Retracing Our Family Legacy

Peter Tribble, I
(1670 - 1738)

On petition of Daniel Williams agst Peter Tribble, the Sherif failed to execute the process awarded ... a new process awarded

Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly volume XXV volume XXV, number 3 (01-AUG-1987) Halifax County, Virginia, Pleas No. 1, 1752-1755 pg. 13


GEORGE MORRIS and JOHN COLLIER, 1700 acs. Halifax Co. on the Brs. of Childrey Cr.; crossing Spider Cr., crossing the middle fork of Childrey & crossing Cow Cr., adj. Joseph Collins, Edward Dean, Shadrack Tribble & Peter Tribble; 3 Mar 1760 , p. 732 8.S10

Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly volume XXXII volume XXXII, number 4 (01-NOV-1994) pg. 19-20 Virginia Land Patent Book 33 (mentioned in Land Patent book as adj to the property being patented)

The following has been compiled by Anne Rohr,
a descendant of Samuel Hinds Hardy and Carrie Elizabeth Stamps

Anne Rohr


A message from Keith Rosenthal to Joan Graham Atkinson


The only clues to date on the early lineage of this line.



Priscilla Tribble who married Joseph Owen on 22 Nov 1790 in Halifax Co., VA was the daughter of Peter and Susannah Tribble.

Peter Tribble was b c1727 in King and Queen Co., VA, d 1792/93 in Halifax Co., VA. He was a son of George Tribble and his first wife, Dinah Meador.

George Tribble was b c1698 in Essex Co., VA, d c1770 in Halifax Co., VA. He was the son of Peter and Elizabeth Trible.

Peter Trible was b before 1670 and d 1738 in Essex Co., VA. His children were, indeed, George, John, William, Neaney, and Mary.

Peter Trible was probably a son of William Treble, Junior. William Treble, Junior was a son of William Treble, Senior. These two William Trebles came to colonial VA as shown on a land patent dated 3 Jul 1640. I believe that they remained in VA but the loss of many early colonial records in VA prevents substantiation of that belief. I don't believe they came from Yorkshire in England because most of the Tribbles in the IGI in England are from Cornwall, Somerset, Devon, and Worcester. The one and only listing from Yorkshire in the IGI I believe to be in error. The source for the listing is not correct.

I don't believe the two Williams returned to England because the wills of two William Trebles in England (1654 in Birlingham, Worcester - PCC Alchin 113 and 1655 in Combe Florey, Somerset - PCC Berkley 255) who had sons named William make no mention of the New World and the names mentioned in the wills are not found in the names of the children and grandchildren of Peter Trible. More research is required to try to find the link between the Trebles in the New World with the Trebles in England.


I am researching William Tribble Sr. and William jr Tribble of Yorkshire Eng. who migrated to Virginia. There were in Virginia in July of 1640 but returned to England. William jr son, Peter 'tribble, was born in Yorkshire in 1650. Records show he came to Jamestown , Va. he died in 1738. His will was probated July 23 1738. his children were , George, John, William, Neaney, Mary.

John Tribble was born circa of 1704 in Essex Co Va.

He had a son Peter, b ca 1731. John's wife was Susannah ?. There are the parents of Priscilla who married Joseph Owen.

Can anyone shed some light on the above or fill in the gaps. Thank You

Joan Graham Atkinson

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