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Nicholas Arnold
(1734 - AFT 1810)



Below is the sum total of all information I have found relating to Nicholas Arnold. I'm not sure of what to make of all of it yet. One researcher has him "arriving in Pennsylvania in 1754 with brother, Phillip Arnold. Two years later Nicholas was in Berks County, Pennsylvania (1756). He was indentured for three years..." Another researcher has him tied to the Thomas Arnold (1649 - 1726) Lineage, being a brother of Humphrey Arnold and gives his case for believing this. (See 2nd possibility at bottom of page.)

I tend to believe the second account pnly because I haven't seen the documentation of the first. Note the marriage bond for Samuel Hind and Peggy Willis Arnold as folows:

Marriage Bond of Lincoln County Kentucky - Know all men by these ______ that we Samuel Hind and Humphrey Arnold are held & firmly bound unto his Excellency Edmund Randolph Esquire Governor of Virginia in the Sum of Fifty pounds Current Money to the payment whereof to be made to the said Governor his Heirs & ______ we bind ourselves our Heirs & firmly by the presents Sealed with our Seals & dated this 29th day of Oct 1787 The Condition of the above oblegation is sent that whereas there is a Marriage shortly intended to be Solemonized between the above bound Samuel Hind of Peggy Willis Arnold for which a License has issued Now if there is no lawful cause to obstruct the Said Marriage then this obligation to be void order to remain in full force. Signed Samuel Hind - Humphrey (his mark) Arnold. Sealed & Delivered in presence of Willis Green.

Humphrey Arnold signs it giving a connection with that lineage and, to me, giving more weight to the second possibility described below. At the prsent time I believe and I'm going with the 2nd scenario.

I think the statement of the last researcher made rings true. "In the case of Nicholas even though he and his children prospered in Kentucky no information from any of their descendents have given any indication of his origin. His date of birth has been reported as 1734 but is not supported by any specific evidence. It must be recognized that this entire proposition is essentially speculative and any one of several bits of well supported evidence could change the parentage identification completely. "

If anyone smarter than I can shed light on this please contact me. Show me the documentation and make a believer out of me.


Kentucky Land Grants
Grantee: Arnold, Nicholas
Acres: 400
Book: 8
Survey Date: 6-13-1785
County: Fayette
WaterCourse: Hinkstons Cr
Volume 1
Part 1
page 16


Land Records--Kentucky


This wonderful database contains the records of the Kentucky Land Office from 1782 to 1924. The work is intended as a source book for historical workers, genealogists and others who need a complete and chronological index to the early documentary land records and history of Kentucky. Due to the large amount of early records contained in these two volumes, The Kentucky Land Grants has been termed "the rarest book of its size, covering early Kentucky history and genealogy, to be found anywhere."

Jillson, Willard Rouse. The Kentucky Land Grants, - Vol. I-II (2). Louisville, KY: Filson Club Publications, 1925


KENTUCKY LAND GRANTS by Jillson: Old Kentucky Grants

Nicholas Arnold 400 acres Book 3 Page 460 7 Nov 1793 Bourbon County Towsend Creek

Virginia Grants Nicholas Arnold 400 acres 8-416 13 Jun 1785 Fayette County Hinkstons Creek

Vol. I, Fall Issue, No. 1



Records of Arnolds who helped the United States win its independence will also be a regular column in this publication. We begin our first issue with a listing from the DAR Patriot Index (brought up to date with the First Supplement, 1969) of all Arnolds whose service from southern colonies has been proven for DAR membership.

Symbols used below: b born, c circa, d died, m married,
PS patriotic service, b.p. birth after, d.p. died after
Md. Maryland, Va. Virginia, Ky. Kentucky, Tenn. Tennessee,
N.C. North Carolina, S.C. South Carolina, Ga. Georgia,
Pvt. private, Cpl. corporal, Sgt. sergeant, Lt. lieutenant,
Capt. captain, Maj. major, Col. colonel

Anne Hendricks b. c. 1731 d. 1806 m. Benjamin Arnold PS S.C.

Benjamin Arnold, Sr. b. 1719 d.p. 1-30-1796 m. Ann Hendricks Pvt. S.C.

Elisha Arnold b. 8-3-1758 d. 1849 m. Sally Marshall Pvt. Va. Ky.

Francis Arnold b. l-?-1758 d. 2-5-1830/31 m. Elizabeth Parker Pvt. Va.

George Arnold b. 1745 d___? m. Catherine ______

Hendrick Arnold b.c. 1755 d.p. 7-15-1795 m. Ruth Howard Cash PS Va.

James Arnold b. 1760 d. 1823 in(l) Martha Scott (2) Elizabeth Stroud Cpl. Va.

James F. Arnold b. 4-1-1754 d. 1825 m. Bethany Bailey Maj. N.C.

