., Indiana; occupation as farmer. On 11 Feb 1892, John H. FOUTS Of Bates Co., Missouri, filed for an Invalid's pension. Subsequently, he certified that his first wife had been Sarah Alice Perdue, who died in Greenwood Co., Kansas, on 21 Jul 1881; that his second wife was Mary Eliza Sayers Robinson who he had married 6 Jan 1882 at New Washington, Clark Co., Indiana; and that he had three living (1898) children: Orion L., b. 17 Sep 1873; Lillie Lois, b. 21 Aug 1879; and Minnie Pearl, b. 22 Jan 1888. John H. Fouts died 9 Jun 1906 near Siloam Springs, Benton Co., Arkansas. His widow died 21 May 1936 at Florence, Fremont Co., Colorado, [.John H. Fouts was the son of Lemon Fouts and Eveline Reed of Jefferson Co., Illinois. Ancestry C.]


LEMON FOUTS - Capt., Fouts' Company, 80th Illinois Infantry; raised the Company in Jefferson and Marion counties in early August, 1862. However, at mustering-in for Federal Service at Camp Centralia on 25 Aug 1862, Capt. Fouts, age 48, was found physically disqualified for Federal Service and was not mustered-in. No pensionable service. [Lemon Fouts was the son of Jacob Fouts and Mary Dougan of Washington Twp., Clark Co., Indiana. Ancestry C.]


LEMON FOUTS - Pvt., Co. H (Capt. Fouts' Co.), 80th Illinois Infantry; mustered-in at Camp Centralia, 25 Aug 1862; served as Brigade Teamster until 11 Aug 1863 when detailed to Heavy Artillery at Nashville, Tenn.; detailed as Regimental Teamster Jan 1865 until death from small pox at Nashville, Tenn., on 28 May 1865. On 14 Jul 1865, Margaret Fouts of Jefferson Co., Ill., filed for a Widow's Pension, certifying that she had married Lemon Fouts, Jr., under her maiden name of Margaret Copple on 11 Jan 1855 in Jefferson County, and that the Deceased had left one surviving child; Lewis McCord Fouts, b. 9 Nov 1857. On 15 Nov 1868, the Widow married Benjamin Harvey, who became guardian to the Lewis M. and obtained a Minor's pension in his name, the widow having relinquished by remarriage. Thereafter the file is silent. [Lemon Fouts, Jr., was the son of John Fouts and Mary Copple and was born in Fulton Co., Illinois. Ancestry C.]


REUBEN B. FOUTS -Corp., Co. F, 79th Illinois Infantry; enlisted 1 Aug 1862 at Martinsville Clark Co., Ill.; mustered-in at Camp Terry, Ill., 28 Aug 1862 as 5th Corporal; on detached duty as ambulance driver, 24 Jan 1863-30 Sep 1864; on detached service as baggage guard at Chattanooga, 24 Oct 1864-31 Dec 1864; mustered-out 12 Jun 1865 at Nashville, Tenn. On 7 May 1887, Reuben B. Fouts of Jefferson Twp., Richland Co., Ohio, applied for an Invalid's pension, subsequently certifying that he had married Lavina Losh in Richald Co., Ohio, on 5 Sep 1850, that he was born in Columbiana Co., Ohio, in 1838, that he had three children living (1898): Marilyn Fouts Snider, b. 30 Dec 1850; Madison M. Fouts, b. 20 Aug 1853; and Angeline Fouts Toben, b. 10 Jul 1859. Fouts was dead in January, 1909, when his widow filed for a pension. Lavina Losh Fouts died 12 Aug 1918 in Unity, Richland Co., Ohio. [Reuben B. Fouts was not a Fouts. He was the son of Jacob Fouts (Vocht-Focht-Fought) and wife Hannah, of Worthington Twp., Richland Co., Ohio. Jacob was the son of Charles Fouts-Focht-Fought of Columbiana Co., Ohio, who was from Berks Co., Pa. Only Jacob, of Charles' sons, used the Fouts surname. Other sons either used Fought (Ohio and West Virginia) or Focht (Pennsylvania),]


WASHINGTON FOUTS, alias LOUIS W. FOUTZ - Pvt. , Co. A, 14th Illinois Cavalry; enlisted Chicago, 28 Sep 1864, identifying self as age 30, born in Indiana, and a farmer; sick in hospital for most of service; mustered-out at Nashville, Tenn., 12 May 1865. On 1 July 1890, Louis Washington Fouts, age 56, of Grant City, Worth County, Missouri, applied for an Invalid's pension based on his service with the 14th Illinois Cavalry. He qualified for the pension and certified to the Pension Bureau that he was born in Jay County, Indiana, 28 Jun 1834; that he had married Anna Keegen on 2 Aug 1863 at St. Joseph, Mo.; that he and his wife were childless; and that he was a resident of Worth Co., Mo., from time of mustering-out until 1892 when he moved to Maryville, Nodaway Co., Mo.. On 30 Jun 1909, in attempting to have his pension increased, Fouts advised the Pension Bureau that he had also served in Co. B, 11th Missouri Cavalry. That was his undoing. LEWIS W. FOUTS had enlisted in Co. B, 11th Missouri Cavalry, on 12 Mar 1863 at Maryville, had been mustered-in at St. Joseph, 28 Mar 1863, and had served on detached service at Platte River Bridge, then detached service at St. Louis, and had deserted, taking his weapons, on 1 Mar 1864 at Rolla, Mo. Investigation by the Pension Bureau determined that Fouts had received an unusually large enlistment bonus from both a Ward and the City of Chicago, which far exceeded what he would have been paid for the completion of his original enlistment, and, therefore, declared him to have been a Bounty Jumper (one who deserted in order to re-enlist to get a bounty) and disqualified him from all further pension eligibility. Fouts' pension was canceled on 4 Aug 1909 --- he did not appeal the cancellation.. [Lewis Washington Fouts was the son of Hawkins Fouts and Lydia Tharp of Jay Co., Indiana. Ancestry C.]


Next Issue, IOWA




There were two Fouts families in Morgan Co., Ohio, in the 1820s: (1) the Widow, sons, and in-laws of Andrew Fouts, 1736-1808, of Brooke Co., (W) Virginia, and (2) John Fouts, who arrived in America from Wurtemberg, Germany, in 1820. Both used the Fouts spelling without variation.


Here are the earliest of their marriages in Morgan County:


Date of Marriage Principals Marriage Record


5 Apr 1821 Samuel FOUTS and Hannah MURREY A: 28

9 Mar 1825 Elizabeth FOUTS and Absalom KOUNS A: 73

27 May 1828 Sebastian E. FOUTS and Sarah WELLS A:137

1 Jan 1829 Margaret FOUTS and Austin N. HAMBLIN A:144

24 Feb 1831 Elizabeth FOUTS and John M. GILLESPIE A:179


25 Oct 1832 Nancy FOUTS and Ezekiel DEVOL A:215

13 Jun 1833 Ruth Ann FOUTS and Isaac H. ROLAND A:233

19 Dec 1833 Sarah FOUTS and Elzey COX A:254

13 Mar 1834 Thomas FOUTS and Silvey Ann ELLIS A:262

23 Nov 1834 Jacob FOUTS and Christena SILBER A:236


21 May 1836 Jemima FOUTS and William HALL A:310

14 Mar 1837 Amanda FOUTS and John LYON A:337

14 Mar 1837 Jacob FOUTS and Nancy GILLESPIE A:337

13 Jun 1837 William FOUTS and Lydia ELLIS A:345

22 Nov 1837 Elvira FOUTS and George F. HAYWARD A:358


29 Nov 1838 Ann FOUTS and Herbert JOHNSON A:398

29 Jan 1839 Mary Ann FOUTS and Cydnor B. TOMPKINS A:406

24 Mar 1839 Susanna FOUTS and Levi PURDY A:412

24 Jun 1841 Silas H. FOUTS and Elizabeth LEHEW B:12

25 Jul 1841 Drusilla FOUTS and George W. FISHER B:15


20 Jan 1842 John FOUTS and Jane SILVER B:37

25 Oct 1842 Solomon H. FOUTS and Rachel M. O'DELL B:64

8 Jun 1843 Margaret FOUTS and William BARRELL B:?

30 Nov 1843 Rosanna FOUTS and Richard McILHINEY B:?

3 Nov 1844 Harriet FOUTS and Benjamin T. F. CAKE B:?





Seek descendants of Mary Fautz Oakey (Fouts Okey), daughter of Benjamin Franklin Fouts of Morgan Co., Ohio, and Worth Co. , Mo., last known near Des Moines, Iowa, 1890-19??; had children named Cora, Wilbur, Jerry and Addie (m, Andrews). Also seek descendants of Alexander Fouts, brother of Mary and son of Benjamin F. Fouts. P. Michaux, 7529 Spring Lake Drive, Bethesda, MD. 20817.


Seek identification of parentage of George A. Fouts, b. Iowa, 1860, who married Anna Graham at Quincy, Adams Co., Illinois, in July 1881. In Census of 1900, George and family are located in Lee County, Iowa, and brother Samuel W. Fouts and family was located in Scotland Co., Missouri. Mrs. Clarice Fouts Ranney, 576 South Camman, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420.




For those who have made a donation to the Jacob Foutz Family Assn., Inc., and wish to take a deduction on their Income Tax returns, be advised that the IRS Non-Profit Research Corporation number for the JFFA is 85-0298782.


We appreciate the efforts of Lois Rasar, of Macon, Georgia, who has taken on the Fouts of the State of Georgia as a personal project. So far as early settlement is concerned, the Fouts of Gilmer and Lumpkin Cos., Ga., were descendants of Leonard Fouts, via his sons Leonard, Jr., or Jacob, and the Fouts of Dawson Co., Ga., were of the family of John Fouts, son of Andrew Fouts and Hannah Fouts of Randolph Co., N.C.. By ancestry, the Leonard Fouts descendants were Ancestry C, while John Fouts himself was both Ancestry B and C.


Those Fouts who show up in South Carolina in the Census of 1820 appear to be of the line of a Christian Fouts --- who shows as "Foust" in earlier censuses. This may be the Christian Fouts who was the Lieutenant Colonel in the Lancaster Co., Pa., militia during the Revolution --- and who deserted to the British. There are no Fouts among the British Empire Loyalists of Nova Scotia, and South Carolina was not an uncomfortable place after the Revolution for those who had served with the British. These Fouts, after 1820, trace to Florida in 1850---then to Texas after 1900 --- and were prominent in the Baptist ministry.


Our thanks to Judy Pirtle, Sullivan, Indiana, for copies of the pages of the Family Bible of Albert B. Fouts, which included birthdates for Albert's grandparents David Fouts and Lavina Tadlock and their family; and his parents Henry Harrison Fouts and Elizabeth Boswell and their family. Judy also sent some material from the Sullivan County Historical Society by Ruth Jane Foutz, who, it now appears, traces back to Conrad Foutz, Jr., and his wife Elizabeth Baker. We also now have all of the Sullivan Co. Fouts-Foutz marriages.


Frederick T. Newbraugh, Berkeley Springs [,Morgan Co.], West Virginia, advises that we have made him extremely happy by ridding him of a "pasted-on" Hans Michael Fouts, Sr., ancestry which had never made sense. From information in the PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ files plus what Mr. Newbraugh had developed, his ancestry is now clearly from William Foutz, son of Frederick of Washington Co., Md.. There are still a lot of missing pieces relative to the Fouts of the south side of the Potomac, but we have fewer now than we had this time last Newsletter.


We appreciated the data provided by LCdr. Charles E. Foutts (Ret.), Green Valley, Arizona, and Marjorie Fought, Elizabeth, West Virginia. It now appears that William Foutts, ancestor of all the Columbiana Co., Ohio, Foutts was the son of Philip Fought (pronounced "Fout") of Washington Co., Pa. It was William Foutts' eldest son Phillip who married Mary Duke and who is identified as a "Fouts" in the Duke, Shepherd, Van Metre Genealogy. The antecedents of Philip Fought (who appears as "Fouts" in the earliest Redstone, Pa., area records) are unknown---but, like Conrad Foutz, Sr., he was an illiterate, so his correct name in German may have been Pfautz. There are striking similarities between Philip and Conrad and in their families. Nothing definitive, but lots of circumstantial evidence. This means that those Fouts of Carroll Co., Ohio, were also of Phillip Fought ancestry. George Fouts of Carrollton, Ohio, was the youngest son of Philip Foutt and Mary Duke.


All PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ data will be appreciated. Send in what you have for the central files,



No, 9 March, 1986 No. 9


Published by Dean R. Foutz , 1600 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 1130, Honolulu , Hawaii 96814









Order of Immigrant Ancestors

For reference as well as for the information of our new readers, we repeat the PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ Ancestor List in order of emigration from Germany to America to identify the subject matter within the purview of this Newsletter. There have been no additions since the list issued on July 1, 1981:


(A) Hans Michael PFAUTZ, Sr., of Lancaster Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1727.

(B) Jacob PFAUTZ, of York Co., Pa.; Immigrant before 1730.

(C) Theobald PFAUTZ, (David Fouts, Sr.), of Randolph Co., N.C.; Immigrant of 1738.

(D) John David PFAUTZ, of Washington Co., Md., (issue of first wife); Rowan - Davidson Cos.,

N.C. (issue of second wife), Immigrant of 1749.

(E) Conrad FOUTZ, of Franklin Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1752.

(F) Johann Jacob PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1773.

(G) Michael PFOUTS, Sr.. of Harrison Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1787.

(H) John FOUTS, of Morgan Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1820.

(I) Adam FOUTZ, of Adams Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1839.

(J) Jacob FOUTZ, of Baltimore Co., Md.; Immigrant of 1849.

(K) Lewis FOUTZ, of Montgomery Co., Ohio: Immigrant of 1850.

(L) Adam FOUTZ, of Dearborn Co., Ind.; Immigrant of 1854.

(M) William FAUTZ. of San Francisco, Calif., Immigrant of 1855.

(N) Gottlieb PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1857.

(0) William FOUTZ, of Norfolk, Va.; Immigrant of 1866.


In the Seventeenth Century (1600s) the PFAUTZ were located on both sides of the Neckar River, east of the Rhine, in what is now Baden and Wurtemberg States, Germany.






In response to many requests and some earnest pleading by Chloe Foutz, of Lincoln Nebraska, The PFF Newsletter resumes publication with this issue. We pick up where we left off three years ago with the same Publisher and same Editor.


Addresses have changed for many, so it will take a few months to become fully re-established. Dr. Davenport is now Vice President, Research and Analysis, for Bonneville International Corporation, one of the largest broadcasting companies in the United States, headquartered in Salt Lake City and will undertake genealogy research and writing on the same basis as he did when located in Cincinnati, namely gratis but on his own time schedule and priorities. He will endeavor to keep The PFF Newsletter on a quarterly basis--- four issues a year.


Publisher Dean Foutz will, as in the past, be responsible for the publishing and mailing of the Newsletter from Honolulu. Dean invites all so disposed to help fund the Newsletter to write to him at the above Hawaii address. Checks made out to The Jacob Foutz Family Association will be tax-deductible, and will help assure that the Newsletters continue. Please also let us know of any family address changes.


It may take us several issues to get back to the quality that we had attained when we were forced to discontinue in late 1982 (No. 8), but we have considerable material yet to publish--- and Dr. Davenport has continued to accumulate Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz material in the interim.







Another perambulating Fouts has been found! Silas Hedges Fouts, a carpenter by trade left Morgan Co., Ohio, in 1857, ostensibly to view what was going on in the California gold fields. He was never heard from again --- plumb dropped out of sight. He left five orphans behind who were spread out among his relatives. His eldest son Jacob was killed at the Battle of Chickamauga, during the Civil War.


In September, 1984, Esther Kooiman, of Pt. Reyes Station, California, wrote Dr. Davenport to inquire if he could identify a Silas H. Fouts, Physician, enumerated with wife and six children in Oro City, Lake Co., Colorado in the Census of 1870. He was her gg-grand father --- a man of mystery who abandoned his family around 1872.


Now, Colorado is a bit far from California --- and Medicine is even farther from Carpentry --- and would a man abandon five children to have six more? Dr. Davenport advised Mrs. Kooiman that he could not identify Dr. Fouts, but she should look among the Morgan Co., Ohio, Fouts, seeing as how the Census said he was born in Ohio, and the Morgan Fouts were partial to the given name “Silas.”


Fourteen months later, while reviewing data of various Fouts enigmas, Dr. Davenport decided to take a look at that 1870 Colorado Census. Inasmuch as the facts matched, excepting the age, Mrs. Kooiman had given "31" as the Doctor's age in 1870, he wondered if there might have been a misreading of a “5" as a "3" Silas Hedges Fouts of Morgan Co., Ohio, was born in 1819, would have been 51 in the Census of 1870.


The Census clearly said, “51.” It was him! The missing carpenter!


According to Mrs. Kooiman, Dr. Fouts was in a silver mining partnership as well a physician. In Colorado Mining legend and lore, there are several stories about "Doc" Fouts, his partner, and various Indians. The Doc had some peculiar ideas about dosages--- but his partner said that he was only "a doctor of sorts."


This family, too, was one of tragedies. The second wife, a Leah, died within a decade after the Doc abandoned them. Mrs. Kooiman traced down the three sons--- it wasn't hard. None married. All were hard living miners, who died relatively young. Two of them suicides. There were no Fouts surnames passed on.


Where did Doc Fouts go? Well, there's the possibility of Australia. One of the stories back in Morgan Co., Ohio, was that Silas Hedges Fouts had gone to Australia. Maybe, he finally got there. But there was also the Yukon. Anyone know where those Fouts in British Columbia originated?





Dr. Davenport advises that work on his own Fouts ancestor, Jacob Pfautz, of York Co., Pa., immigrant before 1730, is moving along slowly. One stumbling block, Solomon Fouts, son of David Fouts and Martha Parr, of Washington Co., Indiana, who moved to East Tennessee in the late 1830s, has been overcome. Solomon returned to Indiana in the 1830s, settled briefly in Vermillion County, and then moved on to Fayette Co., Illinois. Most of his large family has now been identified and located.


Little progress has been made relative to the lines of David Fouts and Andrew Fouts, elder sons of Andrew Fouts of Brooke Co., (W) Virginia. Descendants of both are yet unclear and there are loose ends in West Virginia, Morgan Co., Ohio; Lee Co., Iowa; and Oregon.


And there are Fouts in Muskingum Co., Ohio, who appear to be descendants of Andrew, but do not fit into any possible family combinations.






Those of you who use the U.S. Census Soundex when searching the Census of 1880, 1900, and 1910 are advised to add "Fonts," F532, to your search pattern.


In the handwritten enumerations, “u" is often identified as “n" by the Soundex transcribers and roughly one out of ten Fouts, Foutz, etc., are coded F532 instead of the proper F320, which means you may miss the families you are seeking, believe they were not enumerated in the Census.


The Censuses of 1900 (completely Soundexed) and 1910 (partially Soundexed) generally note confusions; that is, they indicate that a name could be "Fouts" or "Fonts" and list it both as F320 and F132.


For those of you unfamiliar with the subject, the Bureau of Census recognized more than 100 years ago that surnames could be spelled various ways --- and worked out the Soundex System so that all names that sound alike can be commonly identified, regardless of spelling. Hence, both "Fouts" and "Foutz" are F320. Similarly, Pfautz, Pfauts, and Pfouts are all P132.


Soundex is a real time-saver when you're running down a family and do not want to read every listing in a county.




In an earlier Newsletter (No. 8) we gave you a rather detailed analysis and identification of the family of Frederick Foutz, eldest and only surviving son of John David Pfautz's first family. Pfautz was an immigrant to America in 1749. Now, we give you a first roughout of the families of John David's next five sons, all of whom were in his second family by Anna Barbara, Widow Hon (Hahn), who John David married in 1759 at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster, Pa. Frederick Foutz, you'll recall, was located in Washington Co., Md., and only his son David ventured South into North Carolina, but did not stay there, ultimately residing and dying in Preble Co., Ohio.


These Fouts (Frederick and his family mostly used the Foutz surname) were unlike the other North Carolina Fouts in their emigration patterns.


The five sons in the second family of John David Pfautz were:


NICHOLAS, b. cl760, Lancaster, Pa., m. cl793, Mary ----- ; d. 1820, Rowan (now Davidson) Co., N.C. Children: Nelly, b. cl795; m. Martin Miller. Polly, b. cl797, m(l) Nedam Temples, m(2) James Mitchell. Susan, b. cl8O3, m. James Owens. Elizabeth, b. cl8O5, m.?. Catherine, b. cl8O7, m.?. Sarah, b. cl8O9, m.?. David, b. 1815, m. Christianna ------- (David, son of Nicholas, had moved southwest and was living in Rowan Co., N.C., in the Census of 1850. Nicholas had sold out in Rowan (now Davidson) County and had bought land in Lincoln County to the southwest when he died in 1820. He apparently never occupied the Lincoln County land.)


PETER, b. 1761, Lancaster, Pa., m. cl788, Catherine Myers; d. 1811, Rowan (now Davidson) Co., N.C. Children: Elizabeth, b. cl790, m. Daniel Secrist, (to Morgan Co., Indiana). Charity, b. c1793, m. Daniel Rickard. David, b. 29 Oct 1795, m. Eleanor Sullivan, d. 29 Sep 1875, Davidson Co., N.C.. Jacob, b. 1800, m.?, d. cl855, Marion Co., Indiana. John, b. 14 Mar 1802, M. Catherine Lentz, d. I Sep 1882, Boone Co., Indiana. Susan, b. c1804, last found, unmarried, in Marion Co., Indiana, in 1840. Polly, b. 1806, last found, unmarried, in Marion Co., Indiana, in 1850. Peter, b. 1810, never married, d. 22 Oct 1899 in Marion Co., Indiana.


JOHN, b. cl763, Lancaster, Pa., m. cl793, Barbara Black (Schwartz), d. 1835, Davidson Co., N.C.. Children: Elizabeth, b. cl794, m. Philip Hepler. Solomon, m. Mary ------ d. Nov 1840, Davidson Co., N.C.. Jacob, b. 4 Aug 1798, m. Mary Magdelena Long, d. 13 Jun 1854, Davidson Co., N.C.. David, b. c1804, m. Sarah ? , left Davidson Co., N.C., during Civil war, not located. Catherine, b. c1806, m. David Myers. Barbara, b. 25 Jul 1808, m. Andrew Shuler, d. 1879, Davidson Co., N.C.. Daniel, b. 1813, m. Phebe ------ d . 1863, Davidson Co., N.C.


DAVID, b. cl767, Lancaster Co., Pa., m. Amelia (Permelia?) Avery, d. Aug 1817, Harrison Co., Indiana. Children: Susannah, b. 1795, m. William Ingram, d. after 1850, Orange Co., Indiana. Mary (Polly), b. cl797, m, William Ingram, d.1817, Harrison Co., Indiana. Elizabeth, b. 1800, m. Matthew Sappenfield, d. after 1850, Orange Co., Indiana. David, b. 31 Aug 1803, m. Belinda Byrn, d.23 Jan 1888, Harrison Co., Indiana. Absalom, b. 4 Jan 1806, ml. Matilda Sears, m2, Eliza Jane Byerly, d. 24 Nov 1891, Harrison Co., Indiana. Sarah, b. 1808, m. George Huffstutter. John, b. 1810, ml. Hulda Ellis, m2. Rachel Ellis, d. ?. Jane, b. cl8l3, m. Samuel McColly. Daniel, b. 1816, ml? (in Iowa), m2. Elizabeth Sears, d. ?.


JACOB, b. cl765, Lancaster Co., Pa., m, Judah Baker, d, Feb 1840, Bedford Co., Va. Children: John S., b. cl788, m. Elizabeth Spickard, d. Feb 1852. Jacob b. 11 Jan 1790, m. Harriet Spickard, d, 22 Apr 1836, Botetourt Co., Va. (War of 1812 veteran). Phebe, b. 1800, m. Henry Spickard, d. after 1850, Botetourt Co., Va. George E., b. 1800 (Twin of Phebe?), m. Mildred Buford, d. after 1870, Roanoke Co., Va. Abraham, b. 1805, m. Polly Cundiff, moved from area in 1860s, untraced. Daniel, b. 1806, m. Polly Buford, d. Oct 1872, Bedford Co., Va. Elizabeth, b. 1809, ml. Jeremiah Quarles, m2. Jeremiah Tenbroek, d. Johnson Co., Mo., after 1870. William W., b. 1817, m. Elizabeth Baker, d. after 1900 in Polk Co., Mo.


John David Pfautz' second family appeared on Hambys Creek, Rowan (now Davidson) Co., N.C., within a half mile or so of the Randolph County line in 1777-78. Both Nicholas and Peter were in Washington Co., Md., 1786-1790, likely among their mother's relatives. Jacob left North Carolina in 1793, apparently going due north into the German settlement on the saddleback of the Blue Ridge where the Great Wagon Road from Philadelphia to the Carolinas left the Great Valley of Virginia and crossed into the Piedmont. With few exceptions, all of the Fouts East of the Yadkin River in North Carolina after 1850 were from this family. David, of this family, was located in Lincoln Co., N.C., from 1802 until 1815, and moved to Indiana in concert with the Averys and the Sappenfields, John Sappenfield was guardian of Nicholas' minor children in Davidson Co., N.C., in 1824. The family was mixture of Dunker and Lutheran in North Carolina, and was Dunker or Disciples of Christ in Indiana.


Dr. Davenport's great-grandfather Henry Hoover Davenport was associated with these Fouts, Peter's descendants, in Zionsville, Boone Co., Indiana, and his grandfather William A. Davenport served in the same Civil War regiment and company as David R. Fouts, grandson of Peter.














Picking up where we left off (No. 8), we continue the detailing of all those Pfautz, Fouts, Foutz, etc., who served in the Union Army during the Civil War. These abstracts are taken from military and pension records in the National Archives, Washington, D.C. Here are all those who served in Iowa regiments: ("Ancestries" below refer to Immigrant Ancestors on Page 1)


ALEXANDER FOUTS - Pvt., Co. E, 3rd Iowa Cavalry; enlisted 17 Aug 1861 for three years at Bloomfield, Iowa; served in Missouri and Arkansas; severely ruptured by being thrown from his horse in the Battle of Moore's Mill, Missouri; given Disability discharge on 12 Dec 1862 at Houston, Mo. Tried to re-enlist on 25 May 1864 in Co. F, 45th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, but was refused mustering because of physical condition. Pension file XC2693745 is presently not open for public inspection. Military Discharge notes he was born in Preble Co., Ohio, was 28 when he enlisted in 1861. (Alexander Fouts was the son of Austin Fouts, grandson of William Fouts and Sarah Davenport, resided in Drakesville, Davis Co., Iowa, Ancestry B.)


ASBURY L. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. I, 9th Iowa Infantry; enlisted 19 Oct 1864 at Des Moines as a substitute for Eleazar Flinney, a drafted man, of Washington Twp., Taylor Co., Iowa. Military records largely lost, but was sent to Nashville, joined regiment, and apparently was in Sherman March to the Sea and then northward. Picked up finally in records at Goldsboro, N.C., on 1 Mar 1865; discharged 18 Jul 1865 at Louisville, Ky. According to his voluminous pension file, he was born 27 May 1845 in Jefferson Co., Iowa, married Rebecca A. Price on 6 Aug 1868 in Taylor Co., Iowa, and had children: Eri Chase Fouts, b. 1 Jul 1869, d. 23 Sep 1875; Frank Price Fouts, b. 5 Dec 1870; Ernest Willard Fouts, b. 16 Aug 1872; Esther Millie Fouts, b. 26 May 1876, d, 8 Mar 1878; Maude Mary Fouts, b. 27 Apr 1878; Wright K. Fouts, b. 14 Nov 1881, d. 15 Feb 1903; Wendell Loyd Fouts, b. 23 Sep 1883; Grace May Fouts, 6 Mar 1883. Asbury L. Fouts and family moved to Saline Co., Kansas, in 1881, where he died 4 Dec 1929 and his wife died 22 Dec 1939, (Asbury L. Fouts was the son Eri W. Fouts and Philetha Leaming. Ancestry C.)


GEORGE H. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. C, 29th Iowa Infantry; enlisted Magnolia, Iowa, on 15 Aug 1862 for three years; died at Helena, Arkansas, 13 Feb 1863 from measles contracted while on the White River Expedition. Enlistment papers note that he was born in Putnam Co., Indiana, and was age 22 when he entered the service. Fouts' mother, Jane, applied for a Survivor's pension in 1891, stating that he was unmarried and childless at the time of his death, and that she had been dependent upon him. Pension was granted. She died 21 Mar 1895 at Missouri Valley, Iowa. (George H. Fouts was the son of Andrew Fouts and Jane (Maiden name unknown), grandson of Noah (Noel) Fouts and Carolina Wright, of Putnam Co., Indiana, and Shelby Co., Iowa. Ancestry B.)


IRA PFOUTZ - 1st Lt., Go. B, 11th Iowa Infantry; a lawyer by profession, age 20, enlisted in Marshall Co., Iowa, 18 Sep 1861 for three years. Distinguished military service included service in the Departments of Missouri, Tennessee, and Cumberland and on the Mississippi River. Was at the capture of Island No. 10 and the Naval attack on Vicksburg 1862 as a member of the Mississippi Flotilla, in siege of Vicksburg in 1863, capture of Memphis and Fort Pillow, the Battle of Kenesaw Mountain, was seriously wounded in right thigh in Battle of Atlanta. Sent home to Montgomery Co., Ohio, and discharged 6 Nov 1863 by Officers Disability Board. At the end of the War, mustered as Captain, Co. 5, 81st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and served with same until mustered out of service on 25 Jul 1865 at Camp Dennison, near Cincinnati. Pfoutz pension file is voluminous, but strangely does not contain documentation of his death. He resided in West Milton, Miami Co., Ohio, following the Civil War, although he was apparently out West long enough to marry Mary F. White on 17 Feb 1870 in Omaha, Douglas Co., Nebraska. There were no children. The last documents in Pfoutz's file, dated 1915, said that he and his wife were separated. Nothing further. (Ira L. Pfoutz was the son of Jesse Pfoutz. Ancestry A.)


JARROD W. FOUTS - Corp., Co. E, 15th Iowa Infantry; enlisted 23 Dec 1861 at Keokuk, Iowa; killed in the battle of Shiloh, 6 Apr 1862. On 13 Jun 1863, Lavina Fouts, of Washington Twp., Carroll Co., Indiana, filed for a Widow's pension, alleging that she and Jacob W. Fouts were married 12 Aug 1852. The identification of Lavina's Jacob was identical to the military and death record of Jarrod W. Fouts. Lavina apparently never pursued the claim, for the Pension Bureau wrote her five times for proof of the marriage, received no reply. The file was closed in 1876 as "Abandoned." (Born in Montgomery Co., Ohio, in 1828, Jarrod W. Fouts was Jacob W. Fouts and was the son of David Fouts, wife Sarah, of Cass Co. , Indiana. Ancestry C.)


JACOB PFOUTZ - Pvt. , Co. E, 1st Iowa Cavalry; enlissted 13 Jun 1861 at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa; mustered into Federal Service 1 Nov 1861 at Davenport, Iowa; served in Southwest Missouri and Arkansas, but plagued with eye infection throughout service. Constantly hospitalized. Given Disability discharge 29 Jul 1864 for partial blindness, being unfit for any further service. Discharge indicates that he was born in Center Co., Pennsylvania, and was age 27 when enlisted. By 1865, Jacob had lost sight entirely in his right eye and was partially blind in his left eye and applied for a disability pension. On 8 Jan 1868 he married Prudence Rebecca Hickenbottom at Glasgow, Jefferson Co., Iowa. They had two daughters: Katherine, b. 13 Apr 1868, and Edna, b. 5 Mar 1887. Jacob Pfoutz died 7 Jan 1907, his wife 6 Sep 1927---both in Fairfield Iowa. (Jacob Pfoutz was the son of David Pfoutz. Ancestry A.)


JOHN FOUTS - Pvt., Co. F, 28th Iowa Infantry; enliisted 15 Aug 1862 at Toledo, Johnson Co. Iowa; died 24 Feb 1863 at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, of pneumonia. At time of enlistment, claimed to be 18-years-old and to have been born at Canton [Washington Co.], Indiana. No pension claim was ever made for this service. (John Fouts was the son of David Fouts and Lavina Tadlock of Washington Co., Indiana. He had brothers in Indiana and Missouri Union regiments. Ancestry B.)


JOSEPH FOUTS - Pvt., Co. A, 13th Iowa Infantry; draffted 24 Oct 1864 from Jefferson Twp., Lee Co., Iowa, for one year; joined regiment 26 Mar 1865 at Goldsboro, N.C.; discharged from Army of the Tennessee on 21 Jul 1865. In subsequent pension applications, advised that he was born 9 Apr 1834 in Boone Co., Indiana, married first to Mary J. Conn [Fulton Co., Indiana on 22 Feb 1856, divorced 1868 in Keokuk, Iowa; then married Amanda J. Martin, 21 Sep 1871, in Alexandria, Missouri. No children indicated for first marriage.* issue of second marriage; Nellie May, b. 22 May 1872; Daisy Myrtle, b. 27 Nov 1874; and Grace Mabel, b. 1 Jun 1879. In 1915, Joseph Fouts told the Pension bureau that his wife Amanda had died 28 Sep 1914 in Keokuk and that she had been married to a John Ule before their marriage. Joseph Fouts died 24 Jan 1916 at Keokuk, Iowa. (He was the son of John Fouts of Boone Co., Indiana. Ancestry D., second wife.) * There were several, per 1880 Census.


RANSOM W. FOUTS - Pvt. Co. I, 4th Iowa Infantry; enlisted 2 Aug 1861 in Wayne Co., Iowa; died in skirmish 26 Nov 1861 at Rolla, Missouri, "body sent to Wayne Co., Iowa." In the Regimental Descriptive Book, Fouts is described as having been age 30 at time of enlistment, a native of Putnam Co., Indiana, and a blacksmith by occupation. No pension claim was ever made for this service. In 1981, Helen Squire made a tour of Wayne Co., Iowa, cemeteries, and found Ransom W. Fouts buried in Jones Cemetery, South Fork Twp., by himself. Tombstone dates were: "d. Nov 26, 1861, age 31Y, 2M, 20D." (Ransom W. Fouts was the son of Reuben Fouts and Hannah Davis, migrated to Iowa c1852 in the family of his step-father Grandison Brotherton. Ancestry B.)


REUBEN D. FOUTS - Corp., Co. F, 36th Iowa Infantry; enlisted 9 Aug 1862 at Iconium [Wayne Co.], Iowa; in battles at Fort Pemberton, Mississippi; Helena, Little Rock, and Elkins Ford, Arkanas; captured in Battle of Marks Mills, Arkansas, and confined in Prisoner-of-War camp in Tyler, Texas, until 25 Feb 1865; rejoined Regiment at Duvalls Bluff, Arkansas, and served until discharged there on 24 Aug 1865. On 10 Apr 1888, Reuben D. Fouts, merchant, of Gilmore, Sarpy Co., Nebraska, filed for a pension, alleging that he had been injured in a forced March from Marks Mills to Camden, Arkansas. He died on 4 Jan 1895. Subsequently, his widow Clara A. Fouts filed for a Widow's pension, stating that she had married the deceased on 8 Jun 1882 in Crete, Saline Co., Nebraska, and that there were three minor children surviving: Lee, b. 10 Apr 1883, Roy, b. 13 Nov 1884; and Allie May, b. 16 Dec. 1888. Other papers filed noted that Reuben D. Fouts had been married earlier to Martha Jane Vestle, who he married in 1858 and who died in Wayne Co., Iowa, in 1879. The widow's maiden name had been Clara A, Root. She died 15 Nov 1912 in Wayne Co., Iowa. (There were apparently three children in Reuben's first family: Jacob, Dessie, and William. William's grave was also found by Helen Squire in 1981. He had died at age 11 in 1880. Reuben's eldest son and his youngest three children moved from Iowa, or Nebraska, after their mother's death, and they or their descendants were all settled around Santa Rosa, California, in the mid-1950s. Reuben D. Fouts was a younger brother of Ransom W. Fouts, above. Ancestry B.)


SAMUEL FOUTS - Pvt., Co. C, 2nd Iowa Infantry; enlissted 27 May 1861 at Keokuk, Iowa, giving age of 23, occupation as a teacher, and birthplace as Wayne Co. , Indiana.; lost left leg above, the knee as result of wound in the Battle of Fort Donaldson in Tennessee; discharged of 12 Aug 1862. He was immediately pensioned. On 11 Mar 1886, Franklin A. Fouts, age 20, and Minnie B. Fouts, age 18, appeared before the District Court in Davis Co., Iowa, and deposed that they were the only surviving children and heirs of Samuel Fouts who died at Drakesville, Davis Co., on 8 Oct 1878, and that their mother Julia A. Fouts, nee Baker , had died on 5 Oct 1878 also but at Fairfield, Jefferson Co., Iowa. Franklin and Minnie also deposed that their parents had been marries on 17 Oct 1864 at Drakesville, Davis Co.; that Franklin A, Fouts had been born 21 Jun 1865 in Pella, Marion Co., Iowa, and Minnie B, Fouts had been born 28 Oct 1867 in Kirksville, Adair Co., Missouri. Thereafter the file is silent. The marriage certificate provided with the Pension application identified the bride as "Mrs. Julia A. Baker," suggesting, that she was either a widow or a divorcee, maiden name being other than claimed by the children (There is evidence in Jefferson Co., Iowa, records that Samuel Fouts died there, not in Davis Co., but on the same day as his wife in tragic circumstances. Samuel Fouts was the son of Austin Fouts and Jane Fleming, grandson of William Fouts and Sarah Davenport of Wayne Co., Indiana. Helen Fouts Haney, of Walnut Creek, California, says that there was a third child, Rosa, b. 25 Nov 1869, d. 23 Jun 1884. She had no data on Franklin A., but Minnie Bell married Frank Reed and died in Denver, Colorado, on 19 Aug 1929. Ancestry B.)


THOMAS D. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. H, 1st Iowa Cavalry; enlisted 13 Jun 1861 at Albia, Iowa; service in Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas, but was continually in hospital or home on sick leave because of eye trouble; given disability discharge 13 Sep 1862 with record of having fought in six battles or skirmishes. Somewhat misrepresenting his previous service, Thomas Fouts was mustered-in as First Lieutenant, Co. L, 8th Iowa Cavalry, at Davenport, on 30 ___ 1863, giving his occupation as a painter, his birthplace as Wayne Co., Indiana, and his ______ as Albia, Iowa. His career as an officer was largely spent under arrest in Tennessee ar______ was cashiered (asked to resign), which he did on 20 July 1864 while under confinement r_______ Peach Tree Creek, Georgia. He filed for a pension in 1880, pleading the eye problems that had occasioned his Disability discharge in 1862. Thereafter he was continually petitioning for a larger pension, alleging greater disability, Thomas D. Fouts claimed to have been a resident of Burlington, Iowa, for 40 years in 1894, but his various' petitions documented his residence as Burlington, Fort Madison, Leavenworth (Kansas), and Park Co. (Montana). He died "in August or September, 1895," according to Pension Bureau records, at Fort Madison, Iowa. There was no application for a Widow's pension for this service. (Thomas D. Fouts was apparently an itinerant painter and paperhanger. In the Census of 1860, he is enumerated in Lee Twp., Monroe Co., Iowa, with a Henrietta Fouts, identified as a "domestic," age 20. If he had a wife or a family after the Civil War, it was well hidden. Thomas D. Fouts was the second son of William D. Fouts (next below) and Rosanna Whitehead. Thomas D. FOULS was a first cousin of Alexander and Samuel Fouts above. Ancestry B.)