John Arnold b. 1750 d. 1812 m. Mary Pettis Pvt. N.C.

John Arnold b. 1750 d. p. 1799 m. Martha___? PS N.C.

John Arnold b. 6-24-1758 d. 7-15-1840 m. Mary Arnold Pvt. Va.

John Arnold b. 1-10-1754 d. 5-4-1818 m. Elizabeth Hitt PS Sgt. Va.

John Arnold b.c. 1735 d. 6-16-1816 m. Hannah ___? PS Va.

Josiah Arnold b. 1755 d.p. 1837 m. Judith Dougherty Pvt. Va.

Mark Arnold b. d. a. 10-19-1784 m. Grace ? PS Va.

Moses Arnold b.c. 1740 d. 1796 m. Molly ___? Pvt. Va.

Nicholas Arnold b.c. 1734 d. 1808 m.(1) Margaret___? (2) Sarah Champ Pvt. Va. <<<<<<<<<<<

Samuel Arnold b. 1750 dp.p. 3-17-1829 m. Elizabeth Wright Pvt. N.C.

Temperance Arnold b. 1762 d. 7-22-1849 m. Thomas Hamilton PS S.C.

Thomas Arnold b. 10-5-1763 d. 3-23-1844 m. Mary Bedestone Pvt. S.C.

Thomas Arnold b. 1727 d. 1795 m. Miss Wicke Capt. Va.

William Arnold b. 1759 d.p. 3-7-1825 m. Elizabeth___? Pvt. N.C.

If you feel any of these patriots might be your ancestor and you need information you can write to: Mrs. Richard Denny Shelby, Registrar General, N.S.D.A.R., 1776 D. Street N. W. , Washington, D.C. 20006. Send $2.00 (two) and ask for a copy of the application papers of any member coming into the DAR on the particular patriot's service you are interested m. Perhaps some of you are members of the DAR or SAR or the Order of the Cincinnati on one or more of the above or other patriots. Would you please send us zerox copies of your papers so that we can abstract lines of descent and aid Arnold descendants in attaining memberships?

Volume III - Spring 1973 - Number 3


Kentucky Land Grants, by Willard R. Jillson, Volumes I and II 17821924 (Contributed by Marian G. Hammers)

The documentary land records of Kentucky fall necessarily into several groups. The earliest of these are known as the Virginia Grants, They were issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia based upon warrants given in some cases as consideration for military service in the French and Indian War, and later in the Revolution.


Grantee Acres Book Page Date of Survey County Watercourse
James Arnold. 400 1 126 1-26-1781 Lincoln Cain Run
Jno. Arnold 1000 1 297 1-23-1783 Lincoln Little Benson Cr.
John Arnold 1000 2 83 2-13-1783 Lincoln Kentucky River
Jno. Arnold 1015 7 159 6-12-1784 Fayette Clear Creek
Stephen Arnold 200 8 174 1-27-1783 Lincoln Ky.
Stephen Arnold 300 8 174 5-29-1783 Lincoln _____ Ky.
Stephen Arnold 400 8 175 5-30-1783 Lincoln Harrods (Ldg) Run
James Arnold 436 8 176 1-31-1783 Lincoln Ky. R
James Arnold 1093 8 177 4-15-1784 Fayette Bank Lick Cr
James Arnold 300 8 178 4- 6-1784 Fayette Elkhorn
Stephen Arnold 600 8 297 8-17-1784 Lincoln Salt R
James Arnold 200 8 325 9-14-1784 Lincoln Ky. R
Nicholas Arnold 400 8 416 6-13-1785 Fayette Hinkstons Cr <<<<<<<<
John Arnold 458 8 485 8-17-1784 Lincoln Salt R
Stephen Arnold 100 11 346 12-13-1785 Lincoln Ky. R
Benj Arnold 2000 12 207 2-10-1786 Lincoln Ky. R
James Arnold 268 12 218 4-19-1785 Lincoln Big Bend Green R
Mark Arnold 600 13 326 4-25-1785 Fayette Ohio R

The second group of land giants are "Old Kentucky Grants" 1793-1856. Kentucky began the allocation of its lands in 1793 similar to the plan used by the mother state, Virginia. Some of these were based upon warrants and surveys made by Virginians prior to the statehood of Kentucky.