WILLIAM D. FOUTS - Capt., Co. D, 7th Iowa Cavalry; entered service on 28 Apr 1863 at Davenport; assigned with Company to Fort Kearney, Wyoming Territory; Post Commander, 1864-65; under arrest from 8 Dec 1863 on, but on duty pending trial [Mrs. Fouts and his children were using government supplies to bake pies which they-were selling to Fouts' troops for "outrageous" prices and other peccadillos of similar nature]; killed at Horse Creek, Dakota Territory, by Sioux Indians on 14 Jun 1865 while escorting 1200 Sioux back to their reservation (he had not disarmed them). When he had entered the Service, Fouts gave his age as 47, his occupation as a merchant, and his birthplace as Wayne Co., Indiana. His Widow Charity applied for a Pension on 22 Aug 1865 from the family home in Albia, Iowa. She deposed that she had married Fouts on 19 May 1844 in Green Twp., St. Joseph Co., Indiana, and that Captain had left four minor children:* Mary Jane, b. 25 Apr 1850; Beverly W. (a male), b. 10 Feb 1852; William D., b. 1 Sep 1854; and Edmund J., b. 31 Mar 1857; and that her maiden name had been Charity Wharton. The Pension was granted, and the Widow relocated her family back to St. Joseph Co., Indiana, where she died 18 May 1886. (William D. Fouts was the son of William Fouts and Sarah Davenport of Wayne Co., Indiana. His first wife was Rosanna Whitehead, married in Wayne Co., Indiana, and who died in St. Joseph Co., Indiana, in 1842, and by whom he had two sons; John A. [of whom more later] and Thomas D (above). Ancestry B.) * Five. Son David was 17, beyond Pension.


WILLIAM N. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. L, 13th Iowa Infantry; drafted in St. Johns Twp., Harrison Co. Iowa, and mustered-in at Council Bluffs, 5 Nov 1864; apparently spent entire military service in hospitals at Beaufort, N.C. , and Fort Schuyler, New York Harbor; never reported to Company. Descriptive records identify him as a native of Putnam Co., Indiana, age 37 when drafted, and a farmer by occupation. On 27 May 1888, William N. Fouts applied for Pension for rheumatism, allegedly contracted while enduring hardships in the field during the Civil War. His pension was denied as not service related. He died 4 Feb 1893 at Missouri Valley, Iowa of Bright's Disease. On 16 Feb 1893, Elizabeth C. Fouts, his widow, applied for a Pension for herself and her minor son Marion Earl, b. 13 Mar 1881, deposing that she was born 6 Mar 1837 in Wayne Co., Ohio, that her maiden name had been Smith, that they were married 2 Aug 1855 in Pottawattomie Co., Iowa. The file is silent as to other children. Elizabeth C. Fouts died 9 Mar 1919 at Scribner, Nebraska. (William N. Fouts was the sole surviving child of the first family of Abner Fouts, eldest son of Noah (Noel) Fouts, of Putnam Co., Indiana, and Shelby Co., Iowa. Ancestry B.)







Family roots searchers who have dealt with the records of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and points West have all encountered, and SOME have fallen prey to, the irritating confusion between FOUT (German: Fauth) and FOUTS (German: Pfautz). Fortunately, the Fout(s) did not penetrate southwards into North Carolina and Tennessee until the Fouts had largely gone northward into Ohio and Indiana, The Fout(s) were steadfastly Lutheran, were holdfast Marylanders or Applachian mountaineers, rarely moved west or north of the Ohio River, but those that did caused genealogical consternation. In early 1980, there was a flurry of Fouts activity to prove that two Fouts convicted for murder in Morgan Co., Ohio (a stronghold for two Fouts ancestries, B&H) were actually Fout(s) from south of Ohio River.


The confusion began in early Pennsylvania when Jacob and Baltis "Fauts" were identified as having land surveys "before 1734" in Philadelphia County, On 2," Oct 1734, Jacob Fouts obtained a survey for 200 acres, also in Philadelphia County. Primitive genealogists, failing to check out the lands involved, identified the Jacob Fauts and Jacob Fouts as one and the same person.


Factually, Jacob and Baltis were brothers and were Fout(s), and had left Pennsylvania for Baltimore (later Frederick) Co., Maryland, by 1734. Jacob Fouts, by land location and the diary of the Rev. John Caspar Stoever, who baptized a son for Jacob in 1730, was Jacob Pfautz (B), father of Michael Fouts of North Carolina and father-in-law-to-be of Andrew Hoover, Sr., immigrant surname ancestor of President Herbert C. Hoover. Jacob Pfautz removed in the late 1730s to an area on the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania, then hotly contested by the two governments, now in Adams Co., Pa., abutting both the York Co., Pa., and Maryland lines. It was from this area that the Fouts and Hoover mounted their move to North Carolina in 1762.


Prior to 1900, the Fout(s) were zealous in preserving the integrity of their surname, but thereafter some began to take the easy way and added the "s". Some Fouts today are really Fauth in their German antecedents. Although the two families were not intermingled in neighborhoods in Frederick Co., Md., they are so intermingled in the county records that it has been necessary for Pfautz researchers to do the large families of Jacob and Baltis Fout and identify them specifically to keep them out of Fouts family constructions. If you want a real headache, try to sort them out in the Great Valley of Virginia --- from Augusta, County south. Then, of course, there are the FOUGHTS, who pronounce their name " Fouts," and some of whom early adopted the spelling "FOUTTS"---did they come from the Pfautz, Fauth, or elsewhere?


No. 10 JUNE, 1986 No. 10

Published by Dean R. Foutz. 1600 Kapiolani Blvd.. Suite 1130. Honolulu. Hawaii 96814


Order of Immigrant Ancestors

For reference as well as for the information of our new readers, we repeat the PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ Ancestor List in order of emigration from Germany to America to identify the subject matter within the purview of this Newsletter. There have been no additions since the list issued on July 1, 1981:


(A) Hans Michael PFAUTZ, Sr., of Lancaster Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1727.

(B) Jacob PFAUTZ, of York Co., Pa.; Immigrant before 1730.

(C) Theobald PFAUTZ, (David Fouts, Sr.), of Randolph Co., N.C.; Immigrant of 1738.

(D) John David PFAUTZ, of Washington Co., Md., (issue of first wife); Rowan - Davidson Cos.,

N.C. (issue of second wife), Immigrant of 1749.

(E) Conrad FOUTZ, of Franklin Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1752.

(F) Johann Jacob PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1773.

(G) Michael PFOUTS, Sr.. of Harrison Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1787.

(H) John FOUTS, of Morgan Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1820.

(I) Adam FOUTZ, of Adams Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1839.

(J) Jacob FOUTZ, of Baltimore Co., Md.; Immigrant of 1849.

(K) Lewis FOUTZ, of Montgomery Co., Ohio: Immigrant of 1850.

(L) Adam FOUTZ, of Dearborn Co., Ind.; Immigrant of 1854.

(M) William FAUTZ. of San Francisco, Calif., Immigrant of 1855.

(N) Gottlieb PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1857.

(0) William FOUTZ, of Norfolk, Va.; Immigrant of 1866.


In the Seventeenth Century (1600s) the PFAUTZ were located on both sides of the Neckar River, east of the Rhine, in what is now Baden and Wurtemberg States, Germany.






One of the continuing satisfactions in genealogical research is the elation that comes when a family, long lost in dispersion, can be re-assembled on a family sheet --- and a missing link is no longer misssing.


When John Eby Pfautz wrote the first family genealogy and published it from Ephrata, Pa., in 1881, he noted that the family of Joseph Pfautz, the youngest son of Jacob Pfautz and wife Mary Bach, had moved to Indiana and had been lost. He could learn nothing concerning them. In the intervening years, no progress has been made. Only recently has the family of Jacob Pfautz, another of Jacob Pfautz and Mary Bach sons, come to genealogical attention although this family was in high profile in Western Pennsylvania. Through an error in Church of the Brethren history, Jacob Pfautz was merged with a James Fouch --- and we all trotted off in the wrong direction, Note: Jacob Pfautz and James Fouch were two different people.


But back to son Joseph. Thanks to the persistency of Thursa H. Kimbrough (Mrs. Robert B., Jr.) who has spent almost ten year trying to track down the origins of Peter Pfoutz, Census of 1850, Huntington Co., Indiana, and Peter Fouts, Census of 1860, Lancaster Co., Nebraska, we started putting loose ends together in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana and came up with a tentative solution. Not all of the proofs are made, but we do have a framework. And this was a big family that got lost!


Without going into genealogical technicalities, here's the story as we reconstruct it:


Joseph Pfautz was born cl778 in Coventry Twp., Chester Co., Pa., and grew up there. In the 1800s, when some of his brothers were moving to Pipe Creek, in Maryland, Joseph apparently went to Montgomery Co., Ohio, the "Mecca" of at least five Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz lines for the next twenty-five years. On 28 Aug 1811, Joseph married Jane Smith in Montgomery County. Then, seemingly he went back to Chester Co., Pa., and helped his widowed Mother, but by 1819, all of the Chester County Pfautz had relocated, mostly to Maryland, but Peter, the eldest brother had moved to Montgomery Co., Ohio, and that's where Joseph, his family, and his Mother moved before her death. She died in 1819 and is buried in Montgomery County. In the same year, Peter Pfoutz sold his brother Joseph 80 acres.


From here on, matters become even murkier. In 1822, Joseph and Jane sold out in, Montgomery County and moved to Wayne County, Indiana, settling in Nettle Creek Brethren congregation area. Joseph and Jane (she always signed with him) sold out there in 1827, and in 1830 Joseph obtained land in Blue River Twp., Henry Co., Indiana, still in the Nettle Creek congregation, but now on the west side. No further record has been located until June, 1837, when a Joseph Fouts was probated in Hamilton Co., Ohio, with all the names associated with the probate, sale, and guardianships being Yankee-English. Heretofore, all of Joseph's connections had been German. No Jane was in evidence. Only a Martha Fouts and an Elizabeth Fouts are mentioned in the sale records, but thanks to some courthouse research by Mrs. Irene Wilson, of Plainfield, Indiana, three guardianships were found --- for Michael, Samuel, and Daniel Fouts.


As mentioned earlier, there are still some loose ends, but here's a first approximation of the family of Joseph Pfautz and his wife Jane Smith;


1. Martha, b. cl8l3, m. Thomas Stafford, 29 Jul 1839, unlocated in Census of 1850.

2. Elizabeth, b. cl8l5, m, Joseph Winters, 5 Aug, 1837, unlocated in Census of 1850,

3. Mary, b. 1817, m. Joel Helvey, d. In Jefferson Co., Nebraska.

4. Peter, b. Dec 1818, m. 31 Mar 1839, Jarusha Denning (divorced), living; with daughter Martha in Otoe Co., Nebraska, in Census of 1900.

5, Samuel, b. 28 Dec 1819, guardian appointed in 1838, not found in Census of 1850,

6. Michael, b. 30 Jul 1821, guardian appointed in 1838, not found in Census of 1850.

7. Daniel, b. 1824, living with Peter in Census of 1850 (Indiana), in 1860 (Nebraska), and nearby in 1880 (Iron Co., Utah), apparently died, marital status unknown, in Utah.

8. Charlotte?, b. 1824, m. 10 Sep 1848, Amasa F. Casler (Kessler), Hamilton Co., Indiana, living in Tipton Co., Indiana, in Census of 1850. Her birthplace is given as "Kentucky," possible but not probable.


The best guess as to what happened to Joseph and Jane is that a tragedy (sickness) overcook the father and mother as the family was again trekking westward. Joseph's administrator was the Hamilton County surveyor, and his bondsman was Postmaster of White River Township. The guardian of two of the boys was William Peck, a well-to-do White River Twp. Farmer. There wasn't a German within 20 miles except Kessler --- and he's still got to be qualified. Like we say, still a lot of loose ends, but after 150 years it is at least a good beginning. Can anyone else help?




In the event that you haven't noticed, we have shifted to the smaller size sheet (8kxll). There were three reasons: (1) The necessity to be able to use a folding machine - - - the Foutz' kids in Honolulu were being inundated by our press run; (2) The de-emphasis of the 8 ½ x l4 size by papermakers; and (3) Importunings from various subscribers who found the old size difficult to file, awkward to put in a binder. We are losing a bit even though we have reduced the type size, Sorry, but that's progress!




The time has come, we believe, to make some plans to publish. The files keep getting larger, and we have some 4,000 family sheets on file. For some years we have been procrastinating because of our sense of Perfection. We did not want any, missing links. We wanted everything in its place!


Experience now tells us that we never attain that degree of perfection and if we wait until we could get everyone, the job would never be done. So, we have made a couple of decisions and will proceed forthwith. A series of Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz books will be prepared and published. The following schedule will be the target:


Family Date of Publication

JACOB PFAUTZ, Immigrant before 1730 July, 1987

HANS MICHAEL PFAUTZ , of 1727 Jan, 1988

THEOBALD PFAUTZ, of 1738 July, 1968

JOHN DAVID PFAUTZ, of 1749 Jan, 1989

ALL OTHERS Jan, 1990


To meet this schedule, we propose to place the manuscripting of the books with a genealogical publisher. We are talking to the Everson people at Logan and to others. We have already employed genealogists in Salt Lake City to do the digging in LDS Genealogical Library to complete missing family sheets, primarily those of Foutz' daughters.


CONRAD FOUTZ is not mentioned on this list because that work is being done by the Jacob Foutz Family Association, and they have their own publishing schedule. If we can cooperate with that, we will --- but we will go forward with the others as detailed above.


To avoid intrusion on privacy, we will not take any families past 1900 unless the data is provided by the families. The books will also be patrinymic in nature. We will not follow non-Pfautz, etc., families beyond the half-Pfautz basis, that is to say, we will not go beyond the family of a Pfautz daughter herself and follow the married surname. Sorry, but we have to keep the task within attainable bounds.


So far as book prices are concerned, it's way too soon to even talk about that. Genealogy books are expensemakers; only a dreamer (or a Roots) expects to profit. As they say in the trade it's vanity publishing --- only you are really interested in your family, so you publish to satisfy yourself and your own values, be they vanity, historical, or religious. Now, if any one wants to participate in underwriting the series (publishing costs only), we will be favored to have your support. But this is not an appeal. We will do the series even if we have to fund it all ourselves. It's part of completing a job once it's been started.



is published more-or-less Quarterly by Dean R, Foutz , 1600 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 1130, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814, and is written and edited by Dr. John Scott Davenport, 1101N American Towers, 48 West 300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101. Dean Foutz is a descendant of Conrad Foutz. Dr. Davenport is a descendant of Jacob Pfautz. Contributions of both money to support the printing and mailing of the Newsletter and items for inclusion in the Newsletter are welcome. Send all moneys to Dean Foutz in Honolulu, and direct all genealogical items and correspondence to Dr. Davenport in Salt Lake City. If you have a missing link of a Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz nature, Dr. Davenport wil1 search the files without charge , but there may be some costs if extensive copying is required. Neither Dean Foutz nor Dr. Davenport generate income by genealogy. Foutz is the Connecticut Mutual Insurance agent for the State of Hawaii.

Dr. Davenport is an executive with a major nation-wide broadcasting group.






We suspect that we lost a correspondent the other day when we told a steady writer for the past three years what her relationship to the family was. She had been persistent in trying to make her Fouts connection. There were not too many born on the wrong side of the blanket among Pfautz, etc., prior to 1870, but there were some. For those who have trouble making the connection, we're talking about births without benefit of marriage and/or two known parents.


After 1880, there are a goodly number in the records. Our policy is to treat the name, not the circumstances of birth. A Foutz is a Foutz, regardless of dates. It isn't neat, but that's the fact, so we live with it. Also, to either pass judgment or to assume guilt when you find the bar sinister in your ancestry is presumptions and vain. We all have enough to do in ordering our own lives. The only reason that there has never been a genealogy published of the Virginia-Carolina Davenports is because kinfolk were embarrassed at the large number of "irregularities," Count your blessings!




With the aid of Janet K. Pease of Arvada, Colorado, we started to list all the Pfautz, etc., in the U.S. Census of 1900 --- as a means to get a handle on missing links. The project began in 1980 and is now about finished. (it, too, was on hiatus for three years, like the Newsletter).


Frankly, we have not found many missing links. We have found considerably more Conrad Foutz descendants in Washington, D,C., Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and points West than were thought to exist. There are as many, if not more, descendants of Conrad who are not Mormons as there are, it now appears.


So far, we have found six family members in various prisons, another one living in the jail as the turnkey, a number in insane asylums and entirely too many elderly ones in poor houses or charity homes for the aged. We even found one Jacob Fouts, for whom a tombstone says died in Ohio in 1886, living with his grandson in Sonoma Co., California. But we haven t solved any mysteries or discovered any unknowns of consequence beyond the Conrad Foutz group. There are new immigrants.






The Civil War Continued


When we remarked in Newsletter No. 9 that we thought we were close to the end of our Fouts, etc., records from the Civil war, we had forgotten about the Morgan County group. When we presented the Ohio Pfouts, etc., who had served, we had so many that it would have taken four issues to make the presentation. The group sorted easily into Morgan County Fouts and "All Others." So we published the "All Others" (Newsletters 5 & 6) and were going to publish the Morgan folk after all other State groups had been presented. In the three-year hiatus, the Editor forgot the method to his madness, thought that one more Newsletter would finish up the Civil War. Sorry, at least two more necessary to do the job. Then, the Spanish-American War.


Before discussing individuals, a word about the Morgan County Fouts --- there are two specific lines, but only one line was represented in the Civil War. The descendants of Andrew Fouts, youngest son of Jacob Pfautz, immigrant before 1730, continued the scrappy family posture taken by Andrew on the Virginia Frontier during the Revolution. The sons and grandson of John Fouts, immigrant of 1820, despite several eligibilities, did not become involved --- although they were Lutherans, not Mennonites or brethren.


None of the Morgan County Fouts served in the Mexican War, but it was because of politics, not a lack of patriotism. When the call for Volunteers was made in 1846, the Fouts thronged to the colors, were numerous in the Morgan County company that marched to Columbus to be mustered-in. However, when the election was held for the Colonel of the Volunteer Regiment (that’s how it was done in those days), the Fouts' man came in a poor second. Preferring not to serve under the Colonel elected, and not having yet been mustered into Federal Service, all of the Fouts went home and sat out the War. It was no problem. There were five volunteers for every vacancy --- and political soreheads were not cooddled,


Matters were different during the Civil War. It was serious business, a long and bloody war. Here are the Morgan County Fouts who served: All born Morgan County unless noted otherwise,


ANDREW AUGUSTUS FOUTS - 2nd Corporal, Co. H, 17th Ohio Volunteers (3 mos. 1861); 1st Lt., Co. E, 2nd West Virginia Cavalry; Sgt., Co. 9, 9th Ohio Cavalry. Variously served as Andrew A, or Augustus A. Was cashiered from West Virginia regiment for being less than sober as Officer-of-the-Guard. Never claimed his first two enlistments for pension purposes. Had the distinction of being captured by Morgan Raiders while home on furlough, but they were not taking prisoners. History records that Andrew A. Fouts guided the Confederates to the next town, then returned home, but neglected to return to his Union regiment. The bounty hunters for deserters turned him and Andrew lost his sergeant stripes. Despite his travails, he was a good soldier when he worked at it, and spent almost four years at the trade. On 16 Feb 1880, as Augustus A. Fouts he applied for disability pension, alleging asthma and rheumatism, giving his occupation as a carriage maker various employed in the counties of Meigs, Athens, and Morgan, Ohio. The pension was not granted. Fouts applied again in 1891 with the same result. However, after his death in Athens Co., Ohio, on 15 Jul 1895, his wife Mariah E. applied and was pensioned. Andrew A. Fouts and Mariah E, Gardner were married on 15 Nov 1849 in Meigs Co., Ohio. She died 4 Jun 1903 in Iowa. There was one child, a daughter Belle. Included in Fouts' military file is a $30 receipt from the bounty hunter who apprehended him --- the bounty was deducted from Fouts' pay. He was the son of Sheriff Andrew Fouts and Mary Green.


ANDREW J. FOUTS - Sergeant Major, 62nd Ohio Volunteers, then 1st. Lt., Co. B, same regiment. Mustered into Federal service on 4 Oct 1861 at McConnellsville, Ohio, as 1st Sgt., Captain Floyd's Company, 62nd OVI. Subsequently became Regimental Sergeant Major, then an officer in Co. B. Had distinguished military career, serving valiantly in early campaigns in Virginia. Died 21 Jul 1863 at Beaufort, S.C., from wounds received in the reduction of Fort Wagner, a Confederate artillery emplacement guarding Charleston Harbor. On 8 Apr 1901, Mary E. Fouts appeared before the Probate Court of Morgan County, Ohio, and made oath that she was the legal wife of Andrew J. Fouts during the Civil War, that she had married John S. Adams on 8 Oct 1864 at Carthage, Ohio, but had been divorced from Adams on 5 Mar 1878 at McConnellsville, Ohio, and had reassumed her Fouts name by Court order on 22 Oct 1880. Under a Special Act of Congress, she was pensioned; died at McConnellsville on 24 Nov 1910. She and Andrew J. Fouts had one son, Andrew J. Fouts was 31 and a carpenter when enlisted in 1861. His widow proved her relationship in 1901 by providing the government with extensive correspondence received from Andrew during the War. Some of those letters are extremely graphic in recounting the bloody nature of the siege of Charleston Harbor. Andrew J. Fouts was the only son of Sebastian Eaty Fouts, youngest son of Andrew Fouts, Sr., who in turn was the youngest son of Jacob Pfautz, immigrant before 1730.


ANTHONY FOUTS - Pvt., Co. C, 122nd OVI. Mustered-in at Camp Zanesville, 2 Oct 1862. Served in Army of Potomac, captured at Battle of Winchester 15 Jun 1863, confined in Libby Prison, Richmond, until exchanged at City Point, Va., on 9 Jul 1863, and returned to full status with regiment on 5 Oct 1863, and participated in defense of Washington, D.C., thereafter. Mustered out 26 Jun 1865 near Washington. On 28 Jan 1891, Anthony Fouts, age 44, of Malta, Morgan Co., Ohio, applied for invalid pension, alleging an injury to his breast incurred during service. Subsequently pensioned. Died 7 Dec 1910 at home of brother Thomas Benton Fouts, McConnellsville. Never married. Anthony and Thomas Benton were deserted sons of Thomas Fouts.


BENJAMIN FRANKLIN FOUTS - Blacksmith, bugler, Co. E, 2nd Regiment, Virginia volunteers (later 2nd West Virginia Cavalry). Enlisted at age 38 at McConnellsville, Ohio, but mustered into Federal Service at Parkersburg, (West) Virginia. Captured 20 Jul 1863 in Confederate raid on Wytheville, exchanged, and assigned to dismounted duty at Hagerstown, Md. In Shenandoah Valley service until discharged 28 Nov 1864 at Wheeling. on 12 Jun 1912, Benjamin F. Fouts, of Worth Co., Missouri, applied for a pension, being 90 years of age. He said that he had lived in Iowa for a year and a half after discharge, then had moved to Worth Co., Missouri. Benjamin's records show that he was married to Eliza Cuddington on 4 Nov 1847 in McConnellsville, Ohio, and that they had three children: Alexander F., b. 5 Nov 1848; Mary E., b, 29 Apr 1852; and Ada, b. 24 Sep 1855. He died in Worth Co., Missouri, on 4 Jul 1915, no wife surviving.


CALEB E. FOUTS - Sgt., Co. F, 86th OVI (3 months, 18622). Mustered-in at Camp Chase, Ohio, on 10 Jun 1862, served in West Virginia, mustered-out 25 Sep 1862. On 19 Feb 1887, Ella S, Fouts, 51, of Tridelphia, Morgan Co., Ohio, applied for a Widow's pension, alleging that Caleb E. Fouts had died on 7 Mar 1881 from causes occurring during his military service. She stated that as Ella S. Woodward she had married Fouts on 19 Nov 1857 at Tridelphia, that the deceased had left four children under the age of 16 years: Mary E. Fouts, b. 5 Dec 1865; Rupert A. Fouts, b. 3 Feb 1870; Nellie E, Fouts, b. 20 Jul 1872; and Augusta C. Fouts, 10 Aug 1877. There were two older children, not identified in the pension application, who were over age 16 when their father died, hence not available for pension credit. Ella was pensioned. She died 23 May 1897. at Tridelphia. in the Census of 1900, Rupert's younger sisters were living with him and his wife in Columbus, Ohio. Caleb E. Fouts was a younger brother of Andrew A. Fouts, supra.

DAVID M. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. C, 97th OVI; Corp., Artificcer, Co. C, 3rd Bn, Pioneer Brigade, Army of the Cumberland; Sgt., Co. K, 1st U.S. Veteran Volunteer Engineers. Enlisted 7 Sep 1862 at age 32 to serve three years, being a carpenter by trade. Served in Tennessee. On engineering-related duty throughout service, being assigned to the Pioneer Brigade and then re-enlisting as a Veteran with the Federal Engineer regiment. Mustered-out 26 Sep 1865. On 27 Mar 1683, David M. Fouts of near Rendville, Perry Co., Ohio, applied for a pension, alleging that he had caught a cold during the Battle of Stone River, having fought waist-deep in water in late December, and that said cold had settled in his head, affecting both his sight and hearing. He was pensioned and died 16 May 1912. On 21 May 1912, Mary A, Fouts applied for widow's pension, proving that she was born an 28 Nov 1835 in Belmont Co., Ohio, and had married David M. Fouts on 3 Jan 1856 in Morgan County. Her maiden name was Mary A. Dover. She was pensioned and died 5, 1920. Both died in Zanesville, Ohio, where they, had retired. There were a number of children, none of whom are mentioned in Pension file. David M. was a son of Jacob Fouts and Nancy Gillespie.


ISAAC L. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. H, 17th OVI. Mustered-in 5 Oct 1861, being age 18, at Cincinnati, Ohio. Served in the Army of the Tennessee, in Kentucky and Tennessee. Killed in the Battle of Chickamauga, 9 Sep 1863. Isaac was the youngest son of Jacob Fouts and .Nancy Gillespie. No pension or allowance claim was ever made based on this service.


ISRAEL FOUTS -Pvt., Co. C, 122nd OVI. Enlisted 20 Oct 1862 at Camp Zanesville, Ohio, and sent to New Creek, Virginia, to join regiment. Deployed as Division teamster on 13 Feb 1863. Taken prisoner at the Battle of Winchester, 15 Jun 1863, exchanged and on parole until 15 Oct 1663 when rejoined regiment. In Army of Potomac, assigned to defense of Washington, D.C., until mustered-out 26 Jun 1865. In an extensive pension file, Fouts documented that he was born 30 Aug 1832, that he was married to Margaret E. Glenn on 21 May 1857, that they were the parents of two children: Nancy Jane, b. 6 Aug 1858, and Charles Hood, b. 19 Apr 1867, and that his wife had died on 24 Dec 1909. Subsequently, he married Mary E. Fouts, a cousin, who was the widow of Levi Benjamin, on 13 Dec 1911 at Parkersburg, West Virginia. He died 1 Jan 1926 in McConnellsville, Ohio. Israel was another of the sons of Thomas Fouts.


JACOB FOUTS - Pvt., Co. C, 97th OVI. Mustered-in at Camp Zanesville on 1 Sept 1862, in field with regiment until 8 Dec 1862 when sent to Nashville as sick, apparently never arrived. In April, 1863, is borne on company roster as "Died at Gallatin, Tennessee," no other date. No pension claim was ever made for this service. Jacob was one of the abandoned sons of Dr. Silas Hedges Fouts.


JAMES G. FOUTS - Corp., Co. H, 17th OVI. Mustered-in at Marietta, Ohio, on 10 Feb 1864, being age 33 and a carpenter. In Battle of Atlanta, Sherman's March to the Sea and subsequent March north through the Carolinas. Mustered-out 16 Jul. 1865 at Louisville, Ky. James applied for and was pensioned for his service in 1881. Subsequently, he advised the bureau of Pensions that his first wife was Sarah Mumny, who had died in Farmington, Iowa, in 1857, that he had married Mary Ann Lansley on 11 Sep 1861 in McConnellsville, and that he was the father of five children: Ceclie Irene, b. 6 Mar 1863; John Allen, b. 15 Apr 1866; Clara Edith, b. 4 Apr 1868; Chester Lansley, 27 Apr 1871; and James Carleton, b. 1 Sep 1873. James G. Fouts died 15 Dec 1899. On 27 Feb 1900, Mary A. Fouts his widow applied for a pension. Subsequently, documents were provided attesting that Mary had previously been married to Ezekiel McMichaels from whom she had been divorced on 3 Jun 1858 with her maiden name restored, and that she had custody of the issue of the marriage, Francis W. McMichaels. Mary A. Fouts died 25 Oct 1915 in McConnellsville, (Son of Allen)


JOHN W. FOUTS - Major, 63rd OVI. Raised volunteer company and mustered-in as 2nd Lt., 1 Oct 186l at Camp Putnam, Marietta, Ohio, promoted to Captain on 28 Oct 1861. Detailed for mounted Engineer service (Siege of Vicksburg), 25 Oct 1862. Promoted to Major, 27 Jun 1863. Many important assignments in military engineering and as military commissioner of sequestered properties. Mustered-out 12 Jan 1865 on expiration of term of service. (John Wesley Fouts became a Methodist minister, served churches in Washington, Tuscarawas, and Harrison counties, Ohio.) On 5 Sep 1890, Emma J. Fouts, age 30, of Deersville, Harrison Co., Ohio, applied for widow’s pension alleging that she had been married to the Rev, John W. Fouts on 6 Nov 1884 and that he had died on 2 Apr 1885. That Rev. Fouts former wife, Elizabeth A., had died in Deersville. She was subsequently pensioned and died in Shreveport, Louisiana, on 17 Apr 1933. (John W. Fouts had two children by his first wife.) John W. was the only child of Lemen Fouts, Jr.


JEFFERSON FOUTS - Pvt., Co. H, 25th OVI, Mustered-in 27 Jun 1861 at Camp Chase near Columbus, Ohio, severely wounded in the Battle of Chancellorsville, but returned to duty and spent remainder of war in service against Confederate coastal forts in South Carolina. Following discharge, went West and became a minor in Nevada, Montana, and Idaho. "Told Pension Bureau that he had married Ada C, Brown in Nevada on 22 Aug 1872, but that she had departed immediately after the ceremony and her had not seen her since. Died 27 Sep 1934 at the VA Hospital, Sawtelle, California, having retired to the Imperial Valley in the mid-1920s. Another abandoned son of Dr. Silas Hedge Fouts.


SAMUEL FOUTS - Pvt., Co. D, 5th Independent Battalioon, Ohio Cavalry (6 months). Mustered in 2 Sep 1863 at Camp Todd near Columbus. Spent entire service there. Given discharge on 11 Apr 1864 on basis of "youth and insufficient development. In the opinion of examining board is not eighteen years of age." On 23 mar 1909, Samuel Fouts of Cambridge, Washington Co., Idaho, applied for a pension. Subsequently, he advised that he had been born on 17 Jan 1847 in Morgan Co., Ohio, that he had married Sophia Van Dalsen on 16 Apr 1868 in Grundy Co., Missouri, and had living children: G. A. Fouts, b, 4 Jan 1872; A. C. Fouts, b. 17 May 1874; Leata E. Fouts, b, 14, Jul 1877, Mary Bertha Jones, b. 29 Jan 1883; and Milton Perry Fouts, b. 6 Aug 1888. He also advised that he had lived in Ohio until 1867, then in Trenton, Grundy Co., Missouri, until 1878, then Fairview, Kansas, until 1900, then various places in Idaho thereafter. He was pensioned while a resident of Twin Falls, and died 10 Apr 1922 there. His widow was then pensioned, and she died 28 Sep 1936 in Seattle, Washington. Samuel Fouts was son of Samuel Fouts and Elizabeth Perry


SEBASTIAN EATY FOUTS - Pvt., Co. C, 76th OVI; Pvt., 3rd Ohio Cavalry. At age 42, was mustered-in near Newark, Ohio, on 4 Dec 1861, then deserted from Camp Sherman, Ohio, on 31 Dec 1861. Enlisted 31 Aug 1863 at Toledo, Ohio, in the 3rd Ohio Cavalry, giving his occupation as a moulder, his place of birth as Morgan Co., Ohio, and his age as 42. Apparently some question arose as to his eligibility, for he was not mustered-in to active service. On 3 Oct 1887, a War Department clerk advised a "Mr. Douglas," otherwise unidentified that Sebastian E. Fouts was marked a "Deserter" on the rolls of the 76th OVI, but that his desertion had never been reported to Provost Marshall Generals Bureau, and there was no record of arrest or return. There is no pension file; likely because he could not have qualified on either basis. Sebastian Eaty Fouts II was a son of Allen Fouts, had had a jury convened on hip in Morgan County in the 1850s relative to his sanity,


SILAS FOUTS - Sgt., Co. C, 122nd OVI, Mustered in aat Camp Zanesville on 2 Oct 1862, being age 27. Served with distinction, but was apprehended for straggling on 16 Nov 1863 by the Provost Marshall (he had gone on a two-week furlough on 30 Apr 1863 and was slow in reporting back). Excellent rifleman. Designated Sharp Shooter, Aug 1864, and assigned to Brigade sharp shooter duty on 26 Aug 1864 where he remained until he was mustered out 26 Jun 1865. Silas was pensioned prior to 4 May 1898 when he advised the Pension Bureau that he was married in 1856 to Sarah Weeks in Ohio, that she had died in 1880; that he married again in 1882 and was divorced in the same year (no identification of second wife); and that he had then married Alice Justice on 8 Oct 1886 in Guthrie Center, Iowa. There were two children by his first wife Absalom, b. 1857, and Fred, b. 1877 (that's right, 20 years apart!). He claimed one more child by his third wife Alice: Alva C, b. 4 Aug 1887. he disputed a second child. On 17 Jan 1906, Alice Fouts of Bayard, Guthrie Co., Iowa, filed a claim for half of Silas' pension on behalf of his minor children. In same, she alleged that he had "deserted his wife on the 17th day of February 1887" and had been absent ever since. There were two children: born on 13 Apr 1886 and 4 Aug 1887, recognized and testified to by various persons in Guthrie County, including several of Silas' cousins, all of whom had good words to say about Alice. Silas Fouts died 1 Jun 1912 at Central City, Merrick Co., Nebraska, while living with his son Absalom. His death certificate was signed by his other son, Dr. Frederick Fouts, Alice then received the entire pension. She died 17 Jun 1915 in Kansas.


SIMEON FOUTS - lst Sgt., Co. H, 87th OVI (3 months, 1862). Mustered-in at Athens, Ohio, on (35) May 1862. Appointed 1st Sgt., 13 Jun 1862; reduced to Pvt. at own request on 25 Jul 1862 to assume duty as nurse in hospital. Remained on medical duty until mustered-out at Camp Delaware, Ohio, 1 Oct 1862. No Pension was ever claimed based on this service. Simeon was a son of Andrew Fouts, Jr., and a brother of Andrew Augustus Fouts, noted earlier.

THOMAS B. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. E, lst Oregon Cavalry, Joined at Oregon City, 7 Jan 1862, and mustered into Federal Service at Camp Barlow (Walla Walla, W.T.) on 12 Feb 1862, being age 19. Entire service was spent in Northwest, assigned to pacification of the Hostiles (Indians), was Corporal for several months until reduced to Private again (for Straggling). Mustered-out upon expiration of enlistment at Camp Vancouver, W.T., on 7 Jan 1865. On 4 Jun 1907, Thomas B, Fouts of Helmsville Powell Co., Montana, applied for a pension based on this service. He said that he had been born in Muskingum Co., Ohio, on 3 Jun 1844, that he had never been married, and that he had lived in Montana and farmed since 1866. He died on May 16, 1926 in Avon, Montana. No widow's claim was ever made for this service.


WILLIAM L. FOUTS - lst Lt., Co. K, 25th OVI, Mustered-in 26 Jun 1861 at Camp Chase (Columbus), as a Pvt. subsequent y promoted to Corporal, Sergeant, 1st Sgt., 2nd Lt., and lst Lt. Saw considerable action in reduction of Confederate coastal defense around Charleston. Served in occupation duties in South Carolina, after end of War, commanding the Separate Military District of Newberry. Mustered-out 18 Jun 1866. In 1882, William L. Fouts of McPherson Co., Kansas, applied for and received a pension. In various documents he advised the Pension Bureau that he was born in McConnellsville, Ohio, on 30 Mar 1840, that he was married on 10 Apr 1873 at McPherson, Kansas, to Lizzie Nelson, and that he was the father of Robert N., b. 1 Mar 1874; Jay Warren, b. 18 May 1876; Ettie May, b. 18 May 1878; Silas H., b. 4 Nov 1879 - d. 8 Nov 1879; May E., b. 12 Jul 1882; Lienella, b. 6 Nov 1884 - d. 4 Feb 1885; and William Ralph, b. 25 Dec 1886. He also said that he divorced his wife in April, 1892. William L. Fouts died 3 Sep 1920 at McPherson. Robert L. Fouts advised the Pension Bureau that his mother, William's divorced wife, had died on 29 Mar 1919. On 12 Oct 1922, Anna Ellwood Fouts of Malta, Morgan Co., Ohio, filed a declaration for a Widow's pension on William L.'s service, alleging that she had married him 10 Mar 1867 at McConnellsville, Ohio. In subsequent correspondence to straighten out this affair, Morgan County people variously certified that William L. Fouts had left his wife (said Anna Ellwood) in September, 1868, to go to Guthrie Co., Iowa, and was to return for his wife and child, but never did. This was still kicking around in May 1930 when Anna, now age 88, certified that she had once filed for divorce (1883) , but had abandoned the cause., etc., etc. The matter apparently ended in August, 1930, when the, Morgan County Probate Court appointed a guardian for Anna E. Fouts. Said guardian apparently elected not to continue the cause. William L. Pouts was another abandoned son of Dr. Silas Hedges Fouts.


WILLIAM P. FOUTS - Pvt., Co. B, 5th Iowa Infantry. Mustered in 15 Jul 1861 at Camp Warren, Burlington, Iowa. Variously served as hospital nurse, officers' servant, and teamster in all campaigns from Port Pillow to Vicksburg to Chicamauga. Re-enlisted, being age 34, at Huntsville, Alabama, 5 Jan 1864, as a Veteran Volunteer, credited to Newtown, Jasper Co., Iowa. Detailed as Brigade carpenter, then placed on detached duty with the Ambulance Corps. Mustered-out at Nashville, Tennessee, on 11 Aug 1865, buying his Spencer carbine from the government and taking it home. In 1885, William P. Fouts, a resident of Grand Island, Nebraska, applied for a pension, alleging a shortening of the left leg brought about by rheumatism incurred while in the service. By 1892, both Fouts and his first wife, Sarah Frances Gentry, were residents of Nebraska Soldiers & Sailors Home in Grand Island, where she died on 10 Dec 1893. By Sarah, he had children: William R., b. 6 Jan 1866; Nina, b. 12 Mar 1870; John O., b. 7 Mar 1874; and Nellie J., b. 4 Sep 1876. Married second, 18 July 1895, Maria Thomas, who died 12 Sep 1907. Married third, 14 Jul 1909 Nancy C. Whitney Painter, widow. All marriages among inmates of the Soldiers & Sailors Home. William P, Fouts died on 28 Oct 1914 at the Home. His widow elected to take pension provisions under her first husband's service --- and disappeared from William P. file. Brother of Samuel Fouts, supra.


WILSON S. FOUTS - 1st Sgt., Co. B, 62nd OVI; Pvt., (New) Co. D, 67th OVI, Mustered-in 4 Oct 1861 at McConnellsville, Ohio, as Pvt., Co., B, 62nd. Progressed Corporal to First Sergeant by 10 Feb 1864 when re-enlisted as Veteran Volunteer. Reduced to Private and transferred to Co. A, 23 Aug 1865, then, as Army was consolidating with end of war, transferred to Co. B, 67th Ohio, at City Point, Virginia, and placed on Provost Marshall duty. Mustered-out on 7 Dec 1865 at Columbus, Ohio. On 13 Jan 1909, Wilson S, Fouts, of Newark, Licking Co., Ohio, applied for a pension, alleging injuries sustained while serving at Bermuda Hundred, Virginia, in 1864. He documents that he married Harriet Stewart on 30 Jun 1870 at McConnellsville and had two children: Edward M. Fouts, b. 1 Aug 1871, and Harry L. Fouts, b. 29 Aug 1873. He died 9 Jun 1915 at the Ohio Soldiers & Sailors Home in Erie County. His widow died 17 Aug 1929 in McConnellsville. He was another of the abandoned sons of Jacob Fouts, 3rd.