Grantee Acres Book Page Date of Survey County Watercourse
Arnold, Humphry 500 3 415 11-9-1787 Nelson Beech Fk
Arnold, Nicholes 400 3 460 11-7-1793 Bourbon Townsend Cr <<<<<<<<<<
Arnold, Stephen 170 5 19 5-4-1790 Mercer Ky. R.
Arnold, James 50 5 33 8-20-1792 Mercer Ky. R.
Arnold, Stephen 400 5 62 11-1-179 Mercer Benson Cr
Arnold, Wm 800 5 535 6-20-1794 Mason Licking
Arnold, Stephen 634 11 149 7-28-1797 Franklin Ky R
Arnold, Robt Champ 400 14 274 10-10-1797 Bourbon None
Arnold, Jno 400 14 384 9- 6-1798 Bourbon Hingston Fk


DAR Patriots Index -1967: Nicholas Arnold born 1734ca died 1808ca married first Margaret (Peggy) 2nd Sarah Champ Served as Pvt. Virginia in Revolutionary War.

"VIRGINIANS IN THE REVOLUTION by Gwathmey Arnold, Nicholas - 8th Va. Regt, continential line.

Research of Charles Hinds of Frankfort, Kentucky (1983)

Deed Book B pg 46 Bourbon County Kentucky: Nicholas and Margaret Arnold of Woodford County Kentucky to John Hopper of Bourbon County - Townsend Waters, South Fork of Licking 50 acres. Part of Nicholas Arnold survey for 400 acres as assignee of William Pannell. Received by County Court, 15 June 1790. Book C pg 153 Bourbon County Kentucky: Nicholas Arnold and Sarah, his wife, of Bourbon County, to William Kendrick of Bourbon County. 50 acres on Townsends Run. March 1795

Book F pag 420 Bourbon County Kentucky: Nicholas Arnold of Bourbon County to Ginsey Arnold, Suppish Arnold, Sina Arnold, and Robert Champ Arnold, his near and dear children. He gave them slaves, horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, geese, funiture, farm implements and even his rifle. "He also all the lands that I have equally divided between them and everything else that I have" 22 Jun 1799 received by County Court, November 1800.

Book F pg 26: Nicholas Arnold and his wife, Sarah, of Bourbon County to Tealding? Eastis? and John McCoy of Bourbon County. ? acres. Wathers of ? Recalls all previous contracts with children. Received by Bourbon County Court 19 October 1807 (made 25 July 1807).

Book F pg 452: Nicholas Arnold and Sarah his wife, late Sarah Champ, daughter of Thomas Champ deceased of Bourbon, to Robert Champ, her brother. All interest in Thomas Champ estate. made 1 November 1808. Acknowledged by Nicholas and wife, 7 November 1808.

Nicholas Arnold, b. ca. 1734, d. 1808 m. (1) Margaret and (2) Sarah Champ. Pvt., Va. In Dar Patriot Index. He is listed on a plaque at Bourbon County Kentucky Courthouse among Revolutionary soldiers living in that county. Draper MSS 11 CC 244 refers to James Arnold as brother of John Arnold of Bryants Station and Woodford County and to the sisters of James Arnold during the Indian siege of Bryants Station.



The following is copied from a letter writen to T. J. Beach of Weston, MO February 9, 1983 from Charles Hind of Frankfort, Kentucky.

A Nicholas Arnold arrives in Pennsylvania in 1754 with brother, Phillip Arnold. Two years later Nicholas was in Berks County, Pennsylvania (1756). He was indentured for three years. The Hitts were from Germany. The Hind Family came from Pennsylvania. One of the members of the Hind family (English-Irish) in Kentucky married a Holtsclaw. Samuel Hind married Peggy Willis Arnold in 1787, in Lincoln County. Nicholas, he signed his name Nicklous, Arnold gave his consent to the marriage. The above Nicholas or another Nicholas, Johannes Nicholas Arnold, who arrived in Pennslvania in 1766, may have been our Nicholas or a near relative.

In Virginia, we first pick up Nicholas Arnold and wife Margaret witnessing a will in Culpepper County in 1774. He seems to have lived there until 1781 when James Arnold, his son, returns from the war. Deeds bear this out. But in 1776, we find him selling land in Orange County, Va. He also appears in the Fauquier County Va. records. The last land transaction in Virginia I have found is one in Orange County, Va, from Nicholas and Margaret Arnold to William Pannell. This was in 1784.

In 1780, Nicholas Arnold receives an assignment of a Warrant for 400 acres of land. 400 acres of land is surveyed for Nicholas on 13 June 1785 on West side of Hinkston Creek about 8 miles from Ruddles Station. A grant was issued for this land on 20 August 1785. The next year this land will lie in the newly created county of Bourbon.

About 1786, Nicholas Arnold begins to pay taxes on Fayette County land. He consents to Peggy Willis Arnold's marriage in 1787 in Lincoln County (The Willis's were from the Richmond, Virginia, area). He is in the so-called 1790 Kentucky Census from Fayette County, indicating where he paid his taxes that year. Nicholas seems to have lived briefly in Woodford County, perhaps with John, Jame, Lewis or with another of his children before moving on to Bourbon County. He bought land in Green River country (recorded in Woodford), but it is likely that this was speculative in nature.