ZACHARY TAYLOR FOUTS - Corp., Co. .I, 122nd OVI. Enlisted as V.S. Volunteer at Zanesville on 5 Jan 1864. Joined Co. I at Brandy Station, Virginia, and participated in actions in Shenandoah Valley and around Washington, D.C.. Mustered-out 26 Jun 1865 near Washington, D.C.. Was age 18 when enlisted, born in Burlington, Iowa, and was a farmer by occupation. On 25 Jul 1890, Mary Fouts, Zachary's mother applied for a pension, alleging that he had disappeared in 1875 and was presumed dead, that he was unmarried at the time, and that she was dependent upon him. The correspondence continued until 1897 when the Pension Bureau insisted upon some proof of death. On 1 Oct 1919, Abbe L. Jones, an attorney in Zanesville, Ohio, asked the Pension Bureau for information. A will, his Mother's, had been probated in Muskingum Co., Ohio, in which Zachary was left a house and lot. Nothing further. Abandoned only son of Lemen Fouts III,


No one can say that the Morgan County Fouts were a dull lot,



In Newsletter No. 9 we discussed Soundex and indicated that Foutz and similar sounding surnames would be found in F320 and P132. P132 was wrong! We had forgotten than sound alike double constants are treated only as one constant. Hence Pfautz, Pfouts, and Phouts are all P320. The "f" is not coded because it reinforces the "P". So, the codes to check are F320 for Fouts, Foutz, Foutts, etc., and F532 for the miscodes where a "u" was read as an "n", and P320 for Pfautz, etc., and P532 for those miscodes. In the Census of 1900, we have found as high as 30 percent of the surnames codes miscoded --- there weren't that many Fonts, Fontz, Phantz, or Phonts!. If there are a number of rights codes under F320 and P320, you can bet there are miscodes. The coders were that consistent. Also remember that the people who did the coding for the Census Department were menial workers recruited from the a pool of folk who were not regarded as being mentally agile. If you expect perfection when dealing with Census data, you are doomed.



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It's been a mighty exciting three months in Pfoutz, etc., genealogy --- assuming You ore one of those folk who get excited about sorting out ancestries. There was so much "breaking news,” as we say in broadcast business that I truly did not know what was most important.

For example, thanks to Daniel Pfoutz, of Gibsonia, Pa,, a descendant, we have learned the whereabouts of Jacob Pfautz, son of Bishop Hans Michael Pfautz, after he left Coventry Twp., Chester Co., Pa, in the 1810s. Nobody had this one right!

‘'Baron' John Pfoutz, who gets the Boron, accolade to help identify him from among the Plethora of Johns, did have a child by his 2nd wife: a son, named Israel, and Israel married and had Issue, which opens up at least one more DAR line --- and we need to take a whole new look at those lost days of the 'Baron.’

We have made a great deal of progress in sorting out the Pfoutz Valley mess --- we use the word “mess” because so many searchers have made so many assumptions about Pfoutz Valley that it is difficult to sort out the fact from the fiction. We went back to Square One --- original records of Cumberland and Perry counties, Pa., and rebuilt the entire structure out of extant fact, [Incidentally, the reason that the Pfoutz did not stay on the land was because it was too good, some of the best in Pennsylvania---and most expensive. Under Pennsylvania law, if a son took land under a will and was required to buy out other legatees shares, he had to pay appraised market value. When top land In Ohio, Indiana, and Ohio could be had for $5 an acre, Pfoutz Valley land was being appraised at $100 an acre. Pfoutz sons consistently turned down opportunities to return to the land after 1830.]


There's an even bigger mess, if possible, northward in Lycoming Co., Pa., where John Leonard Pfoutz and his eldest son Leonard Pfoutz have been so confused that the DAR has actually certified lines that collapse the two men into one. The problem here was that John Leonard, the father, had eight daughters along with three sons, and Leonard, the son, had at least eight daughters also along with five or so sons --- and the aunts and nieces overlapped to such an extent that it was difficult to tell who belonged to whom. Then, of course, accounts in county histories did not agree with heirs identified in legal documents --- plus, because of Israel Pfoutz' women who no one has previously identified, there were extra Pfoutz women who couldn't be placed. This, too, is being sorted out.

With the help of Janet Avery, of Arvada, Colorado, we complete the total survey of Soundex for the Census of 1880 and 1900 --- and have a good start on 1910. If a Foutz, etc., was living In the U.S. in 1900, he/she should be in our files,

We are going to have to renege on that book Publishing venture we laid out so laviously last Newsletter. Since then we have talked to a half dozen vanity publishers, including the Eversons at Logan (genealogical specialists), and have been sobered by the kinds of money outlays required. This is hobby with me --- and the only way can do the books within reason is to do a large part of the writing and editing myself. And, that, the Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, won't be possible for seven-to-ten years hence when I retire. If anyone is sufficiently anxious as to want to move forthwith, I'll be glad to make the files available. I have no ego involvement about the research,

I got more, but I'm out of room, Best wishes...




In April we heard from Robert J, Frederickson, of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, who wanted to identify the lineage of his great-grandfather George Shomer Fouts who died in the San Francisco Bay area in the early years of this Century.

All that was known concerning George Shomer Fouts was that he had been born in Ohio, had married in the Bay area shortly after 1900, had sired one son, and had died while his son was yet an infant. Fouts had been an inventor, held a number of patents, and held two companies at the time of his death--- one in California. and one in Nevada.


The Census of 1900 enumerates a George S, Fouts in Alameda, along with a wife and an infant daughter, living with his mother-in-law. This George, really a Foutts, was born in California, but his father, Abraham Fouts (Foutts), was a native of Columbiana Co., Ohio, and was the son of Israel Foutts, who spread his family by two wives over a period of almost fifty years. Not a perfect fit, but few genealogical realities ever fit family oral history descriptions.


Fortunately, because of work done by Helen Fouts Haney several years back, we had access to California death records and found George S. Fouts had died in San Francisco on 9 Nov 1908. We communicated both the Foutts' item and the death certificate number to Frederickson. In the meanwhile, we did a search of the Census of 1910.


George S. Fouts, still living with his mother-in-law in Alameda, was listed, along with a passle of children, still in Alameda, (Wrong man!)


Frederickson sent for a copy of the death certificate. The name was George Shuman Fouts. Born: Ohio, 15 Aug 1862. Father: John W. Fouts. Mother: Harriet Boyd. Residence: Alameda, California.


The "Shuman" was the tip-off.


The Shumans were one of the families who moved into Pfoutz Valley, Cumberland (now Perry) Co., Pennsylvania, around 1800. George Shuman, married Elizabeth Pfoutz, daughter of Michael Pfoutz, Jr., Elizabeth’s oldest brother, Michael Pfoutz (3rd) left Pfoutz Valley in 1831 and moved to Hampden Twp., Geauga Co., Ohio, where he married Anna Quiggle, 15 Feb 1833. Anna and Mike had a large family, including eight sons, one of which was named George Shuman Fouts. In the early 1850s, accompanied by Quiggle relatives, they moved to Thornapple Twp., Barry Co., Michigan. Shuman Fouts (he never used the George) as an old man is enumerated in Michigan in the 1900 Census.


John W, Fouts was Michael Pfoutz' (3rd) eldest son. He remained in Ohio until after the Civil War when he, too, moved to Michigan. John W. is also in the 1900 Census there, along with a second wife and younger family.

This was another illustration of the serendipity that occurs in this research. We were no more involved with George S.'s identification than we encountered Quiggles elsewhere in Pfouts/Fouts association. In Lycoming Co., Pa., we had Michael Quiggle Crane marrying Ann Pfoutz, daughter of John, Jr., of Pine Creek Twp., in the mid- 1810s. Then, in 1840 in Trumbull Co., Ohio, John Pfoutz obtains a marriage license to wed Mary Quiggle, daughter of Michael. Janet Harmon, of New Jersey, wrote about this time to inquire if we had any data on the Quiggles --- who, she said, were related to the Pfoutz through the Klines.


Anna Kline, you'll recall, was 'Baron' John Pfoutz first wife, the mother of John, Jr., (otherwise Leonard), Michael, George, and David, and Elizabeth,


The ancestry of George Shuman Fouts is identified as he being the son of John W. Fouts, who was the son of Michael Pfoutz (Ohio)/Fouts (Michigan), the son of Michael Pfoutz, Jr., the son of Michael Pfoutz, Sr., the son of 'Baron' John Pfoutz, the son of Hans Michael Pfautz, Sr., the two latter being born in Germany and immigrating to America in 1727.


In his own research, Robert J, Frederickson tried to identify his great-grandfather through his inventions. In doing so, he came up with a lists of Fouts who have received patents, You may find it of interest:



14 Jul 1894 #523,273 Grip Block Aberdeen, WA

4 Feb 1896 554,023 Elevator Power Wheel San Jose, CA

18 May 1897 582,732 Logging Apparatus San Fran., CA

28 Feb 1899 620,438 Cable Grip

6 Nov 1900 661,045 Mountain Locomotive

14 Aug 1906 828 645 Automatic Cable Grip

4 May 1909 920,856 Automatic Cable Switch



1902 Not Identified Dayton, OH



1903 Steam Engine Eureka, CA



1907 Corn Popper Middeltown, OH



1910 Not Identified Cleveland, OH


One of these times, we want to do an article on the numbers of Pfautz, etc., who have been physicians. Medical practice has been attractive to Fouts, etc., in all surname lines --- including the lines where the name began as something else. Offhand, we can identify more than 30 who bore "Dr." before their names, not including Silas Hedges Fouts, of Colorado, who "was only a doctor of sorts."




We're getting towards the bottom of the barrel on Civil War service records. Missouri and Michigan, plus some odds and ends, this issue, and next issue we'll conclude with Maryland and U.S. Colored Troops,


Here then, are more Fouts, etc., who served in Union regiments during the Civil War. The data comes from military and pension records in the National Archives, Washington, D,C.




BERNHARDT FAUTZ, - Pvt., Co. D, 17th Missouri Infantry. Enlisted at St. Louis Arsenal, 20 Sep 1861, age 34, born Germany, single, a resident of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Wounded in the Battle of Atlanta, 4 Aug 1864, hospitalized thereafter. Disability discharged on 4 Feb 1865 as three-fourths disabled. Discharge identifies place of birth as Greuzenbach, Baden. In 1870, petitioned for increase in pension, Rejected. Petitioned again in 1873, again rejected. Nothing further in file. No widow or survivor filed for a pension based on this service.


DAVID FOUTS, - Capt., Co. G, 35th Missouri infantry.. Prior service as Capt., Co. I, 4th Military Dist., Missouri State Militia. Was age 32 at time of commissioning, no other personal data given. Service was entirely in Southwest Missouri and Arkansas. Discharged 28 Jun 1865 at Little Rock, Arkansas. On 29 Jul 1890, David Fouts, of Collyer, Trego Co., Kansas, filed for disability pension, alleging rheumatism and piles. There is no indication that a pension was granted. On 5 Dec 1894, Nancy Fouts, widow of David, filed for a pension, alleging that she had married David on 18 Jul 1850 in Washington Co., Indiana, that her maiden name was Nancy Mull. In subsequent correspondence, she advised that there were four children; Charles Fouts; Alice Purnell, nee Fouts; Thomas Fouts, and Frank Fouts. There is nothing in the file after 1895 except a notation that Nancy died, 14 Dec 1914, location unidentified. In the Census of 1900, Nancy was living in Provo, Utah, with son Frank's family. Charles was in Nebraska, Thomas in Missouri. One of Nancy's affidavits for pension was made by, Merrell and Susan Fouts, of Thayer Co., Nebraska. (Both David and Merrell were sons, of the second family of David Fouts, of Washington Co., Ind.)


DANIEL FOUTS, - Quartermaster Sgt., Co. F, 1st Missouuri Cavalry. Mustered in 6 Sep 1861 at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., having enlisted in Madison Co., Illinois. Age: 54, born Richland Co., Ohio. Served as teamster for Hospital Corps. Re-enlisted as Veteran Volunteer, 1 Jan 1864. Died at the home of Mary Erwin, 29 Oct 1864, in Six-Mile Precinct, Madison Co., Illinois, while home on leave, leaving no widow but two minor children. Subsequently, Mary A. Erwin was appointed Guardian to Mary A. Fouts, b. 17 Jun 1854, and William Henry Fouts, b. 15 Feb 1857. In various correspondences concerning her wards' pension, Mrs. Erwin advised that the children were the only issue of Daniel Fouts, that they were by his wife Julia, nee McCollum, that Daniel and Julia Ann McCollum had been married in St. Louis Co., Missouri, on 3 Oct 1852. A pension was allowed to support each child until its 16th birthday. (This was not a FOUTZ, but a FOCHT-FOUGHT. Daniel Foutz here was born in Columbiana Co., O., and moved to Richland Co., O., as a child. He was a brother to Reuben, who also used FOUTS.)


MILTON N. FOUTS, - Pvt., Co. G, 4th Missouri State Cavalry. Mustered- in 16 Apr 1862. Service was entirely within State of Missouri. Died 25 Oct 1864 at Kansas City of wounds received in battle on 23 Oct 1864 near Independence. The inventory of Milton's effects includes the information that he was born in Jefferson Co., Iowa. Other military information indicates that the Missouri unit was raised in Taylor Co., Iowa, where Milton lived, and its Captain was Abraham Vansickel of the same place. On 19 Sep 1891, Philetha Fouts, of Taylor Co., Iowa, applied for a Dependent Mother's pension, alleging that her husband [Eri W. Fouts] was totally helpless, that the deceased son was single at the time of his death, and had been a help to his mother. Abraham Vansickel was one of her affiants. The pension was granted, and continued until Philetha died, 16 Jan 1907, in Taylor Co., Iowa,




We published the service record Zimri Fouts [brother of Eri W. Fouts, both sons of Noah Fouts] who served in a Kansas regiment in an earlier Newsletter. We held this back because it's unique.


JOHN W, FOUTS, - Pvt., Co. E, 7th Kansas Cavalry. Mustered-in 30 Oct 1861, having enlisted at Quincy, Illinois, on 30 Aug 1861, being Age 26, a native of Treton, Illinois [he was born in Wayne Co., Indiana], and painter by occupation. Was actively engaged against the enemy 1862-63. Was a disciplinary problem, had both punishments and a court martial. Transferred to Co. C, 3rd Michigan Cavalry, on re-enlistment as Veteran Volunteer, 19 Jan 1864 at LaGrange, Tennessee.




JOHN W. FOUTS, Pvt., Co. C, 3rd Michigan Cavalry. Joined regiment at LaGrange, Tennessee, being Age 28, a native of Wayne Co., Indiana, and a painter by occupation. By June, 1864, was under arrest at Devalls Bluff, Arkansas, and on 7 Dec 1864, he was sent to Military Prison at Alton, Illinois, convicted by General Court Martial and sentenced to "be confined at hard labor." We need not go into the details, but John W., while under the influence of alcohol, did a number of things that a prudent man would not do---particularly one under military control. John W. knew better, but alcohol was the ruination both his and his brother Thomas W. Fouts' military careers.


On 1 Aug 1865, confined in the military prison at Jefferson City, Missouri, John W. wrote to Major General John Pope, commanding the Dept. of the West, St. Louis, asking for a pardon on the basis that his father, Capt. William D. Fouts, who was serving under Pope's command, had lately been massacred by the Sioux near Ft. Laramie (see Iowa records). he was released and dishonorably discharged on 29 Sep 1865.


On 18 Jun 1886, John W. Fouts filed for a pension, alleging that he had broken his arm in a horse fall while on duty near Germantown, Tennessee, on 3 Dec 1863. It took six years to make the case, including an Attorney General's opinion that a BCD was no bar to a disability pension. He was granted the pension on 4 Aug 1892, but dropped from the Pension Rolls by the Topeka office on 26 Jun 1893 because of his death.


John W. Fouts apparently never married. He was an itinerant painter, and told the Pension Bureau in 1887 that he had lived in South Bend, Indiana; Dayton, Ohio; Indiana; Wisconsin; Minnesota; The Dakotas; Iowa; Illinois; and, finally, at Veterans Home at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.


AUGUSTUS MICHAEL FOUTS, - Pvt., Co. C, 21st Michigan Infantry. Volunteered 9 Aug 1862 in Barry Co., Michigan, to serve three years, being Age 27, born Lake Co., Ohio, and a farmer. Seemingly spent entire service as Brigade and Division teamster. Died 29 Mar l865 at Cumberland General Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee, next of kin noted as: Michael Fouts, father, Middleville, Barry Co., Michigan. On 4 Sep 1875, Michael Fouts, of Thornapple, Barry Co., Michigan, filed for a Father's pension, alleging that he was old and had no assets beyond one yoke of working oxen "worth about $100." Sarah A. Gleason, of Montcalm Co., made affidavit that Michael Fouts had not been able to do manual labor for 23 years and had been a cripple from birth, and that Michael A. (Augustus M.) had done all of his father's chores. Philetis Quiggle, also of Montcalm Co., attested that Michael’s only income from 1864-on had been $300 from son Michael A. (Augustus M.) and $200 from his uncle [a legacy from Isaac Pfoutz of Pfoutz Valley, Pa.] Mrs. Ella Kipp, also of Montcalm, attested that Michael had been a cripple from birth. Rose Gleason, of Montcalm, deposed that the mother of Augustus Fouts died 19 Feb 1873. Philetus Quiggle further deposed that Michael Fouts, a tailor by occupation, could no longer work at that trade because of a weakness of the eyes. Peter Quiggle, also of Montcalm, attested that he had known Michael Fouts "for over forty years and know him to be a cripple," Philetus Fouts attested that his brother Michael A. had supported his father during the years prior to his enlistment, Levi Gleason deposed that Augustus Fouts was a single man, and that he had for a time resided in the Fouts' household and knew the state of affairs intimately. Wesley Klock, of Kent Co., attested to the father and son relationship.

Donald A. .McLean, M.D., attested that Michael Fouts was afflicted with talipes varns and had been so fifty-three years according to Fouts. After all of this, there is nothing in the file which indicates whether Michael Fouts received a pension for Augustus M.'s service. [August M. Fouts was the second son of Michael Fouts (as Pfoutz) and Anna Quiggle, who were married in Hambden, Geauga Co., Ohio, 15 Feb 1833. Lake County was later struck off of the north side of Geauga.]


DARIUS FOUTS, - Pvt., Co. C, 1st Michigan Sharp-Shootters. Enlisted at Kalamazoo on 28 Mar 1863. Mustered-in 1 May 1863 at U.S. Arsenal, Dearborn, Michigan, in active combat with Army of Potomac, Mustered-out at Washington, D.C., 28 Jul 1865. On 16 Jun 1880, Darius Fouts, of Willbrook, Mecosta Co., Michigan, age 34, farmer, filed for a pension, alleging that he contracted lung fever at Cold Harbor and Petersburg in Virginia in 1864. The pension was granted. On 21 May 1912, Darius Fouts of Springwater, Clackamas Co., Oregon, applied for an increase in pension, advising that he was born 30 Oct 1844 at Sheridan, Lake Co., Ohio, that he had lived in Mecosta Co., Michigan, until 1904 when he moved to Clackamas Co., Oregon. On 18 Apr 1914, Mary D. Fouts filed for a widow's pension, advising that Darius had died on 28 Feb 1914 at Springwater. That she had married the decedent on 26 Dec 1866 at Orangeville, Barry Co., Michigan, and that her maiden name had been Mary D. Chamberlain. She was pensioned, but the file is silent as to her date of death.

In 1897, Darius Fouts advised the Pension Bureau that he and Mary D. were the parents of four children: Minnie M., b. 26 Feb 1873; Herbert A., b. 17 Feb 1883; Jessie M., b. 27 Feb 1884; and Darius, Jr., b, 28 May 1889. [Darius was one of the sons of Michael Fouts and Anna Quiggle. Two of his brothers served in Ohio regiments. See earlier Newsletters.]





DAVID FOUTS, - Pvt., Co. I, 124th Ohio Infantry. Originally enlisted 12 Aug 1862 in Capt. Sherwin's Company, 119th Ohio Infantry, but regiment was never organized. Transferred to 124th which was mustered-in at Cleveland, although Co. I was located in Cincinnati. Immediately went over the hill (AWOL); then declared a Deserter. Apprehended and returned to regiment at Chattanooga, 8 Nov 1863. Wounded in Battle of Nashville, 16 Dec 1864, shot through left hand and pelvis. Given disability discharge, 27 Jun 1865, at Nashville. Immediately pensioned at three-fourths.

At time of enlistment in Cincinnati, Fouts was age 17, claimed to have been born in Cincinnati, and was a clerk.

On 4 May 1898, from Grant Co., Oklahoma, Fouts advised the Pension Bureau that he had divorced Katherine Harrigan in Covington, Ky., had married Nellie Reed, 6 Dec 1890; and had a son, Thomas, born 8 Dec 1891. He further advised that his first wife had died in Cincinnati, 1 Apr 1898, Fouts died 19 Feb 1907 at Wichita, Kansas, of tuberculosis. His death certificate gives his date of birth as 19 Feb 1844 in Ohio, but the spaces for identifying parents are blank. (In the Census of 1880, living in Ft, Thomas, Ky., 3cross the Ohio river from Cincinnati, Fouts had reported that he was born in Virginia.)

Nellie Reed Fouts applied for a widow's pension which she lost when she remarried in 1909, then reapplied for in 1919 after her second husband's death. There is no indication as to whether she received reinstatement.

In applying for Widow's pension in 1908, Nellie Fouts said that her husband had been born in Morgan Co., Ohio. If so, he did not belong to any of the many known Fouts families. However, there was a David in the family of Jonas Fout, who lived in the south of Morgan County. Jonas was constantly identified as "Jonas Fouts" in Morgan County court records in the mid-1850s, but he was a Fout (Fauth) from Lawrence Co., Ohio, with antecedents in Frederick Co., Va., and Frederick Co., Md. Per Census, David of Jonas was of the same age as the David Fouts here.




ISAAC FOUTS, Co. I, 1st Ohio Heavy Artillery. Mustered-in; at Cincinnati, Ohio, 18 Jul 1863, being age 18, born Morgan Co., Ohio, was a resident of Malta and a miner. Apparently spent most of service on staff of military prison at Knoxville. Mustered-out there, 25 Jul 1865.

On 6 May 1913, Elizabeth Harkins, of Stockport, Morgan Co., Ohio, filed for a widow's pension based on this service. She deposed that she was married to Fouts on 9 Jul 1868 at Malta, Ohio; that she was the mother of his three children; James L. Fouts, b, 23 May 1869; William S. Fouts, b. 22 Feb 1871; and Nora B. Fouts, b. 12 Oct 1873, that he had died 6 Sep 1877 at McConnellsville, Ohio; that she had then married John Harkins on 6 Mar 1881, that said Harkins had died on 21 Mar 1912; that she was again the Widow of Isaac Fouts and claimed a pension. W. Emmet Gatewood, M.D., deposed that had been Isaac Foutch's physician at the time of his death. McConnellsville mayor J.W. McKibben certified a deposition that Elizabeth Harkins had first been married to Isaac Fouch.

After prolonged paperwork, Elizabeth deposed in 1919 that her husband Isaac Fouts “had no education, was compelled at early age to support his mother and younger brother until the War came...he never could write even his own name or read any thing whatever or sign anything with a mark." [An interesting item in view of the clear signature of "Isaac Fouts" on his enlistment papers in 1863.] Elizabeth died 15 Sep 1932 at Broadwell, Stewart P.O., Ohio. Her affairs were settled by James Lewis Fouts, her son, of Columbus, Ohio. Her maiden name was Savage. [These Fouts, therefore, are FOUTCH in origin, likely a corruption of the German PFAUTSCH. Isaac's father, also, Isaac Foutch, is enumerated in the Census of 1850 in Morgan Co., Ohio, as age 72, born Virginia, and a coal digger.]




THOMAS J, FOUTS, - Pvt., Co., I., 136th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (90-days). Mustered-in 2 May 1864 at Columbus, Ohio; mustered-out 31 Aug 1864 at Camp Chase. On 27 Aug 1891, Thomas J. Fouts, of Westerville, Franklin Co., Ohio, applied for a pension for this service, alleging sprain of the left wrist which developed into disease of the bone, rheumatism, catarrh of head and nose, asthma, and disease of the heart. [We ordinarily don't go into these medical complaints in detail, but this one was so minor in its beginning and ranged so wide in its affects that it was unique.] He was pensioned. On 16 Mar 1915, then of North Madison, Lake Co., Ohio, advised the Pension Bureau that he had married Hattie Lillian Dunbar on 6 Aug 1884 at Galena, Delaware Co., Ohio, and that he had no children, living or dead. He was born, he said in 1912, at Newsville, Richland Co., Ohio. On 1 Feb 1929, his Widow Hattie filed for a Widow's pension, advising that Thomas J. had died on 7 Jan 1929. Ironically, Hattie did not get her pension, for she and Thomas J. had been married by her father, a Methodist minister, who failed to make a marriage return. Where a close relative is a legitimatizer of a marriage, ordinary affidavits by witnesses are not acceptable, particularly a brother, even if he is also an M. E. minister. [Thomas J. Fouts was the youngest of the five surviving sons of Henry Pfoutz, of Richland Co., Ohio. Henry, b. Franklin Co., Pa., was the son of John, who was the youngest son of Bishop Hans Michael Pfautz, Jr., of Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co. , Pa.]




DAVIS FOUTS, - Corp., Co., L, 8th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. Enrolled at West Milton, Miami Co., Ohio, 21 Feb 1864, and was honorably discharged at Clarksburg, West Virginia, 30 Jul 1865. On 10 June 1915, Davis Fouts, of Wymore, Gage Co., Nebraska, filed for a pension based on this service, claiming 70 years-of-age. Fouts advised that he was born 9 Jun 1845 at West Milton, Miami Co., Ohio, was the son of John Fouts and Rosanna Waymire, and that he was a retired funeral director. To other information requests, he said that he had married Priscilla Hill on 7 Sep 1867 at Pleasant Hill, Miami Co., Ohio, and that they were the parents of four children: Clara Fouts and Carrie Fouts, twins, b. 26 Jun 1868; John Erta Fouts, b. 2 Apr 1870; and Daniel Edgar Fouts, b. 29 Jun 1872. All of these children were dead by 11 Mar 1915, but Carrie had lived to maturity, had married McCluer. Davis Fouts died 4 Jan 1934. His wife was pensioned thereafter. Her death data is yet available to pubic access. [Davis Fouts was the son of John Fouts, son of Henry, son of John Fouts and Mary Younce. North Carolina line.]





Where there had been thirty Fouts families in Randolph Co., North Carolina, in the Census of 1800, there were none in 1870. In 1763, the Fouts, Theobald, Sr. (David, Sr.) and Michael, son of Jacob Pfautz, immigrant before 1730, had obtained more than 1000 acres from Henry Eustace McCulloh, an Englishman with a baronial style King's patent for lands in North Carolina. Because of persecutions associated with their pacifism (Mennonite, Dunker, Quaker) during the Revolution, the Fouts started moving westward in the late 1780s --- first to Wilkes (now Ashe) Co., N.C., then to Montgomery, Miami, and Preble counties, Ohio; then to Wayne, Clark, Harrison, Washington, and other counties in Indiana; and then, for twenty years, those still in Carolina stayed put, but by the 1830s --- although some tried Shelby Co., Indiana, for a few years --- the movement was to southern and southwest Missouri. The last of Revolutionary days patriarch's, Andrew, Sr., son of Michael, died in 1834 in Randolph Co., N.C., and next oldest Jacob, son of John Daniel, eldest son of Theobald, died there in 1835. Thereafter, estate settlements, debt, and economic conditions generally encouraged the Fouts to move elsewhere. Fouts with Copple and Goldsberry in-laws, were in Polk Co., Mo., by the late 1830s and were joined there by those who had found Shelby Co., Indiana, not to their liking. But Andrew Fouts, Jr., son of Andrew, Sr., remained in North Carolina. His children were double Fouts, their mother being a daughter of John Daniel Fouts --- and had started to drift away to Missouri. Michael Fouts was there when Andrew, Jr., died in 1842. By 1850, only Henry Fouts, younger son of Andrew, Sr., and David, a son of Andrew, Jr., still held land in Randolph County. Henry's land went shortly thereafter to debt, and Henry died in 1857, leaving only David Fouts with a few remaining acres along the Uwharrie River where Fouts had once predominated in both population and land holdings.

Where David Fouts was during the Civil War is not clear, but by 1870, he was living in Goldsberry Twp., Howell Co., Missouri next door to his son Andrew Fouts and family:




43-43 FOUTS, David.................... 52 M W Farmer $500 $200 N,C.

Sarah..................... 50 F W Kpg Hse Va.


44-44 FOUTS, Andrew................. 27 M W Farmer $100 N.C.

Elizabeth............... 27 F W Kpg Hse

Elizabeth............... 10 F W

Lafayette.............. 8 M W

Louis N................. 6 M W

Rosey.................... 4 F W


If David and Andrew were together during the Civil War decade, it was in North Carolina. David sold his last land holding on the Uwharrie from Missouri in 1872.

There have been Fouts in Randolph County since, but they came from across the line in Davidson County, and are descendants of the second family of John David Pfautz, immigrant of 1749.

















16 May 1850 George J. FOUTS & Mahala BREEZE No. 1604


5 Jun 1853 John F. FOUTS & Elisabeth O'NEILL No. 2458


28 Sep 1881 George J. FOUTS, 55, white, farmer, of Lancaster Landing, b, Ohio, son of John FOUTS and Mary REX, and Hannah KING, 36, white, b, Glasford, Ill., daughter of Eli Taylor and Gila Sparks. Second marriage for both. No. 97


7 Mar 1889 George J. FOUTS, 62, white, laborer, of Kingston Mines, Peoria Co., born Ohio, son of John Fouts and Mary M. REX, and Mary COOKMAN, 57, white, born Virginia, daughter of Andrew 8andy and Rebecca Hartniss. Third marriage for groom, fourth for bride. No. 97


14 Mar 1889 Lewis C. FOUTS, 19, farmer, of Canton, Ill., son of William Fouts and Louisa Hanson, and Kate RUMSEY, 23, of Canton, daughter of Jno. P. Rumsey and Mattie Herron. First marriage for both. No. 131


23 Oct 1893 Margaret E, FOUTS, 20, of Kingston Mines, Ill., daughter of Stephen Trial and Mary R. Woodworth, and William D. FULLER, 32, miner, of Reed City, Peoria Co., son of Benjamin Fuller and Elizabeth Broorn. First marriage for him, second for her. No. 1453


15 Sep 1896 Dora FOUTZ, 28, of Royal Center, Ind., daughter of David N. Foutz and Abigail Miller, and Oliver Mack, 37, railroad switchman, of Iowa City, Ia. First marriage for both.







20 Mar 1833 Charlotte FOLTTZ & Nathan HUNTER, bond by Corbelius Barst.


17 Dec l844 Mary FOUTZ & William LOUDEN, bond by Wm. Foutz.


15 Feb 1851 Harriet FOUTZ & Lewis DYKE


23 Apr 1855 William FOUTZ & Mary Jane MILLER


15 Aug 1865 Catherine S. FOUTZ, 20, daughter of William and Elizabeth Foutz, and George W, Christy, 23, son of Robert and Saran Christy, of Parkersburg, West Va.


16 Dec 1868 Mary F. FOUTZ, 21, daughter of S.A. and Isaiah FOUTZ, and John W. YOST, 20, son of C. M. and Christian Yost, both of Morgan Co., West Va.



4 Jul 1870 William H, FOUTZ, 36, son of William and Elizabeth Foutz, and Maggie HUDGES, 26, daughter of George Hodges.


29 Oct 1874 Nancy J. FOUTZ, 18, and Matthias W, Ambrose, 21, both of Morgan Co., West Va. [No other data]


2 Mar 1880 Lewis FOUTZ, 24, and Amanda LINENBURG, 16, both of Morgan Co., West Va., [No other data]


5 Apr 1887 William J. FOUTZ, 29, son of William and Mary FOUTZ, and Emma M. PERRY, 25, daughter of R, M. and Nancy PERRY.







20 Mar 1856 Dugan FOUTS, Jr., & Eliza WILSON B:255


17 Aug 1856 John FOUTS & Miss Barbara HERBERT B:263


2 Aug 1863 Lewis W. FOUTS & Miss Anna KIGIN C: 31


24 Jan 1878 Rhoda Jane FOUTS & Samuel HERRING D:191


19 Aug 1880 James FOUTS Miss Mary J. CLARK D:368


13 Apr 1882 Juda FOUTS James M. STOCKTON E:191


13 Jul 1889 William FOUTZ & Martha J. WILGUS H:374


4 Sep 1890 Absalom FOUTS & Miss Alice Belcher, I:143 m, at Gower, Clinton Co., Mo.


4 Nov 1896 Louis W. FOUTS & Miss Anna FLUSKY, both M:291 of Maryville, Nodaway Co., Mo.


6 Nov 1899 Miss Ethel N. FOUTS & John B. CLAVER O:457







14 May 1860 Jackson FOUTZ & Margaret Ellen SNYDER


18 Feb 1861 Eliza Jane FOUTZ & John J. FRALEY


2 Apr 1889 Carrie L, FOUTZ, 19, and George S. ENTLER, 19, m. near Shepherdstown, West Va.


7 Mar 1889 William, J, FOUTZ, 26, and Mary Q. HAWN, 26, m, near Shepherdstown, West Va.




Elmwood Cemetery, Shepherdstown:

FOUTZ, Jackson, d. May 5 1891, 75Y, 6M. 15D,

FOUTZ, Margaret E,C., wife, d. July 3 1884, 44Y, 4M, 13D

FOIJTZ, Mary E., wife of Jackson, d. June 11 1859, 40Y, 6M, 5D

FOUTS, William J., Sept. 13 1862 [blank]

FOUTS. Ada Florence, his wife. May 11 1899, MORE


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No. 12 DECEMBER, 1986 No. 12


Published by Dean R. Foutz, 1600 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 1130, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814


A British Empire Loyalist?





Considering that much of the early Genealogical interest outside the Mormons was among the ladies seeking ancestry, to qualify for DAR membership, it is understandable that Christian Fouts, immigrant of 1750, has received no attention. By the time of the revolution, Christian Fouts was a respected land owner in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania, and held the Commonwealth's commission as a Lieutenant Colonel or- Horse (cavalry). But, alas, when the fortunes of War were toted up in Philadelphia in 1783, Fouts' property was confiscated by Pennsylvania. He had turned his coat, gone over to the enemy, and if he was related to any of the others Pfautz, etc., they had no desire to share in his disgrace. No one has yet claimed him.


If Fouts survived the Revolution, where did he settle afterwards? It was not in Nova Scotia among the Loyalists who refugeed there in preference to living under the American flag. He made a claim to the British crown in 1785, asking to be reimbursed for his material losses for taking up the King's cause. But he did not have to be in Great Britain to accomplish that.

Now, let's address another Fouts enigma: who was the John Martin Fouts who pioneered in Northwest Louisiana in the first decade of the 1800? What were the roots of George Fouts, of Clay Co., Florida, who served in the Confederate Cavalry in Tennessee and got captured by the Yankees? And where did the Rev. Jesse Fouts of Galveston, Texas, come from? Research has uncovered a number of Fouts --- all in the Deep South --- who cannot be related to other Pfautz, etc., ancestries. Until the late 1830s, when North Carolina Fouts moved South to take up abandoned Cherokee lands, the movement was northwest or northwards.

Backtracking the Rev. Jesse Fouts led to Clay County, Florida, and Clay County, Florida, led to Barnwell and Bamberg counties, South Carolina, with the Fouts there living among clearly English neighbors, considerably away from the German settlements.

There's still much work to be done, but "Christian Foost" in the Census of 1790 seems to be first of these South Carolina Fouts. Christian was settled in the southern part of Orangeburgh District (now Barnwell and Bamberg counties). Every other Foost enumerated in South Carolina in 1790 was located in Richland Co., Camden District, near the North Carolina line. There were a goodly number there, but were so clustered that all of them are listed on page 26 of the printed Census. They were all, per later Census appearances, Fousts.

But Fouts was consistently the name that appeared in later censuses where Christian Foost had appeared in 1790. For the moment, well make a tentative identification of Immigrant Christian Fouts and his progeny. If you know your Revolutionary War history, you likely know why South Carolina was more understanding of turncoats than was generally true elsewhere.

There will be more on Christian Fouts' family line as we get into depth research.





Order of Immigrant Ancestors

For reference as well as for the information of our new readers, we repeat the PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ Ancestor List in order of emigration from Germany to America. The ancestor letter, e.g., (A), (B), etc., is used to identify lines within this Newsletter. This list is revised to January 1, 1987:


(A) Hans Michael PFAUTZ, Sr., of Lancaster Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1727.

(B) Jacob PFAUTZ, of York Co., Pa.; Immigrant before 1730.

(C) Theobald (Dewald, David) PFAUTZ, of Frederick Co., Md., and Randolph Co., N,C.; Immigrant of 1738.

(D) Johan David PFAUTZ, of Lancaster Co., Pa.: Issue of first wife, Washington Co., Md., Issue of second wife,

Rowan (now Davidson) Co., N.C.; Immigrant of 1749.

(E) Christian FOUTS, of Lancaster Co., Pa., and Barnwell District, S.C.; immigrant of 1750.

(F) Conrad PFAUTZ, of York, Northumberland, Lancaster, and Franklin Cos., Pa.; Immigrant of 1752.

(G) John Jacob PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1783. (No male Issue known)

(H) Michael PFOUTS, Sr.. of Washington Co., Md., and Harrison Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1787.

(I) John FOUTS, of Morgan Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1820.

(J) Adam FOUTZ, of Adams Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1839.

(K) Jacob FOUTZ, of Baltimore Co., Md.; Immigrant of 1849.

(L) Lewis FOUTZ, of Montgomery Co., Ohio: Immigrant of 1850.

(M) William FAUTZ. of San Francisco, Cal . ; Immigrant of 1855.

(N) Gottlief PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1857.

(0) William FOUTZ, of Norfolk, Va.; Immigrant of 1866.


Not included here are immigrants of the surname who did not have issue. i.e., have no descendants, and two yet unidentified females, issue unknown. There were at least a dozen of the surname who emigrated to America after the civil War. These will be added to the list as their immigrant dates become known. The PFAUTZ Family originates in the Lower Neckar Valley, east of the Rhine, in what is now Baden and Wurtemberg states of West Germany.






James Mahlon Fouts, son of Silas and Phoebe Fouts, was born in Wayne county, Ind., Nov. 30, 1852; died Jan. 2, 1908, age 55 years, 1 month and 2 days. He was married Martha A. Strickler, Dec. 22, 1873. To this union were born four children --- Cora, Allen, Clarence and Lenna, all of whom are living.

He was converted and joined the Church of the United Brethren in Christ at Sugar Grove ...about 37 years ago..."





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A Major Breakthrough:





You never know where you're going to find the missing pieces. When John W. Pfouts, 72, grandson of Reuben Pfouts and Ann Eagler, visited his old family home in Paint Township, Holmes Co., Ohio, in 1927, he noted that his kin had lost track of their origins and put together a manuscript of the Pfouts family genealogy as he understood it.

By then a resident of Hardisty, Alberta, Canada, John W. Pfouts, began with his great grandfather John Pfoutz, pioneer of Pfoutz Valley, Perry Co., Pennsylvania. John, the land baron, and his wife Margaret Bast. had six children, John W. said. They were: 'Michael, 1745 - 1827; Leonard, 1747 - ?; John, Jr., 1751 - ?; George, 1755 - 1835; Martha Pfouts Cameron, 1757 - ?; and David, 1762 - ?.

Not bad, but the evidence is that John of Pfoutz Valley was married first to Anna Kline, and that their children were: Leonard, 1742 - 1813; Michael, 1745 - 1827; George, 1755 - 1835; Elizabeth Pfoutz Reinhardt, 1758 - ?; and David, 1762 - 1821,

Anna was dead by 1769, because thereafter a Margaret signed with John Pfoutz on his many land conveyances. Margaret Bast would have been John's second wife and the mother of Israel Pfoutz, another of John's sons.

The John, Jr., is a maybe---there is tax role evidence, that both a John, Jr., and a Leonard, both of Pfoutz Valley, were assessed in 1780 and 1781 in Cumberland Co., Pa. But when Uncle Leonard Kline remembered his namesake, John's son Leonard, in 1788, he identified him as John Pfoutz, Jr., and there is no Pfoutz Valley evidence of another John besides John Leonard Pfoutz, the eldest son, among John, Sr.'s children.