Nicholas Arnold's first wife died between 1790 and 1793, probably in Woodford County, where the Arnold's were then living. Nicholas Married second Sarah Champ on 24 May 1793 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. It is not known for a certainty when Nicholas and his second wife died. It is likely they moved from Bourbon County to parts unknown after 1810 when Nicholas appears in the U.S. Census for that year in Bourbon County. He assigned his property to the children of this second marriage, no doubt, on the urging or on prior agreement with his wife who appeared to be much his junior, perhaps, 20 years old at time of marriage.

Gross-Ratliff Tree
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Nicholas A. ARNOLD(10) signed a will in 1808 in Bourbon Co, Ky. In his will he leaves gifts to children by Sarah He was born around 1732 in King George Co., Va.. He died around 1808 in Bourbon Co, Ky. He served in the military Rev War. Nicholas Arnold gave 200 lb. beef--20 July 1781----Patriots of the Up Country by Wm. H.B. Thomas--Orange Roster He owned in Culpeper Co. Va..(11) Property surveyed by Richard Young 17 March 1755.

Property sold by Nicholas and Margaret in 1780 for five thousand pounds.

Nicholas received a grant from the state of Kentucky, consisting of 400 acres on Townsend Creek in Bourbon Co.--dated 10 Oct 1797.

Fayette Co tax records---4 June 1788400 acres on north and south of Rush River called by some north side of Throfare mountain in Culpeper Co.,Va. He was a farmer. He signed a will in Bourbon Co, Ky. Nicholas leaves "gifts" to children by Sarah Champ It is speculated with only tenuous circumstantial evidence that Nicholas Arnold was the third son of Thomas Arnold, son of Isaac. The only record of Thomas' children is that for Humphery. Thomas died by 1743 at which time his oldest child, Humphery, wa still only sixteen years old. Mary, the wife of Thomas, died about ten years later. During these ten years her three sons would have still been under her care and assisting to manage the farm where they lived. When she died the older two sons would have been over twenty one and both were probably married by that time. A youngest son born about 1732 would have just reached the age of twenty one. In his case it is possible that there might have been a guardian appointed for him.

It is to be noted that only one of the three assumed sons of Thomas, that is Isaac had a family name. Both the names Humphry and Nicholas could easily come from the family of the mother, Mary, whose family identity is unknown.

The circumstances of growing up without a father may have led the three ons to follow very different paths. The oldest son inherited all their father's land. The second son, Isaac, was very much on his own and while he married and had a family, he never prospered.

It is possible tha third son, speculated to be Nicholas might have benefited from his mother's relatives or from a guardian. In any case within two years after his mother's death he was able to secure a 400 acre land grant in western Culpeper Co. which provided a base for his future livlihood. At that time he was a resident of Orange Co. where he appears in the Court Order records as early as 1754. From other records mostly from 1774 on it appears that Nicholas lived in the eastern part of Orange Co. about the middle betweenthe northern and southern boundery.

The circumstance of the marriage of the first son of Nicholas in Faquier Co. also suggests that he may have had a close association with his older brother, Humphery, who as soon as possible after his mother died sold the homestead in King George Co. and bought land in Faquier Co where he lived and died. This brother, Humphery, served in the Revolution and it is almost certain that it was he who was a surety for his daughter, Mary's marriage in 1780. This piticular evidence is the key item for suggesting that Nicholas and Humphery are brothers.

Profiting from the 400 acres in Culpeper Co. which he sold for five thousand pounds in 1780 and his three hundred acre holding on Terry's Run in Orange Co. which he sold in 1784, he and many of his family joined the Traveling Church to go to Kentucky.

In view of the very differing circumstances that exhisted from his brother, Isaac, and his family and association between these families was lost very early. The older brother, Humphery, well settled in Faquier Co. had no basis or reason for moving to Kentucky so he remained there where he died.

The fortunes of the family of Nicholas in Kentucky were not only favorable but were totally independent of those of the families if Isaac and Humphery. Thus almost immediately after the move to Kentucky all association and even recollection of the brothers and their families could have been lost. It is siginificant that in none of these families has there been any tradition that carries back beyond or even to the particular brother. The early death of the father, Thomas, and the relatively young death of the mother, Mary, probably before she was fifty also makes it reasonable that all tradition or recollection of the parents or all their children would have been carried forward.

In the case of Nicholas even though he and his children prospered in Kentucky no information from any of their descendents have given any indication of his origin. His date of birth has been reported as 1734 but is not supported by any specific evidence.

It must be recognized that this entire proposition is essentially speculative and any one of several bits of well supported evidence could change the parentage identification completely.

Another possible speculation is that Nicholas might have been a son of James Arnold, brother of Thomas Arnold. This James had one son Weedon Arnold. Other children are not excluded by the record.

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