The Martha Pfouts Cameron error is more of Old Senator Simon Cameron's doing, most likely. Simon's mother Martha was a daughter of Conrad Foutz and his wife Elizabeth by overwhelming documentary evidence, but Conrad, although a French and Indian War and a Revolutionary War veteran, had certain disabilities for Pennsylvania politics of the mid- and late Nineteenth Century. Conrad had been an economic failure (died on welfare) and too many of Cameron's Pfoutz cousins had joined the peculiar Mormons. So Senator Cameron moved in with the Pfoutz Valley family, claimed Conrad, but made him a son of Hans Michael Pfautz (A). Both John Eby Pfautz in his book (1881) and John W. Pfouts in his manuscript (1927) took the Senator at his word --- and included him in their genealogies. Simon Cameron and his son Donald represented Pennsylvania in the U.S. Senate for almost 50 years and virtually controlled the Republican Party in Pennsylvania. If he’d claimed kinship to you, would you have denied him? (But we've been around the Cameron barn before, so let's move on.)

In a county history biography printed in 1881, John W.'s father David had described his ancestor as having come from Italy, but John W. had read John Eby Pfautz' book on the family and accepted the Swiss origin and the 1709 emigration to America (both wrong), but John W. exceeded David's outrageous narrative of how come John Pfoutz (pioneer of Pfoutz Valley) came by all that land. David had John being such a paragon among the Indians that they bestowed large tracts upon him. John W, had John being a "White Boy" among the Indians and wove a tale that ultimately included the "treacherous Delaware" and the “perfidious Shawnee" and Simon Girty and what-all. John W. got so caught up in his story that he lost track of dates --- and had John still being a respected "White Boy" hunter among the Indians when John was in his late sixties. If you want to read fiction, these Pfouts have a talent for it: David Pfouts, John W. Pfouts, Paris Swayze Pfouts, and Wm. George Pfouts, all descendants of John, Sr., via his son George, Sr. David was of Holmes Co., Ohio; John W. of Canada; Paris of Texas; and William G. of Montana. For those who would like to read John W.’s manuscript, which includes considerably more than reported here, write for a copy. Our thanks to Donald A. Knowlton, of North Royalton, Ohio, a descendant of Reuben Pfouts and Anne Eagler, who passed along a copy of the manuscript.

For those of you still filling in family sheets: George Pfouts, son of 'Baron' John, was married twice: his first wife was Sarah Woodrown (according to David); and his second wife was Ann Cole (Widow Eagler). By Sarah, George fathered Simeon (Clinton Co., Pa.), David (Augusta Co., Va.), Rebecca Pfouts Shane (Tuscarawas Co., Ohio); Reuben (Holmes Co., Ohio), and Sarah Pfouts Edgington (Crawford Co., Ohio). By Ann Cole Eagler, he had George, Jr. (Holt Co., Mo.). George died in 1835 at Mt. Eaton, Wayne Co., Ohio, and is buried there. George Pfouts, Sr., and all four of his sons, wherever they located, were millers.

We dwell perhaps overlong on this family, but this is where we've had most of the interest during the past three months. We have also heard from a gentleman in California who has a wrong side of the blanket connection but nevertheless has a fierce pride in his "Baron" John Pfoutz ancestry. Good for him!


A Solved Problem Revisited:





We have a number of letters lately asking about the status of the family definitions of Conrad Foutz, Sr., and of his son John, both of whom are crucial in further developing the ancestry of Bishop Jacob Foutz, pioneer Mormon Bishop of Nauvoo, Illinois, and the Salt Lake Valley. In a recent visit to Salt Lake City, Dean R. Foutz went over the two family sheets with us and requested documentation. That we will do, but first we'll publish the two families here, and comment on what research activity has occurred during the past decade.


CONRAD FOUTZ, 1734 - 1818

Born 1734, Zweibruecken, Germany; emigrated to America, 1752; married, likely York Co., Pa., cl760; died 1818, Washington Twp., Franklin Co., Pa.



ELIZABETH ? , 1733-1822

Born 1733, place unknown; died 6 Oct 1822, Lewisburg, Union Co., Pa., while living with daughter Martha Cameron. Name on tombstone in Cameron plot, Lewisburg, Pa., is spelled "Pfoutz”.


Children: DAUGHTER


Born 1761, Shrewsbury Twp., York Co., Pa.; married Henry Alleman, Derry Twp., Lancaster (now Dauphin) Co., Pa., 20 May 1781; died 1819, Dauphin Co., Pa. Children.



2. MICHAEL FOUTZ, cl763 - ?

Born c1763, Shrewsbury Twp., York Co., Pa.; married ?; died ?. (This is one of most frustrating, for there is evidence that Michael remained in Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa. for at least 30 years after father left, but nothing in land, court, or probate records. A number of Foutz in Lancaster Co., Pa., appear to be descendants of Michael's but no proofs yet.)



3. CONRAD FOUTZ, Jr., cl765 - 1843

Born c1765, Shrewsbury Twp., York Co., Pa., married Mary Baker, possibly others, before, after; disappears from records in 1788 in Derry Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., in 1788; reappears in Frederick Co., Md., in mid-1820s; moved to Dayton, Ohio, before 1830; died in Dayton, Oct 1843, At least seven children, likely more.



4. JOHN FOUTZ, 1768 - 1803

Born 1768, Hopewell Twp., York Co., Pa.; married Elizabeth Hinkle, cl790; died Jul 1803, in or near Washington Twp., Franklin Co., Pa.. Five children.



5. GEORGE FOUTZ, 1771 - 1861

Born 6 Apr 1771, Hopewell Twp., York Co., Pa.; married Elizabeth Henlein, c1797; died 10 Oct 1861, Ellisville, Fulton Co., Illinois, A number of children.




Born 7 Apr 1771, twin of George, Hopewell Twp., York Co., Pa.; married Charles Cameron, c1794; died 10 Nov 1830, Lewisburg, Union Co., Pa. A number of children,




Born Jan 1773, Hopewell Twp., York Co., Pa.; no record found since baptismal record.


8. HENRY FOUTZ, c1775 - c18O4

Born c1775. Buffalo Twp., Northumberland Co., Pa.; married ?, 1796, Franklin Co., Pa.; died c18O4. One son, Jacob, whose sketchy biography by son roughly outlines Henry.




Born 1779, Derry Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. married Gasper Hinkle, brother of Elizabeth Hinkle, c1799; died after 1850, Washington Twp., Franklin Co., Pa.


Two Possible members of this family have been disqualified. Jacob Foutz, of Bedford Co., VA., is more likely as son of John David, Pfautz, immigrant of 1749, than of Conrad Sr.


But all the evidence is still not in. Jacob Foutz of Bedford Co., Va., was a barrelmaker by trade, the same trade as Conrad, John, and George above. But there is no evidence that there was a Jacob in Conrad's family. In John David Fouts' family, a Jacob was in the records of Rowan Co., N.C., until 1793 when Jacob of Bedford appeared there, located just east of the Great Wagon Road to the Carolinas. Jacob of Bedford was associated with both Lutheran and Dunker families --- as was Conrad Foutz' family in Franklin Co., Pa, and John David's family in North Carolina. No help there.

But the second rejection is definite: William Foutts, of Fayette Co., Pa. (1800) and Columbiana Co., Ohio (thereafter), has been specifically identified as a son of Leonard Fought (pronounced "Fout") of Fayette Co., Pa. (So, henceforth, Foutts = Fought and Foutz(s)=Pfautz, but we'll still keep track of them for a number of the Foutts have dropped the second “t," and have merged their surname identity: Fouts=Fouts, but does it?)

A thorough sweep of the records in Zweibruecken, Germany, provided no help. Pfautz Is not a surname of west of the Rhine. Prior to the 1800, seemingly it was exclusive to the Lower Neckar Valley, east of the Rhine. When we can raise the funds, we'll resume the quest in earnest, east of the Rhine. It requires a genealogical researcher who can read and translate Old German script once access is gained to the Lutheran and Reformed Parish records in Germany or the LDS Library in Salt Lake City (microfilm), Either way, it costs money because it's a search for needle in a haystack.

And now, the family of Conrad's son ,John:


JOHN FOUTZ, 1768-1803

Data as before. Was probated in 1803, with a virtually destitute estate.




Born 12 Apr 1771, Maytown, Lancaster Co., Pa., daughter of Henry Hinkle and Anna Magdalena Rudolph; married John Foutz c1790; as Widow, married Solomon Seacrist, son of John Seacrist, c1805, Franklin Co., Pa.; died c1812, Washington Twp., Franklin County.


Elizabeth’s second marriage is inferred by a statement made by John W. Hess, a grandson of John Foutz, in 1869 when he visited kinfolk in Franklin Co., Pa., from his home in Davis Co., Utah. He headquartered at the home of Elizabeth Riley in Greencastle, and identified her as a "dear sister of his mother." John W. Hess, a veteran of the Mormon Battalion in the Mexican War and for many years President of Davis Stake of the LDS Church, was the son of Jacob Hess and Eliza Foutz, Elizabeth Riley was the daughter of Solomon Seacrist. The only way that she could have been a sister to Elizabeth Foutz was if Solomon Seacrist had been married to the Widow Elizabeth Hinkle Foutz and the two Elizabeth's had had the same mother. If you think that's complicated, look what's coming;


Children: DAUGHTER


1. MARY FOUTZ SEACRIST, 1792 - 1860

Born 25 Dec 1792, Maytown, Lancaster Co., Pa., married Solomon Seacrist, son of John, c18l4, Washington Twp., Franklin Co., Pa.; died, 24 Feb 1860, same place. Elizabeth's eldest daughter succeeded her as Solomon's second wife: he was ten years younger than his first wife, ten older than his second. Mary was the mother of a number of children, including Jacob Foutz Seacrist who joined the Mormon church in Hancock Co., Illinois, in the 1840s, and who died on the Mormon Trail in Nebraska, returning from a Mission to Germany and leading a company of emigrants to Zion, in the late 1850s. It's too big a story for this small space.



2. JOHN FOUTZ, c1795 - Before 1840

Born c1795, Maytown, Lancaster Co., Pa; died before 1840 when his brother Jacob was baptized vicariously (Baptism of the Dead) at Nauvoo, Illinois. Appears for three years on Tax Lists of Washington Twp., Franklin Co., Pa., 1819 - 1822, as single man, stonemason.




Born 22 Jun 1797, Washington Twp., Franklin Co., Pa.; married Jacob Hess, c18l6; moved to Ohio, c1826; joined Mormons in Richland Co., Ohio, in 1833, moved to Missouri, experienced persecutions, moved to Illinois, experienced persecutions, was in first wagon companies to Utah in 1846. Was mother of John W. Hess, who had eight wives, 62 children.



4. JACOB FOUTZ, 1800 - 1848

Born 20 Nov 1800, Washington Twp., Franklin Co., Pa.; married Margaret Mann, 22 Jul 1822; Moved to Ohio, c1826; joined Mormons in Richland Co., Ohio, in 1833, moved to Missouri, was badly wounded in Hauns Mill Massacre; refugeed to Hancock Co., Illinois; then to Nauvoo when was one of Bishops; in first wagon train to the Salt Lake Valley in 1847; was one of first Bishops there; died 14 Feb 1848 as the result of eating a poisonous root, mistaken for being edible, The patriarch of the many Mormon Foutz.



5. MICHAEL FOUTZ, c1802-c1810

Born c1800; died c18l0. The only evidence of the existence of this child is the fact that Bishop Jacob Foutz performed vicarious baptism for him in Nauvoo in 1846. To have the rite performed, Michael had to have lived to the age of eight (those who die before age eight are blameless, do not require baptism according to LDS doctrine). JSD




One Jacob Found, One Still Missing:




Our thanks to Daniel R. Pfoutz, of Gibsonia, Pa., for clearing up another of the nagging family mysteries. Bishop Hans Michael Pfautz of the Conestoga Dunkers (Church of the Brethren), who was disowned by his Lutheran father Hans Michael, Sr. (A), had three sons, one daughter: Michael, who settled and died on Pipe Creek waters, Frederick (now Carroll) Co., Md.; Catherine who married Peter Crumpacker, and is believed to have died in Virginia after also being at Pipe Creek, Md.; Jacob, who lived at Coventry in Chester Co., Pa; and John, the youngest, who heired the home place in Warwick Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., and there died.

Don Bowman, past president of the Fellowship of Brethren Genealogists, and a devoted searcher of old records and discoverer of grave sites, a surveyor by profession, and a resident of Brookville, Montgomery Co., Ohio, has been threatening for years to go back to the Urner Cemetery, Chester Co., Pa. and find Jacob, son of Bishop Hans Michael, therein. A descendant of Jacob and his wife Mary Bach, Don found Mary's grave in Montgomery Co., Ohio, a number of years ago, with a death date of 1819.

It is known, through various land records, that the family of Jacob and Mary began to leave Chester Co., Pa., starting in 1803, some going to Pipe Creek in Maryland, others, going to Montgomery Co., Ohio, both of which were Dunker congregation areas. No one paid much attention to the exception: Jacob, son of Jacob and Mary, who went off by himself and settled in Westmoreland Co., Pa.. Jacob, Jr., according to a history of the Church of the Brethren for Southwest Pennsylvania, was in the Dunker ministry, but used the name of James Fouch, a semi-Anglicization of' his German identification. When John Eby Pfautz did the family in 1881, he noted that there was not much information about Jacob, Jr., and John Eby Pfautz did not have a tad of an idea as to what happened to Jacob, Sr., and wife Mary.

The mother, Mary Bach Pfoutz, had moved to Montgomery, Ohio, likely to live with son Samuel (the eldest), and died there. Family reconstruction had settled upon Jacob, Sr., dying in Chester Co., Pa., and the family scattering to the various Dunker areas,

Daniel R. Pfoutz, seeking to help this Newsletter, advised that his great-grandfather Jacob Pfoutz was buried in an old cemetery on the farm where he was born and reared, and the farm was still in the family. The graven image on the headstone is "Jacob Pfoutz, died Jan. 23, 1818, Age 81 yrs.”

Daniel R. Pfoutz noted that his great-grandfather had been married to Barbara Demuth (1768-1840). It took several days, but all of a sudden the bells started to ring. With those dates, the Jacob was not Daniel’s great-grandfather, it was Jacob, Sr., who had been married to Mary Bach! But what was he doing in Westmoreland Co., Pa., halfway between Chester Co., Pa., and Montgomery Co., Ohio? And that, of course, is most likely the answer. The old couple were on their way West, stopped at Jacob, Jr., and Old Jacob died there. The Widow Mary Pfoutz continued West to her son Samuel's, and died there a year later.

But Daniel R. Pfoutz is baffled. All these years, he's thought that he had identified his great-grandfather's gravesite. His great-grandmother Barbara Demuth Pfoutz is there, but now---Where's great-grandpa? Daniel was unaware of the James Fouch legend, but will check it out as soon as he recovers from a series of eye operations.

But bit-by-bit the pieces go together. How much more we know now than when we began this quest almost 20 years ago,



No. 13 March 1987 No. 13


Published by Dean R. Foutz, 1600 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 1130, Honololu Hawaii 96814







While Black Fouts are few compared to Blacks of other surnames, their origin in most part can be traced to slaves belonging to Absalom and Dougan Fouts, of Randolph Co., North Carolina, and Buchanan Co., Missouri, or to Solomon Fouts, of Ashe Co., North Carolina; Polk Co., Tennessee, and Murray Co., Georgia.


We have had no correspondence from any Black Fouts. Our data, therefore, is limited to Civil War military and pension records and what we have been able to glean from the U.S. Censuses.


Absalom and Dougan Fouts were brothers and were the sons of Jacob Fouts and Elizabeth Plummer. Jacob was a son of John Daniel Fouts and Mary (Garren?) and a grandson of Theobald Pfautz Sr., and Catherine Spengel. There were only three children in Jacob and Elizabeth's family, and in the late 1820's Absalom and Dougan, along with their sister Celia and her husband Larkin Arnold took up land in Shelby Co., Indiana, concurrently with their uncle Philip Fouts' coming north from Buncombe Co., North Carolina. The Fouts settlement in Shelby County did not last ten years, for Absalom -and Dougan went back to Randolph Co., N.C., in 1835 when their father died and left them a number of slaves and substantial land, Shortly thereafter, Philip Fouts and son Larkin Fouts, both of whom had Indiana land, sold out and moved to Polk Co., Missouri. The Larkin Arnolds, however, remained in Shelby Co., Indiana.


Economic conditions were depressed in North Carolina; the land was largely worked out--- so in the mid-1840s Absalom and Dougan Fouts sold out and moved to Buchanan Co., Missouri, about as far north and as far west in that State as could be located and hold slaves without abolitionist harassment.


From here on, it is the story of the Black Fouts:


In 1906 DUKE FOUTS, a veteran of the 54th Massachusetts (Colored) infantry and Co. H, 68th U.S. Colored Infantry, applied for a Civil War pension. He stated that he was born in Randolph Co., N.C., on 15 Jan 1836, that he was taken to Missouri as a slave by Dougan Fouts and subsequently sold to Tom Benton. He ran away during the Civil War, made his way to Denver, Colorado Territory, where he enlisted in the 54th Massachusetts. (Massachusetts was a radically abolitionist state and ranged throughout the nation in recruiting men to fight against the South. The Adjutant General of the State of California is his report of that state's participation in the Civil War noted that five regiments of Massachusetts troops had been raised in California!). Duke Fouts served from 24 Feb 1864 (Denver) until 5 Feb 1866 (Camp Parapet, Louisiana) when he was mustered-out. He lived at Red River Landing, Louisiana, for seven years and then located in Adams Co., Mississippi, where he spent the remainder of his life. Although married to Esther Tucker on 2 Feb 1878 at Natchez, there were no children. He died 22 Mar 1908. His wife died 31 Mar 1934 in Natchez.

WILLIAM FOUTS, Co. D, 13th Heavy Artillery, U.S. Colored Troops, identified as a "mulatto," enlisted for Civil War service on 3 Mar 1865 at Chicago, Illinois. He identified his birthplace as "Missouri," but never specified a county. He was mustered-out at Louisville, Kentucky, on 11 Nov 1865. He never married, had a nomadic life, filed for his disability pension from the Indiana State Prison in LaPorte in 1891, and died in Chicago on 4 Oct 1905.

LEVI FOUTS, lst Sgt., Co. K, 83rd U.S. Colored infantry, enlisted originally in the 2nd Regiment, Kansas Colored Infantry, on 17 Oct 1863 at Fort Scott, Kansas, noting that he had been born in Buchanan Co., Missouri. He was mustered-out of service on 9 Oct 1865, with a distinguished record of valor and promotion. Levi died 19 Jun 1891 in Atchinson Co., Kansas. On 11 August of that year, his wife Rosa, nee Rosa Campbell, applied for a widow's pension. She proved her marriage to Levi Fouts on 18 Jun 1869 at Atchinson, Kansas (an Alfred Fouts attested to both Levi and Rosa being of age in obtaining the marriage license). According to Census and Pension data, there were five children: Mary, b. 1869; Albert, b 1871; William, b. 1874; George, b. 3 Mar 1876; and Roy, b. 27 Dec 1880. Albert, William, and Roy were all living with their mother in Atchison, Kansas, in 1900. Rosa died 4 May 1900 (three days after the Census enumeration). She was 47-years-old.

SIDNEY J. FOUTS, Co. H, 55th U.S. Colored Infantry, enlisted 31 Oct 1864 at Burlington, Iowa, giving "Iowa" as his birthplace, and being a substitute for Harrison Blacklidge of Des Moines Twp., Van Buren Co., Iowa. He was mustered-out of service on 31 Dec 1865 at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Sidney J. Fouts never applied for a pension, has no veteran's file. A Van Buren County history notes that he was a barber there for many years. He is not enumerated in the Census of 1900. The only Black enumerated in Iowa in 1900 is listed with a Kansas birthplace.




There are three Black Fouts households listed in Missouri; 2 in Kansas; one in Iowa; and one in California in 1900, all of which are Missouri-Kansas in their origins.

Southwards, there is one family each in North Carolina and South Carolina, both associated with the one slave that was in the family of Jacob Fouts of Macon Co., S.C.

In Georgia, there are not as many Black families as might be expected, for Solomon Fouts owned twelve slaves in 1860. In 1880 there were four Black Fouts household enumerated. In 1900, only two.

After the Civil War, there were several Black families in northern Virginia who variously used the "Fouts" surname. However, these were ultimately identified as spelling errors and were FAUX or FOX,

The large Foutz family of Bedford Co., Virginia, apparently never held slaves, unless some of those Buchanan Co., Missouri, slaves belonged to Jacob Foutz of Bedford Co., Virginia, who settled in Buchanan Co., Missouri, just before the Civil War, and appears to have been a casualty on the Confederate side in 1863. This Jacob Foutz, incidentally, was the only one of the male Bedford County Foutz who left Virginia before the Civil War. The rest of them stayed close to the Blue Ridge.

We may have missed one or two families, but this would appear to be the Black Fouts --- except for; LEMUEL FOUTS, of Steubenville, Ohio, who was born in Rankin Co., Mississippi, on 1 Jan 1840 and was a light mulatto with blue eyes. Lemuel served in Co. G, 187th Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War from 7 Feb to 30 May 1865. He was never in a colored unit.

Lemuel was the son of Ann Fouts of Minerva, Carroll Co., Ohio, and was never a slave. After the Civil War, his family is increasingly identified as "Mulatto," then "Black." All four of the Fouts households identified as "Black" in the Ohio Census of 1900 are Lemuel or his children.








John Eby Pfautz (1881), a printer in Ephata, Lancaster Co., Pa., identified the wife of Bishop Hans Michael Pfautz, Jr., 1709-1769, as Catherine Neff. Dr. Martin Grove Brumbaugh, a learned educator and one-time governor of Pennsylvania, identified (1899) the Bishop's wife as Catherine Schlauch (Slough),daughter of Jacob Slough, a prominent innkeeper in Lancaster Co., Pa.

Inasmuch as Hans Michael Pfautz, Sr., was an innkeeper, both in Germany and Pennsylvania, and the Pfautz family trade was innkeeping, (only the Bishop did not follow the trade), there was a logic to Brumbaugh's identification. Further, Dr. Brumbaugh was a scholar of note.

Having a few moments at the Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City a few days past, we decided to make a quick test of the Slough connection. It fell apart rapidly. Jacob Slough did not arrive in Lancaster Co., Pa., until 1747, did not start his inn ("Sign of The White Swan") until 1750, did not have a daughter! The Bishop married cl733. So, it's. back to Neff.










When we made up the schedule of displaying the data of the Fouts, etc., who served in either the Union or Confederate armies during the Civil War, we somehow overlooked the three from Maryland. Two of the three are of a from an enigmatic Foutz line. Service and pension records are as follows:


GEORGE FOUTS, Co. F, lst Regiment, Maryland Potomac Home Brigade (subsequently Co. F, 13th Maryland Infantry); enlisted 21 Aug 1861 at Frederick, Maryland, as a musician and assigned to the Regimental Band, later assigned as Company drummer. Served until 4 Sep 1864 when discharged at Harpers Ferry, Va. All duty was on Maryland-Virginia border. On 25 1907, George W. Foutz of Burkittsville, Frederick Co., Md., applied for a pension, based his attainment of the age of 70. He stated that he had been born in Clear Spring [Washington Co.], Maryland, on 25 Nov 1836 and had been a resident of Frederick Co., Md., for the past 43 years. In 1899, responding to a government questionnaire, Foutz has reported that he had been married three times: (1) Carrie Wolf, 6 Apr 1859, divorced 5 Apr 1864, both Washington Co., Md., one child (Foutz said he could not remember name or date of birth, but appears to have been Sarah A. Foutz, b. 1861, who M. Thomas J. Nunimaker); (2) Mary Smith, 16 Jun 1864, at Frederick, Md., who died 13 Nov 1888 at Burkittsville, Md. (baptized name was Margaret B. Schmidt daughter of Jacob Schmidt), leaving eight children: Katherine, Caroline, Emma, George H., Martin L., Rosa, Frank, William B., and Anna [George W. told the Pension Bureau nine, but could not give their birth dates]; (3) Eleanor Boyce, 15 Dec 1889, Burkittsville, Md. She survived George W. who died 9 Dec 1908 at Burkittsville, The widow, who had no children by Foutz, died 15 Mar 1925 at Saratoga Springs, New York. George W. Foutz was the son of Henry Foutz, hatter, of Clear Spring, Md.; the grandson of John Frederick Foutz, hatter, of Mt. Eaton, Wayne Co., Ohio; and the great-grandson of Frederick Foutz, of Washington Co., Md., who was the oldest son of John David Pfautz, immigrant of 1749.

JACOB FOUTZ, Pvt., Co. A, 3rd Potomac Home Brigade, Maryland Infantry, enrolled 29 Feb 1864 at Ellicott Mills, mustered-out 29 May 1865 at Baltimore. On 2 Apr 1894, Jacob Foutz, age 67, of Barton, Allegany Co., Md., applied for an invalid pension. An illiterate, Foutz had difficulty answering questions posed to him by the Pension Bureau. His file, therefore, has data generally found in such records missing. He said he had been married, that his wife had been dead for 21 years, that he had not remarried, and that he had 11 children living in 1898, but he offered no names or dates. Jacob died 27 Jul 1900 at Barton, Allegany Co., Md. By other sources, Jacob Foutz was married 5 Nov 1865 to Nancy Broadwater in Cumberland, Allegany Co., Md. The Census of 1880 lists the wifeless Jacob Foutz with the following children: John T., 20; Margaret B., 17; Mary Jane, 14; Noble W. and Minnie E., twins, 13; Margie, 9; Laura, 8; William B., 6; and Jacob, Jr., 5. This accounts for nine children and some complications.

TOBIAS FOUTZ, Pvt., Co. A, 3rd Regt., Potomac Home Brigade, Maryland Infantry, Enlisted at Barton, Allegany Co., Md., 25 Mar 1864; mustered-out at Buchannon, West Virginia, 2 Jan 1865. In various documents filed with the Pension Bureau beginning in 1904, Foutz stated that he was born 17 Apr 1832 at Borden Shaft, (Allegany) Md.; that he had married Annie M. Miller in 1860 at Frostburg, and that his wife had died 3 Jun 1913, and that he had fathered ten children: Susan Jane, b. 24 Apr 1862; Ida Willard, 3 Apr 1866; William Thomas, 5 Jan 1868; Sarah Carolina, 17 Oct 1869; Mary Ellen, 25 Jun 1871; Charles Henry, 16 Dec 1872; Isaac, 27 Oct 1874; John W., 2 May 1876; Clity S., 14 Jun 1878; and Anna May, 7 Sep 1882. Tobias Foutz died 22 Mar 1922 at Frostburg, Md.

By other records, Tobias Foutz was a younger brother of the Jacob Foutz previously identified; he was married to Ann M. Miller, 13 May 1863; that he was previously married to Emeline Mayhue, 24 Mar 1859.


Jacob and Tobias Foutz are enigmatic in that they cannot be attributed to a known Foutz immigrant ancestor. Allegany Co., Md., is a difficult FOUTZ county because of the presence therein (before and during) of the FOUTY family. Several FOUTZ family searchers have been confused by the script "y" which looks like a script "z" and have identified FOUTYS as FOUTZ, both in Maryland and Ohio. A TOBIAS FOUSE appears in Baltimore City with a large house-hold in 1800. No further Tobiases until the 1820 when a Tobias FOUTS appears in Allegany County's enumeration. In 1830, the name is Tobias FOUCH with a household including eight children under the age of 15 years. No enumeration’s, FOUTS or FOUTZ, in the Census of 1840. In 1850, there is a mixture of F'OUTZ and FOLK.

In 1857, the Estate of John Foutz, late of Allegany County, Deceased, was distributed to his brothers and sisters; the heirs were identified as brothers Morris Foutz, Jacob Foutz, and Tobias Foutz, and sisters or their heirs as Sarah Leo's children, Hannah Stott, and Louisa McKinzie. The family was illiterate, hence the spelling of the surname was left to others. Most likely, these FOUTZ have their roots in another surname, such as FAAS, FOCHE, etc..

Tobias, as a given name, occurs nowhere else among the Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz. "Morris" is unique also. Morris, suggesting "Maurice," and Tobias suggest French, not German roots.






15 Nov 1866 - Mary Ellen Fouts and Archibel K. SUTTON, at LeRoy, Kansas, by Rev. G. W. Walter, M.E.




1838 - Emsley Fouts, in T32, Range 31.

1839 - Pleasant Fouts, in T32, Range 22.

1840 - Larkin Fouts, in T33, Range 22.

1845 - John Fouts, in T32, Range 31.




Jacob Foutz, 6 Oct 1764, Lancaster Co., Pa., son of Frederick Foutz, d. 26 Apr 1832, Washington Co., Md.,

m. 2 Jan 1802, Elizabeth Storm, 25 Oct 1766 - 13 Apr 1836, Washington Co., Md.:


Children: Samuel Strong Foutz, 20 Aug 1806 - 20 Jun 1877. Died in Illinois. Unmarried.

Susan Foutz, 6 Mar 1811 - 9 Dec 1868, (Died in Iowa), m. 28 Mar 1833, Jacob Buck,

28 Feb 1806 - 17 Sep 1890.


Anyone interested in this family should write: George A. Buck, 726-50th St., Des Moines, Iowa 50312.




Steinsfurt Reformed Church: 19 Jun 1712, Anna Margretha, daughter of Hans Michael Pfautz, innkeeper, and wife Ursula.








We are pleased to advise you that research has begun again in the Old German records in Wurtemburg, Germany, and on microfilm at the LDS Genealogical Library in Salt Lake City to identify and define the Pfautz in Germany. The last German search, being sponsored by the Jacob Foutz Family Association was centered around Zweibruecken, west of the Rhine, where Conrad Foutz was supposedly born. However, Pfautz is not a surname of West of the Rhine and the search consumed much time, considerable money, and netted virtually nothing.

This effort, being funded by the Editor for the nonce, will be directed specifically at the Lower Neckar Valley, east of the Rhine, where multiple evidence of Pfautz existence is already in hand. The work is being conducted by Kory Meyerink, A.G., C.G., of Salt Lake City, of Dutch ancestry but with an excellent working knowledge of the German language and Old German script. Kory will read those records available on microfilm and undertake the correspondence (in German) necessary to obtain readings in Germany.

Those interested in participating in the project by assisting with the underwriting are invited to write the Editor. All of the data will ultimately be shared, but initial reports will be distributed first among those who support the research. Full disclosure of the project to those participating.








For those of you who have not been through the routine before, the nickname in German for Theobald is "Dewald." Pronounced with a thick German accent (is there any other kind?), the name, to the English-tuned ear, sounds like a half-swallowed "David." Hence, Theobald Fouts, Sr., his son Theobald, Jr., and his grandson Theobald (eldest son of eldest son John Daniel) all ended their lives as David Foutses. Senior died before 1793 in North Carolina. Junior was settled in Ashe Co., N.C., until 1809 when he moved to Randolph Twp., Montgomery Co., Ohio. The grandson "David" Fouts lived first in Rowan (now Davidson) Co., N.C., then Barren Co., Ky., and finally in Clay Co., Indiana. Grandpa was married to Catherine Spengel, Junior was married to Elizabeth Hoover, and Grandson was married at least twice, first to a Winkler.

Theobald, Jr., as David Fouts (one of his descendants noting than his land patent in Ohio had been issued to "Theobald Fouts" said it was an Entry Agent's error) --- anyway, as David Fouts is renown off being the father of four children who were born blind and all of whom survived the frontier in both North Carolina and Ohio: John Fouts, 1767 - 1834; Jonas Fouts, 1769 - cl825; Catherine Fouts, 1785 - 1865; and Hannah, cl787 - 1866.

Br. George Soelle, the Moravian missionary who visited the family in 1772 when they were living in Guilford (now Randolph) Co., N.C., recorded that the children (then only John and Jonas) had eye structures that had not formed correctly and that their eyes were the size of peas. Whether it was a case of too close kinship between father and mother is moot, but a similar situation occurred among the Fouts and Hoovers on an intermarriage in Miami Co., Ohio, in the next generation.

Elizabeth, wife of Theobald, Jr., was the eldest daughter of Andrew Hoover, Sr., and Anna Margaretha Pfautz. The degree of relationship between Margaret Hoover (as she is known in family annals) and Theobald, Sr., is unknown, but likely cousins of a near degree. They were approximately the same age, both being born cl722 - 23 in Germany.

Of the six children of Theobald, Jr. and Elizabeth only Susanna, who married David Burket, and Andrew, who married Barbara Roland, had families.

Andrew's wife Barbara, 8 Jun 1781 - 8 Jun 1847, was the daughter of Abraham Roland, a granddaughter of Elder Gasper Roland, the frontier Dunker minister of Maryland, North Carolina, and Kentucky. The name Roland has been corrupted in Miami Valley genealogies to Rollins---which is incorrect.

Andrew and Barbara had six children:

David R. Fouts, who married Sarah Mast;

Joseph Fouts, who married Nancy Curtis;

Catherine Fouts who married Michael Hoover;

Elizabeth Fouts who David Eller;

John Fouts who died as a youth; and

Andrew Fouts, Jr., who married Mariah Gable (Widow Snyder).


Descendants of these children, particularly Fouts, settled Cass, Fulton, Miami, and Wabash cos., Indiana; Lee Co., Iowa; and Osborne Co.. Kansas.












Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz Newsletter








Order of Immigrant Ancestors

For reference as well as for the information of our new readers, we repeat the PFAUTZ-FOUTS-FOUTZ Ancestor List in order of emigration from Germany to America. The ancestor letter, e.g., (A), (B), etc., is used to identify lines within this Newsletter. This list is revised to January 1, 1987:


(A) Hans Michael PFAUTZ, Sr., of Lancaster Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1727.

(B) Jacob PFAUTZ, of York Co., Pa.; Immigrant before 1730.

(C) Theobald (Dewald, David) PFAUTZ, of Frederick Co., Md., and Randolph Co., N,C.; Immigrant of 1738.

(D) Johan David PFAUTZ, of Lancaster Co., Pa.: Issue of first wife, Washington Co., Md., Issue of second wife,

Rowan (now Davidson) Co., N.C.; Immigrant of 1749.

(E) Christian FOUTS, of Lancaster Co., Pa., and Barnwell District, S.C.; Immigrant of 1750.

(F) Conrad PFAUTZ, of York, Northumberland, Lancaster, and Franklin Cos., Pa.; Immigrant of 1752.

(G) John Jacob PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1783. (No male Issue known)

(H) Michael PFOUTS, Sr.. of Washington Co., Md., and Harrison Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1787.

(I) John FOUTS, of Morgan Co., Ohio; Immigrant of 1820.

(J) Adam FOUTZ, of Adams Co., Pa.; Immigrant of 1839.

(K) Jacob FOUTZ, of Baltimore Co., Md.; Immigrant of 1849.

(L) Lewis FOUTZ, of Montgomery Co., Ohio: Immigrant of 1850.

(M) William FAUTZ. of San Francisco, Cal . ; Immigrant of 1855.

(N) Gottlief PFAUTZ, of Philadelphia, Pa.; Immigrant of 1857.

(0) William FOUTZ, of Norfolk, Va.; Immigrant of 1866.


Not included here are immigrants of the surname who did not have issue. i.e., have no descendants, and two yet unidentified females, issue unknown. There were at least a dozen of the surname who emigrated to America after the civil War. These will be added to the list as their emigrant dates become known. The PFAUTZ Family originates in the Lower Neckar Valley, east of the Rhine, in what is now Baden and Wurtemburg states of West Germany.

Comments and other stuff . . .


Henceforth, the Newsletter is going to be less of a monologue and more of a joint effort. We’ve been asked to include queries, articles written by others in the family circle. Suits us.


We respond herewith to the request of one Pfautz lady who wanted to know what the Editor looked like. She wonders if the Pfautz-Fouts-Foutz good looks came through the seven generations of Davenports. This is a reduction of a “Wanted” poster done of the Editor by a police artist in Gila Bend, Arizona, in 1986. A good likeness considering he was working thur the bars.









QUERY: "I would like to get in touch with descendants of Benjamin Franklin Fouts of Worth Co., Missouri. There were three children: Mary E. who married an Okey; Alexander who was evidentially a black sheep (a gambler); and the third was my grandmother." Phyllis Michaux, 7535 Spring Lake Drive, Bethesda, MD 20817.


QUERY: "Does anyone know what happened to William Pfouts, son of Reuben Pfouts and Anne Eagler of Holmes Co., Ohio? William sold his share of his father's estate in 1860 and disappeared somewhere?" Send replies to R. W. Pfouts, c/o Newsletter Editor, 1101N American Towers, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101.


If you have anything that you would like to circulate among the more than 650 who read this Newsletter, be it a Query, Comment, or Cuss, mail to: Dr. John Scott Davenport, 1101N American Towers, 48 West Broadway, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101. We reserve the right to edit.



No. 14 JUNE 1987 No. 14

Published by Dean R. Foutz, 1600 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 1130, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814







For several years your Editor has been frustrated by the lack of factual data available on the Pfoutz/Pfouts of Perry County (Pfoutz valley) and Lycoming County (Jersey Shore), both in Pennsylvania. Concerned are questions concerning identification and definitions of descendants of John Pfoutz, youngest son of Hans Michael Pfautz, Sr., both father and son immigrating to America in 1727. John Eby Pfautz in his Pfautz book (1881), you'll recall, misidentified this family as being baronial, and we facetiously from time-to-time have referred to John as "Baron John."

Early this month (June 1987) we had the opportunity to mitigate this frustration. Having been elected President of the Utah Society, Sons of the American Revolution, we found ourselves attending the National Congress, SAR, at Valley Forge and having a few extra days before moving on into Ohio on business. We, therefore made our first visit to Pfoutz Valley and the Courthouse at New Bloomfield, Perry Co. and to Jersey Shore and the courthouse in Williansport, Lycoming Co., Pa.

We did not find all the answers, but we located a number of missing Pfouts --- and ran down several of missing links. We also broke off two fingernails digging sod off of almost buried tombstones in the Old Jersey Shore cemetery, and we got soaked in a downpour while trying to read stones in the Old Cemetery at Millerstown in Perry County. In the last instance, we had to give up the search, for we had run out of time and the rain had set in for all-day. We stopped reading tombstones in downpours and blizzards about fifteen years ago.

Specifically, we were interested in getting a better identification on John Pfoutz's eldest son Leonard (also John, Jr., and John Leonard in the records) in Lycoming County, and in trying to make some sense out of the six children and large legacy left by John's youngest son David when he died in 1823. Both the children and the legacy seemingly disappeared in Perry County.


Several family quests had been made for both of these families in the past, but nothing definitive has ever been published or archived. The LDS Library in Salt Lake City has virtually nothing on Lycoming County and little beyond 1860 for Perry County.


From the condition of the Pfouts tombstones in the old section of the Jersey Shore cemetery, we sincerely doubt that a family member has been around to trim around the stones for fifty or more years. The last close relative, John Pfouts Stevens- died in 1940, He was a great-great grandson of "Baron" John.


We resorted to the on-site tombstone reading only after searches of the genealogy sections at the Williamsport Public-Library and the Lycoming County Historical Society established that the Jersey Shore Cemetery had not been done by other tombstone readers --- which was passing strange, considering that Jersey Shore was across the Susquehannah from Fort Antes, which dated back to the French and Indian War and the area abounded in Revolutionary War veteran graves. The DAR, seemingly, had picked out the veterans, but the rest were unrecorded.


When we saw the cemetery, we could understand why it has not been done --- it is a very large burying ground, covering many acres and still much in use today on the north end.


All of the following are in the old section at the south end, are all in the east half, beginning about half way up the hill and to the crown. Whether these have been published before, we know not, but they are published now.




NANCY, wife of LEONARD PFOUTS, d. 14 Nov 1857, 74y 7m 18d.


DANIEL STRINE LATCHA, 12 Apr 1809-25 Jul 1845.

ISABELLA PFOUTS LATCHA, 17 Dec 1814-31 Jan 1887.

ROBERT WASHINGTON LATCHA, 26 Jun 1836-24 Feb 1837.

NANCY M. LATCHA, 1842-1917



GEORGE J. G. RAMM, 1831-1894


ANNA, dgtr of Geo. & E. RAMM, 1887.



JOHN PFOUTS, d. 10 Feb 1857, 74y 8m 10d.

SARAH, wife of JOHN PFOUTS, d. 7 Nov 1874, 84y 10m 6d.

ELEANOR T[emperance Pfouts] NEAL, 7 Mar 1832-3 Sep 1914.

CHARLES M. NEAL, 3 May 1828-12 Mar 1887